40 Gorgeous Pastel Pink Hairstyles for a Soft, Feminine Vibe

1. Pink Balayage on Natural Brown Hair

Elevate your style with a warm shade of pink focused on the ends, creating a stunning look. The soft pink highlights add a dynamic effect to this gorgeous hairstyle, while face-framing streaks significantly flatter the beautiful skin tone.

Modern Pink Balayage with Framing Highlights

2. Rose Gold Hair to Turn Heads

A rich mane featuring a multitude of rose gold shades paired with loose waves creates a mind-blowing combination. Dark roots provide a cool yet not harsh contrast, offering the perfect solution for long hair that refuses to look plain.

Rose Gold Hair with Shadow Roots

3. A Long Shag Cut with Pink Highlights

Experience the captivating blend of cream blonde base and berry pink face-framing ribbons on a long shaggy haircut with curtain bangs. The hues work harmoniously to create a stunning and stylish look.

Blonde Hair with Pink E Girl Streaks

4. A Hot Combination

Embrace the scene with a hairdo that defines uniqueness. The pastel pink base smoothly transitions into deep pink, which then contrasts sharply with black tips. Waves emphasize the unusual color transitions, making this hairstyle truly amazing.

Pastel into Dark Pink Fade with Black Dip Dye

5. Rosé Crop

Fall in love with this daring yet feminine rosé crop. An excellent choice for self-confident women who know what they want, this hairstyle strikes the perfect balance between boldness and femininity.

Pastel Pink Short Pixie Cut

6. Pink Champagne for a Princess

Let strands of long shiny hair cascade down like a waterfall, enhanced by hues of pink champagne for a fairy-tale-like feel. Whether perfectly straight or wavy, this color choice excels in both cases.

Pink Hair Straight vs Curled

7. Feminine Lowlights

Infuse a romantic vibe into sandy blonde with blush pink lowlights and messy waves. The combination of these elements is the key to upgrading your style and adding a touch of romance.

Blonde Bob with Blush Pink Highlights

8. Marvelous Strawberry Hues

Admire the stunning mixture of strawberry hues on long hair. The transition from darker roots to light pink ends is particularly enchanting, and a side parting enhances the overall ultra-feminine look.

Dimensional Pink and Peach Hair Color

9. Icy Pink Lob

Opt for an icy pink hue to change your hair color without compromising a classical look. The subtle shade, close to platinum blonde, paired with messy waves, offers a transformative touch to your usual lob.

Very Pale Pink Hair Color

10. Hot Pink Highlights

Achieve an absolutely amazing look with vibrant pink strands on a dark brown base. Notice how the hot pink highlights beautifully frame the face, complementing the girl’s tan and creating a beachy look for the next hot season.

Dark Pink Color Underneath and Framing the Face

11. Luscious Berry Pink

Inspired by berry ice cream, this hairstyle features a delightful color blend that you’ll definitely want to try. The delicious mix of hues creates a visually appealing and sweet look.

Long Berry Pink Hair

12. Blush Pink Bob

Refresh your blonde look with a blush pink messy bob, a variation of the iconic sexy blondes. The subtle strawberry shade sets it apart, making it a great choice for a stylish update.

Blush Pink Bob

13. Pink Ringlets

Curly hair owners can embrace sophistication with pink ringlets. The pastel hues of strawberry pink complement the tight curls, creating a winning combo that adds interest and charm to your hair.

Dimensional Pink Curly Hair

14. Purple & Pink Balayage

Experience the harmony of dark hair with hot pink and purple balayage. The vibrant pink smoothly transitions into jet black with touches of purple, maintaining a fresh and saturated overall look that complements the darker roots.

Black Hair with Dark Pink Ombre and Tints of Purple

15. Flamingo Pink

Shine bright with the perfect blend of flamingo pink and vanilla blonde. Ideal for girls with blue eyes and fair skin, this I-woke-up-like-this hairstyle sets the right vibe for a stunning appearance.

Long Bob Colored Peachy Pink

16. Dragon Fruit Pink

Admire this adorable pink hair color featuring multiple hues that create dimension. Paired with loose waves, the hair looks dynamic and playful, reminiscent of the colors of a dragon fruit.

17. Bubblegum Pink Highlights

Discover the fantastic combination of deep red and bubblegum pink highlights. Ideal for long straight hair, the sharp contrast draws attention to the girl’s young and beautiful face, achieving a playful and vibrant look.

18. Rock Star Pink

Channel your inner rock star with a breathtaking pink and blonde balayage. Despite the sweet candy-like pink hue, the messy ‘do reveals a woman with a strong character. If you’re feeling the rock star vibe, steal this look.

19. Subtle Rose Gold Bottom

Challenge the norm with a two-tone effect featuring a subtle rose gold bottom and a darker top. This unique twist on the traditional two-tone hair adds a touch of elegance and sophistication.

20. Magical Magenta

Turn heads with a deep, vibrant magenta shade that exudes richness and dimension. Shiny waves and dark roots contribute to the overall effect, making you feel like a queen with this captivating pink hue.

21. Straight Brown Hair with Pink Highlights

Transform a classic hairstyle into a trendy one with pink highlights. The washed-out pink streaks on natural hair color offer a top-rated idea, avoiding a childish or Barbie-like appearance often associated with other pink hair colors.

22. Dare to be Different

Embrace a beautiful blend of orange, purple, and cotton candy pink hair. The light, pastel colors work harmoniously together, and braids add a playful touch to the multi-dimensional strands.

23. Red Hair with Pink Highlights

Explore countless options of pink hairstyles with variations from pastels to almost reds. The perfect fade in this dye job includes soft pink ends and very thin copper highlights, creating a beautiful contrast against the dark red, burgundy base.

24. Dark Brown Hair with Fuchsia Highlights

Witness the beauty of fuchsia highlights against a dark brown base, particularly stunning in an angled lob. The fuchsia pops fantastically, adding vibrancy to the overall look.

25. Reddish Brown Bob with Pink Streaks

Accentuate a reddish-brown base with pink highlights, embracing a striking dye job that also features a beautiful caramel balayage. Despite the array of colors, the cohesive result is visually stunning.

26. Bob with Salmon Pink Highlights

Challenge expectations by opting for warm pink streaks on a medium blonde bob. This unexpected combination showcases the versatility of incorporating warm hues like coral and salmon against golden blondes and light warm browns.

27. Fairy’s Dream

Achieve effortless and carefree curls with pastel pink as the finishing touch for a truly gorgeous hairstyle. These curly locks radiate a dreamy and whimsical allure.

28. Blonde Hair with Reddish Pink Highlights

Experience colors resembling a beautiful sunset with golden blonde, muted brown, white blonde, and reddish pink. The long, soft waves enhance the romantic highlights, creating a picturesque hairstyle.

29. Sweet Sherbert

Indulge in a heavenly peachy pink hue from roots to tips, complemented by subtle lowlights for a dimensional effect. This sweet and pretty hair color has an incredible allure, making it a delectable choice.

30. Brown Base with Strawberry Pink Highlights

Blend pink into your hair for a more natural effect, as showcased in this gorgeous hairstyle. Strawberry and soft coral streaks seamlessly integrate with medium brown hair, resulting in a look that anyone can effortlessly pull off.

31. Light Blonde and Bright Pink Hair

Make a bold statement with neon pink highlights set against

platinum blonde hair. The mix of chunky and thin highlights adds a personalized touch to this vibrant and eye-catching look.

32. Ripple Effect of Pastel Pink Highlights

Opt for pale pink beachy waves on brown hair to achieve a sassy and visually appealing hairstyle. The pastel pink hair shade, combined with soft peach undertones, creates a subtle and blended transition for an effortlessly beautiful result.

33. Strawberry Dream

Transform light blonde strands into a gorgeous, creamy hue with pastel pink hair dye. Resembling sweet candy, these locks are so sweet, pretty, and unique, achieved by consulting a professional colorist for the perfect pastel pink color.

34. Hot Pink Short Hair with White Highlights

Create a stunning contrast with bright white and neon pink, working together harmoniously. The pure white cools down the hot brightness of the neon pink, resulting in a pretty mix of hot and icy hues.

35. Light Brown Base with Pink

Discover how muted pink highlights can seamlessly blend with a medium brown base for a more conservative yet stunning look. This style showcases how to embrace pink without making it overly bold or dramatic.

36. Brown Hair with Pink Tinted Ends

Achieve a romantic look with washed-out pink ends on brown hair. This hairstyle beautifully blends subdued pinks with chestnut browns, creating a harmonious and charming effect.

37. Beautiful Purple Fade

Experience the fantastic blend of purple and pastel pink hair colors, creating a sweet and visually appealing hairstyle. The medium length allows for an awesome ombre effect, transitioning from dark roots to light ends.

38. Brown Hair with Warm Pink Highlights

Create a stunning look with a blend of brown and pink hues, showcasing the versatility of the pink hair trend. Mixing ombre and balayage techniques results in a unique and eye-catching appearance.

39. Fun Color Dip

Explore a hot style with medium-toned blonde strands taking a dip in a pool of pink milkshake! This fun and different look incorporates a scattering of subtle lowlights for a dimensional effect.

Are Light Brown Hair with Highlights Suitable for Achieving a Soft, Feminine Vibe?

Light brown hair with highlights can definitely help achieve a soft, feminine vibe. The subtle contrast between the light brown base and the highlights can add dimension and warmth to your hair, giving off a natural and delicate look. Light brown hair highlights can enhance your overall appearance with a soft and feminine touch.

40. Candy Colored Locks

Indulge in this yummy color that looks good enough to eat! Cotton candy pink strands, glowing in the sunlight, add a super fun and playful vibe to this delectable hairstyle.

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