40 Effortlessly Chic Updos for Long Hair That Scream Elegance

1. Rose-Shaped Braided Bun

Consider a sophisticated, floral-inspired updo with this intricate rose-shaped bun. Begin by forming a ponytail, weaving it into a loose braid, and then fashioning it into a bun. Gently pull apart sections of the braid to mimic the look of rose petals, securing everything in place with bobby pins for a romantic and original hairstyle.

Flower Bun Updo

2. Adorable Twisted Low Buns

For an irresistibly cute hairstyle, try these adorable twisted low buns. Split your hair into two equal parts, twist each section from the front to the back, and secure them at the nape of your neck. Then, twist the lengths into two separate buns for a symmetrical and charming look.

Pigtail Buns Updo

3. Messy Twisted Chignon Updo

Create a chic, bohemian-inspired look with this messy twisted chignon updo. This style features two relaxed twists that lead into a voluminous, disheveled chignon, adding a subtle butterfly accessory to complement the natural highlights in your hair for a beautifully intricate appearance.

Messy Chignon Updo For Long Hair

4. Volumized Casual Messy Bun

Achieve an effortlessly chic messy bun with added volume by using a unique approach. Instead of forming a single ponytail, create two or three ponytails at the crown of your head. This technique allows for a more voluminous bun when the hair is wrapped and styled.

Curly Messy Bun Long Hair

5. Pastel Blue Braid and Low Bun

Combine elegance and a touch of whimsy with this updo, perfect for long hair. A messy bun paired with a halo braid offers a completely new style, while an unusual hair color adds a unique flair, transforming it into anything but an average updo.

Low Curly Bun Updo With A Braid

6. Asymmetrical French Twist

Update the classic French twist by giving it a modern edge with an asymmetrical placement, a messy texture, and balayage highlights. This variation is an excellent way to showcase long, thick hair in a formal yet contemporary style.

Side Messy French Twist Updo

7. Easy Twist and Flip Bun

This easy-to-achieve bun is both stylish and simple. Start with a ponytail, loop it through a hair tie in a knot while leaving a longer tail for wrapping. Flatten the knot to make it wider, then wrap the remaining hair around the hair tie, securing it with bobby pins. This look is particularly effective with ombre hair to highlight the color transition.

Casual Chignon Updo

8. Loose Messy Updo for Thick Hair

This textured updo is perfect for managing thick, long hair, combining braids with loosely pinned, tousled strands for a relaxed yet sophisticated look. It’s a distinctive approach to updos, offering a unique and stylish solution.

Big Bun With A Braid Updo For Long Hair

9. Casual Two Braids and Bun Updo

Enhance the highlights in your hair with a relaxed, braided bun updo. This casual style features loosely braided hair without a defined part, leading into a messy bun for a beautifully effortless look.

Low Bun With Two Braids Updo

10. Colorful Twisted Fishtail Bun

For an easy yet eye-catching updo, try adding colorful highlights or hair chalking to a twisted fishtail bun. This style only requires braiding the end of your ponytail before twisting it into a bun, making it a simple way to draw attention with vibrant colors.

Bun Updo For Red Hair With Rainbow Highlights

11. Easy Girly Braid and Bun

If you’re seeking an uncomplicated updo for long hair, this braid and bun combination is ideal. French braid your hair from the nape to the crown, then gather the braid and any remaining strands into a loosely styled bun to showcase your braiding technique.

Messy Upside Down Braid And Bun Updo

12. Feminine Braided Chignon Updo

For a delicate and feminine style, drape your hair over a headband placed around your head’s perimeter. Secure the style with plenty of bobby pins, and add a strategically placed braid to conceal them for a polished, seamless look.

Gibson Tuck Updo With A Braid

13. Textured Chignon Updo

Opt for a classic chignon with a twist by adding texture for a more casual, yet elegant appearance. This style is particularly suited for individuals with thick hair, allowing for a quick and stylish updo. Pre-styling with waves or starting with a bit of backcombing can enhance the texture.

Chignon For Long Tousled Hair

14. Bubble Gum Pink Dutch Braid Bun

This long hair updo seems complex but is surprisingly straightforward. Begin with a Dutch braid on one side of your head and finish with a loosely tied low bun. Allow for some strands to be pulled loose for a relaxed and casual feel.

Pastel Pink Braided Updo P

15. Angelic Fishtail Crown Braid

For those with beautifully highlighted hair, this updo features a crown braid made from a fishtail braid, adding depth to the halo effect. While this style may require some effort, the ethereal result is worth the time invested.

Fishtail Crown Braid Updo

16. Messy Chignon with Fishtail Braid

This updo combines the casual elegance of a messy bun with the sophistication of a fishtail braid. Begin with a simple low bun, add some volume with backcombing, and incorporate a fishtail braid for texture and detail.

Messy Low Bun With A Braid

17. Gorgeous Messy Updo with Deconstructed Fishtail

Deconstructed updos are favored for their casual elegance and are perfect for both everyday wear and special occasions. This style features a bouffant, a headband braid, and a bun, arranged in a seemingly spontaneous and relaxed fashion for an effortlessly chic look.

Loose Messy Braided Updo

18. Sultry Low Bun with a Twist

Modernize the classic low bun by incorporating twisted strands from either side of your head, adding a contemporary twist. Alternatively, create a more relaxed look with a few loose, wavy strands for a casual yet sophisticated hairstyle.

Casual Messy Low Bun Updo

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