30 Bold Black Hair with Highlights Ideas for a Striking Look

Black Hair with Chestnut Highlights

Highlights in a chestnut shade complement black hair, offering a fantastic hair color option suitable for all seasons. The chestnut hue not only provides a glossy shine but also ensures minimal damage to your hair. This low-maintenance highlighting technique retains its color for up to 8 weeks.

Subtle Peekaboo Highlights for Black Hair

Black Hair with Deep Purple Highlights

For those desiring a touch of fashion-forward colors like violet or red, consider deep purple highlights as a middle ground. Managing these highlights on black hair involves touch-ups every 4-6 weeks and the use of color protection shampoo and conditioner due to their high maintenance nature.

Sun Kissed Highlights for Black Hair

Brown and Caramel Blonde Highlights

Featuring a sophisticated blend of highlights, this hair color showcases a captivating play of lighter and darker shades, creating depth and dimension. Warm caramel blonde and chestnut highlights are particularly appealing for individuals with a warm skin tone, offering a rich and copied-worthy combination.

Subtle Brown Highlights on Black Hair

Rose Gold Highlights on Dark Hair

Infuse your hair with an edgy allure using rose gold highlights that accentuate medium skin tones. To achieve a radiant skin-glow effect, consider adding face-framing strands. While rose gold and peachy hues harmonize well with a dark brown base, opting for a cooler pastel pink can recreate a similar effect on jet-black locks.

Black Brown Balayage Hair

Blonde Babylights on Black Hair

Subtle yet impactful, blonde babylights work wonders in brightening your face and imparting a soft glow to your complexion. The contrast between blonde highlights and a black base creates an elegant and dramatic look, especially when paired with long hair.

Sun Kissed Black Bob with Blonde Highlights

Peachy Blonde Highlights for Black Hair

Blonde highlights offer an ideal choice for those seeking a lighter touch without an overall hair color change. With a range of shades like sandy, peachy, strawberry, platinum, or golden, the decision ultimately lies between you and your colorist.

Black Lob with Caramel Highlights

Black Hair with Burgundy Highlights

Maintaining natural black hair with darker burgundy highlights is a hassle-free process. By washing your hair once or twice a week with color protection shampoo, this vibrant color can endure for approximately 7-9 weeks.

Blonde Highlights for Black Hair Color

Black Hair with Brown Highlights

Ideal for very dark hair, this color choice requires minimal upkeep. Simply wash and air dry your hair, and it will retain its beauty, especially on longer hair.

Blonde Money Piece for Black Hair

Mocha Hair with Light Brown Highlights

When monotony sets in with your natural hair color, light brown highlights come to the rescue, creating dimension and depth for a chic appearance. Opting for these highlights provides a more natural look without fully committing to a dye job.

Glossy Black Hair with Sun Kissed Highlights

Black Hair with All Over Platinum Highlights

While all-over platinum highlights bring a high-maintenance aspect, especially with black/brown natural roots, the striking contrast demands attention. Regular maintenance every 4-6 weeks, along with purple shampoo and conditioner use, is essential.

Stunning Warm Highlights for Dark Hair

Black and Auburn Hair Color

Auburn highlights on black hair offer a natural appearance that remains visible, making them perfect for the spring and summer seasons. This choice also boasts low maintenance for those who prefer a more relaxed and natural look.

Black Hair with Silver Highlights

Perfectly blending naturally gray hair with black, silver highlights seamlessly integrate with the natural base. High maintenance is required, involving the use of purple shampoo and conditioner to uphold the gray shine and prevent yellow tones, with recommended retouches every 5 to 8 weeks.

Black Hair with Ash Highlights

Spice up your natural black hair with stunning ash-colored highlights, adding extra shine to your locks. To preserve the lighter shade and prevent brassy tones, use low temperatures with styling tools. Exceeding 370F may lead to color loss and diminished shine after 2-3 weeks.

Black Hair with Caramel Highlights

Combining caramel highlights with dark natural hair results in one of the most beautiful combinations. Remarkably low maintenance, these brown highlights on black hair can endure for up to 3 months without specialized treatment like purple or blue shampoo.

Dark Brown Highlights on Black Hair

Injecting warmth without going too bright, consider dark brown highlights for your black tresses. Chocolate brown highlights contribute to an elegant and chic appearance, providing dimension and drama to your overall look.

Copper Red Highlights

Black hair paired with red highlights, especially in a vivid copper shade, creates a striking and divine combination. Opting for a more intense color effect, such as a black to copper ombre, ensures you stand out from the crowd.

Gray Peekaboo Highlights on Black Hair

For those seeking an alternative to commonplace blonde streaks, injecting silver into black hair through gray highlights is a glamorous choice. Pairing them with loose waves helps achieve a sophisticated and stylish look.

Chic Black to Brown Ombre

To achieve a more natural appearance, select highlights just a few tones lighter than your natural color. Consider incorporating a couple of brighter accents for a sun-kissed effect, resulting in an elegant and chic overall look.

Caramel Blonde Ombre Highlights and Money Piece

Elevate your short hair with trendy highlights, such as salted caramel money pieces and ombre. Warm caramel complements darker skin tones, emphasizing facial features and providing a radiant glow. This low-commitment option requires minimal maintenance.

Black Hair with Blonde Highlights

While blonde highlights for black hair offer a stunning look, they come with high maintenance demands. If you’re ready for the challenge, this bold and beautiful look is sure to capture attention.

Black Hair with Honey Highlights

Opt for honey highlights on black hair for a lovely hair color idea, especially during the spring/summer season. Using color protection shampoo and conditioner ensures the color remains vibrant without developing orange and yellow tones.

Black Hair with Honey Blonde Highlights

These highlights present an excellent idea for adding touches of honey and blonde to your natural or colored dark brown or black hair roots. The gentle approach to going blonde is particularly suitable for those with naturally curly dark hair.

Subtle Highlights on Black Hair

For a low-maintenance color option, subtle accent highlights provide a natural look. Placing highlights strategically on select spots of the hair, rather than all over, enhances shine and brightens your complexion, leaving dark roots untouched.

Short Black Hair with Highlights

Achieve a modern, attention-grabbing look with short black hair featuring gray highlights on a dark base. While this style steals the show, be prepared for high maintenance, including recommended cuts and highlights every 5 weeks, along with continuous use of purple shampoo to maintain the brightness of the gray highlights.

Black Hair with Copper Highlights

For a summer-ready hair color, opt for copper highlights on black hair. Boasting low maintenance, these highlights only require a salon visit once every 8 weeks to keep your hair looking vibrant and refreshed.

Chocolate Brown Highlights for Dark Locks

Flatter darker skin tones by adding chocolate brown highlights to your dark brown base. Enhancing depth and dimension, these highlights complement a sun-tanned complexion effortlessly.

Natural Highlights on Dark Brown Hair

Achieve a chic, just-stepped-out-of-the-salon look with natural-looking highlights, such as light brown, on dark brown hair. This option provides a more subtle contrast while maintaining a natural appearance.

Black Hair with Dark Red Highlights

The beautiful combination of red highlights on black hair creates a stunning and recommended look. Plan for retouching every 6 to 8 weeks to keep the vibrant red color intact.

Fiery Red Highlights on Jet Black Base

For those who love turning heads with a vibrant look, fiery red highlights on jet black hair are a perfect choice. To sustain the vivid and juicy appearance, invest in quality colored hair products to maintain the fiery effect.

How can I achieve a striking look with blue black hair with highlights?

Looking to achieve a striking look with your blue black hair? Consider adding highlights for a dynamic and eye-catching style. Whether you opt for bold, electric blue or subtle, navy tones, blue black hair ideas with highlights are sure to turn heads and make a statement.

Balayage Highlights

Opt for balayage highlights to achieve a more dramatic look. Collaborate with your stylist to select a combination of hues that best complement your skin tone and eye color, ensuring a personalized and eye-catching result.

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