copper hair color

1. Light Copper Highlights

Enhance your red copper base with delicate light copper highlights, seamlessly blending with other red tones. This technique imparts a vibrant radiance to your locks, creating an illuminated effect from within.

Burgundy Hair With Caramel Highlights

2. Deep Copper Curls

Achieve a bright and captivating look with deep copper hair featuring hints of red and honey. Introduce soft waves to allow the color to gracefully cascade through your hair. Low-maintenance and versatile, this style suits both everyday wear and formal occasions.

Long Wavy Copper Hairstyle

3. Short, Copper, and to the Point

Experience the striking allure of copper red hair paired with a bob cut. The wavy, disheveled texture of this chic haircut complements the edgy charm of the rich copper hue seamlessly.

Wavy Copper Bob Hairstyle

4. Cool Copper Lights

Infuse a touch of radiance into any hairstyle with bright golden copper highlights. Opt for a natural appearance rather than streaks, offering easy maintenance and warm highlights that appear effortlessly integrated.

Brown Hair With Copper Balayage

5. The Lightest Copper

Witness the subtlety of copper taking on a nearly blonde hue, blending peachy blonde shades with hints of orange, ginger, and red. This light copper solution exudes softness and warmth, both in pictures and real life.

Long Golden Blonde Hairstyle

6. Dark Copper Hair with Chocolate Hints

Harmoniously blend brunette and copper shades for a natural look with hints of red, copper, and auburn. This combination offers a delicate and sophisticated solution, enhancing the innate beauty of the wearer.

Wavy Copper Brown Hair

7. Coppery Brown

For a subtle touch of copper without fully committing, impart a coppery tint to brown hair. This creates a nuanced appearance with subtle highlights and a gentle copper sheen, requiring minimal upkeep.

Brown Hair With Golden Blonde Highlights

8. Velvety Auburn into Tender Peachy Ombre

Elevate your auburn hue with a vivid auburn shade that complements fair skin tones. Lighten the tips for added flair, with strawberry blonde serving as the perfect complementary hue.

Copper Hair Ombre

9. Short Auburn Hair with Natural Copper Highlights

Discover the versatility of red tones on dark skin with a short cut featuring a rich palette of copper highlights. This combination is sure to capture attention and turn heads effortlessly.

Short Relaxed Natural Hair Balayage

10. Shiny Copper Balayage

Infuse Hollywood vibes into your long, wavy hair with a stunning copper balayage. Witness the transition from darker copper at the top to fair golden copper at the bottom, adding a touch of glamour to your look.

Long Dark Hair with Warm Copper Highlights

11. Bright Copper Highlights on Auburn Hair

Revitalize long auburn hair with rich copper highlights, accentuating the shape and vibrancy of the red strands. This captivating look is Instagram-worthy and perfect for those seeking a bold appearance.

12. Baby-Doll Natural Copper Hair

For a softer take on red hair, embrace the beauty of natural copper hues. Frame your face with locks of a lighter shade, creating a captivating look that complements gray to green eye colors and fair skin with warm tones.

13. Vibrant Copper Ombre

Embrace the fall season with a bold copper ombre featuring a seamless transition from deep auburn to golden tones. This lively hair color choice is bound to brighten even the gloomiest days.

14. Shiny Waves

Experience the volume-enhancing effect of red tones on thin hair with a mix of red shades. Elaborate arrangements of tones and subtones emphasize the structure, with golden streaks adding a touch of radiance.

15. Daring Copper Ombre Hair

Opt for a striking copper ombre with vibrant orange and red tones. The seamless transition between contrasting dark and light tones achieves a natural and eye-catching look without committing to a single hair color.

16. Medium Length Red Hair

Complement blue eyes and pale skin with the beauty of copper hair. Skillfully mix red and orange strands, highlighting face-framing pieces with a lighter tone for an elegant and captivating appearance.

17. A Messy Pixie + Copper Hair

Create a bold fall look with a piece-y pixie haircut and bold copper tones. Light orange highlights emphasize the shape, while the curly style adds femininity to the stunning copper hair.

18. Vibrant Ombre to Steal Looks

Indulge in a captivating ombre that combines a wide range of red tones, from dark to light. This splendid mix creates a stunning appearance for medium-length hair.

19. Soft and Sensual

Exude natural charm with loose ombre waves, showcasing a carefree yet effortlessly chic style. Opt for a subtle ombre to highlight the copper color and capture its every nuance.

20. Everyday Elegance

Achieve eye-catching yet elegant style with a dark copper hue, striking the perfect balance for corporate environments. Complement the color with a sleek haircut for a polished and sophisticated appearance.

21. Bold Body Wave

Capture attention with the lively orangy color of ginger hair, complementing fair skin tones and vibrant eye colors. This bold hue adds a touch of warmth and personality.

22. Long and Natural-Looking

Craft your unique copper hair color by blending different shades. Dark auburn roots create thickness, while light spicy red ends achieve a sun-kissed and natural effect.

23. The New Nineties

Draw inspiration from television classics like Buffy the Vampire Slayer for a timeless and stylish copper bob. The deep copper hue remains a fashionable choice, offering a nod to the ’90s.

24. Ginger Hair Color with Copper Touches

Achieve a multidimensional ginger hair color with sultry shades of orange and rust. Combine balayage and ombre for a modern, pretty, and radiant red hair color solution.

25. Bright Copper Hair with an Orange Tint

Explore various shades within the red color family with copper hair featuring an orange undertone. The blend of gold and copper creates a harmonious and beautiful effect.

26. Every Shade of Copper Red

Blend different shades of red for a vivacious and ever-changing hair color. Rich copper red highlights and auburn lowlights create an eye-catching look with a mix of dark and medium shades.

27. From Brown to Copper

Complement brunette shades with copper streaks for added interest and flair. Introducing rich red and copper tones to brown hair enhances its overall appeal.

28. Light Copper Streaks on Fleek

Elevate a plum red or burgundy base with light copper highlights. These streaks add texture and healthy-looking radiance, creating a visually appealing and stylish look.

29. Bold Tangerine

Embrace a bold pop of color with tangerine-toned copper hair. While not for everyone, this vibrant choice adds a daring and adventurous flair, especially when paired with bright lips.

30. A Subtle Take on Copper

Discover the subtlety of light copper, offering a refined take on the color. The hair appears sleek with golden undertones mixed with red, resulting in a dazzling and understated hairstyle.

31. Dark Copper with an Edge

Pair an edgy cut with a rich blend of copper-red hair dye for a unique and eye-catching look. The modern shag haircut complements the bold color, creating a distinctive appearance.

32. Fiery Ombre with Copper Tones

Embrace the sizzling

trend of ombre with a fiery mix of red and copper tones. The dark, light, and medium copper tones, along with hints of true red and apricot, create stunning curls with dynamic hues.

33. The Brightest Red Copper Hair

Experience the richness of almost true red copper hair with tones of orange for a vibrant and mesmerizing color. Whether straight or curly, these bouncy curls exude magnetism.

34. Brown Fading to Copper

Combine copper with brown in an ombre effect for an eye-catching and outside-the-box look. Starting with a natural base eases upkeep, with vivid copper touches at the bottom drawing attention next to a more subdued shade.

35. Orange, Pink and Copper Color

Explore the versatility of copper red shades with a blend of light and dark copper tones. Introduce fiery hues by adding well-placed pink streaks, elevating the overall style to a new level.

36. Copper Curls

Achieve stunning copper brown hair by blending different shades. A brown base with varying copper tones on top creates a vibrant and captivating look, with each curl showcasing a different hue.

37. Copper Goes Ombre

Embrace the trendiness of copper ombre with a soft mix for black hair. The roots seamlessly blend with burgundy midshaft, transitioning to a pretty, penny-inspired copper-red hair color at the ends.

38. Spiraled Side Bang

Create a contrast of textures with tight spirals at the ends and a loose side bang in your copper red hair. This playful peek-a-boo style adds a touch of sexiness while maintaining an overall sleek appearance.

39. Slick from Root to Tip

Transform fine, straight hair with a bright copper color featuring a dark brown base. This creates an illusion of density, showcasing variations in hair color even with straight strands.

40. Waves of Warmth for Olive Skin Tone

Complement olive skin tones with warm hair colors to enhance gold and yellow undertones. Opt for a wavy style to effortlessly showcase the beauty of copper hues.

41. Beach Hair

Embrace beach waves for a trendy look, even outside of vacation settings. The edginess of copper hair adds a mysterious element, especially when paired with a deep side part.

42. Just Jessica Rabbit

Draw inspiration from Jessica Rabbit’s classic allure by incorporating a two-tone hair color solution with red and blonde dyes. The side part and flowing waves enhance the attractiveness of this timeless layered style.

43. Enchanting Fairytale Waves

Create a fairytale-inspired look with giant shiny waves on long copper brown hair. Achieve a magical appearance without waiting for Prince Charming, showcasing the beauty of your hair.

44. Awesome and Angled

Revitalize thick hair with an angled haircut, using rich color and highlights to add sophistication and break up density. This combination creates a stylish and modern appearance.

45. Cute and Casual

Embrace a trendy golden copper hue with casual half-bun styling, complemented by glasses for a chic and modern look. Winged eyeliner adds a subtle accent to highlight the eyes.

46. Sharp and Sexy

Opt for a versatile angled bob for a busy lifestyle, pairing it with a blonde streak for a pop against the copper base. This modern and sleek style seamlessly transitions from work to play.

47. Fine Red Strands with Bangs

Achieve a minimal yet fashionable look with long copper red hair featuring a flirty fringe. Add accessories like a hat or a flower for extra style points and a touch of playfulness.

48. Hot Copper

Embrace a bold and hot copper hue for an attention-grabbing appearance. The fun messy hairstyle complements the vibrancy of the color, making a bold statement.

49. Sultry Coppers

Indulge in the rich velvety tones of sultry copper, creating a captivating and unforgettable look. This hair color demands attention, standing out even with neutral colors and casual outfits.

Can I Achieve a Copper Hair Color if I Have Silver Hair?

Yes, achieving a copper hair color over trendy silver hair color is possible, but it may require multiple steps to achieve the desired result. It is best to consult with a professional hairstylist to determine the best approach for transitioning from trendy silver hair color to a copper hue.

50. Saturated Auburn for Curly Hair

Opt for a solid intense auburn hue for naturally curly hair, creating an eco-inspired hairstyle. The messy braided downdo with natural adornments intensifies the copper notes, achieving a fantastic and eye-catching style.

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