30 Chic Lavender Hair Inspirations for Your Most Daring Change Yet

Dreamy Lavender with Darker Roots

Achieve a dashing lavender hair color by blending different shades from roots to ends. Darker roots add dimension and depth, seamlessly blending with natural dark brown hair for a sophisticated and dreamy look.

Lavender Hairstyle with Blended Natural Roots

Lavender Money Piece

Elevate your look with lavender face-framing streaks, creating a trendy money piece. This stylish addition juices up asymmetrical bobs, accentuating facial features and complementing various skin tones.

Short Bob with Long Side Bangs and Lavender Face Framing Streaks

Dark Lavender Hair

For porcelain skin tones, opt for a darker shade of lavender. Dark lavender hair gradually fading to a lighter color brightens your face and draws attention to your eyes, creating a captivating and elegant appearance.

Dark Brown Hair with Lavender Balayage

Juicy Lavender Roots

Ditch ordinary black or brown roots for eye-popping bright lavender cascading into platinum blonde lavender shades. The high-shine metallic finish adds vibrancy and ensures your locks shine through.

Metallic White Hair with Vivid Lavender Roots

Blonde Lavender Hair Color

Turn heads with blonde lavender hair, especially if you have long wavy locks. Ensure proper maintenance by using heat protectant, purple shampoo, and nourishing your tresses for an ultimate shine.

Subtle Lavender Blonde Hair

Lavender Bob

Embrace a gorgeous wavy bob with a transition from dark roots to pastel pink lavender ends. This idea is perfect for those who find it challenging to choose a single hue from the rich lavender palette.

Asymmetric Violet Lavender Bob

Dusty Lavender Waves

Combine pastel shades with unconditional love for lavender, creating a dusty, pastel lavender look on long wavy hair. This elegant choice pairs well with neutral complexions, providing a sophisticated appearance.

Dusty Lavender Beige Hair Color

Pastel Hair with Bright Lavender Underlayer

If you’re tempted by bright lavender but prefer a less remarkable style, go for ashy lavender hair with a brighter underlayer. Achieve the best of both worlds by packing your brighter ego into a low bun or emphasizing it with braiding.

Lavender Brown Hair Color

Pale Lavender

Give platinum blonde hair a fresh look with minimal commitment by trying pale lavender hair dye. The light lavender hue complements medium and neutral complexions, making it suitable for various hair types.

Platinum Blonde Hair with Subtle Lavender Tint

Fairy-Tale Purple Hair

Embrace a warmer lavender hue for honey skin tones. Maintain the intense lavender color by washing your locks with lukewarm or cold water and using shampoo for color-treated hair.

Layered Bob with Feathered Curtain Bangs Dyed Purple Lavender

Lavender Faux Hawk

Express your personality with a bold faux hawk and undercut paired with a pure lavender color for a combination of strength and femininity.

Lavender Ombré

Enhance natural dark brown hair with lavender ombré, where dark brown seamlessly blends into a subtle lavender tint for an elegant and chic look.

Ombré Bob

Spice up a flattering blunt bob with dazzling purple highlights that combine warm and cool lavender shades, making the bob stand out.

Lavender for Natural Locks

Transform natural hair with lavender dye for a beautiful accent to your skin, choosing a warm, light lavender hue with a rose gold tint.

Lavender Bangs

Pastel lavender remains popular for its versatility, complementing all skin tones and flattering various hair textures.

Lavender Blue Shade

Brighten fair skin tones with lavender highlights on a silver base, creating an extraordinary combination on wavy hair for a romantic mermaid look.

Luscious Lavender Locks

Make a statement with rich lavender shades on long, shiny hair, creating a chic and captivating appearance.

Lavender Pixie Cut

Combine daring pixies with bright colors by embracing a trendy lavender shade for an edgy and attention-grabbing look.

Dusty Lilac

Enhance dusty lilac hair with dark roots, creating volume and depth for a sophisticated and glowing effect.

Subtle Lavender Streaks

Add subtle lavender tint over natural shade without substantial bleaching, achieving a stylish look without compromising your precious tresses.

Light Lavender Underlayer

Inject bright color into normal hair with a trendy light lavender underlayer, complementing dark natural color or blonde locks.

Dusty Lavender Balayage

Achieve a smooth transition from naturally dark roots to light brown and dusty lavender shades, allowing lavender strands to stand out distinctly.

Electric Lavender Hair

Stand out with electric lavender hair, expressing yourself and showing your willingness to experiment with this stunning violet shade.

Dark Lavender Roots

Draw attention to your eyes with intense purple roots and silvery lavender strands, creating a romantic look when arranged in dutch braids.

Pastel Lavender Pixie

Give your pixie cut an edgy look by embracing a trendy pastel lavender shade, adding a touch of vibrancy to your short hairstyle.

Color Block Hair

Embrace the color block hair trend by pairing it with the lavender hair obsession, choosing a hue that complements your base hair and eye color.

Rose Lavender Hair

Select dreamy rose lavender for a romantic look that reflects your personality, embracing the wide variety of lavender shades and subtones.

Captivating Dark Lavender

Opt for captivating dark lavender for a trendy yet not too dramatic appearance, experimenting with lavender streaks to spice up naturally dark tresses.

Vivid Purple

Go for a vivid purple shade that perfectly blends with your natural hair color, avoiding root maintenance troubles as your hair grows out.

Are Lavender and Pastel Purple Shades Interchangeable for Hair Color?

When it comes to hair color, lavender and pastel purple shades are often used interchangeably. Both shades offer soft, muted tones that create a delicate and whimsical look. Whether you’re looking for a bold statement or a subtle change, pastel purple hair ideas can be a great way to express your unique style.

Silver and Lavender Coils

Breathe life into short coils with a lavender dye, combining silvery and saturated purple hues for a feminine and beautiful look that complements darker skin tones.

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