30 Chic Blonde Hair with Dark Roots Looks to Own 2024

Sassy and Delightful.

This dimensional bob stands out as a true work of art! The combination of a cool blonde hair color and natural brunette roots not only creates a sophisticated and trendy look but also ensures the hairstyle is low maintenance.

Short Platinum Blonde Bob with Dark Roots

Long Blonde Hair with Dark Roots.

Opt for this enchanting and dreamy style to showcase the beauty of your long, voluminous locks. Pair face-framing layers with delightful blonde shades to dazzle everyone with your fresh hairstyle.

Dark Roots Blonde Hair Layers Hairstyle

Blonde Balayage and Root Touch Ups

Achieve the stunning champagne blonde hair by asking your colorist for highlights blended seamlessly with dark brown roots. Trust an experienced colorist to ensure a beautiful color transition and a captivating result.

Dark Brown Roots Blonde Hair Idea

Natural Roots and Beige Blonde Highlights

Embrace this hair coloring technique to eliminate the need for frequent dyeing, saving you valuable time. Mid-shaft highlights combined with darker roots offer a hassle-free and enduringly captivating look.

Medium Brown to Honey Blonde Hair Balayage

Buttery Tones on Natural Brown Hair

The harmonious blend of wavy layers and buttery blonde highlights adds a playful touch to your bob. Tousle your hair for a messy yet stylish appearance and set the look with a texturizing spray.

Tousled Rooted Blonde Bob on Dark Brown Base

Stunning Blonde Highlights on Dark Hair

This medium haircut with bright blonde chunky highlights is irresistible! The light hue creates a perfect contrast with the natural base, and for a softer, warmer look, consider adding a light brown tone.

Chunky Golden Blonde Highlights and Brown Roots

Dimensional Golden Curls with Dark Roots

Command attention with your beautiful golden curls! Whether it’s a romantic date or a professional meeting, this hairstyle is designed to make you shine and leave a lasting impression.

Naturally Curly Honey Blonde Hair with Root Shadow

Ash Blonde Pixie with Dark Roots

Picture a more stylish haircut than this chic blonde pixie bob. The nape undercut enhances the contrast between blonde hair and dark roots, giving the style an edgy look. Stacked layers add volume on top, while a long side fringe beautifully elongates the face.

Short Platinum Blonde Hair with Dark Roots

Sassy Blonde Ombré

To infuse bright accents into your brown hair, consider a gorgeous blonde balayage while maintaining dark roots. The result is a natural, delicate, and harmonious appearance.

Light Brown Hairstyle with Warm Blonde Ends

Can I Achieve the Blonde Hair with Dark Roots Look with a Dark Blonde Hair Color?

Yes, achieving the blonde hair with dark roots look with a dark blonde hair color is a possibility. This look has been gaining popularity in recent years and can be achieved using a variety of trendy dark blonde hair colors. With the right technique and shade selection, you can definitely rock this style.

Long Shaggy Cut for Blonde Hair

This flattering shaggy cut with blonde balayage frames your face perfectly. Use the right hair styling product and lightly backcomb your dark roots for a breezy effect on your hair.

Middle Length Shaggy Blonde Hairstyle with Dark Roots

Strawberry Blonde Hair with Shadow Roots Embrace this sun-kissed look with beach waves that everyone will adore. Opt for warm blonde tones and root shadow to add depth to the color and achieve this impressive style.

Blonde Balayage Highlights on Wavy Hair The key to beautiful balayage is selecting shades that complement each other. If you have a light brown base color, focus on warm blonde tones for a feminine and exquisite look.

Platinum Hair and Black Roots A blonde bob is a versatile hairstyle customizable to fit every face shape and complexion. Highlight your brown or black hair with light blonde tones to achieve a chic yet effortless appearance.

Eye-Catching Blonde Root Smudge For elongating your face shape, these face-framing layers are perfect. Pair your layered haircut with dark roots and blonde highlights to visually enhance the volume and texture of your hair.

Platinum Blonde Hair with Root Shadow The icy blonde shade is stunning, but it’s essential to choose a color that complements your skin tone. Mixing light highlights with darker roots creates a beautiful contrast.

Long Ash Blonde Waves on Dark Locks Gentle yet sexy, this hairstyle is designed to captivate. Extra-long ash blonde strands with darker roots add texture and dimension, making your locks shinier and more attractive.

Bronde Locks with Dark Roots Blonde strands and dark roots create an ultra-chic look. Opt for this long wavy bronde style for a smooth transition from dark to light colors.

Rooted Blonde Hairstyle for Black Women While balayage may not be surprising anymore, the combination of sandy blonde highlights and natural black roots is especially catchy on black women. It refreshes your look and draws attention to your appearance.

Blonde Balayage and Root Shadow Bob This shoulder-length bob with choppy ends brings girly vibes to your appearance, making you look younger. Darker roots not only simplify maintenance but also add volume to fine hair.

Icy Blonde Style for Short Straight Hair Sleek hair always looks chic, but a drastic white blonde shade can elevate your style. Opt for blonde hair with dark roots to tie the look together, especially if you have brown brows and eyes.

Face-Framing Highlights on Dark Brown Base Ladies with warm skin tones need warm hair colors. Choose between beige-blonde and caramel shades to add contrast to your warm brown base, bringing dimension and movement to your tresses.

Medium Blunt Rooted Blonde Hairstyle For a low-maintenance yet stylish solution for medium hair, consider this blonde blunt haircut. Save it to show your hairstylist and achieve this stunning dimensional balayage.

Smooth Dark to Caramel Blonde Hair Fade Add warm tones to your dark brown hair with these caramel blonde shades. They freshen up your style, making your hair look delicious. Longer front locks elongate and frame your face.

Low-Maintenance Blonde Balayage Enjoy added depth and volume with a light blonde balayage starting lower than usual. This trendy hair color minimizes salon visits and looks gorgeous on both wavy and straight hair, offering versatile styling options.

Dark Blonde Hairstyle with Dark Roots This inspiring dark blonde hair perfectly combines different shades for a magnificently blended balayage. Rest assured, nobody will be able to take their eyes off you!

Warmer Tones of Blonde and Dark Roots Revitalize dull and dry hair with lighter golden blonde highlights and money pieces. These additions provide extra texture and dimension to your natural curls, refreshing your everyday look and emphasizing your facial features.

Long Blonde Hairstyle with Dark Roots This hairstyle exemplifies how highlighted hair can remain healthy. Utilize the balayage and shadow root technique, and apply quality conditioner to keep your bright blonde locks moisturized and protected.

Lovely Natural Look with Dark Brown Roots Ashy money pieces complement and enrich brown hair, offering extra volume and texture. Wear these soft waves anywhere, as they effortlessly match any outfit.

Platinum Pixie Bob with Dark Roots Ideal for thin-haired women, this stacked bob combines icy blonde hair with jet black roots for a striking look. Blow dry your locks on one side for a ready-to-go style.

Honey Blonde Curls for Natural Brunettes Elevate your style with a cool multi-tone hairstyle using the root smudge technique. Mixing beige blonde hair with dark brown roots makes the color gentle on your hair texture, creating a fantastic look for various occasions.

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