50 Perfectly Curated Haircuts That Flatter Round Faces Like Magic

1. Short Shaggy Layers

Shaggy layers offer a chic solution for those with round faces by creating a sense of balance. A striking color highlight further emphasizes the haircut’s texture.

Shaggy Layered Bob with Bold Color

2. Slimming Medium Tousled Hairstyle

This medium-length blonde hairstyle is ideal for fuller faces, featuring layered strands with middle-parted bangs that contour the face beautifully. A tease at the crown elongates the appearance of the face.

Medium Hairstyle for a Chubby Face

3. Long Shaggy Hair with Cheekbones-Skimming Bangs

Long hair is often recommended for round faces to counterbalance facial width. Incorporating layers that frame the cheekbones enhances this effect, making it doubly effective.

Medium Hairstyle for a Chubby Face

4. Medium-Length Shag

A shag cut with a center part and layers that frame the face is highly recommended for those with rounder facial features, aiming to create an illusion of an oval face with stylish swoopy bangs.

Shag for Chubby Faces

5. Wavy Textured Lob Haircut

Opting for lob cuts with curtain bangs, whether natural or styled, is an effective way to narrow the appearance of a round face. Choosing a deep, uniform color adds to the allure.

Lob Haircut with Fake Curtain Bangs

6. Long Bangs and Layers Thick Hair

This hairstyle is particularly flattering for round faces, designed to elongate the facial appearance. It’s an effortless style for those with thicker hair, thanks to its layers and extended bangs.

Long Hairstyle for Women with Round Faces

7. Blunt Cut Lob with Curtain Bangs

A blunt lob accented with a middle part and side-swept long bangs offers a sophisticated frame for round faces, ideal for those seeking a chic, modern look.

Medium Blunt Round Face Haircut

8. Medium Shag Cut with Parted Bangs

Medium-length cuts with textured ends introduce an edge suitable for fuller faces, adding texture and the illusion of length to create a flattering silhouette.

Medium Cut for a Chubby Face

9. Messy Choppy Comb-Over Bob

A textured choppy bob presents a laid-back, beachy aesthetic, perfect for thin hair. The style features a deep side part, elongating and slimming the face with its carefree and romantic vibe.

Choppy Bob for a Chubby Face

10. Basic Bob

A jagged bob with straight bangs skimming the eyebrows adds an air of mystery, particularly appealing for those who are more reserved.

Jagged Bob with Straight Bangs

11. Textured Lob with Bangs and Highlights

Incorporating color highlights near the face, especially with textured ends, sharpens and enhances the hairstyle, offering a unique flair for round faces.

12. Feathered Lob with Swoopy Fringe

Layers, sliced ends, and a voluminous side-swept fringe come together in this hairstyle to create angles and elongate the face, making it a prime choice for round facial structures.

13. Asymmetrical Shaggy Lob Cut

The asymmetrical shaggy lob is playful and lively, perfect for round faces. It achieves balance and diverts attention with its angles and light color finish.

14. Disconnected Wavy Lob for Round Faces

A disconnected lob combines two hairstyles in one, enhancing texture and offering versatility in framing the face, especially when styled with waves.

15. Chin-Length Shaggy Haircut

This shaggy chin-length cut exudes a bohemian vibe, effectively balancing the proportions of a round face when paired with a bold solid color.

16. Wispy Short Hair Round Face Hairstyle

Ideal for thin hair and round faces, this hairstyle uses textured hair and a zigzag part to add volume, covering wide cheekbones and offering a flattering option for those with double chins.

17. Medium Waves

Waves in medium-length hair, especially with shaggy ends, are slimming for round faces. An off-center part enhances the style’s balancing effect.

18. Shaggy Hair for a Round Face

Shaggy layers thinned at the ends offer a slimming effect for round faces, enhanced by a root fade for added dimension.

19. Collarbone Bob with Angled Bangs

A collarbone bob paired with angled bangs is versatile, allowing for ponytail styles while elongating the face for a more delicate appearance.

20. Straight and Sleek Comb-Over

A sleek comb-over hairstyle exudes elegance, concealing one side of the face and complemented by elongated earrings for a slimming effect.

21. Messy Bob with a Fringe

A bob with a fringe, styled messily, frames a round face well, especially when the part is kept off-center to add volume.

22. Long Thin Layers

Long, slightly wavy hair in layers flatters round faces, ideal for thin or thick hair, adding frame without bulk.

23. Side-Parted Wavy Bob

Waves add dimension to the hair, with a side part making the face appear slimmer, debunking myths about waves and round faces.

24. Shoulder

-Length Blunt Cut with a Middle Part
A middle-parted long bangs style that conceals the cheeks, elongating the face for a simple yet elegant look.

25. Razored Haircut for a Round Face

A razored shag with waves around the ears and face slims the appearance, offering a messy yet sophisticated look with a balayage finish.

26. Shaggy Medium Length Cut

An off-center part in a medium-length shag adds height and volume, slimming down the face with its playful lines and volume.

27. Shoulder-Length Layered Cut with ‘70s Bangs

Tapered bangs and shoulder-length hair work together to slim and elongate the face, adding stylish lines for a flattering silhouette.

28. Brunette Long Choppy Haircut

A balayage complements round faces by adding dimension, especially when styled with neat waves for volume and chic.

29. Toasted Blonde Hair with Money Piece

Strategic color placement near the face creates texture and dimension in medium-length styles, enhancing the illusion of depth.

30. Uneven Wavy Layers

Medium haircuts with tapered tips and shorter layers add volume and bounce, avoiding a flat look against the face.

31. Short Rooty Wolf Cut

A root smudge adds depth and volume at the crown, balancing the width of the face in hairstyles for fuller faces.

32. Shoulder Length Shag

A shag hairstyle for shoulder-length hair frames the face gently, minimizing roundness with its texture.

33. Medium Wavy Haircut

Medium hair with tapered ends suits round faces, adding volume on top and slimming the look with thinner ends.

34. A-Line Bob

An A-line bob for straight hair adds shape and flair, balanced with a center part and long layers.

35. Metallic Bronde Bob with Texture

A textured bob with soft waves and face-framing pieces flipped outward modifies the blunt bob for a more flattering fit for round faces.

36. Wolf Cut with Curtain Bangs for Long Hair

Wolf cuts, even in long styles, elongate and add a choppy texture that counteracts roundness, making it a top choice for round faces.

37. Long Hair with Varying Lengths and Layers

Maximizing layers creates visual structure and definition, ideal for round faces lacking natural angles.

38. Extra Long Hair

Extra-long hair can slim cheeks and add dynamic movement, working well with center or side parts.

39. Very Short Bob with Tempe Undercut

A very short bob with a temple undercut and tapered bangs introduces height, enhancing the overall look.

40. Shaggy A-Line Cut

An A-line cut for near shoulder-length hair adds an edge, especially effective with straight or subtly wavy hair.

41. Long Layered Waves

Long waves with layers flatter fuller faces, with light, wispy bangs softening the overall look without widening it.

42. Medium Hair with Feathered Bangs

Angled side tresses and feathered bangs create a dynamic silhouette, with layers and waves adding body around the lower face.

43. Soft Waves with Highlights

Soft waves minimize roundness, enhanced by highlights that add texture and depth to the hairstyle.

44. Straight Asymmetrical Bob

An asymmetrical bob with a side part offers a dramatic flair for straight hair, providing a slimming effect with its unique styling.

45. Short Wavy Hair

Short wavy cuts introduce texture and elongation, ideal for round faces and designed to slim without the need for bangs.

46. Side-Swept Waves

Sweeping waves to one side offers a playful yet slimming look for round faces, concealing width without obscuring the eyes.

47. High Volume Bob

A bob with chunky layers and a side part leverages thick hair texture to balance the facial shape.

48. Long Highlighted Layers

Highlighting long layers adds dimension and lightens the style, particularly flattering for round faces with honey blonde and caramel tones.

49. Straight A-Line Bob Cut

The A-line bob, known for its slimming effect, frames the face beautifully with soft curves that draw attention downward.

50. Shaggy Center-Parted Hairstyle

A center-parted shag with lifted hair at the crown elongates the face, especially effective when combined with debulked layers.

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