30 Gorgeous Dark Auburn Hair Colors for a Deep, Vibrant Look

Two-Tone Deep Auburn Hair

Experiment with mesmerizing multi-tonal styles by trying deep auburn hair. Infuse lighter streaks with copper spice for a standout look.

Dark Auburn Hair with Lowlights

Dark Auburn Hair with Caramel Highlights

Achieve depth and dimension by blending warm auburn tones with caramel highlights. Select shades that complement your auburn base for a seamless blend.

Blonde Highlights and Balayage on Auburn Hair

Curly Auburn Hair

The rich, warm tones of auburn are an excellent choice for curly hair, creating an eye-catching look with depth, dimension, and irresistible charm.

Natural Dark Auburn Curls

Voluminous Chocolate Auburn Locks

Opt for chocolate auburn to enrich deep brown natural hair, adding texture and volume for a perfect blend of authenticity.

Chocolate Brown Hair with Auburn Highlights

Dark Auburn Hair with Cherry Cola Highlights

Luscious dark auburn curls with cherry cola highlights create a fusion of warmth and depth for a sweet and sassy combo.

Voluminous Curls in Deep Auburn

Auburn Dark Brown Hair with Copper Balayage

Elevate your auburn dark brown hair with copper balayage, enhancing shine and adding intricate layers of depth to the overall color.

Dark Auburn Locks with Copper Balayage

Scarlet Copper Balayage on Deep Auburn Hair

Sophisticated scarlet copper balayage gracefully cascading through deep auburn locks creates a captivating play of warmth and vibrancy.

Flaming Red Auburn Hair

Rusty Auburn with Pumpkin Spice Ombre

Embrace the fall season with rusty auburn locks infused with pumpkin spice ombre, creating a magical blend of warmth and seasonal charm.

Rusty Dark Auburn Hair with Ombre Effect

Chestnut Auburn Hair with Highlights

Add warm copper tones to chestnut auburn hair with highlights, providing a rich and vibrant appearance.

Brown Hair with Subtle Auburn Highlights

Copper Brown Blend on Wavy Hair

Craft a feminine and graceful hairstyle with a copper and brown blend, universally flattering for both warmer and cooler skin tones.

Long Dark Auburn Waves

Medium-Length Dark Auburn Hair with Highlighted Tips

Pep up shoulder-length brown auburn hair with vibrant mahogany shade and flippy, wispy layers for a fabulous and sassy look.

Deep Auburn Hair with Burnt Orange Balayage

Create a captivating combination of deep orange-red auburn hair with burnt orange balayage, offering a stunning contrast.

Auburn Balayage for Dark Brown Hair

Achieve a gorgeous brown-red tinge with fabulous soft auburn balayage on long dark brown hair, creating a dreamy and radiant touch.

Muted Dark Auburn Hair

Transform black hair into muted dark auburn, showcasing a stunning look that proves transitioning to the lighter side can be absolutely stunning.

Espresso with Cinnamon Auburn Hair

Blend black and auburn hair for an espresso with a sprinkle of cinnamon, creating a solid color base with warm highlights for added texture.

Copper Auburn Color Melt

Embrace the fiery twist of copper in auburn with this rich hair color, providing an extra zest for a stunning and vibrant look.

Auburn Highlights on Brown Hair

Showcase a fabulous brown bob cut with auburn highlights, emphasizing gorgeous waves and adding extra bounce and fullness to the locks.

Auburn Red Hair

Unleash your adorable and sexy side with fierce auburn red hair, maintaining its vibrancy with sulfate-free shampoos and color-safe products.

Partial Balayage in Auburn

Salon Valenti suggests a magazine-worthy look with partial balayage, full color, and gloss, offering a natural, sun-kissed effect on certain sections of the hair.

Wavy Auburn Bob

Rock auburn shades on shorter locks with an inverted bob, showcasing a rich auburn hue with subtle copper undertones for a fantastic look.

Rich Auburn Locks with Pops of Copper

SALON VAGABOND adds strategically placed copper pops on a rich auburn base, illuminating the face and creating a vibrant and stunning appearance.

Mid-Length Mulled Wine Hair

Try the deep and sultry vibe of mulled wine, a deep auburn hair color named after a Christmas-time beverage, adding a touch of sophistication to your look.

Reddish Brunette Curls

Achieve a deep reddish tinge with warm undertones, adding vibrance to curls for a gorgeous and lively appearance.

Texturized Pixie with Auburn Highlights

Transform short hair with soft highlights of auburn, providing natural warmth and a touch of sophistication to the overall look.

Sun-Kissed Auburn Balayage

Showcase a classic auburn with perfectly blended lighter pieces, catching the light and creating a sun-kissed appearance.

Classic Deep Auburn Hair Color

Embrace auburn as the new black, requiring a full bleach for a desired shade transition, particularly when moving from brunette shades.

Dark Auburn Shag

The auburn shag cut adds texture, movement, and a chic rock ‘n’ roll vibe to various hair types, making it a trendy choice for any length.

Auburn Hair with Highlights

Amp up natural auburn hair with face-framing highlights, adding a few bright lighter streaks for extra spark and an enhanced inner glow.

Auburn Dark Brown Hair

Opt for dark brown auburn for a deep and sophisticated hair color that gracefully frames the face, creating a striking contrast on lighter skin tones.

What Are the Differences Between Dark Auburn Hair and Bold Black Hair?

Dark auburn hair is a rich, reddish-brown shade with warm undertones, while bold black hair is a deep, intense black color. For bold black hair highlights ideas, consider adding caramel or chestnut highlights for a striking contrast. Dark auburn hair pairs well with copper or mocha highlights for added dimension.

Copper Red Auburn Hair

Enjoy the warm, cherry-inspired hue of copper red auburn hair, creating a fantastic and irresistibly luscious look.

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