wolf cut long hair

1. Long Shaggy Wolf Cut

This hairstyle boasts long, shaggy bangs and curls, suitable for both curly and wavy hair types, offering a textured, vibrant, and enigmatic appearance. It provides a natural, fairy-like allure for both dense and fine hair. Imagining Elvis with a wolf cut, one would expect nothing less than a bold and intense look.

Wavy Wolf Haircut for Long Hair

2. Long Wolf Cut with Curtain Bangs

The combination of a shag cut with curtain bangs complements each other perfectly, enhancing your facial features and bringing attention to your eyes. It introduces soft layers and promotes a healthy hair texture. This hairstyle, reaching mid-length, is subtle, elegant, and appealing.

Neat Wolf Cut for Straight Hair

3. Voluminous Wolf Haircut

This style exudes sophistication with its long, heavily layered design, reminiscent of Brigitte Bardot’s signature style. It’s an updated version of a timeless look, suitable for thick manes but achievable on all hair types using the appropriate styling tools and products.

Blonde Shaggy Wolf Cut for Thick Hair

4. Sophisticated Wolf Cut with Shaggy Layers

This exquisite wolf cut is ideal for thicker hair and features soft, sweeping curtain bangs along with longer layers that embrace natural waves. Achieving optimal results involves enhancing your hair’s texture and shine with products like silkening spray and finishing cream.

Tousled Wolf Hairstyle in Dark Burgundy Tones

5. Long Copper Wolf Haircut

Featuring curls, bottleneck bangs, and a vibrant hair color, this style is achievable on straight or wavy hair using a blow-dryer brush and a 1-inch curling iron. To maintain the shape of your soft curls alongside the longer layers, secure them with a strong hold hairspray.

Dimensional Copper Shag with Wavy Layers

6. Long Heavily Layered Wolf Cut

Long, shaggy wolf cuts create an edgy, playful vibe on longer hair, appearing more voluminous and defined on thick hair. Choppy bangs can be added to accentuate your facial structure and highlight your bone features.

Thick Shaggy Wolf Hairstyle with Babylights

7. Curly Wolf Cut with Blunt Bangs

Showcasing your natural texture and volume is best achieved with a long wolf cut complemented by blunt bangs. This elegant and curly version draws inspiration from the contemporary mullet trend, preparing you to make bold statements.

Delightful Light Brown Wolf Cur with Bangs

8. Shoulder Length Cut with Shaggy Layers

Adopt the persona of a Warrior Princess with an edgy, modern shag cut featuring shaggy layers on shoulder-length hair. This versatile style is compatible with both straight and curly hair, aiming for a standout look.

Sassy Brunette Wolf Style with Choppy Layers

9. Long Curly Wolf Cut

This beautiful curly wolf cut enhances longer layers and a thick fringe, ideal for refreshing your look with balayage or highlights. This style garners approval from Farrah Fawcett, embodying a chic and timeless appeal.

Lovely Long Layered Cut in Caramel Blonde

10. Long Wolf Cut with Wispy Layers

Featuring wispy layers, this long wolf cut epitomizes the effortless model-off-duty aesthetic, maintaining chicness with minimal styling effort and time.

Dark Brown Wolf Haircut with Face Framing Layers

11. Face Framing Tapered Wolf Cut

The wolf cut’s versatility shines, offering a flattering look for any face shape. A tapered wolf cut frames the face beautifully, perfect for those desiring a layered look or numerous short, choppy layers.

Fancy Long Wolf Hairstyle for Brunettes

12. Shaggy Wolf Cut with Swooping Bangs

Introduce texture and volume to your hair with a shaggy cut and swooping bangs. Remember to protect your hair with a heat protectant during styling and finish with a texturizing spray to highlight your hair’s health and hydration.

Messy Blonde Shag with Long Curtain Bangs

13. Volumized Wolf Cut with Side Bangs

A soft, long wolf cut paired with sweeping side bangs achieves a timeless, chic, and effortless look. This style can be tailored to be sleek and straight or enhanced with curls and waves as desired.

Edgy Auburn Wolf Cut with Side Bangs

14. Mid-Length Wolf Cut with Shadow Roots

Stand out with a bold look featuring shadow roots and choppy layers. This style suits fine or thick hair well and pairs beautifully with choppy curtain bangs, with balayage creating a magical transformation.

Long Shaggy Hair with Front Highlights

15. Long Wolf Cut with Choppy Baby Bangs

Embrace more layers for a more dynamic look. This long wolf cut with baby bangs excels in framing the face and drawing attention to the eyes, creating an ultimate sweetheart appearance.

Flipped Wolf Haircut with Micro Fringe

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