Red balayage hair

1. Cinnamon Red Balayage

Is this your natural shade? Achieve that warm, autumn leaves feel with a perfect blend of rustic copper and subtle light balayage. The 75% gold and 25% copper mix creates the ideal natural redhead mystery without revealing the secret.

Consider it for: Fair or neutral-toned individuals. Avoid if: You have a darker skin tone or deep brown eyes.

2. Cherry Copper Balayage

Derived from a natural dark Asian hair color, this cherry copper seamlessly complements soft skin tones. Maintain a natural root for easier growth, with equal parts copper and red at the ends. The result? A captivating blend that keeps them guessing.

Consider it for: Olive or dark-skinned individuals. Avoid if: You seek low-maintenance or are naturally blonde.

3. Fiery Copper Red Balayage

A deep auburn red, accented with pops of fiery orange copper balayage, offers the perfect fall fusion, adding warmth and vibrancy to darker hair. For the ideal look, pair it with long waves and copper highlights.

Consider it for: Those torn between vibrant and natural red. Avoid if: You prefer straight hair consistently.

4. Peachy Copper and Soft Face Frame

This gentle peachy copper tone suits pale skin and provides blondes an entry into the world of copper. Face-framing highlights, slightly lighter than the overall color, add an extra touch to this red balayage.

Consider it for: Blondes exploring copper or those seeking low-commitment color. Avoid if: You have dark brown or black hair.

5. Burnt Copper with Highlights and Lowlights

Delicious burnt copper, infused with highlights two shades lighter and lowlights a shade darker, creates depth and dimension. Achieve a vibrant, rich color showcased with bouncy waves.

Consider it for: Green-eyed individuals seeking regular touch-ups. Avoid if: Low-maintenance hair color is a priority.

6. Sleek Violet Red with Copperlights

Experience the ‘look twice’ effect with ultra-sleek, rich berry violet and blended copper highlights. Mixing cool and warm tones in this red balayage enhances the look, especially for darker skin tones and eyes.

Consider it for: Dark skin, dark eyes, and healthy hair. Avoid if: You have a pale, pinky complexion, or blue eyes.

7. Colden Apricot Balayage

Luxurious apricot balayage with tousled waves and golden honey highlights offers a sophisticated edge. Experiment with highlights throughout seasons to prevent hair boredom.

Consider it for: Warming up blonde tones for fall. Avoid if: You have a darker and cooler complexion.

8. Dark Plum and Auburn Balayage

Glamorous waves on long, thick hair showcase rich auburn pieces against dark roots, creating a dreamy red brunette. Achieve the perfect balance of depth and tone to revitalize your brunette for winter.

Consider it for: Brunettes seeking a lively change. Avoid if: Your hair is very fine, risking the loss of red hues.

9. Soft Natural Colden Ginger

For a natural ginger look, opt for this copper-caramel balayage. The balayage technique, combined with a natural gold and copper mix, achieves a seamless blend from root to tip.

Consider it for: Light brown hair, seeking a natural look with a soft grow-out. Avoid if: You have dark hair and dark eyes.

10. Gingersnap Copper with Natural Roots

This rich, light copper balayage is perfect for the pumpkin spice season, enhancing blue eyes. Maintain depth at the root for a natural transition to light ends, suitable for all hair lengths.

Consider it for: Pale or neutral skin, blue eyes, and a natural look. Avoid if: You plan to return to blonde hair soon.

11. Cherry Red Balayage

For an adventurous red, embrace cherry red with violet undertones and a deep crimson root. This vibrant hue steals looks, whether styled with soft waves or sleek and straight.

Consider it for: Those seeking a vibrant, fun red balayage. Avoid if: You prioritize low-maintenance color.

12. Red Roots and Lighter Balayage Ends

Red roots transitioning into light ends require commitment and maintenance for optimal results. This edgy and playful color suits finer hair types, adding the illusion of thickness.

Consider it for: Individuals committed to regular root touch-ups. Avoid if: You prefer a seamless grow-out.

13. Copper Red with Bold Gold Face Frames

Not all red balayage needs a full head application. This face frame balayage adds interest, especially for lighter skin tones and blondes transitioning to red.

Consider it for: Updating an all-over color. Avoid if: You have dark hair and eyes.

14. Candy Cane Red Balayage

For a festive look, consider this true red perfect for winter. Tamed with darker roots, it maintains vividness while allowing a natural grow-out.

Consider it for: Those wanting a head-turning, fun color. Avoid if: You prefer subtle highlights.

15. Ruby Copper Balayage

Mixing orange and red copper, this ruby balayage with dark pieces throughout creates a sexy, envy-inducing look. Ideal for those with dark hair and eyes.

Consider it for: Dark hair and dark eyes. Avoid if: Very pale or with blue-gray eyes.

16. Toasted Chestnut Natural Balayage

Perfect for lighter brunette hair, this auburn red balayage combines cinnamon brown and soft auburn copper for a naturally toasted hue. Finish with silky smooth glam waves.

Consider it for: Those desiring a super natural look. Avoid if: You seek a major change.

17. Vibrant Toasted Orange Copper Red Balayage

Ideal for neutral and olive skin tones, this orange-based copper creates a daring yet classy combination. Add beachy waves for a year-round stylish look.

Consider it for: Olive skin, green eyes, and a desire to stand out. Avoid if: You shy away from attention.

18. Rich Wine Red Balayage

A lighter red velvet mix against a deep red backdrop creates an enticing burgundy balayage. Suitable for any skin tone, offering intense shine and luminosity.

Consider it for: Dark hair, skin, and eyes, or those seeking low-maintenance red shades. Avoid if: Warm-toned.

19. Strawberry Blonde and Copper Red

Golden blonde highlights in this strawberry copper add texture and lightness, perfect for green and blue-eyed individuals with a fair complexion.

Consider it for: Blue and green-eyed individuals, naturally fair with medium to thick hair. Avoid if: Yellow undertones in your skin; dark or gray eyes.

How can I achieve a fiery red hair color like the ones in the hairstyles article?

Achieving fiery red hairstyles like the ones in the article requires bleaching if you have dark hair. It’s best to consult a professional stylist to avoid damaging your hair. Once bleached, choose a vibrant red dye and follow the instructions carefully for a striking fiery red hair color.

20. Deep Crimson Balayage Bob

A black root into a deep red tone with violet hues creates a striking contrast, especially suited for cool-toned, extroverted individuals with darker base shades.

Consider it for: Cool-toned, extroverted individuals with darker shades of the base color. Avoid if: This shade may wash out pale skin.

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