updos for short hair

1. Short Messy Updo with Headband Braid

This charming hairstyle appears most appealing on lighter hair tones. However, if you’re fond of it, don’t let your dark hair deter you from trying it out. It works exceptionally well for short bobs. To begin, create a braided section that spans from one side of your part to the other. Fashion large curls with a flat iron, tousle them gently, and secure them in place with hair spray. This updo is a versatile choice, suitable for both a casual workday hairstyle and a formal look for special occasions.

2. Lacy Loose Messy Curls Updo

Loose, untamed curls are a favorite among many women, and turning them into an inverted updo offers a unique twist. Achieve this charmingly disheveled appearance by not combing your hair beforehand. Pull the strands backward, ensuring a secure hold to maintain the allure of the style.

3. Wavy Bob with Fishtail Braid

A bob with wavy locks instantly exudes sophistication. This hairstyle effortlessly combines curls and braids, creating a princess-like appearance even for shorter hair. Let the braid’s ends seamlessly merge into the curls for a harmonious look suitable for any elegant event.

4. Smooth Bouffant Updo with Pinned Ends

Here’s another example of a striking bouffant, though with a less pronounced crown. It boasts a super smooth and pristine appearance, making it a perfect choice for formal occasions. Achieve that sleek finish by using a toothbrush with hairspray to tame any baby hairs.

5. Creative Updo for Short Bob Hair

Elevate your straight pixie bob with one of the trendiest faux updo hairstyles for short hair, adorned with playful braids. Dark gray roots add depth and contrast to the silver lengths. The “bouffant” technique elevates the crown section and imparts an updo impression. Side-parted peek-a-boo bangs elegantly frame the face.

6. Cute Looped and Pinned Updo

Not all short hair updos result in buns; some involve pulling back strands, forming loops, and securing them in various designs. This updo offers a more refined take on a low gathered updo, exhibiting remarkable versatility suitable for both workdays and formal events.

7. Curly Bun with Braid for Shorter Hair

What’s the perfect pair for crafting girly updos for short hair? A combination of a braid and a bun! A French braid transitioning into a curly bun is an excellent choice for shorter hair. For those craving volume, consider incorporating a bouffant or teased crown to elevate your updo, even suitable for formal occasions.

8. Old Hollywood Updo for Short Hair

Inspired by 1940s fashion, this twisted and pinned updo offers a charming alternative to a bun, ideal for those with shorter locks. It exudes an appealing blend of simplicity and controlled disarray, making it visually captivating.

9. Side Braid with Low Curly Bun

This updo exudes a formal flair but can also be adapted for casual wear by using fewer hair products and emphasizing a messier texture. The technique involves braiding a headband, backcombing the crown section, and securing the ends into a lovely bun at the nape. If your hair is naturally straight, consider curling the ends before tucking them back.

10. Messy Bob with a Fishtail Braid

Add a twist to your short hair with a charming half-up, half-down hairdo. Short wavy locks and a messy fishtail braid exude a decidedly urban edge, further enhanced by balayage highlights.

11. Lovely French Roll for Bob Cut Hair

You don’t need dramatic changes to your haircut or hair color to achieve a fabulous hairstyle for very short hair. This neat and cute updo can effortlessly transform your regular straight bob into an incredibly captivating ‘do.

12. Curly Low Bun for Short Hair

When you’re a busy woman on the go, you’ll appreciate easy updos for short hair, as they don’t require extensive styling time in the morning. Whether your hair is thick or fine, a low bun is a timeless option. Embrace the idea of flyaways, as they contribute to the purposely disheveled appearance of this curly low bun.

13. Romantic Loose Curly Updo

A simple updo like this adds a touch of romance to your short wavy hair. Gather your waves at the nape, fashion them into a bun, and secure with pins, allowing a few loose tendrils to grace your appearance. It’s a quick solution to add a feminine touch to any casual outfit.

14. Messy and Curly Tie-Up

This straightforward and casual updo is a quick and easy DIY hairstyle suitable for work or a date. It’s one of the updos for short hair that proves you don’t need much to turn your hair into a spectacular mess: a few curls, a bit of hairspray, and well-placed pins!

15. Wavy Bob with Two Side Braids

At times, simplicity reigns supreme. Quick DIY hairstyles not only save time and money but also exude an effortlessly chic vibe. Part your hair down the middle or to one side, create loose waves, and add a couple of side braids for that extra touch of style.

16. Wavy Hairdo for Short Blunt Cut

When searching for a quick and simple hairstyle for short hair, reach for the curling iron and hairspray, and let your creativity flow. Curl your tresses and style them backward, using appropriate hair products while leaving a few locks in the front. Even hair shorter than shoulder length can look stunningly creative.

17. Chic Undone Updo for Bob

Sometimes, women shy away from updos because they feel that their hair tied up doesn’t reflect their true selves. However, there are many cute hairstyles for short hair that maintain a natural, slightly disheveled charm. The chic undone updo is an ideal choice for bobs, as it complements shorter strands and transforms a messy finish into an advantage.

18. Short Hair Twisted Low Bun

This hairstyle strikes a balance between casual and elegant! To create this style, all you need is a hairbrush, a few bobby pins, and perhaps some hair styling product to ensure a long-lasting result. If your natural hair color boasts blonde highlights, this updo will exhibit even greater dimension and beauty.

19. Teased, Twisted, and Pinned Updo

Achieve the illusion of longer locks with a loosely pinned updo. Its intricacy and elegance make it suitable for formal occasions and weddings year-round. It presents a modern, effortless appearance that conceals the effort put into your look.

20. Loose Curly Formal Updo

Exuding glamour, this loose curly updo draws inspiration from the roaring ’20s. It’s perfect for themed parties or any elegant soirée, with the key to its beauty lying in creating tight curls in the lower half of your hair and setting them in place with spray.

21. Textured Curly Updo for Short Hair

Short curly and wavy hair easily transforms into a chic and alluring updo. Utilize bobby pins to lift the curls and fashion individual pieces into a woven pattern, adding volume and texture even to the finest hair. The golden blonde balayage, coupled with dark brown roots, introduces extra depth and richness.

22. Messy Loose Updo for a Very Short Bob

By gently combing your sleek chin-length bob into an upswept hairstyle for short hair, you can create an entirely fresh look that’s both sexy and sophisticated. This style boasts ample height, especially above the forehead, with feathered locks contributing to its fullness. It’s an ideal updo for women with ultra-straight, fine hair.

23. Small Chignon with a Bouffant

Few updos exude as much sophistication as a chignon. Don’t underestimate the possibilities for shorter hair; even if your hair isn’t long enough for a traditional chignon, you can still achieve a stunning look with a compound chignon, appearing as if it’s higher set.

24. Effortless Updo for Short Hair

Thin hair can easily create a beautiful, messy updo without extensive effort. To achieve this look, create some waves, gather all your hair to the back of your head, twist it into a bun, and secure it in place. Embrace the charm of flyaways; it’s an intentional part of this disheveled yet pretty curly low bun.

25. Curly Blonde Updo for Short Hair

Cute updos for short hair don’t always need to take the form of a low bun if your hair lacks the required length. Simply curl your shorter layers and bring them together at the back of your head, securing them with pins. Tease and smooth the top of your updo to create a small bouffant for a more refined appearance.

26. Twisted Bouffant Updo for Short Hair

Nothing conveys a sense of formality quite like a classic chignon updo. You can create one even with an above-the-shoulder bob as the base. Add some simple side twists for an extra touch. Tease the top slightly to provide additional fullness and volume to your updo.

27. Neat and Elegant Low Bun

This style is perfect for those with short hair length and works wonderfully for any event or gathering. Backcomb the hair on top slightly and add some dry shampoo to the roots for added volume. Optionally, release a few face-framing tendrils and curl them with a curling iron for a more romantic look.

28. Braided Faux Hawk

Finding cute hairstyles for short hair can be challenging, but hair enthusiasts’ creativity knows no bounds. This hairdo offers a modern take on the braided Mohawk. When your hair lacks the length for a traditional Mohawk braid, create it using topsy tails. These don’t require long strands and can be linked together to form a cute voluminous braid that typically demands longer hair.

29. Bouffant Half Updo for Bob

Who would have thought you could achieve such a cool updo with short hair? It appears effortlessly chic and creative.

30. Soft Curly Updo for Blondes

Easy updos for short hair, like soft curly updos, exude tenderness and femininity. They are an excellent choice for bridesmaids, accommodating various textures and appearing lovely when displayed in different hair colors.

31. Artfully Disheveled Updo for Short Hair

This hairstyle is relatively easy to create with short hair and consistently looks wonderful. The strands are casually rolled into a beautiful messy undone updo, allowing some pieces to stray and frame the face carelessly. Such cute hairdos are effortlessly adorable for any occasion.

32. Stylish Updo for a Special Occasion

Some individuals mistakenly believe that updos are exclusively for those with medium to long hair. The reality is that you can style short hair into some of the most flattering updos in no time! This chic updo, for example, can be achieved even without a hairstylist’s assistance. Simply curl and twist small locks of hair into the back of your head, securing them with pins.

33. Loopy Faux Braid Updo

Easy hairstyles for short hair can have a classic and distinctly French feel. This delicate loose braid offers a fun and sweet take on the classic French roll. Begin by teasing the roots to create voluminous hair. Loop the shorter strands around each other and secure them in place, hiding the ends and creating the illusion of a continuous messy braid.

34. Two-Toned French Roll

The classic French roll can be achieved with shorter hair than typically expected. Tease the roots to achieve a noticeable lift in both the front and back. Even a classic hairstyle can be transformed into a creative updo with the right approach and customized hair color.

35. Wavy Hair with Crown Braid

For a more creative twist than a regular bun, consider half updos for short hair. This braided updo, featuring wavy locks and highlights, can be a perfect match for your bridesmaid dress or prom attire.

36. Effortlessly Chic Low Bun Updo

Sometimes, the ideal solution for short locks is something super simple and lovely, just like this elegant wavy updo. Curl your tresses ever so slightly, gather your hair into a messy bun, and secure it with hairpins. Use some texturizing spray and use your fingers to spread the hair out for a refined look.

37. Loose Updo for Beach Waves in Short Hair

Opt for textured hairstyles for short hair by avoiding heat styling and embracing natural texture or sea salt spray on damp hair to achieve soft beach waves. This lovely updo is perfect for semi-formal events, especially those held in warmer seasons.

38. Elegant Hairstyle for Neck-Length Hair

Creating an updo from short, fine hair can be challenging. However, this photo demonstrates that you can fashion a fantastic braided low bun with thin textured hair. It’s a great idea for women over 50 who want to rock an elegant ‘do.

39. Loose Twist for Short Hair

This quick and exciting updo adds character to short hair. Women with bob-length hair can certainly pull it off. Experiment with twists to achieve a sensually undone feel. The blonde twist makes for a great hairstyle, whether you’re on a fun park outing or a relaxed stroll.

40. Textured Bun Updo for Shorter Hair

This sophisticated updo strikes a balance between a classic bun and a voluminous textured hairstyle. Apply a generous amount of hairspray to give the locks grip and hold, then twist the hair into a loose messy bun to create the illusion of thicker hair.

41. Messy Knots and Side Undercut

This style is not only lovely but also complements unconventional personal touches, such as neck tattoos. To create this creative and cute look, use plenty of bobby pins and intentionally make the knots appear sloppy. The steps for styling are self-evident, requiring no additional how-to instructions.

42. Holiday Updo for Short Hair

Simple and exceptionally pretty on short hair, this charming holiday look suits thin straight hair best. Twist a central section, apply some hair spray, and secure it in place. Repeat this process and tuck to complete the style.

43. Sweet Knotted Updo

Similar to the three-bun twist, this hairstyle shares the same concept but leans towards a more casual appearance. Divide the hair into three low ponytails, twist each section until it’s tightly wound upon itself, then pin it in place and finish with setting spray.

44. Short Straight Hair Updo

This exemplifies the ideal formal updo—elegant, delicate, and captivating. The harmonious blend of brown and caramel highlights adds charming depth to make you the center of attention.

45. Creative French Roll Idea

Take a French twist to the next level by varying the direction of sections on each side. This ‘do is especially remarkable on hair with multiple tones, where highlights or balayage are showcased phenomenally.

46. Beautiful Twisted Bridesmaid Updo

Lovely and intricate, this hairstyle requires some practice but looks stunning as an updo for formal occasions. For better control and ease of styling, try it on second-day locks. Add stylish hair accessories to enhance the overall appearance.

47. Boho Style Updo with Cute Twists

Inspired by the popular boho style, this hairdo is easy to create and maintain. It complements any outfit and involves twisting two large sections of hair on the sides to mimic fishtail braids, securing them with clips or hairpins.

48. Romantic Updo for Bob Length

This beautiful, elegant ‘do can be achieved on short, straight hair. It can also look charming on curly hair. For straight hair, style it into springy curls with a curling iron. Slightly backcomb at the crown, sweep the hair into a deep side part, and grab random sections to pin into place at the nape of the neck and above. Curl any wisps or strands that don’t make it into the gathered pin.

49. Messy Chignon for Short Hair

This edgy yet feminine style combines layers and blonde highlights to give your locks texture and dimension. If your hair isn’t long enough for a full bun, this twisty updo with framing hair pieces serves as an excellent alternative.

50. Curly Chignon with a Bouffant

Styling lob-length hair in a curly chignon is a pretty way to go. If your hair is long enough to be smoothly pulled back, you can achieve this ‘do. Focus on curling just the ends of the strands and tease the roots for a full, fancy look with a bouffant.

51. Pretty Simple Knot at the Nape

By backcombing and tucking, this ‘do makes hair appear much thicker and longer than it actually is. Add a few curls with a curling iron to soften the overall look.

52. Sophisticated Hairstyle for Mid-Length Hair

This represents one of the easiest hairstyles for short hair, yielding an elegant evening style. Ask your hairstylist to curl your straight tresses and incorporate a hair accessory to elevate this elegant medium short hair updo.

53. Voluminous Curly Updo for Short Hair

Take a moment to appreciate the before-and-after transformation of this stunning modern short hairstyle! It exudes elegance and charm. If you’re seeking inspiration for an elegant prom updo, this could be exactly what you need.

54. Elegant French Twist Look

With this graceful and sophisticated French twist, you’ll undoubtedly stand out wherever you go. Request that your hairstylist embellish this style with pearls to add elegance and grace to your overall look.

55. Easy Tucked Updo

For this style, all you need to do is section off the top layer of hair above the ears, secure it with a clear hair elastic, gather the rest of the hair into a low ponytail, and pass the lower pony’s end through the center of the top section above the elastic. Pin it in place, and you’re done!

56. Half Up Half Down Style for Short Hair

Half updo hairstyles work wonders for short wavy hair for multiple reasons. They are low-maintenance, easy to style, and add fantastic volume and texture to the locks. Combine two twisted strands from each side in the middle to create your magnificent half-up hairstyle.

57. Gorgeous Half Up Style

This serves as a striking half-up style for those who lack the length for a full bun but still want to infuse more texture into their hair. To create such updos for short hair, take hair sections from each side and pin them on the opposite side to form a loop. Add side bangs to soften and enhance the overall elegance.

58. Asymmetrical Bob with Two Side Braids

Easy hairstyles for short hair can be simple and striking at the same time. Elevate an asymmetrical bob with two side braids featuring precise partings. A versatile style like this can save you when you’re uncertain about whether the dress code is casual or formal at an event.

59. Seductive Messy Bun for Short Hair

You don’t need overly intricate styling to look spectacular and seductive. Sometimes, a small twist can do wonders! The short hair is loosely gathered, rolled, and pinned at the nape, with plenty of loose strands left to playfully frame the face. Subtle pink highlights add dimension and emphasize the well-blended hues of this cute short mane.

60. Cute Bouffant Updo for Short Hair

Creating an updo from a neck-length layered bob may seem unattainable, but with the right technique, it may only take you 5 minutes to style your short hair into a chic updo like this one. This is particularly achievable if you have thick hair that easily conceals all the pins.

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