blue ombre hair

1. Dark Brown Blue Ombre

Yet another mermaid graces us with her presence on this ‘best of’ compilation. This style stands out due to its incorporation of two distinct shades of blue. Within the mane, you’ll find a rich dark blue in the mid-section, transitioning into a lighter pearly turquoise at the tips.

2. Teal Blue Ombre Bob

Daring to keep your roots dark doesn’t limit you to mundane black or brown when aiming for a blue ombre look. Consider the brilliance of purple and blue hair. These contrasting hues complement each other remarkably well. Show off those roots with an adorable mini bun.

3. Subtle Blue-Black Waves

Midnight blue presents an ideal choice for women seeking to restore damaged or bleached hair. Opting for a darker shade minimizes the risk of further harm and enhances its reflective shine, giving the appearance of healthier locks. While it may appear black indoors, step outside, and the blue streaks will dazzle.

4. Luscious Locks with Pastel Blue Ombre

Ladies with dark hair have traditionally shied away from bold color trends like sunset hair due to limited visibility. However, the oil slick technique has transformed this, blending brown and blue seamlessly to mimic the iridescent colors of oil. Now, brunettes can enjoy vibrant hues without harsh bleach.

5. Blue Balayage on Black Hair

Occasionally, a need arises to switch up your look for more formal occasions. While bold colors can’t be concealed entirely (nor should they be!), they can be softened with elegant curls and a braided half-updo. In more conservative settings, pair this with a neutral outfit, such as a sweet frock or tailored separates.

6. Navy Blue Ombre Hair

Mermaid hair, achieved through the fluid ombre technique, effortlessly blends various colors in a free-flowing manner. The palette varies, with some hues resembling a mermaid’s tail in green, while others mimic the ocean’s waves in blue.

7. Indigo Tips for Brunettes

Initially, your attention is drawn to the bold purple hue flowing through the ends of this chocolatey mane. Yet, subtle blue tips make occasional appearances, adding dimension and highlighting the color with a sense of movement.

8. Raven Hair with Turquoise Ombre

In this style, we again prominently feature straight, long locks. However, this time, the model skillfully incorporates turquoise to complement her charcoal black roots. The gradient effect is impressively striking!

9. Wavy Two-Toned Bob

This classic medium-length wavy bob gets a vibrant twist with a bold palette of electric blue and deep purple. The model’s locks evoke a Middle Earth character, though we’d love to catch a glimpse of her face. It’s worth noting that maintaining the ombre’s brightness and keeping your curls/waves in shape requires consistent deep conditioning.

10. Purple and Blue Balayage

Blue and purple may seem similar on dark hair, which can be frustrating. However, this can be turned to your advantage. By blending purple into blue with hints of lavender, this electric indigo ombre not only stands out against black hair but also boasts depth and softness.

11. Icy Blue Lob

Are you a dark-haired beauty aspiring for a blue transformation? Consider this cool-as-ice ombre look. The stark contrast between your naturally dark locks and the icy light blue shade is sure to make heads turn. Adding waves enhances the color dimension even further.

12. Dark Blue to Light Blue Ombre

Breaking news: you can rock ombre hair without adhering to your natural root color. This blue ombre hair begins with a deep navy blue base, gradually lightening down the length like a mesmerizing waterfall, beckoning you to chase it, regardless of TLC’s advice.

13. Cobalt Blue Balayage

The more you explore blue ombre, the more you discover its frequent companionship with greenish shades. These colors blend harmoniously, as showcased below. Pairing your ombre with loose curls complements the multi-tonal look, adding playful dimension and touchable texture.

14. Green-Blue Gradient Hair

A close examination of this magically colored coif reveals a plethora of colors used to craft this vibrant appearance. Blue meets green, culminating in a sea of luxurious turquoise waves that beckon us to ride them.

15. Black Hair with Blue-Gray Tips

Blue hair need not be ostentatious, as evidenced by this black hair adorned with subtle blue ashy ombre. Opting to color only the tips in a muted blue shade, closer to your natural hue, offers a way to embrace the uniqueness of blue hair in a subtle fashion.

16. Unicorn Hair

What’s purple, blue, and turquoise all at once? Unicorn hair! Gazing upon a multicolored coif like this inevitably brings a smile. If you’re prepared for the maintenance and the attention it brings, venturing down the unicorn route can be a delightful choice.

17. Gray to Blue Ombre Hairstyle

Transitioning from granny-gray to icy-blue, this modern ‘do exudes a hipster grandma vibe (in the best possible way). The cool color selection becomes even trendier when paired with a popular blunt, wavy style.

18. Low-Maintenance Blue

Embracing blue without the hassle and constant upkeep is illustrated here with this elegant ombre blue hair. Choose a shade of blue that harmonizes beautifully with your natural color, and request your stylist to apply balayage, ensuring a gradual fade that lasts until you decide to part with your colored strands.

19. Oil Slick Pastel Blue Ombre

These cascading curls, gently transitioning from brown to blue, are a dream come true. The prismatic pastel blue shade and intense shine bestow a cool oil slick appearance upon these long, luscious locks, likely belonging to a mermaid princess with a bold streak.

20. Moody Blue Ombre

Our gaze is captivated by this moody mane. Dark blue and black roots dissolve into voluminous, bouncing, ice-blue curls, crafting an all-encompassing, mesmerizing look. Remember, achieving such intricate perfection demands a skilled artist, so thorough research in selecting your colorist is essential.

21. Bright Ombre Bob

Ombre doesn’t always necessitate a gradual transition. This brown and blue hair features a nearly straight line between the two colors. The sharp shift in color pairs exceptionally well with specific hairstyles, as demonstrated here. The bright cobalt strands against the dark brown roots place short blue locks in the spotlight, radiating a newfound coolness.

22. Cool-Toned Ombre Hair

If you possess naturally black hair, consider an ombre selection like this one. Dark roots seamlessly fade into light tips thanks to navy and silver balayage expertly painted into the hair, yielding a spectrum of shades in between. The result is a multi-dimensional, iridescent look, further enhanced when styled in long, voluminous waves.

23. Black and Blue Combination

The combination of

jet black and cobalt blue may initially seem stark and edgy. To infuse a touch of femininity into this bold color pairing, complement it with loose curls. These soft waves soften the overall look, creating an appealing blend of sass and sweetness.

24. Ash Blonde Hair With Blue Tips

Are you a blonde seeking a subtle pop of color in your life? This blonde and blue hair offers a quirky means to achieve just that. It’s as if you’ve dipped your hair tips into a can of paint, but in an intentionally stylish manner.

25. Blue to Purple Ombre

Shades of blue and lavender meld seamlessly into shades of purple, creating locks that appear straight out of a dream. A look as intricate as this may demand hours, even days, of effort, but as evident, the end result justifies the patience.

26. Sea Princess Ombre

Blue, purple, and teal intertwine to form a sea of enchanting balayage ombre, reminiscent of the graceful flow of a Sea Princess’s mane.

27. Lavender Strands with Pastel Blue Tips

This contemporary lob was already on-trend, but the pastel lavender to blue ombre elevates it to a whole new level of coolness. Soft lavender strands seamlessly transition into blue tips, creating an overall soft yet edgy aesthetic.

28. Blonde Hair with Mint Blue Tips

Opting for a boldly colored ombre provides numerous opportunities for a unique appearance. Take this concept, for instance. Milkmaid braids become visually captivating with random pops of turquoise.

29. Denim Ombre Hair

Are you a fan of ashy, pale tones? Then, meet your ideal ombre match! Commencing with black hair, transitioning into ashy blonde, and culminating in navy blue, this denim ombre hairstyle is as cool as your favorite pair of Levis, and we imagine it’s just as enjoyable to flaunt.

30. Kinky Short Hair with Blue Tips

Thought ombre was off-limits due to tight spirals or short hair? Think again! This blue ombre coif defies that notion, showcasing that your defined, kinky curls amplify the power of colored ends, resulting in a fun and funky head of hair brimming with personality.

31. Dark to Light, Purple to Blue Ombre

Blue, plum red, and purple converge into an ombre hairstyle fit for a queen—albeit a queen of fantastical realms. When attempting to recreate this look, bear in mind that ombre hair requires peroxide bleaching, which may impact previously dyed hair. Consider hair extensions for experimenting with new unnatural hair colors.

32. Messy Bob in Pastel Hues

Colored hair can sometimes appear artificial, akin to a costume, typically when using single-process colors lacking depth. However, this ombre blue color seamlessly integrates into the hair, as if it naturally sprouted from the scalp. The key lies in fusing different shades to foster fluidity and dimension.

33. Blue Jeans Gradient Hair Color

Yes, denim hair is now a thing. This dark blue ombre mimics the various hues found in your favorite pair of blue jeans. While denim clothing remains a classic, this hairstyle is anything but, making it perfect for those seeking an edgier style.

34. Aquarius Bob with Dark Roots

Mermaid hair is often associated with long, flowing locks, but this style dispels that notion. All that’s required is texture to showcase the color variations, with wavy hair emulating the carefree ocean waves.

35. Medium Electric Blue Ombre

If you believe that achieving bright blue ombre hair on a black base is impossible, think again. In reality, this transformation originated from a light copper and red style. Darkening the hair can make damaged strands appear livelier and more vibrant.

36. Denim Blue Lob

Take inspiration from your favorite wardrobe item and embrace a faded bob reminiscent of well-worn jeans. Get playful with your styling, pairing it with a trendy denim-on-denim ensemble.

37. Vintage Styled Ombre Look

Ready to make a statement? Follow the lead of the model pictured here. Three-quarters of her hair boasts a lovely dark-to-dark transition into blue. Her exceptionally long hair, in this spectacular shade, exudes a diva-worthy charm when styled accordingly.

38. Long, Straight Hair with Blue Ombre

What sets this style apart is the natural appearance of the blue streaks, subtly blending into the dark brown hair. The model opted for understated blue highlights, extending almost to the top for seamless integration with the significantly bleached and dyed tips. This approach to blue ombre is less damaging, considering the toll bleaching takes on hair health.

39. Ombre with Blue Dip Dyed Tips

This look may serve as a source of inspiration for Asian ladies. It features dip-dyed tips, with the blue shade extending halfway up the hair’s length. These contrasting elements beautifully complement the natural pitch-black shade of hair that the model chose to retain.

Can I Achieve a Blue Ombre Look with Blonde Honey Hair?

Yes, you can achieve a blue ombre look with blonde honey hair. To get the blonde honey hair, start with a warm blonde base and gradually blend in the honey tones. Once you have the blonde honey hair, you can easily add blue ombre highlights for a fun and unique look.

40. Half Black Half Blue Hair

Beyond the naturally occurring waves, there’s another distinctive feature in this ombre style: a 50/50 color distribution with a seamless transition between the two hues.

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