auburn hair color

1. Lovely Copper Balayage

For those blessed with naturally wavy locks seeking a contemporary twist on the auburn hair color, the well-blended balayage technique offers a splendid choice. Begin with medium brown for the roots and let a luscious auburn take center stage, intensifying towards the ends.

dark brown to red ombre

2. Honey Blonde Balayage

Achieving a believable auburn hair color entails blending in highlights of similar tones. Honey blonde highlights can infuse warmth into darker hair and harmoniously meld with auburn streaks. Balayage is especially effective for adding dimension to thick hair and creating a more textured appearance for fine locks.

medium curly hairstyle for thick hair

3. Auburn Hair with Cherry and Copper Tints

If you’re uncertain about selecting the right auburn hair dye, consider experimenting with a color chart, exploring various shades between brown and red. Consult a skilled hair colorist who can work their magic to identify the perfect shade to complement your complexion and eye color. Cherry, chocolate, and copper hues work exceptionally well for those with long locks.

Cherry Chocolate and Copper Auburn Hair

4. Caramel and Auburn Lowlights

For a unique take on the traditional auburn hair color, consider incorporating chunky caramel highlights into a rich, dark brown base with undertones of plum red. This combination pairs wonderfully with brown eyes and medium skin tones, adding warmth and sophistication to your overall appearance.

purple red hair with caramel highlights

5. Sunny Auburn Curls

This enchanting auburn shade is ideal for a transformative look. With warm tones like these, you can introduce a delightful orange undertone to accentuate and complement your neutral skin tone. Enhance the allure by adding messy curls, elevating your style with a touch of sass.

Hot Auburn Blonde with Lowlights

6. Cinnamon Brown and Auburn Balayage

Take notice of this stunning auburn shade, a result of blending cinnamon brown and auburn hues. Its soft and natural appearance makes auburn hair color ideas highly sought after by fashion enthusiasts.

Magical Dimensional Auburn Balayage

7. Auburn Brown Hair Color

If you’re torn between choosing brown or auburn hair color, consider opting for a regal rusty balayage or ombre. Once you embrace these majestic shades, you may find it hard to part with your newfound style, as it exudes magnificence.

Dark Hair with Dimensional Auburn Highlights

8. Reddish Auburn Highlights

Waves and auburn hair highlights are a perfect pairing. Experiment with your natural brown shades by introducing reddish auburn highlights to invigorate your style. If your locks aren’t naturally wavy, create charming beach waves for added charm.

Auburn Hair with Bright Copper Ribbons

9. Long Auburn Bronde Hairstyle

This romantic hairstyle features extra-long, highlighted locks that make the auburn hue shine. The golden highlights enhance the auburn shade, and the best part is that it complements both warm and cool skin tones.

Gorgeous Long Auburn Bronde Hairstyle

10. Red Hair with Copper Highlights

Natural auburn tones truly shine when accented with warm copper highlights, as exemplified in this style. Lighter auburn highlights add texture and depth to wavy locks, giving the appearance of thicker hair.

Bright Burgundy Auburn Blend

11. Wavy Copper Brown Lob

A wavy long bob is inherently stylish, but when highlighted with copper brown shades, it reaches a new level of allure. These highlights provide exceptional shine and vibrancy, perfect for those with naturally lackluster hair.

12. Auburn Hair with a Side-Swept Fringe

There’s an undeniable allure in a full fringe, reminiscent of Dakota Johnson’s shaggy cut in “50 Shades of Grey.” Fiery cinnamon highlights add dimension to the reddish-brown hair. A half-updo can effortlessly transition your look from day to night, ideal for busy schedules.

13. Brown Hair with Light Auburn Highlights

Combining auburn highlights with brown hair creates a delectable blend of shades that adds depth and texture to your beautiful wavy strands.

14. Rich Auburn Brown Hair

With a higher concentration of red pigments compared to typical dark brown hair, this rich auburn shade leans more towards dark red. If you desire a touch of mystery and sophistication in your hairstyle, this hue is an excellent choice.

15. Auburn Hair with Black Roots

Whether your locks are naturally curly or not, voluminous spirals and auburn hair color make an enticing combination. Long curls are truly attention-grabbing, especially when enhanced with red auburn balayage, aligning with the latest trends.

16. Sophisticated Light Golden Brown

Opt for a slightly lighter shade of auburn to achieve this lovely natural auburn hair color. Trim your locks for a trendy appearance, and this stunning hue, along with mid-length waves, will suit anyone, regardless of their skin tone.

17. Deep Cherry Auburn Waves

An angled long bob featuring cherry auburn highlights is a fantastic choice for those seeking a deep auburn shade. It elevates the basic bob hairstyle, drawing more attention to your overall look.

18. Natural Brown with Blonde Highlights

You don’t have to go for extremely bright colors to make a bold statement. Soft auburn highlights are sufficient to give your natural brunette mane a stylish and trendy appearance.

19. Black to Brown to Auburn Fade

The captivating brownish shade starting at the roots gradually intensifies towards the ends, culminating in breathtaking auburn red tips. To maintain this magnificent ombre effect, it’s crucial to use high-quality color-preserving products.

20. Shiny Deep Auburn Tresses

To infuse luminosity and texture into your natural locks, consider blending auburn and brown shades for a beautiful color gradient. Style your new auburn brown hair with a curling iron or a dryer brush to add extra volume to your strands.

21. Auburn Highlights and Lowlights

Achieving a “wow” effect doesn’t always require extremely bright colors. Soft auburn highlights can elevate your natural brunette mane to a stylish and trendy level.

22. Vivid Auburn Straight Haircut

For those seeking a style change with a deeper hair color, consider bold shades like this fiery auburn. Such vibrant colors can flatter both pale and darker skin tones, allowing you to experiment freely with this hue.

23. Auburn Balayage with Blonde Highlights

Auburn hair is already eye-catching, but blonde highlights can add depth and luminosity, making your hair truly stunning. The red pigments in this color boost vibrancy while maintaining a natural appeal, making it suitable for most skin tones.

24. Auburn Hair with Copper Balayage

Elevate your auburn-colored hair with eye-catching blonde and copper highlights. This multidimensional color brightens brown locks and adds complexity to your natural hair color. Moreover, this hairstyle can be easily styled at home using a hot tool and the right volumizing product.

25. Cool Auburn Curls

Contrary to the belief that red hair must always be warm, you can achieve a cool-toned color with a purplish brown base and auburn balayage highlights. Achieving this look can be challenging without professional assistance, so it’s advisable to book a salon appointment.

26. Cinnamon Sheen for Medium Hair

Consider trying a lighter cinnamon shade for a hair color reminiscent of aromatic cinnamon. Enhance the warmth by pairing it with inspiring auburn highlights.

27. Auburn Hair with Apricot Streaks

A more relaxed version of classic auburn hair features a delicate cool-toned auburn with babylights. This style is best suited for long, slightly wavy hair, resulting in an effortless look that complements green eyes perfectly.

28. Deep Chocolate Auburn

Darker auburn shades often take on a purplish tone, making them ideal for women who want an edgy look while working in a conservative environment. This shade is vibrant enough to make a statement yet subtle enough to blend in seamlessly.

29. Dark Copper Hair Color

Light auburn hair color isn’t for everyone. If your skin tone is not very light, you may find that medium or dark auburn shades suit you better. They add a fresh and shiny pop of color that is sure to turn heads.

30. Seductive Chocolate Hair with Highlights

Even fine hair can sport a dark auburn hair color. The stunning copper undertones on a dark plum-red base create a sophisticated hair hue that’s perfect for free-flowing hairstyles.

31. Dark Reds for Thin Hair

Even with fine hair, you can choose a dark auburn hair color. The beautiful copper tints on a dark plum-red base result in a sophisticated hair hue that you’ll love to flaunt in loose hairstyles.

32. Wavy Auburn Lob

Beachy waves are the perfect choice for a busy schedule. Simply braid or bun your wet hair at night, undo it in the morning, and you’re ready to go. Plus, the tousled texture beautifully showcases your warm highlights.

33. Sexy Auburn Ringlets

Long crimson curls are undeniably eye-catching. To avoid a overly intense look, consider tempering your roots with a darker auburn hair color or a muted burgundy hue, creating an appealing highlighted ombre effect.

34. Sparkling Soft Brown Curls

A fair complexion can beautifully complement warm auburn shades like caramel, copper, or amber. Pair this color with a short or shoulder-length haircut to enjoy soft, bouncy curls framing your face. For those who prefer avoiding highlights, a gloss treatment can ensure your hair looks healthy and shiny for months.

35. Dimensional Auburn Waves

This soft and feminine brownish color is a must-have this season. Not only does it create a natural look for special occasions, but it also adds character to your personality. Brunettes will adore the idea of looking fresh, youthful, and beautiful at all times.

36. Textured Copper Lob

Warm up your appearance with soft reddish-brown hair that accentuates your face. This auburn hair color resembles Emma Stone’s iconic redhead looks and can be easily maintained with professional color-depositing shampoo to prolong the auburn brown hue.

37. Enticing Auburn Waves

Enticing dark chocolate combined with a soft cinnamon hue creates the ideal dark auburn hair color. Cinnamon hues tend to fade faster, so investing in quality color-preserving products is essential to maintain this stunning look.

38. Sensual Copper Hues

Add dimension and elegance to your brunette locks with sophisticated copper hues. These shades work exceptionally well for achieving a light auburn hair color and effortlessly complement beach waves.

39. Sultry Red for Classy Ladies

Ready to turn heads with a bold new shade? Step out of your comfort zone and experiment with this sassy red hair color. Remember that proper maintenance is crucial to maintain the silky appearance of your red highlights. Regular treatments and trims contribute to the quality of your vibrant red hair.

40. Classic Vintage Red

Fall in love with this captivating copper red hairstyle that exudes class and femininity. Style smooth waves for a silky look that showcases the depth and shine of your new hair color.

41. Dark Auburn with Sandy Streaks

Auburn shades are always a win for achieving natural and healthy looks. To add a touch of excitement, consider incorporating a variety of lighter streaks. Give it a try and enjoy the gorgeous results!

42. Wavy Bob with Highlights

Unpretentious waves with a pop of dark gold can effortlessly complement various skin tones. Brighten up your complexion by dyeing your auburn hair with warm undertones and a hint of gold for a fresh and casual appearance.

43. Burning Hot Cinnamon Waves

Red hot cinnamon creates a vibrant, rich, yet natural-looking shade that adds elegance and delicacy to your hairstyle. Achieve impressive casual waves for daytime hairstyles using a flat iron.

44. Auburn Hair with Glimpses of Gold

No matter how gorgeous your golden waves are, protecting your hair is essential to maintain their vibrancy, especially in the summer. Always use a UV hair spray to prevent your beautiful hair from fading.

45. Delicious Chocolate on Black Hair

Considering a change in hair shade? Try a red-brown hair color for a natural and healthy appearance. Experiment with a root fade for a modern look and a seamless blend of colors.

46. Black Hair with Auburn Highlights

Combining chocolate waves with warm auburn highlights is an ideal choice for those who prefer subtle hair changes. This color combination results in a delicious and elegant hair color.

47. Red Pixie with Blonde Highlights

Embrace creative hair ideas by dyeing your strands dark copper with blonde highlights. The mix of red and blonde beautifully complements light skin tones and green or blue eyes, offering a fashionable reddish-brown color option.

48. Marvelous Multi-Colored Waves

Elevate your auburn hair by adding strawberry blonde highlights for a more youthful and vibrant appearance. Experiment with richer and warmer hues to make a lasting impression.

49. Long Tousled Hair with Auburn Highlights

Balayage is designed to look as natural as sun-kissed highlights. For those with dark hair, this technique can result in reddish tones, especially in bright light. Enhance this effect by adding varying shades of medium red and strawberry blonde to your ends.

50. Rich Red Curls for Long Hair

If you’re interested in experimenting with color, consider having only the ends of your layers grazed with your chosen hue and adding long highlights. This lush auburn red hair shade pairs wonderfully with natural brown hair.

51. Tousled A-Line Bob

The classic bob haircut never goes out of style. Add a modern twist to it by adjusting the length, incorporating side-swept bangs, and embracing a marvelous auburn shade.

52. Retro Auburn Waves

Embrace your inner diva with a camera-ready hairstyle. Soft, flowing waves perfectly complement a contoured face and smoky eye shadow, ensuring you shine in both everyday life and special occasions.

53. Soft Auburn Waves

Nothing exudes romance more than long, wispy waves, reminiscent of your favorite Disney princesses. If you’re seeking a fairytale moment for weddings or other special events, you can’t go wrong with this enchanting style.

54. Golden Chestnut Hair with Voluminous Curls

Golden chestnut hair works wonders for warm-toned complexions, especially on thick, voluminous hair. To enhance its seductive charm, add copper blonde highlights to the ends and through the bangs.

55. Soft Ginger Red Waves

This muted red with yellow undertones complements fair complexions beautifully. Think of celebrities like Emma Stone and Amy Adams, who have made this color famous on the red carpet. It has gained popularity among women with blue and green eyes. For a playful touch, consider curling the ends of your deep auburn hair slightly.

56. Bright Auburn with Tangerine Highlights

If you have fair skin and bright blue or green eyes, and you’re looking for an auburn hair color, opt for a vibrant shade. Long hair can sometimes dominate your overall appearance, so to add sophistication, ask your hairstylist to incorporate some lowlights.

57. Auburn Bombshell Waves

Achieve a camera-ready style with these bombshell waves. This hairstyle is perfect for those who love to stand out in pictures. Soft flowing waves complement expertly contoured faces and smoky eye shadow for a glamorous look.

58. Brown Hair with Auburn Balayage

To add dimension to thick dark hair, consider incorporating both chunky and thin highlights. Opting for a light red hue for your highlights creates a natural look. Modernize your haircut with some messy waves for a trendy touch.

59. Straight Copper Hair with Blonde Babylights

While ombre variations are often showcased on curly hair, they can also enhance the beauty of straight long hair. Picture golden blonde babylights resembling rain streaks down a window – a stunning choice for copper hair.

What Shades of Auburn Hair Color Are Most Flattering?

When it comes to finding the most flattering shades of auburn hair, gorgeous dark auburn hair colors are a top choice. Deep, rich tones with a hint of red can enhance warm skin undertones, while cool auburn shades with a touch of brown can complement cooler undertones.

60. Diva-ish Look for Long Hair

Choosing the perfect red hair color can make a significant impact on your overall appearance. To create a reserved business look, part your hair down the center and keep your strands straight, adding an elegant touch to your long hair.

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