50 Stunning Platinum Blonde Looks for Those Who Dare to Go Light

1. Platinum Blonde And Chocolate Skin

For women with deeper skin tones, the juxtaposition of platinum blonde hair can be striking, creating a stunning and distinctive appearance. Opting for a golden platinum tone, as seen on Solange and Lavern Cox, proves to be more flattering.

Warm Shade of Platinum Blonde Hair

The captivating individual in the image looks fantastic with a golden platinum hue, enhancing her beauty. The key to achieving near-perfection lies in choosing a golden platinum color over a lighter shade.

2. Platinum Blonde For Summer Girls

Achieving platinum blonde hair may pose a challenge for women with cooler, deeper skin tones that may have hints of orange or red. A blue shade of platinum blonde might not be the best choice for those with orange-toned skin. The girl in the image opted for a powdery platinum blonde, creating an amazing effect.

Very Light Blonde Bob

3. Vanilla Blonde Hair for Warm Skin Tones

Complement your warm skin tone with a flattering rooted balayage in platinum blonde shades. Remember to use purple shampoo to eliminate brassy tones and sustain this beautiful hair color.

White Blonde Hair with Warm Touches

4. Icy Blonde Hair Colors

This ultra-light version of icy blonde hair demands bleaching above the 10th level, but the results are undoubtedly worth the effort. Adding curls and pearl headbands can further enhance the princess-like appearance.

Platinum Blonde Inverted Bob

5. Silver Metallic Platinum Blonde

For those craving radiance in ashy shades, the silver metallic platinum blonde offers a harmonious solution. When dyed in a single tone, this shade appears more balanced as bright strokes through the hair.

Silver Metallic Highlights

6. Mid-Length Blonde Locks with Shadow Roots

Consider a balayage with warm and cool blonde hues for gorgeous platinum shades on hair of any length. Proper hair conditioning treatments will keep dyed hair healthy and moisturized, even after bleaching.

Creamy White Blonde Lob with Shadow Roots

7. Platinum Blonde Balayage on Dark Hair

Lighten your hair without causing trauma with sophisticated platinum highlights. Leaving dark roots natural eliminates the need for monthly coloring.

Bronde Mane with White and Platinum Highlights

8. Soft Beachy Waves

Platinum blonde hair looks fantastic on fair skin tones, whether leaning towards cool pink, neutral, or warm-beige shades.

Dirty Blonde with Platinum Highlights

9. Icy Blonde Pixie

A short pixie with a trendy icy blonde color and natural dark roots creates a daring and bright look.

Brown Pixie with Platinum Blonde Highlights

10. Perfect Silver Shades

Powdery accents of icy blonde, complemented by curls, create a phenomenal look with subtle transitions from deep roots to light powdery platinum blonde.

Ice Blonde with Shadow Roots

11. Icy Blonde Tones for Wavy Hair

Maintaining platinum blonde hair colors in perfect condition can be challenging. Healthy blondes look marvelous, but require diligent at-home care using special masks and serums.

12. Black to Platinum Blonde Hair Transformation

This transformation is absolutely incredible! Achieve voluminous and fuller hair with the right haircut and platinum blonde color. While bleached hair requires maintenance, using purple shampoo and bond-building products can help retain the gorgeous silver shade.

13. Dirty Blonde and Platinum Hues

Explore a multi-dimensional style by mixing ashy and golden platinum hair colors. Combining warm and cool tones adds depth and fullness to thin locks.

14. Light Waves Of Beauty

Highlight the texture and structure of a new hair color with light waves. A natural blonde base with thin platinum strands looks fabulous with a trendy haircut and styling.

15. Bright Platinum Blonde Makeover

Don’t let brassy tones deter you from achieving this mesmerizing platinum blonde hue on brown hair. Blue or purple toning shampoo and a texture spray on tousled curls can create an inspiring look.

16. Soft Flaxen Blonde Curls

White highlights add spice to shoulder-length waves, providing a contemporary, multi-dimensional blonde hair look.

17. Platinum Hair For Brown Base

A longer bob with sophisticated blonde and light brown in the back, transitioning to white in the front, offers a chic, medium-length ‘do for straight hair.

18. Thin Platinum Blonde Highlights

Enjoy the allure of platinum hair without a full bleach job. Well-placed platinum highlights brighten the brown base and melt towards ash blonde ends. Thin streaks of darker brown add drama.

19. Platinum Blonde Bob With Exposed Roots

A curly bob featuring layered platinum waves and dark brown roots offers a grungy throwback to early 2000s platinum hairstyles.

20. Long Bob In Silver White

A bob with blunt ends and a brown base highlighted by seamlessly blending platinum blonde creates an awesome hairdo, especially for straight hair.

21. Between Golden And Platinum

Dyeing darker hair to match standard platinum blonde can yield varied results. Embrace a slightly golden overtone for a unique look that complements the natural reds of the hair.

22. Snow White Mid-Length Hair

Transitioning from blonde to platinum hair may seem subtle, but it transforms your entire appearance. Achieving fully platinum blonde hair requires starting with a blank canvas and a complicated dye process.

23. Platinum Blonde Curls

Loose platinum blonde waves on brown hair create an ethereal hairstyle. Maintenance is manageable with a subtle ombre or balayage.

24. Long Platinum Locks

Platinum blonde on long hair is stunning. The platinum feathers practically overtake dark roots, resulting in a pretty and super dramatic effect.

25. Silver Blonde Straight Hair

A fabulous fall of silver layers creates a molten silver effect. Metallic hair colors, futuristic textures, and silhouettes are on-trend.

26. Chic Platinum Lob with Side Parting

A trendy long bob in platinum blonde is eye-catching for hot summer days. Monthly root touch-ups maintain the fresh hair color.

27. Blonde Ombre Waves

For brunettes desiring low-maintenance blonde, a bronde balayage ombre offers soft ribbons of color starting at the roots and fading to shiny blonde ends.

28. Fade To White

A popular look involves applying dye lower on the length, leaving dark roots for a soft or sharp and dramatic effect. This style requires some staging.

29. Grayscale Ombre

Platinum silver hair stands out against black roots. Try an ombre fade on dark hair for a fairytale-like appearance.

30. Stunning White Kinky Hair Style

A short curly hairstyle for kinky hair in icy white hue contrasts dark skin tone, creating a terrific and admiring look.

31. A Dab Of Platinum In Highlights

Sophisticated brown blonde colors are achieved with platinum highlights on light brown hair. Braided hairstyles showcase the variations in hair color.

32. Platinum Braided Hair Updo

Platinum is a beautiful choice for naturally dark blonde hair, and it adds a lovely touch to various updos. This particular style stands out as the most elegant among our collection for platinum blonde hair. Whether you’re aiming to impress or getting married, this sophisticated updo is the perfect complement to a simple, laconic dress!

33. Blonde Hair With Platinum Babylights

Solid platinum blonde hair may seem too bright for cool and muted skin tones. In such cases, opting for natural blonde with well-placed platinum babylights is the ideal solution.

34. Trendy Icy Platinum Blonde Highlights

Platinum blonde hair, paired with romantic bendy waves, is sure to make you the center of attention. Choose balayage with dark roots for low maintenance and gorgeous results.

35. Dark Blonde Into White

White blends seamlessly with natural dark blonde hair. Whether you prefer the transition starting near the roots or lower in an ombre style, this style featuring three French surface braids accentuates white blonde hair and reveals darker roots for extra dimension. The length creates an elegantly flowing look in the back.

36. Pale Blonde Balayage

A subtle ombre that’s almost blonde on blonde, with platinum highlights near the roots melting into an ash blonde flow. The layers add lift, bounce, and volume for extra body, especially for thin locks.

37. Posh Bob

Natural platinum blonde hair is rare, but achievable with the right solutions. This posh bob showcases the beauty of natural platinum blonde, providing a distinctive and stylish look.

38. Bob with Platinum Blonde Ombre

Brown hair with platinum highlights is a beloved trend for women of all ages. This elongated bob with blonde balayage adds volume and body, especially for those with fine hair.

39. White And Dirty Blonde Combo

For a complex two-tone hair color, try platinum highlights on your natural dark blonde hair base. Long blonde hair, inspired by the supermodels of the ’60s, remains a versatile and fashionable choice.

40. Root Fade Into Blonde

Root fade simplifies upkeep and imparts a laid-back and stylish look. The natural fading of roots enhances the overall appearance for a gorgeously relaxed vibe.

41. White Hair With Dark Undercut

A fabulous asymmetrical crop with a trendy two-tone hair color solution. Platinum blonde against a dark undercut creates a striking contrast, and weekly deep-conditioning maintains soft, silky hair.

42. Platinum Hair With Darkening At The Roots

Prevent a one-dimensional look with solid platinum hair by darkening the roots and incorporating textured hairstyles, like this thick side braid. Fit for a queen or princess, this style exudes modern elegance.

43. Very Light Hair Color on Mid-Length Hair

Explore the diverse shades of platinum blonde for a balayage that complements short to medium-length locks, easing your hair maintenance routine.

44. Lush And Curly

Curls add bounce to any ‘do, and today’s slightly messy curls are no exception. The zigzag center part and light frizz in this platinum blonde curly hairstyle create a perfectly casual yet refined look.

45. Creamy Blonde Loose Waves

Combine cold beige and platinum white tones for this beautiful icy platinum blonde curly hair. Achieving this hue may take some effort, but the result is undoubtedly worth it.

46. Dirty Blonde Hair for Fair Skin Tones

This lovely blonde balayage with platinum money pieces complements a fair complexion. The blend of highlights and lowlights looks great in both long locks and an updo, offering versatility for different outfits and occasions.

47. White Tone for Naturally Straight Hair

Going platinum blonde as a brunette is a challenge, but with the right care products, you can experiment with cool blonde tones. Schedule salon visits in advance to avoid the dreaded grown-out roots.

48. Voluminous Platinum And Purple Curls

Almost violet, this curly platinum blonde hair is adorable! The natural curls are defined yet incredibly soft and touchable. This style can be paired with any look to instantly elevate your appearance.

49. Long Sleek Platinum Blonde Locks

Even straight long hair can be dimensional with numerous cold and warm platinum highlights. This hairstyle suits women of all hair types, and adding darker roots enhances depth, especially for those with thin hair.

Are Short Blonde Styles Easily Maintainable for Platinum Blonde Looks?

Stunning short blonde styles can be easily maintainable for platinum blonde looks. With regular touch-ups and the right products, you can keep your platinum locks looking fresh and vibrant. Embrace the low maintenance and effortlessly chic vibe of short blonde hair while rocking a stunning platinum blonde hue.

50. Delightful Platinum Shade for Tanned Skin

Soft beach waves paired with bold platinum highlights create a trendy, striking look that’s easy to maintain. This combination is perfect for highlighting a warm or tanned skin tone.

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