short dark hair

1: Simple Textured Bob with Blonde Highlights

This effortlessly chic haircut is ideal for those transitioning from a pixie cut. To achieve a tousled, multi-dimensional appearance, style it with waves and apply a texture spray.

2: Short and Dark for Big Foreheads

A concise, dark hairdo can effectively minimize the prominence of a large forehead. The sleek cut and dark hue lend a refined aesthetic, diverting attention from the forehead. Employ strategic cuts to thin out the hair on the sides, ensuring a harmonious facial silhouette. To style, use a smoothing serum on dry or damp hair for added shine and manageability. Blow-dry with a round brush, angling the hair away from the face to subtly conceal the forehead, and set with a light hairspray.

3: Beautiful Short Dark Burgundy Hair

Opt for a statement-making short dark burgundy bob to stand out with elegance and confidence. This chin-length sleek bob is enhanced with deep burgundy shades for a rich, dimensional look. It’s a manageable style that promises versatility for those with busy lifestyles. Preserve the color’s vibrancy with products designed for color-treated hair.

4: Midnight Purple Wavy Bob

Consider a midnight purple wavy bob for a playful and eye-catching summer hairstyle. This vivid shade is sure to pop under the summer sunlight.

5: Deep Brown Bob with Voluminous Waves

Revitalize your hair with this contemporary deep brown bob, subtly highlighted to create a dynamic look. The cut features front layers that add shape and back layers that infuse volume and texture, achieving a perfectly balanced bounce. Enhance the volume and definition with a curling tool and finish with a texture spray for a polished look.

6: Jet Black Pixie with Choppy Layers

Embrace a bold texture and brilliant shine with a jet black pixie featuring choppy layers. Achieve the desired messy look by applying a lightweight wax through the lengths. This style is best on slightly damp hair, secured with a light-hold spray to maintain the edgy layers and fringe.

7: Dark Brunette Round Afro Hair

This dark brunette round afro hairstyle offers versatility and ease of maintenance, making it a favorite among black women. It can also evolve into chic short brown hairstyles with a vintage charm. Ensure to request a rounded cut from your stylist to maintain volume and an even hairline, avoiding any squared or angular shapes.

8: Mini Graduated Bob with Face-Framing Bangs

For a touch of femininity, opt for a mini graduated bob accented with face-framing bangs. This cut features stacked layers at the nape and gradual layering along the length, highlighted by a cheek-grazing fringe. Suitable for all face shapes, it can be styled curly or straight, potentially becoming your most cherished look.

9: Matte Black Curly Bob

A matte black curly bob offers a chic and easy-to-maintain option. Bob cuts are inherently versatile and fashionable, with medium layers and textured cutting enhancing the curls. Consider adding light bangs to soften the look, and use curl-enhancing products for optimal wave definition.

10: Short Black Round Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

This effortless short black bob with side-swept bangs complements eyeglass wearers perfectly. Its rounded silhouette introduces texture and a soft dynamism, flattering most face shapes. Achieve a refined look with a light hold shaping cream to maintain the hairstyle throughout the day.

11: Razor Cut Pixie with Soft Bangs

A razor-cut pixie with soft bangs offers a discreet yet fashionable choice suitable for any face shape. Its stacked layers provide texture and movement, ensuring a timeless appeal. Use a light-hold spray to keep the delicate layers in place without heaviness. For added texture, lightly apply mousse or wax before styling as desired.

12: Middle Part Waves on Short Hair

Introduce a contemporary flair to your bob with middle-part waves, ideal for a relaxed and natural look. Achieve a soft, tousled style by encouraging your natural curl or adding waves with a small-barrel iron. Enhance the texture with a styling paste for a perfectly undone finish.

13: Very Short and Sleek Pixie on Dark Hair

This ultra-short, sleek pixie cut is perfectly suited for women with oval faces, offering a modern and flattering style. Keep the layers soft and choppy for a feminine silhouette. Maintain the look’s freshness with a styling cream that provides hold and shine, recommending a product that also protects against heat damage.

14: Tapered Pixie with Soft Texture

Inspire with a low-maintenance tapered pixie that lends a gentle texture to fine hair. This elegant cut is ideal for achieving a stylish look with minimal effort, adaptable to be worn slicked back or tousled. For a seamless finish, apply a light volumizing mousse to enhance the style’s natural charm.

15: French Roast Black Curly Hair

Embrace a bob that showcases your natural texture in an incredibly stylish manner. Cutting it to ear-length offers a balanced proportion between your hair’s volume and your facial features, accentuating your eyes.

16: Lived-In Inverted Bob with Dark Brown Hues

A short, angled bob with balayaged waves offers an easy-to-maintain hairstyle that grows out beautifully, keeping your dark roots intact for a natural look.

17: Dark Purple Stacked Bob

Opt for a universally flattering angled bob enriched with long layers that add texture and depth. The deep violet shade is especially appealing on fair skin tones, providing an edgy yet elegant look.

18: Edgy Pixie

This super short pixie cut with abundant texture only requires a minimal amount of styling product for a piecey, modern look. It’s ideal for softening short or round face shapes into a more oval appearance.

19: Dark Brown Pixie with Wispy Bangs

A long-topped pixie offers various styling options, including wispy bangs that can highlight your eyes and add a playful touch to your look as you transition from shorter styles.

20: Piecey Messy Shag

This long pixie cut allows for effortless creation of height and texture, presenting a wake-up-and-go style with a feminine edge that highlights your facial features.

21: Dark Burgundy Wedge

A short, sharp cut in rich burgundy allows for low-maintenance style with a high-impact look. Pairing it with side bangs and long layers achieves a striking finish.

22: Vintage Bob with Fringe

A jaw-length bob paired with a soft razor-cut fringe offers a timeless yet distinctive look that flatters any face shape, providing a versatile and stylish option.

23: Stunning A-Line Bob with Silver Highlights

A metallic grey A-line bob is a top choice for those with cool to neutral skin tones looking for a trendy, low-maintenance hairstyle that stands out.

24: Curly Blue Highlights

Vibrant blue highlights on a pixie cut create a stunning contrast, especially for fair skin tones, offering an easy-to-maintain look that accentuates the eyes.

25: Steel Dark Blue on Brown Hair

A layered bob in a striking metallic dark blue hue offers a low-maintenance yet highly stylish option, perfect for fair skin tones and providing a unique visual impact.

26: Unique Layered Angled Bob

A choppy A-line bob enhances the texture of thick hair by reducing bulk while maintaining a chic and easily manageable style.

27: Casual Choppy A-line Bob

Revitalize straight black hair with a tousled, layered A-line bob, achieving a trendy, casual look that’s highly sought after for its effortless vibe.

28: Beautiful Pixie with Caramel Highlights

This easy-to-manage short style features warm caramel highlights that add edge and uniqueness, providing a versatile look with waves on the sides.

29: Bold Dark Red Layers

A stylish bob in bold crimson transforms your appearance, especially flattering for warm skin tones and offering versatility for any face shape.

30: Velvet Dark Red Highlights

Mix chocolate brown hair with deep red highlights to introduce depth and volume to a neck-length bob, creating a captivating look with minimal maintenance.

31: Sweet Dark Brown to Blonde Ombre

A soft transition from dark brown to blonde offers added depth for fine hair, featuring an easy-to-style and maintain look that’s visually striking.

32: Super Short Bob with Fringe

The French bob with fringe is a timeless, trendy choice that adds effortless style, suitable for various hair textures and customizable to fit your look.

33: Extra Dark Long Pixie Cut

Choose a long, dark pixie cut for a fashion-forward, yet manageable hairstyle. This style, requiring regular trims, suits warm and olive skin tones beautifully.

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