brown hair with blonde highlights

1. Three Shades of Brown Hair with Blonde Streaks

Blending together three different medium brown tones and incorporating subtle blonde streaks can infuse warmth and create visual allure, all while preserving the richness of your dark brown base.

2. Brunette Lob With Abundant Highlights

Elevate your mid-length lob hairstyle by introducing hints of blonde. This hand-painted color technique allows for growth while offering the potential for personalized toning to harmonize with your complexion. To maximize the contrast, consider enriching your brown base beforehand.

3. Brown Hair with Icy Mocha Highlights

For those with warm complexions seeking a neutral approach to brown hair highlights, icy mocha and beige highlights provide a flattering option devoid of unwanted golden or orange undertones. These ash blonde highlights complement medium and olive skin tones beautifully.

4. Chocolate Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Embrace the resurgence of hair smudging to impart luminous accents to your chocolate brown hair, creating a delightful interplay of shades. This technique works wonderfully for adding blonde highlights to light brown or dark blonde hair as well.

5. Brown Hair with Golden Blonde Highlights

For a captivating look that demands attention, incorporate honey blonde ribbons into your natural hair color. Maintaining dark roots will reduce the need for frequent touch-ups, and curling your locks can accentuate the lighter strands even further.

6. Straight Brown Hair with Strawberry Balayage

Blonde highlights are universally flattering, whether your hair is straight or wavy. Moreover, with such rich hair color, styling becomes a breeze, eliminating the need for costly hair products or tools.

7. Caramel Brown Hair with Golden Highlights

The fusion of caramel brown hair and golden highlights epitomizes the trendy ‘it-girl’ appearance. These hues complement tanned skin beautifully and provide a striking contrast to light blue or gray eyes, enhancing the texture of wavy hair.

8. Golden Brown and Blonde Highlights

Long brown hair can achieve stunning versatility with the addition of cool golden brown and soft blonde highlights. This pairing is ideal for showcasing the varied hues within lush, voluminous waves.

9. Hot Ginger Blonde Front Highlights

In the era of balayage, subtle or chunky blonde highlights can make a stylish and attention-grabbing statement. Paired with wavy locks, this hue adds dimension, and honey and ginger blonde shades harmonize beautifully with warm skin tones.

10. Brown Color Melting

Diverging from the traditional ombre, color melting introduces blonde streaks at different sections of the hair shaft, yielding a random, artistic, and more natural result. This coloring method ensures a graceful transition as your hair grows out, reducing maintenance.

11. Brown Hair with Caramel Highlights

Inject platinum blonde highlights into your dark brown base to illuminate your look or experiment with the appearance of blonde hair. Combining various honey shades in the front with caramel blonde highlights in the back offers all the benefits of highlights without an all-over commitment.

12. Light Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Blonde highlights can enhance not only dark brown hair but also lighter brown tones, imparting a youthful and romantic aura.

13. Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights and Lowlights

This stylish color blend transitions from pale neutral blonde to deeper tones, achieving a seamless and well-integrated appearance. While highlights suit various hair types, this blended hue shines brightest on straight or wavy hair, showcasing its dimensional effect.

14. Long Espresso Curls with a Brown-Blonde Gradient

Achieve a beach-ready hair color by adding soft caramel balayage highlights to the mid-shaft of your long hair. This artfully painted blonde on brown hair imparts a sun-kissed glow.

15. Blonde Highlights on Dark Beachy Waves

Maintain the richness of your chocolate brown hair at the roots and opt for blonde ends instead. These finely applied balayage highlights add significant impact with minimal commitment. Come autumn, you can deepen your color all over or bid farewell to highlights as desired.

16. Dark Brown Hair with Blonde and Red Highlights

Red-toned highlights can complement blonde accents on brown hair beautifully. Avoid the chunky red and blonde lines reminiscent of the ’90s, and opt for more natural tones and blending techniques.

17. Short Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Elevate your haircut with chic blonde accents. These golden highlights, expertly painted using the artistic balayage technique, can define the lines of your haircut for a unique and eye-catching style.

18. Blended Golden Blonde Highlights

Incorporating dark and light blonde highlights into short brown hair enhances its appeal and touchability. This coloring technique allows you to lighten your hair without compromising its structure, resulting in brighter, softer locks that remain healthy.

19. Medium Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

For a versatile and balanced look, consider the combination of ombre and balayage. This hand-painted brunette works exceptionally well with medium-length hair, instantly adding texture and movement to any style.

20. Light Brown and Champagne Blonde Highlights

Seeking a new hairstyle without committing to full blonde? Explore the elegance of light brown with champagne blonde highlights. While this stunning style may appear intricate, you can recreate it at home with a curling iron and setting spray.

21. Warm Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Exuding warmth and sophistication, this flattering hairstyle, featuring soft waves, adds extra volume and dimension, accentuating the texture of highlighted locks. Save this style as inspiration and share it with your hairstylist for a captivating look.

22. Brown Hair with Warm Blonde Highlights

The right dyeing technique not only infuses more color and texture into your hair but also illuminates your face, emphasizing your facial features. This highlighted style, though a departure from your natural shade, maintains low maintenance with dark brown roots, ensuring you won’t go unnoticed.

23. Copper Blonde Highlights on Dark Base

These stunning highlighted locks are impossible to overlook, yet they require minimal upkeep. Choose a shade that contrasts with your natural base, curl your strands, and secure them with spray for an effortless, attention-grabbing look.

24. Dark Hair with Golden Blonde Streaks

Seeking blonde highlights that harmonize with brunette hair? This style, though simple, imparts a flattering and sophisticated appearance. Chunky highlights that begin at the crown and blend into textured pieces at the ends introduce movement to feathered locks.

25. Warmth-Emitting Brown Hair Balayage

Warmth and femininity define this captivating hairstyle. The combination of light brown and caramel balayage exudes shine and accentuates the layers, drawing attention to bouncy curls. Incorporate lighter blonde shades towards the ends to highlight the beautiful hair texture.

26. Blonde Babylights on Brown Base

For adding bright accents to your long hair, consider this trendy style. A layered brown haircut adds volume to your long locks, while subtle highlights provide extra dimension. Honey-colored highlights complement paler complexions, infusing warmth into the face.

27. Chunky Face-Framing Blonde Highlights

Choosing the right highlight color can be a daunting task, but considering your skin tone can lead you to the perfect shade. If you have a fair complexion, dark brown hair with sandy blonde highlights is an excellent choice, creating a trendy and sassy look.

28. Textured Lob with Strawberry Blonde Highlights

You don’t need long hair to exude allure and femininity. A medium layered haircut, styled with a deep side part, stands on its own, but when accentuated with strawberry blonde highlights, it becomes exceptionally trendy and eye-catching.

29. Flowy Sandy Blonde Ribbons in Dark Hair

Sandy or honey blonde highlights work magnificently with dark brown hair. The versatility of this style allows you to wear it casually or for special occasions, making it a worthwhile choice.

30. Walnut Brown Hair with Thin Blonde Highlights

For those hesitant to make drastic changes to their natural hair color, subtle blonde highlights offer an ideal solution. This coloring technique imparts style and dimension to brown hair, turning heads effortlessly.

31. Dark Hair with Blonde Front Highlights

For a bold hairstyle, consider highlighting only the front sections of your natural brown hair. Experiment with parting or braid your colored long bangs to enjoy a fresh look each day.

32. Brown on Top Blonde on Bottom Hair

Ombre hair allows for acceptable root growth, offering an alternative to frequent and costly hair coloring appointments. Combining brown and blonde hair with a textured cut adds movement and wave, perfectly embracing the bedhead style.

33. Brown Hair with Blonde Front Pieces

Create a striking hairstyle by highlighting only the front sections of your natural brown hair. Change your parting or braid your colored long bangs to achieve a distinct look daily.

34. Abundant Blonde Highlights

Can blonde highlights be any more delightful than this caramel vanilla cream appearance? Elevate your naturally light brown hair with dimensional color, seamlessly combining warm and cool hues for a natural and universally flattering tone.

35. Dark Brown with Beach Blonde Balayage

Embrace the California glow by transitioning your brown locks into summer blonde with this beach blonde balayage. It’s an excellent way to lighten your brown hair for a seamless transition into the fall season.

36. Alluring Brunette Balayage

For a captivating color combination, try brown hair with highlights and lowlights, achieving a sexy look that balances the best of both worlds. When in doubt, caramel blonde highlights are a safe choice for brunettes.

37. Dark Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Bid farewell to mundane brown hues and brighten your locks with beige highlights, offering a universally flattering twist on blonde highlights.

38. Brown and Blonde Highlights on Natural Hair

If you’re contemplating dyeing your natural black hair, brown and blonde highlights can be the most flattering option. Blonde shades enhance the curl structure, adding definition to coily hair.

39. Dark Brown with Partial Balayage

Celebrate the contrast by showcasing the darkest hues at the roots. An ombre application is a fantastic way to explore blonde without lightening your crown. This approach is most effective when you have sufficient length to experiment with different colors.

Can I Achieve Mushroom Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights?

Yes, you can achieve mushroom brown hair with blonde highlights. This combination creates a beautiful and natural look, blending the earthy tones of mushroom brown with the brightness of blonde highlights. It’s a popular choice among those following the latest mushroom brown hair color trends.

40. Blonde Highlights on Natural Hair

Blonde highlights complement both curly and relaxed natural hair beautifully. To achieve a flattering hairstyle, pair black hair with warm blonde and light brown hues.

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