Braided Hairstyles for Short Hair

1. Wild Waves

This stylish ensemble can fit both informal and formal settings. The deliberately disheveled waves give a chic undertone to a choppy bob. For extra glamour, augment the style with a lacy braid which will submerge beautifully into the wild waves.

2. Bouffant and a Side Braid

Side braids add an element of intrigue to any hairstyle, subtly texturizing without overpowering the whole look. This makes them a great addition to formal attires that require a bit of edge while staying appropriate for a conservative audience.

##3. Side Fishtail Braid Already sporting an elegant graduated haircut paired with an attractive hair color? Exhibit your beautiful hair using the inverted fishtail braid! Remember to hide the elastic band within a tiny strand of your hair – a popular trick among trendy individuals.

4. Double Crown Braid

The best thing about a crown braid is its ability to accentuate your face and hold back strands like a headband would. Of late, owing to music festivals, braided crowns have gained considerable popularity. For a unique twist, opt for a double variation in an unstructured fishtail pattern.

5. Fashionable French Braid

Despite more loose braid styles posing a challenge with short hair, they are feasible with the right tools and products. With a backcombing brush, hairspray, and some bobby pins, you can easily recreate this stunning style.

6. Ombre Halo

Creating a crown using two shorter braids is quite doable, especially with bob-length hair. Let your braids for short hair have an unorganized and intentionally imperfect look. Crunchy waves complement this boho half-updo perfectly.

7. Braided Topknot

French braids aren’t merely for young children or librarians; they can be incredibly stylish based on how they are fashioned. Elevate a basic style with color and cut. This style uses a midnight blue color and an eye-catching topknot to take short cuts to a new level.

8. Ombre Hair with a Braid

A simple braid for short hair can work as an adorable detail. Combine two trends, grey hair and ombre, for an ultimate chic look. A loose side braid is a perfect match for voluminous curls.

9. Contrasting Crown

Add innovation to a traditional milkmaid braid by experimenting with proportions. Pairing a chunky braid with a smaller one creates visual appeal and smartly arranges your hair on top. It’s a casual day-out style perfect for Sunday brunch.

10. Pink Bob and Chunky Braid

If you are exploring colorful ideas for your next hairstyle, consider a lovely blend like in the given picture. Dyeing your hair in various shades, such as medium brown coupled with bright pink and rose gold, creates a fabulous contrast. Simply cute!

11. Simple Side Plait

Calling all Boho beauties! This easy yet impactful braid is perfect for keeping short strands away from your face while maintaining a cool bohemian vibe. Pair with tousled locks for a practical and simple everyday style.

12. Multi-Color Crown Braid

Braids for short hair are versatile and suit both fine and thick hair. If your strands are on the thinner side, add volume by pancaking (or pulling apart) the braid, creating a complete yet imperfect finish.

13. Side Braid with Rings

This chic French braid short hair look takes just a few minutes to achieve once you’ve mastered the technique. Make your braid even more distinctive with the addition of rings — a stylish twist for special occasions or daily wear!

14. Short Funky Half Up Half Down

Upgrade your half-up, half-down hairstyle by weaving a French braid on the side. It’s easier to execute with day-old locks, making it a great hairstyle to try between shampoos!

15. Short Ponytail Updo with a Braid

How to integrate a braid into a short hair ponytail: 1. Utilize a comb to separate a section at the top of your head. Clip the top section to keep it aside. 2. Pull the remaining hair (that’s not in the clipped segment) into a high ponytail and secure it. 3. Release the clipped part of your hair. Take three sections from the hairline and commence braiding the hair towards the ponytail. 4. Continue to add more strands until the entire top section is included. 5. Merge the freshly braided section with the ponytail and secure it using a band.

16. Show-Stopping Short Updo

Braided hairstyles make a considerable statement. Get your hairdresser to design a bold braid that exudes volume and sass. No need for long strands, showy chunky braids can make just as much impact!

17. Bold Braid with Hidden Undercut

A bold color can bring a fanciful touch to short braid hairstyles. If you have a cool multi-tonal hue, a single large weave will flawlessly exhibit the varied tones.

18. Intricate Double French Plait

Craving a complex look but don’t have long lengths? Not a problem. Short hair braids are equally stunning and interesting. Ask your hairdresser to make something special involving two twists or more!

19. Edgy Pixie with a Dutch Braid

Dutch braids have undoubtedly taken the internet by storm. However, don’t let the misconception that they require waist-length locks stop you. Even with a short hairstyle like a Pixie cut, a Dutch braid works perfectly. Maintain a taper trim undercut and use a braid to separate the longer hair from the shorter, two-toned hair for an impressive, head-turning result.

20. Pastel Face-Framing Fishtail Braid

Don’t shy away from the stunning fishtail braid. Counter to the traditional plait’s three sections style, a fishtail is crafted by splitting hair into four parts, resulting in an intricate and mermaid-inspired appearance.

21. Fauxhawk with Cornrows

Short braids can build an amazing fauxhawk. Curl the Center section and uplift the coils into a hawk revealing cornrows underneath. It’s a stylish and cool look.

22. Messy Bob with Loose Braid

Need some inspiration for your bob? Try styling it with a low-key plait. It’s quick and easy: simply pull some strands from the middle of your parting and loosely braid for a nonchalant, messy finish.

23. Braided Bob Half Updo

Here’s a simplified tutorial for this hairstyle: 1. Spray dry shampoo to establish essential texture in your hair. 2. Section off a large piece at the front, leaving some strands to fall naturally around the face. The front piece will become your key plait. 3. Gather the remaining hair into a low unstructured bun and secure using pins. 4. Take the front section, split it into three pieces, and start braiding. Once you reach the ends, tuck them by pinning into the top of the bun. Optionally, braid the other side as well to create a braided crown. 5. Loose curl the feathery lengths around your face.

24. Pigtails with Dutch Braids

Short hair braided hairstyles don’t come any cooler than these gorgeous small braids styled into pigtail buns. Creating these reverse plaited pigtails might require an extra pair of hands, but the result is totally worth it!

25. Braided Headband Updo

Looking for charming short hair ideas? A crown braid is your answer for special events. Decorative, attractive, and figure-flattering, it encircles the head and can be intertwined into a complex updo. Simply elegant and breathtaking!

26. Curvy Mohawk Braid

This stunning style is guaranteed to draw attention. With intricate braids winding their way down the whole head, this voluminous braided Mohawk further catches the eye with its striking blonde color.

27. Cute Half Up Braid and Twist

Why settle for just one when you can have two? This effortless and feminine hairstyle is suitable for weddings, birthdays, and proms. Braid just the top half of the head and leave the bottom half relaxed and flowing for a flawless finish.

28. Multiple Plaits with Undercut

Show off your daring undercut with an array of differently sized braids. This funky and diverse style with non-uniform sections is perfect for expressing your unique sense of style.

29. Really Short Braided Hair

Here are some tips on braiding ultra-short hairs: 1. Use a mousse for extra hold when braiding incredibly short hair. Run a small amount through the top and use a comb to part the top into three sections. Use clips to hold them in place. 2. Unclip one section, start braiding at the hairline, taking in three small pieces, gradually adding in more sections as you go along, and create a Dutch braid. Secure the braid with a small hair band once you reach the end. 4. Repeat the steps for the other two sections.

30. Braids with Low Bun for Bob

Braided hairstyles for short hair like the soft and elegant updo featuring two plaits pinned into a messy bun at the nape of the neck are proof of how versatile these styles can be. An unstructured look adds to the charm, so don’t worry about making them too uniform.

31. Braided Half Updo

Cool braids often feature a lace or fishtail pattern as they add thickness without looking like you have tried too hard. It’s the little details like wrapped ponytail holders that make all the difference.

32. Natural Hair Twist-Out

Many African-American women consider braids for short hair as a protective style to prevent breakage when choosing to wear their hair naturally. Nonetheless, a single braid could function as a decorative and practical detail to keep those curls pushed back off the forehead.

33. Banging Braid

Side bangs definitely add fun to a style, but they can be a hassle on hot sweaty days. A beautiful way to sweep your hair back is with a bang braid. Giving it a border allows you to work with more hair, yielding a thicker weave in return.

34. Wonderful Waterfall

Half-updo braided hairstyles for short hair are favored because they provide texture throughout the style without taking away from the length and volume (or thickness). Also, they are excellent for those with limited time, as they can be achieved within 5 minutes with the right tools.

35. Loose Loops

Messy braids are perfect for the days when you’re in need of a laid-back style. Thanks to the tousled texture, it still looks stylish no matter what activities your day includes.

36. Halo Braid for Short Hair

Halo hairstyles are a go-to option for those growing out natural hair or sporting protective styles. If your strands are too short to attain this style, your hairdresser can work magic. Extensions are a solid option in this case!

37. Wild Curls with Side Cornrows

For a punk hairstyle without shaving the whole side of your head, opt for a braid instead. Additionally, if your hair is dyed with dark roots, side cornrows provide a perfect opportunity to display the two-tone color, which is darker at the roots and lighter or brighter throughout.

38. Modern Mermaid

While it’s typically believed that mermaid hair should be long and flowing, that’s not necessarily true. You can invoke the same magical aura in your braids for short hair. For instance, an ocean-blue color is sure to steer all attention to you.

39. Autumn Leaves Inspired Hair

Add a splash of creativity to braided hairstyles for short hair with seasonally inspired hair dye. Combine green highlights with red hair for a quirky autumn look. You may want to try a temporary color that fades as the seasons change.

40. All-in-One Updo for Shorter Hair

Generating texture and thickness within braided hairstyles for short hair can be achieved by combining multiple small braids to create one large one. Mix twists and plaits and fasten them with a fragile ribbon.

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