purple highlights

1. Purple and Violet for Black Hair

Having brown hair with purple highlights can be a daring (or subtle) choice. In this context, we adore the vibrant tips, with deeper shades emerging from the roots. If you’re looking to achieve a sultry yet unconventional appearance, these tones are the way to go!

2. Burgundy, Purple, and Indigo for Black Hair

While exploring various hair dye possibilities, we observed that many brightly colored dyes were perceived as less conventional. However, here’s a method to incorporate some color, combining burgundy and purple in different sections, without going overboard.

3. Indigo and Purple Bob

This combination of blue and purple is suitable for any season! A series of blue highlights transitions seamlessly into purple streaks in this angled bob. The darker shade underneath accentuates the vividness of the blue and purple hues.

4. Purple Ombre Ringlets

Elevate your dark hair with reddish-purple ombre highlights. When curled with a medium-sized curling iron and allowed to cascade gracefully over your shoulders, your locks will exude a truly enchanting and feminine allure. It’s like a cascade of purple waves!

5. Multi-Colored Purple Highlights

The fusion of chocolate brown, golden chestnut, and light honey with interwoven lilac highlights creates a captivating masterpiece when combined with brown hair. Brown and purple hair has never appeared more appealing!

6. Purple in the Back

Life is too brief to stick to just one hair color. You deserve to flaunt blonde and purple-brown hair whenever you desire. Employ a combination of sectioning and balayage techniques for an artistic hairstyle that allows you to have the best of both worlds.

7. Dual-Shaded Purple Locks

Purple streaks can make a striking statement without overwhelming your look. Experiment by infusing your long locks with purple towards the ends, offering a cool burst of color without going overboard.

8. Pink and Purple Streaks

We’ll opt for blonde and purple hair, with an emphasis on the purple, and less on the blonde, please! This all-encompassing color scheme works wonders for upgrading your ash-blonde locks. Consider incorporating multiple shades of purple and pink while selecting a cool root color (such as navy blue or dark purple-brown) for added pizzazz.

9. Magenta Mane with Purple Pieces

Purple and plum highlights aren’t limited to long hair. Short hair can also embrace the fun. In fact, when drenched in magenta and purple highlights, cropped cuts become cooler than ever.

10. Peach and Purple Perfection

Enhance your locks with panels of peach, purple, and pink. When complemented by orchid-colored highlights, this colorful blend will make your hair resemble a beautiful bouquet of flowers… on your head.

11. Neon Purple Highlights

Searching for purple hair ideas that venture beyond pastel shades? Experiment with a super-bright fluorescent magenta hue combined with streaks of deep purple. It’s an utterly rockstar look that’s delightfully unexpected.

12. Jet Black Hair With Flashes of Purple

If your jet-black pixie cut needs a touch of flair, introduce flashes of dark purple highlights. When strategically placed throughout, these interwoven colors create an impressive visual statement, showcasing your fearless approach to hair styling.

13. Two-Timing Purple

Undecided about which shade of purple to try? Fulfill all your purple hair fantasies with a style that showcases rich plum at the top and a lighter purple at the bottom. It may seem unconventional, but hey, life is too short to stick to conventions, right?

14. Angular Bob with Purple Highlights

Purple and blonde hair have reached the epitome of chic, quite literally. Combining a dark-to-light ombre effect with an angular bob cut is as fashionable as it gets. Plus, if only glimpses of those blonde locks peek through, that’s perfectly fine – the purple takes the spotlight.

15. Holographic Highlights

Embrace your inner rockstar with prismatic highlights that shimmer in shades of purple, pink, and blue. You’ve always dreamed of belting out your heart on stage and embodying the rock goddess persona, so why not look the part too?

16. Splendid Lilac Highlights

With color everywhere during this time of year, it’s the perfect opportunity to infuse some pizzazz into your conventional blonde highlights. Trade those white-blonde and honey-yellow pieces for an ethereal lilac touch. Carefully consider highlight placement, blending darker and lighter sections for added dimension.

17. Dimensional Violets

Uncertain about pulling off black hair with purple highlights? You absolutely can! Although the process can be intensive and may involve bleaching and processing, the results are undeniably rewarding. Amethyst-colored streaks add a jewel-like sophistication to your hair.

18. Blueberry Enhancement

Make your purple highlights shine like a diamond by incorporating a glossing effect into your hair coloring session. Consult your stylist about adding a gloss to make the colors truly sparkle and radiate as intended.

19. Magical Magenta Highlights

Short purple hair doesn’t have to be entirely purple. In fact, even within the realm of purple, a single uniform hair color can appear bland. Introduce streaks of fuchsia or red highlights to create depth and give your look an extra touch of allure.

20. Pretty in Purple Balayage

If you’re tired of your regular brown locks, consider rocking a lilac ombre or brown hair with purple highlights for a psychedelic twist on your usual style. Achieve dimension by crafting a seamless color transition that starts subtly and evolves into a vibrant and lively shade.

21. Braided Purple Highlights

Show off those violet highlights by styling them appropriately, and nothing quite matches the charm of a well-crafted braided hairstyle. This simple half updo elegantly showcases and intertwines each shade, lending you a look fit for royalty.

22. Short, Curly and Purple

Purple highlights on a short, textured pixie cut are exceptionally trendy. This style delivers high fashion with minimal upkeep. Just make sure to have color-friendly products on hand to maintain your hue and hairstyle’s vibrancy – the last thing you want is fading color on this stunning pixie!

23. Wavy Magenta Hair with Highlights

There’s something enchanting about purple and blonde locks that exude a fairy-like aura. When curled into flawless, voluminous waves, this look attains new levels of ethereal beauty, truly breathtaking. Now all that’s missing are a pair of fairy wings and a sprinkle of pixie dust.

24. Deep Purple Tips

This color, with its rich base tone of deep red, defies adequate description through pictures alone. A blonde overlay enriches the dark brown hair, enhanced by gentle curls that seamlessly transition into stunning dimensional locks adorned with deep purple-red, covering a substantial portion of the lower half of this exquisite lob. Leave one strand blonde – just for that extra touch of intrigue!

25. Rosewood, Purple, and Ginger Blonde

For blonde hair, the color easily takes hold, requiring less processing time. These dark and light purple streaks provide

a cute and imaginative way to enjoy some fun without committing to a complete color transformation. Begin with lighter rosewood streaks and accentuate them with deeper purple tones.

26. Cherry Red with a Purple Underlayer

Incorporating purple highlights into red hair creates an exciting combination, and we absolutely adore this two-toned look. Deep purple hides beneath the brighter red shade but makes a striking impression. It’s an excellent way to stand out – in a hurry!

27. Pastel Lavender Waves

Pink and purple make for a delightful combination that offers something distinct and playful. These blended highlights create a misty, whimsical impression, resembling an ethereal fog. Start with an all-over pastel pink blonde shade and add lavender highlights for that extra touch.

28. Wild Thing Purple Streak

Purple highlights can also serve as a subtle, understated detail, sneaking in without overwhelming your overall appearance. These chunks of lighter purple are concealed beneath the blonde base with a hint of lowlights. Scatter them in various spots for an added element of fun!

29. Under the Sea Waves Ombre

These dark brown hair strands, tinted in a regal burgundy hue, unexpectedly transition into a stunning electric blue shade! The striking contrast between these colors evokes memories of red, white, and blue popsicles from days gone by.

30. Purple Frost Job

For a light purple shade that outshines your grandmother’s toned silver locks, opt for a purple with a blue undertone. It’s softer than red-based purples and offers a more intriguing appearance. Choose an overall lighter color with dark roots and just a touch of lowlights to emphasize your individuality.

31. Purple Mermaid Hair

If you have brown hair and dream of adorning it with purple highlights, you might just be longing to become a mystical mermaid (just kidding!). This combination of pink at the top and electric violet underneath is a stunning and multi-faceted choice!

32. Bright Purple and Ashy Brown

In this case, purple dye is distributed unevenly along the length, varying in intensity, starting from the brightest roots and gradually fading into softer purple highlights, ultimately finishing with slightly darker purple tips.

33. Brown and Purple Color Combination

Dark hair can be a bit more challenging to add darker colors to, but this look flawlessly blends elegant brown and pastel purple shades together. While the length of the locks may require some bleaching, the roots can (and should) maintain their natural dark color.

34. Short Undercut Bob With Purple-Pink Highlights

Not all purple highlights are strictly “purple.” Some lean towards a pinker or bluer hue, which serves as the base color, blending in different proportions. This particular shade boasts a lovely pink tone with subtle nuances in shades.

35. Wavy Gravy Purple Curls

Covering dark brown hair typically calls for a robust lightening process. These vibrant neon purple curls sit high atop a short undercut. Retain the sideburns and incorporate lighter and darker purples throughout the top section while keeping the rest natural – and utterly stunning!

36. Ribbons of Purple Haze

These brown-blonde streaks provide an excellent canvas for introducing an additional, unconventional color. The light purple, known as “purple haze,” looks stunning against blonde hair, creating a pleasing contrast. Consider incorporating lowlights to achieve a more intricate, sophisticated appearance. Style some curls tighter and others looser to support the color’s complexity with varying texture. Voilà, you now have a beautiful set of locks suitable for any season!

37. Purple Siren Song Waves

In search of a bolder statement with purple highlights? This striking plum color boldly steps into the realm of self-expression. If your hair is naturally dark, you’ll need to lighten it first before applying the color.

38. Long Bob With Purple Feathered Tips

For blonde hair, this style is perfect when you want to say, “I’m a pretty regular gal – until you discover my inner layers, of course!” Use purple as a dip-dye to elevate your brown-blonde lob if you’re unsure how long you’ll want to sport those purple feathers.

39. Bright Purple to Magenta Fade

Women with naturally dark hair can rock bright, vibrant shades exceptionally well because their skin tones often fall somewhere in the middle of the spectrum, creating a pleasing contrast. In this style, indigo blue, vibrant purple, and bright magenta seamlessly blend for a bold brunette look!

– Can I Get Purple Highlights with Purple Hair Color?

Yes, you can get purple highlights with purple hair color. The benefits of purple hair coloring include the ability to add depth and dimension to your hair, as well as the opportunity to express your unique style and personality. Purple highlights can help you achieve a bold and vibrant look.

40. Midnight Ocean Wave Curls

Black hair adorned with purple highlights is already striking. However, when long curls flow in an ombre pattern from dark cobalt to a mystical violet hue, it becomes downright mesmerizing!

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