40 Chic Pastel Purple Hair Ideas for a Trendy Color Splash

1. Wavy Brown Bob with Purple Highlights

Embrace the fusion of brown and purple hues with this stylish wavy bob. The all-over brown hair serves as a canvas for strategically placed balayage purple highlights, creating a chic and modern look. Ideal for women seeking a touch of excitement in their hairstyles.

light brown bob with purple balayage

2. Brunette Ombre Hair

Explore the seamless blend of dark and light tones with the beloved brunette ombre technique. While adaptable with any color, it particularly shines when paired with pastel purple hair, adding a beautiful touch to the overall appearance.

dark brown to lavender ombre

3. Purple Grey Layers

Discover an effortlessly low-maintenance purple hairstyle with these free-flowing, slightly undone curls. Perfect for a carefree day or a romantic date, the purple grey layers bring a touch of charm to the messy yet stylish look.

purple blonde hair with black roots

4. Soft Waves with Pastel Highlights

Embrace the idea of lavender hair in a subtle manner with this medium brown base adorned with delicate light purple highlights. Soft waves throughout create a stylish everyday look, providing a safe yet fashionable approach to experimenting with color.

brown hair with ash blonde and pastel purple balayage

5. Long Tousled Lavender Hair

Elevate your style with long, voluminous waves in a pastel purple hue. The soft and feminine shade complements various hairstyles, allowing versatility in styling for different occasions.

light pastel purple hair

6. Mermaid Curls with Purple Ends

Whether your purple locks are short or long, the mermaid curls with curls at the ends offer a captivating appearance. By leaving the top and middle sections smooth, the focus is elegantly drawn to the voluminous lower section.

dark brown to purple ombre

7. Lilac Layered Bob

Short pastel hair takes on a fun and flirty vibe with the lilac layered bob. The wavy texture, combined with chic purple color, creates an adorable look. To break up the color, the roots are left black, resulting in a style that’s irresistibly cute.

wavy pastel purple bob with black roots

8. Wavy Lavender Lob

Choppy ends meet wavy tresses in this gorgeous lavender hairstyle. The understated cut allows the magical color to stand out, combining dimension and highlights for a look that’s as close to understated as lilac locks can get.

Medium Choppy Pastel Purple Hairstyle

9. Purple Mane with Blue Roots

Experience the contrast of dark roots with a gradient of purple hues, featuring deep periwinkle roots and lighter ends. This pastel dream creates an ethereal look sure to garner likes and compliments.

Long Pastel Purple Hair With Blue Roots

10. Platinum and Purple Wavy Bob

Modernize the vintage-inspired bob with a pretty purple-and-platinum-blonde hue. Faded lilac tint adds freshness and vibrancy to the overall look, while big barrel waves contribute enviable volume.

Choppy Pastel Purple Bob

11. Lilac and Silver Balayage

Define the magical allure of your mane with purple-and-silver highlights. Adding a touch of glitter to the roots accentuates the unicorn-worthy style, while luscious curls are easily achieved with a curling wand.

12. Strawberry Blonde Hair with Lavender Highlights

Complement strawberry blonde tresses with lavender highlights through a balayage technique. The contrasting hues create a vibrant and chic style, showcasing the beauty of both natural and fun shades.

13. Pastel Bob with Silver Highlights

Embrace a silver (and purple) fox look with big barrel curls highlighting ultra-feminine style. The pale colors and choppy cut achieve a surprisingly minimalist appearance, blending ombre bobs and pastel shades seamlessly.

14. Large Waves with Purple Ombre

Combine Lana Del Ray-inspired curls with a pastel ombre for a sexy Hollywood glamour. Despite its bold style, this choice is beginner-friendly, allowing the retention of natural hair color to minimize touch-ups.

15. Pretty Pastel Waves

Attain waist-skimming locks with light purple hair, showcasing dark brown roots melting into wavy pastel lengths. Perfect for brunettes, experimenting with unicorn colors can be achieved with proper care to maintain lustrous locks.

16. Dirty Blonde Bob with Lavender Highlights

Less is more with piecey lavender strands instead of traditional blonde highlights. Achieve brightness and dimension with a touch of personality in this dirty blonde bob.

17. Wavy Locks with Purple Ends

Mesmerize with lavender bits woven through soft mid-back waves, channeling a mermaid-like beauty. Recreate the beachy style with an overnight twisted bun for effortlessly beautiful waves in the morning.

18. Wavy Bob with Pastel Highlights

Opt for a chic asymmetrical bob with wispy layers as a base for pastel purple hair. Add a touch of brightness by coloring the hair around the face, providing an alternative to full-head or ombre styles.

19. Unicorn-Inspired Gradient Hair

Fully embrace the trend with a gradient shag incorporating favorite pastel shades, from periwinkle to ashen purple and faded magenta. Dark roots elevate the cool-girl style, making a bold statement.

20. Lilac Bob with a Silvery Finish

Pair silver and purple for a chic two-tone look, mimicking the natural dimension of rich blonde or brunette palettes. Suitable for any hair length or texture, the evenly distributed colors exude confidence and style.

21. Wavy Pastel Locks

Enhance the appeal of pastel purple with silver pieces, providing a shiny, metallic finish for an extraterrestrial allure. Silvery hues revive dull hair, creating an illusion of great luster for a stunning appearance.

22. Layered Purple-and-Periwinkle Tresses

Break the stereotype of dainty pastels with vivacious purple roots contrasting periwinkle ends. Incorporate choppy layers and extensions for a voluminous and edgy finish to your hairstyle.

23. Cool-Toned Violet Melt

Achieve a balanced look with a medium-length layered cut featuring a gradient blend of purple shades. Maintain a sleek appearance to strike the right balance between tame and vivacious for a playful yet professional result.

24. Grey-and-Purple Wavy Style

Opt for a daring choice by replacing blonde with grey, seamlessly blending with a purple hue. Wavy tresses showcase the dimension of this two-tone hairstyle, downplaying the bold choice for a chic appearance.

25. Brown to Purple Ombre Hair

Elevate your ombre with luscious purple ends, creating a delicious combo with a chocolate brown base. The irresistible look is easy to maintain, requiring minimal root touch-ups for a consistently stunning appearance.

26. Neon Lilac Pixie Cut

Inject vibrancy into your short hair with a neon lilac pixie cut. Platinum blonde enhances the brightness, ensuring this bold color choice stands out, especially on shorter locks.

27. Silver Lob with Lavender Tips

Achieve a stylish ombre with ashen blonde-and-purple hues on a lob haircut. Balancing femininity and originality, this colorful ombre stands out in a sea of wavy bobs.

28. Grey and Purple Layers

Combine pastel purple and gray for an ethereal look, avoiding blunt cuts to keep the hair looking lightweight. The blend of colors creates a captivating and otherworldly appearance.

29. Lilac Highlights for Blondes

Incorporate pastel purple evenly through your hair with highlights, using a lighter shade for a heavenly lavender hue. Lowlights add dimension

to create a harmonious blend of natural and fun colors.

30. Lavender Hair with Pink Roots

Create magic by combining hot pink roots with light purple throughout the hair. Thick, chunky curls add volume and depth, resulting in a striking and vibrant hairstyle.

31. Side-Parted Purple Waves

Stand out with an ash brown base featuring very light purple balayage. The side part reveals naturally colored roots, contributing to the overall charm of this long and curly look.

32. Messy Braided Updo

Sophistication meets messiness in this pastel purple masterpiece. Blend different tones for a sophisticated yet playful appearance, showcasing a versatile and stylish hair color.

33. Bright Vintage Swirl Bun

Embrace rockabilly and old Hollywood glam with a vibrant purple hairstyle. The modern touch of purple adds flair to the vintage updo, creating a look that’s both classic and trendy.

34. Angled Pastel Bob

Short pastel hair steals the spotlight with bold features such as choppy layers and asymmetry. The angled bob is a funky and unique choice, enhanced by a deep side bang for added mystery.

35. Chunky Purple Waves

Appeal to girly girls with long, chunky waves in light silver and purple. Achieve the romantic and stunning look by adding a side part and voluminous curls throughout.

36. Blonde Locks with Purple Roots

Use pastel purple as accents, framing your face or coloring the roots. This fresh idea adds a captivating touch, offering a unique and less common color solution.

37. Layered Lavender Curls

Opt for a rich shade of lavender for a tender yet striking appearance. Even subtle highlights elevate the hair color to the next level, ensuring a captivating and dimensional look.

38. Pinkish Purple Balayage

Enter another world with long, messy light brown hair featuring pinkish purple balayage brush strokes. The side peekaboo bang adds an element of mystery, completing this look of enchantment.

39. Ash-Toned Pastel Curls

Achieve a charming messy appearance with slightly undone curls in ash-toned pastel purple. The result is effortlessly charming, showcasing the beauty of purple hairstyles in various textures.

Can I Combine Pastel Purple Hair with Peek a Boo Highlights for a Unique Hairstyle?

Yes, you can combine pastel purple hair with chic peek a boo highlights for a unique hairstyle. The pastel purple base will give a soft and dreamy look, while the peek a boo highlights will add a fun and edgy pop of color. This combination can result in a truly one-of-a-kind hairstyle.

40. Long Pixie with Undercut

Short hair becomes a canvas for pastel purple, making it easier to experiment with new colors. The long pixie with an undercut offers a bold and trendy look suitable for those seeking a confident style.

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