purple hair color

1. Low Maintenance Lilac Dream

Experience the allure of contrasting and varied hues of purple in this captivating look. From black and purple hair to delicate pastel shades, this style caters to a spectrum of colors that complements naturally dark hair and diverse skin tones.

Dark Purple Hair with Pastel Face Framing Highlights

2. Natural Velvet Twist

Delight in the subtly violet-tinted beauty that looks effortlessly natural. The infusion of this hue into natural brown hair creates a stunning effect, making it a perfect choice for individuals with naturally dark hair.

Dark Curly Hair with Subtle Purple Highlights

3. Vivid Violet

Turn heads with the bold and vivid tones of purple, a statement look that demands attention. While the vibrancy is undeniable, bear in mind that this bright and solid color may require touch-ups every 4 to 6 weeks to maintain its brilliance.

Dimensional Purple Color Hairstyle

4. Pastel Purple Hair

Embrace the uniqueness of pastel purple, a hue that requires precision and patience to perfect. Achieving this color involves applying it to hair previously lightened to the color of a banana, making it a gradual and meticulous process.

Light Blue Purple Hair

5. Cool Toned Purple Balayage

Opt for a dimensional purple balayage with blue face-framing highlights for a chic and low-maintenance style. Ideal for avoiding harsh regrowth lines, this shade of purple is particularly flattering for those with cool-toned skin.

Purple Balayage with Bright Blue Streaks

6. Violet Ombre

Escape the monotony of natural hair color with a playful purple ombre. This transformative touch adds vibrancy to naturally dark hair, providing a refreshing change.

Plum Color Ombre on Medium Brown Hair

7. Cool Eggplant to Rich Velvet

Enhance the beauty of natural dark brunettes with a cool-toned eggplant and warm velvet color combination. The iconic blend of purple and blue creates a stunning hairstyle suitable for individuals with both warm and cool-toned skin.

Cool Toned Blue to Purple Balayage on Dark Hair

8. Fiery Violet and Magenta

Immerse yourself in the warmth of pink and purple hues, creating a fiery and vibrant blend. While the result is visually striking, be prepared for maintenance every 4 to 6 weeks to preserve the brilliance of this bold color.

Vivid Hair Color with Violet and Pink Blend

9. Light Purple Hair

Capture attention with rose tones and pastel purple hair that is truly scroll-stopping. Suitable for a wide range of individuals, this color’s warm and cool hints make it universally appealing for those pre-lightened to a level 9 or 10.

Pastel Purple Bob with Highlights and Lowlights

10. Warm Toned Purple

Find your perfect shade with warm-toned purple, featuring hints of pink for a magenta-like color. Ideal for those with warm undertones, this hue adds a touch of warmth and vibrancy to your look.

Short Natural Hair Dyed Reddish Purple

11. Dimensional Lilac

Admire the depth of this look, with purple highlights at the roots transitioning seamlessly to full-on lilac. Achieving a pastel purple of this nature typically requires pre-lightening to a level 9 or 10 for optimal results.

12. Lived in Magenta

Make a bold statement with bright pink and purple hair, perfect for individuals with neutral to warm undertones. The darker purple at the base creates a beautiful contrast, particularly enhancing the look for those with naturally medium to dark brown hair.

13. Purple Ice Queen

Add a bold purple color to your hair with an icy twist, ideal for those with neutral to cool undertones. Achieving this icy look necessitates pre-lightening to a level 9 or 10 for the desired effect.

14. Poppin’ Plum

Infuse pops of different colors into your hair for an interesting and dynamic appearance. This gorgeous plum color with hues of pink and blue complements naturally dark hair and accommodates both warm and cool-toned skin.

15. Neon Lavender

Embrace the trend of unnatural hair colors with this neutral purple that works universally. Ideal for almost anyone ready to commit to a vibrant and eye-catching look.

16. Shades of Magenta

Inject some fun into your hair with a lived-in or dimensional base, featuring shades of purple accompanied by hints of pink. This warmer purple palette creates a playful and vibrant effect.

17. Plum Balayage

Opt for subtlety with a balayage that combines natural brown hair with pops of rich plum. This blend offers a more understated yet stylish appearance.

18. Deep Purple

Make a statement with dark purple hair that is both unique and subtle. Perfect for individuals with medium to dark hair and either warm or cool undertones.

19. Subtle and Blended Purple

Ease into unnatural colors with a subtle purple brown hair color. The darker root ensures low maintenance for those with naturally dark hair who are new to experimenting with colors.

– Can I Achieve a Purple Ombre Hair Color Without Bleaching My Hair?

Yes, you can achieve the popular purple ombre hair trend without bleaching your hair. There are semi-permanent and temporary hair dyes in various shades of purple that can give you the ombre effect without damaging your natural color. Experiment with different shades to find the perfect purple for your hair.

20. Pastel Magenta

Dive into bold and eye-catching territory with a pastel magenta. This warm color highlights undertones and brown eyes, making it a striking choice for those ready to embrace a vibrant look.

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