40 Trendsetting Pink Highlights for a Fashion-Forward Look

1. Pink Duster

Experience the charm of brown hair transformed into a delightful blonde adorned with playful pink highlights. Embrace the layered Neapolitan ice cream effect with layers showcasing chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry tones. Achieving this look is a two-step process, ensuring you can claim this adorable style with a scheduled appointment!

Pink Highlights for Brown Hair

2. Beige Blonde with Rose Accents

For a subtle touch of pink, look no further! This style incorporates a delicate shade of pink that is subtly present, perfect for occasions where you want to stand out without causing a shock. Whether it’s a family gathering or a subtle fashion statement, this is the choice to make a statement without causing a commotion.

blonde to pastel pink ombre

3. Punkin’ Pink Patty

Discover the ideal pink hair color by avoiding settling for the first attractive hue. This look involves dyeing the top layers of hair, leaving the natural darker color at the roots. The blunt bob cut adds a touch of edginess to this vibrant and eye-catching color.

pastel pink highlights for brown hair

4. Just the Tips, Please

Add a touch of light pink to your hair for a subtle and intriguing accent. Let the color make a statement and spark curiosity from those behind you. It’s a matter of perspective, but those who choose these shades often see the world with a different sense of coolness.

blonde hair with pink peekaboo highlights

5. Hidden Reds

Uncover the allure of peek-a-boo highlights of red hair subtly concealed beneath a dark burgundy-brown shade. Let the red highlights enhance the natural tones of your hair color, creating a captivating look that’s worth considering if your shades align.

dark brown bob with magenta peekaboo highlights

6. Peach Blonde Lob

Blonde hair serves as the perfect canvas for artistic expression. Skillfully placed strands of peach blonde and pastel pink create a radiant golden pink glow. Staggering the color away from the scalp adds dimension to the hair, resulting in a beautiful and sophisticated style.

strawberry blonde bob with pastel pink highlights

7. Pink and Brown Coloring

Merge pink highlights seamlessly with your natural hair color for a classy and multi-colored look. With a magenta tone at the top and a bubble gum hue at the bottom, this style provides a fantastic way to showcase your vibrant personality, whether in a T-shirt or an elegant gown.

long brown hair with pink balayage highlights

8. Dusty Rose Waves

Experience the unique transformation of black hair with an almost violet pink hue, reminiscent of a beloved Lip Smackers lip gloss from the ’90s. The delicate and sophisticated shade offers a rich alternative, proving that sometimes subtlety is the key to elegance.

brown hair with lavender and pastel pink balayage

9. Bubble Gum Ombre

Witness the beauty of a cute ombre, expertly blended to perfection by a stylist with an artistic touch. As it grows out, this fabulous hairstyle retains its charm, making it a delightful choice for those who appreciate a seamless transition of colors.

pastel pink hair with brown roots

10. Brown Hair with Rose Highlights

Brunettes can leverage their natural red undertones to seamlessly integrate pink highlights. Flowing from medium brown tones to a dusty rose finish, this gorgeous combination allows the unconventional shade to exude subtlety and sophistication.

pastel pink balayage for brown hair

11. Blonde Hair with Pink Highlights

Blondes can have even more fun with a splash of pink highlights strategically spaced to coexist harmoniously with the lighter shade and deeper undertones. Emphasizing the pink more at the ends adds fullness to the hair without appearing stringy.

12. Heavy Pink Highlighting in Black Hair

Boldly embrace pink highlights in black hair, creating a striking contrast between the two shades. This heavy-handed highlighting showcases the gradual disappearance of the base color towards the ends, resulting in a captivating and dynamic style.

13. Rose Gold to Pink Hair

Experience the trendiness of rose gold seamlessly blending with pink, creating a lustrous sheen and metallic illusion in the tresses. The added sheen enhances the overall visual appeal, giving an illusion of metallic tones.

14. Face Framing Magenta Highlights

Capture attention with strategically placed pink highlights framing your face. Maintenance is key for this eye-catching look, ensuring that the vibrant color remains fresh and enhances your facial features.

15. Lob with Pink Ombre

Embark on a trifecta of trendiness with a long layered bob featuring an ombre effect and a striking rose pink color. The transition shade complements both your natural hue and the vibrant pink, resulting in a Pinterest-worthy style.

16. Blonde Hair with Subtle Highlighting

Discover the subtle beauty of pink and blonde seamlessly blending when toned correctly. Work closely with your stylist to achieve the perfect shade and placement, creating a look that’s almost indistinguishable yet captivating.

17. Two-Toned Shaggy Hair

Embrace the natural finish of balayage, painting color into the hair for a seamless blend. This technique works wonders with similar colors like red hair with pink highlights or can create a striking contrast, as demonstrated with blonde and pink.

18. Layered Bob with Magenta Streaks

Challenge the stereotype of short pink hair with a shoulder-length blonde bob adorned with chunky pink highlights. The combination of length, color, and curls creates a harmonious blend of sweet and sassy.

19. Varying Pink Toned Highlights

Celebrate the diversity of pink with a sunset medley, featuring orange pink, pastel pink, rose gold, and purple highlights. Embrace the vibrant and varied shades to showcase your unique style.

20. Fuchsia Balayage for Black Hair

Achieve a cohesive look by matching color intensity when opting for black hair with fuchsia, hot pink, or magenta highlights. The richness of black serves as a perfect canvas for the bold and vibrant pink shades.

21. Copper and Baby Pink Combination

Navigate the transition from medium brown to pink highlights with the elegance of copper. This golden hue seamlessly draws the eye from the natural base color to the pink ends, providing a graceful and subtle change that’s easy to maintain.

22. Multi-Colored A-Line Cut

Inject fun and girly vibes into your style with a peach and pink combo, creating a stunning contrast with a darker shade underneath. Enhance the drama by using a heavier hand with the color towards the bottom for a more pronounced effect.

23. Long Layers and Subtle Balayage

Embrace your inner fairy princess with long blonde hair featuring subtle pink highlights. Keep the look light and airy with layers, finishing it off with loose barrel curls for a truly girly style.

24. Angled Lob with Purple Ribbons

Combine purple and pink for a unique statement or a blend that seamlessly integrates into the same color spectrum. The highlights and edgy cut add flair to straight, thin hair, preventing it from looking mundane.

25. Balayage Ombre for Medium Hair

Experience the beauty of color melting, blending highlights into the base color to avoid dramatic lines. The transition from brown to dark pink creates a lovely auburn shade in the middle, offering a subtle yet captivating incorporation of color.

26. Black to Pink Dye Job

Achieve a moody style by incorporating pink highlights into brown or black hair, opting for a deeper shade. Embrace the intentional ombre look, starting with natural dark hair at the top, a warm medium shade in the center, and a rouge rose at the tips.

27. Feminine Pink and Blonde Curls

Explore the versatility of blonde hair with a mix

of medium-toned pink and extra light blonde tones in a medium-length cut. Amp up the femininity with curls, creating a pretty in pink style that exudes charm.

28. Angled Bob with Holographic Highlights

Embrace the futuristic allure of holographic hair with blue, purple, and pink streaks creating a changing color effect. Let the stylish cut shine through while making a statement with subtle yet eye-catching highlights.

29. Black Hair with Neon Pink Highlights

Make a bold statement with black and neon pink hair, ensuring vibrant highlights stand out against the dark base. Positioning the highlights strategically creates a unique color band around the head, guaranteeing attention-grabbing allure.

30. Pinkish Purple Lob

Diversify the pastel hair trend with light pink, complementing any preferred pastel base color like lavender or teal. The soft contrast with lavender creates a gentle compliment to the base color, offering a great choice for a trendy look.

31. Pastel-Toned Color Melt

Explore the beauty of pink ombre with a combination of purple, creating an eye-catching and bright medley. Let the shades keep everyone guessing about your natural color while enjoying the brilliance of the bright hues.

32. Long Layers with Coral Streaks

Opt for a fun and girly option with a peach and pink combo, featuring a darker shade underneath to make the highlights pop. Use a heavier hand with the color towards the bottom for a dramatic and stunning effect.

33. Layered Bob with Chunky Highlights

Enhance the visual complexity of your black hair with chunky pink highlights, hidden underneath and revealed in movement. The black and red stripes add a bold and favorite touch to this captivating style.

34. Cotton Candy Bob

Indulge in the desire for a half-and-half color pattern, softly blending pink against purple for a shorter and visually appealing style. Whether worn casually or formally, this color pattern is sure to turn heads.

35. Pink-Stained Bowl Cut

Emulate the artistic pastel pink with magenta, creating a bright and colorful look reminiscent of vibrant birds. Capture attention with bright spots on the head, making this hairstyle a standout choice.

36. Raspberry Dip Dye

Explore a unique take on pink dip dye with dark brown hair finished with magenta tips and a hint of raspberry. Choose this variation for a touch of variety and a delightful departure from traditional pink.

37. Subtle Face-Framing Streaks

Appreciate the diversity of pink highlights with these peachy examples, showcasing that not all pink highlights are created equal. Revel in the endless shades of pink, each offering a unique and peachy charm.

38. Jumbo Victory Rolls

Turn heads with contrasting colors against black hair, featuring purplish-pink shades and light pink highlights in a vintage-inspired set of Victory Rolls. The blunt heavy bangs add a touch of elegance to transport you to a different era.

39. Coral Pixie Cut

Stand out from the crowd with blood-orange pink highlights setting you apart in a unique and appealing way. Embrace the attention and compliments as this not-so-regular shade of pink becomes a conversation starter.

Can I Achieve a Fashion-Forward Look with Pastel Pink Hairstyles?

Yes, you can achieve a fashion-forward look with gorgeous pastel pink hairstyles. Pastel pink hair can add a trendy and unique touch to your overall style. Whether it’s through a subtle pink ombre or a full-on pink dye job, this hair color can elevate your fashion game to the next level.

40. Curly Hair with Colored Bangs

Embrace the variety of pink hair shades with a peachy pink hue serving as an accent for the natural color. Showcase innocence with a fun side, revealing your personality with this lively and colorful style.

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