red hair color

1. Bright Copper

Achieve a daring and classic style by opting for this rich, vibrant red hair shade. Perfect for those with green eyes, this stunning red hue looks especially captivating on long locks.

Rich Copper Red

2. Cinnamon Waves

For a more natural appearance, consider embracing cinnamon hair. This light auburn shade, complemented by darker auburn lowlights and light copper highlights, pairs beautifully with textured waves and curtain bangs.

Dimensional Cinnamon Hair Color

3. Dark Brown Red

Steal the spotlight with this striking dark red hue that seamlessly transitions from dark roots to brighter red tones. A side part and glamorous Hollywood waves complement this eye-catching cherry red hair.

Cherrywood Hair

4. Strawberry Blonde

A timeless option, strawberry blonde is an excellent choice for those with fair skin tones. Enhance the look with messy 80’s-inspired shag and short chopped bangs for a cool and trendy vibe.

Strawberry Blonde Shag

5. Golden Blonde Highlights

Liven up your natural red hair with blonde highlights to accentuate and add a soft glow to your locks. Golden highlights seamlessly enhance your natural shade for a standout appearance.

Ginger Hair with Blonde Highlights

6. Deep Auburn Hair

Upgrade your dark brown hair with a chic deep red hue, perfect for brunettes. Loose textured waves add a touch of sophistication to this classy dark red hair.

Dark Auburn Shade for Olive Skin

7. Jaw-Dropping Red Balayage

Capture attention with a combination of rosewood red and bright copper tones in this jaw-dropping red balayage. Inspired by October vibes, this lush red blend ensures a head-turning look year-round.

Pumpkin Spice Hair Color

8. Perfect Melt

Opt for shadow roots smoothly transitioning to lighter strawberry blonde ends for a trendy, low-maintenance style. Ideal for natural redheads looking for a fresh and stylish update.

Natural Red Hair Color Melt

9. Burgundy Red Pixie

Dye your pixie cut a vibrant burgundy red for a daring and eye-catching look, especially flattering for those with warm complexions.

Short Burgundy Red Hair

10. Light Red Curly Hair

The perfect pairing of coppery golden hair and bouncy curls. Multiple tones of light copper add dimension and enhance the volume of curly locks, complementing pale skin with peachy pink undertones.

Light Copper Curly Hair

11. Deep Red Hair Color

Mesmerize with this beautiful dark red hair! A rich copper color is the right shade for ladies with medium skin tones.

12. Ginger Highlights

Add extra dimension to dark brown hair with playful ginger highlights, a sun-kissed effect perfect for those with dark skin tones.

13. Bright Copper

Turn heads with a lush, juicy shade of copper that complements fair to medium skin tones. Ensure proper maintenance for long-lasting brightness.

14. Dark Red Medium-Length Hair

Give your dark hair a glamorous edge by dyeing it deep red wine. Deeper red lowlights provide depth, while lighter red highlights add volume.

15. Dark Brown Hair with a Touch of Red

A deep auburn hue with a hint of red, curtain bangs, messy waves, and tousled ends create a cool and trendy look.

16. Hollywood Babe

Natural red hair never goes out of fashion. Accentuate its beauty with a classy wavy hairstyle featuring a side part for a regal appearance.

17. Caramel Highlights on Auburn Hair

Enhance auburn hair with ginger and caramel highlights for a spicy twist, perfect for elevating your brown locks.

18. Rich Auburn Balayage

If you love chocolate shades, add a touch of sophistication with light auburn highlights for a different yet elegant look.

19. Ruby Red Ombre

Brighten your look with a blend of dark and ruby red ombre, ensuring you stand out from the crowd.

20. Vibrant Bob

An outstanding blunt bob is elevated with multiple fiery highlights, creating a red carpet-worthy vibe.

21. Auburn Chic

Intense auburn beautifully complements green eyes and neutral skin tones. Paired with a layered haircut, it accentuates porcelain skin and regular facial features.

22. Coppery Waves

Luscious long red hair, enhanced with multiple shades of red, looks gorgeous. Even if you don’t have long locks, extensions can achieve this stunning look.

23. Fire Engine Red

Make a bold statement with fire engine red, a mix of dark and bright reds, creating striking dimension and fullness with loose waves.

24. Copper Penny

A slightly muted copper shade, perfect for those easing into a red hair transformation. An excellent alternative for a gradual change.

25. Brightening Copper Highlights

Elevate your brunette tresses with light red highlights, creating a glossy wave effect for that red carpet allure.

26. Dark Merlot

Dark hair gets a touch of red with a transition from dark roots to wine red ends, adding allure to your locks.

27. Lovely Butterscotch

Inspired by a sweet candy, butterscotch offers a warm brown base with golden tones, creating a dimensional and soft appearance.

28. Medium Copper Bob

Freshen up your look with an awe-inspiring auburn bob, ensuring a trendy touch with a curtain fringe.

29. Red of the Reds

This rich, spicy red is captivating, perfectly suiting fair complexions and green eyes for a mesmerizing appearance.

30. Dark Auburn Shag

Opt for dark auburn when considering brown hair color, a richer and more intense choice for warm skin tones.

31. Burgundy Brown

Ideal for pale complexions, the mix of strawberry and rose colors adds warmth and works well in conservative environments.

32. Full and Flirty

Embrace the class and elegance of natural red hair with a wavy hairstyle and a side part, inspired by the timeless Julianne Moore.

33. Bangs and Highlights

Achieve the casual chic “French girl style” with tousled bed head and mysterious bangs, framing the face for an instantly classy look.

34. Sassy Layered Style

Add body to thin hair without big curls by flipping out the ends, especially effective for medium-length hair with layers and long face-framing options.

35. Crimping It

Revive the crimping trend with loose S-shaped waves in a copper color, a modern version of a retro hairdo that complements round faces.

36. Ginger Shade Of Red Hair

The popularity of ginger red continues to grow, offering a cute hue without the need for permanent dyes. Take inspiration from Marcia Cross for a bright ginger red look.

37. Amber Shade

Jessica Chastain’s choice of the amber red tone beautifully sets off hazel or blue eyes, offering a versatile match for various makeup and outfit choices.

38. Cinnamon Red

Ideal for those with green or gray eyes and

a peach skin undertone, cinnamon red exudes femininity. Visualize the result with Emma Stone’s light waves and exclusive hair color.

39. Chocolate Red

Drew Barrymore’s mix of chocolate and red hair shades attracts attention, revealing sophisticated hues that showcase good taste and style.

Is Red Hair Color Permanent or Semi-Permanent?

When it comes to choosing the right shade of red hair color, it’s important to consider whether it’s permanent or semi-permanent. Permanent red dye penetrates the hair shaft and lasts longer, while semi-permanent color only coats the hair and gradually washes out. It’s important to consider your desired level of commitment.

40. Mind-Blowing Tangerine Shade

For an eccentric and confident look, embrace the flamboyance of tangerine hair color. Christina Hendricks showcases the fabulous effects with messy curls and a light lift at the roots.

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