20 Must-Try Blue Black Hair Ideas for a Deep, Rich Color

Funky, Fun Bob

Inject life into a simple bob with cool blue highlights. These vibrant blue pieces work wonders in messy, wash-and-go hairstyles, adding a touch of playfulness to your look.

Black Bob With Blue Balayage

Long, Luscious and Sultry

Stand out with a black and blue hair color all over, bringing depth, gloss, and glam to your long, luscious locks. This sultry combination adds a touch of allure to your overall appearance.

Long Curly Blue Black Hair

Long, Layered and Glossy

Embrace attitude and mystery with a subtle blue tint all over your long, layered hair. The hint of blue brings interest, texture, and gloss, enhancing the overall sophistication of your style.

Long Layered Black Hairstyle

Peek-a-boo Color

Create a striking flash of vivid color by adding bright blue highlights underneath the top layer of your hair. This playful and fashionable look adds a fun element to your style.

Black Lob With Blue Peek A Boos

Long, Tousled Layers

Achieve a midnight blue-black look with a blue tint over dark or black hair. This enriches your layers, leaving your locks looking luscious and your style points soaring.

Blue Black Layered Hair

Mid-Length with a Twist

Embrace a dark, sultry, and demure style with a chic blue tint. This mid-length look is classy and classic, with a modern twist that adds a touch of uniqueness.

Medium Layered Black Hair

Colorful Casual Curls

Enhance long styles with thin peek-a-boo blue highlights, adding fun, texture, and surprise. Whether worn sleek for a hidden surprise or tousled for a vibrant display, this look offers versatility and playfulness.

Long Black Hair With Blue Highlights

Black and Blue Waves

Infuse attitude into tussled curls with twists of black-blue highlights. This adds an extra edge to a casually chic look, making waves with your style.

Chunky Blue Highlights For Black Hair

Mid-Length at Midnight

Inject a cool shine into your long locks with a blue tint over dark hair. Achieve a look that is long, glossy, luxurious, and totally chic.

Mid Length Layered Haircut

Fashion Forward Crop

Bring a short cut or crop to life with a black-blue color update. The violet midnight blue creates a stylish and unique look, perfect for making a bold fashion statement.

Blue Black Bowl Cut

Color Transformation

Elevate your hair with streaks of dark blue, adding vibrancy and fun to a medium shaggy cut. This color transformation creates a cool and fashionable solution for your hair.

Edgy Blue Black Bob

Rejuvenate a classic bob with stylish blue-black color, infusing your look with edginess, gloss, and a touch of fun.

Relaxed Style

Add dimension to a relaxed, tousled look with midnight blue highlights. Whether in black hair or natural dark hair, these highlights bring a touch of style to enhance your appearance.

Blue Bombshell

Weave magic into your hair with blue-black highlights, transforming a short crop into a dramatic and stylish statement. This look is both bold and captivating.

Cool, Chic and Short

Achieve a subtle update to the classic bob with dark midnight blue. This understated yet stylish color refreshes your look, adding a chic and cool touch.

Effortlessly Cool

Subtly update your look with a blue tint, ensuring a glossy, gorgeous, and glamorous appearance with your refreshed blue and black hair.

Purple Pixie

Make a style statement with an all-over blue-purple color on a short crop. This fashion-forward look creates a bold impact, reloading your entire appearance with confidence.

Trendy Tint

Upgrade your gorgeous long hair with a blue tint, amplifying the style factor with added gloss and glamour.

Subtle Style with a Hint of Teal

Opt for dark blue-black highlights in a cool soft blue-green shade for a unique and subtly textured look. This choice adds a touch of sophistication to your style.

Are Blue Black Hair Ideas Suitable for Curly Hairstyles?

Blue black hair ideas may not be suitable for everyone, especially those with blonde curly hairstyle ideas. Curly textures can clash with dark, cool-toned colors, potentially creating an unflattering look. It’s important to consider the natural texture and color when choosing a new hair color.

Cool Curls

Refresh naturally black or dark hair with an all-over tint, creating depth, highlights, and super fun curls with the blue-black combination.

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