35 Bold Dark Red Hair Ideas for a Fiery Makeover

Deep Red Wine

Embrace the allure of this deep red hue, reminiscent of winter wine. Whether you have blonde or dark brown strands, the plummy merlot shade can infuse a captivating twist. It enriches your hair with a shimmery light, creating a reflective cherry red hue. If you seek a perfect blend of depth and tone, this shade might be calling your name!

Cherry Red Hair Color

Ruby Dark Red Hair Color

Opt for dimensional, jewel-like tones to transform brunette hair into a mesmerizing dark red. Highlights of deep red within a ruby base breathe new life into any hairstyle. The interplay of highlights and lowlights, coupled with a wavy lob style, exudes sheer beauty.

Rich Deep Red Hair Color

Vivid Shade of Red with Dark Roots

Experience the essence of true red hair color, where vibrant tones meet shadow roots for a darker red effect. This look radiates energy and drama, offering a burst of vivid color for those seeking a lively change.

Vivid Red Hair Color with Dark Roots

Dark Burgundy Locks

Indulge in the velvety allure of burgundy, a perfect choice for dark skin tones. This dark red hair tone complements yellow undertones, adding warmth to your face and creating a captivating appearance.

Deep Red Wine Shade

Cherry Red Hair with Bold Red Highlights

Merge the best of hair trends with this deep red shade. Cherry red provides depth and variation, while bold red highlights infuse spice, making it ideal for those desiring a professional and intricate hair color.

Dark to Bright Red Hair Balayage

Auburn and Dark Red Balayage

Struggling to choose between dark and bright hair? Explore the melty blend of auburn-red, offering depth at the root and bright pops of auburn for the perfect red balayage this season.

Balayage Idea with Natural Shades of Red

Deep Copper Hair

Welcome the colder seasons with a rich copper shade, reminiscent of pumpkin spice and warmth. Ideal for dark hair, this natural red hue combines brightness with warmth, creating a splendid effect for those with pale skin tones and tousled curls.

Long Dark Copper Hairstyle

Scarlet Red Hair

Revel in the glints of a ruby hair shade, infusing life into this dark red color. Paired with ripple waves, the result is a super sexy warm red look, evoking a sense of envy for this captivating hair color.

Scarlet Hair Color Inspiration

Dark Red Hair with Fiery Highlights

Defy the norm and turn up the heat with this flaming hot medium to dark red balayage. Merging intense depth with true red tones and fiery highlights, this attention-grabbing color is sure to make a statement.

Orange Highlights in Dark Red Hair

Natural Auburn with Highlights

Opt for a warm medium auburn hue for a subtle red glow without an overpowering hue. Perfect for those wanting to play it safe while gently enhancing their look, especially suitable for a pale skin tone.

Long Red Brown Hairstyle with Highlights

Dark Red Hair Color for Natural Hair

Capture the beauty of dark red on dark skin tones with this deep shade of auburn red hair. The natural texture and shaping of the cut add a cool vibe to the overall look.

Bright Neon Shades of Dark Red Hair

Embrace the perfect balance of vivid and deep with red balayage highlights on dark red hair. This dark red ombre allows color lovers to transition from bright to dark red without a stark root contrast.

Highlights in Dark Auburn Hair Color

Explore the multi-shaded dark red hair with cleverly placed red-brown hues. The auburn highlights around the face and scattered throughout the mane create a stunning, natural effect.

Dark Cherry Red Hair Color

Make a statement with this merlot and burgundy-inspired dark red hair color. The strong cherry red hair piece around the face beautifully contrasts with the deep red wine base, leaving thick hair with a moisturized glossy finish.

Bright Copper Glow on Dark Red Hair

Revel in the bright copper reflect of this dark red hair, catching the eye in natural light. Perfect for adding a bold red shade without going too bright or enhancing warmth in already warm hair.

Short Dark Red Brown Hair

Showcase super healthy and glossy short dark red hair, suitable for both deep and warm skin tones. This solid color proves the impact a well-chosen shade can have on your overall look.

Dark Red Hair with Highlights and Curls

Add lots of contrast to dark red hair with a multi-tonal palette. Flowy curls complement the look, allowing different shades to pop with the movement of the hair.

Long Dark Crimson Red Hair

Embrace the color of love and nobility with panels of ruby red against a deeper tone. Curl your hair for a body wave effect, allowing warm red tones to peek through the waves.

Natural Dark Red Hair Color on Corkscrew Curls

Experience the dimensional beauty of dark red hair on voluminous corkscrew curls. The auburn hair tone on the lifted ends, paired with proper product use, results in super healthy and springy curls.

Boho Dark Red Hair for a Pale Skin

Achieve a long boho look with subtle money pieces and wavy hair for a striking dark auburn red hair goal.

Deep Burgundy Hair Color

Indulge in the sultry feel of this dark red hair color, exuding brightness, expense, and shine. Ideal for pale and darker skin tones, this hue is perfect for those who appreciate the richness of plum hair color.

Dark Ruby Red Hair

Admire the stunning intricacy of this ruby red hair, with deep red underlayers providing a contrast that makes the ruby tone stand out and dazzle.

Black and Red Hair with Ombre Effect

Transition from almost black roots to rich red ends, creating a rock-n-roll vibe that complements layered hairstyles.

Fiery Copper Hair Colors

Achieve a hot and trendy look with blended babylights and a lightened face frame. The dark red base adds flare to this fiery copper color.

Dark Red Curly Shag

Embrace the statement tone of dark red hair, enhanced with lighter ends for a subtle sun-kissed effect. This gorgeous look is perfect when paired with natural curls and a layered curly shag cut.

Dark Auburn Hair

Capture the essence of fall with this rich dark auburn shade, perfectly complementing the shaggy bob for an on-trend look that glows in different lights.

Dark Red Natural Hair

This curly queen rocks the dark red burgundy shade with an ombre effect, showcasing dark roots and brighter ends. The textured curls highlight the dimensional shade of red, creating a vibrant and fun look.

Lowlights for Natural Redheads

Soften the dark red look with bold money piece highlights around the hairline, adding a touch of radiance to pale skin tones. This style works well for coloring natural red hair dark.

Natural Auburn Balayage Dark Red Hair Color

For a natural look, blend rich dark red with bright copper shades, creating a warm glow and a stunning effect when illuminated.

Dark Red Short Hair with Copper Highlights

Rock a bright and sassy TWA style with a mix of copper and red color shades. The dark base adds dimension, seamlessly marrying short and long elements.

Two-Tone Deep Red Color

Combine deep burgundy and vivid red for an edgy touch to natural dark brown locks, offering the best of both red wine shades.

Dark Red-Brown Hair with Caramel Highlights

Achieve a classy, natural look with dark red-brown hair enriched with caramel and warm chocolate tones. Chunky caramel highlights add a trendy face-framing effect.

Dark Hair with Chili Pepper Spice

Infuse a zingy and bright flair with deep burgundy and light red highlights. This red balayage blends showy and low maintenance elements, making it an excellent choice for those wanting red hair that stands out.

Deep Auburn Dark Red Hair

Opt for a natural spectrum dark red hue, offering an auburn glow for a chic and classy look.

Can I Achieve a Fiery Makeover with Red Hair Highlights?

Looking for a bold change? A fiery makeover with the red hair highlights option can add a touch of drama to your hair. Whether you go for a subtle red hue or a more vibrant tone, red highlights can give your look a striking and unique flair.

Dark Red Hair with Highlights and Lowlights

Experience glimmers of light red tones in this dark red hair, showcasing highlights and lowlights for a dimensional and fun effect. The choice of color depends on both the shade and the skill of the colorist, making it a playful and lively dark red hair color.

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