face framing highlights

1. Long Brown Hair with Dark Blonde Face Framing

Chunky honey-blonde highlights that cascade along the sides of the face offer a creative touch to accentuate the eyes and mouth areas. The almond brown base color is elevated with hints of gold, creating a captivating shimmer under the light.

Ash Blonde Face Framing Highlights

2. Collarbone Choppy Blonde Bob

Enhanced by face-framing blonde highlights and transitional spicy hues, the center-parted choppy bob becomes a striking statement. Fun and youthful, this hairstyle beautifully highlights your cheekbones.

Angled Choppy Bronde Balayage Bob

3. Waist-Length Messy Brown Waves

Revitalize long, lackluster tresses with face-framing highlights on dark hair. Walnut brown tones flow through the midsection to the ends, elegantly outlining your facial features.

Long Brunette Hair with Caramel Balayage

4. Choppy Brown Lob with Caramel Highlights

Sassy and sensual, this middle-parted, shoulder-length lob complements blue eyes and prominent cheekbones with warm blonde highlights. It sets the stage for showcasing your delicate facial features.

Shoulder Length Choppy Brown Cut with Highlights

5. Long Wavy Honey Balayage Hair

To brighten a pale complexion, consider sun-kissed-blonde face-framing highlights on brown hair. The slightly messy waves add body and volume without overwhelming your look.

Warm Bronde Balayage with Face Framing Highlights

6. Dark Brown Cut with Subtle Blonde Highlights

A sleek and sultry appearance is achieved with the faintest touch of blonde highlights on mahogany-brown hair. Off-center parting and long feathered sides provide a picture-perfect backdrop for gorgeous chocolate waves.

Black Brown Balayage Hair

7. Rusty Blonde Balayage Waves for Dark Hair

Long, tousled waves upgraded with rusty blonde balayage give a youthful and carefree appearance. The lightest pieces near the face create a natural effect, making it an excellent choice for coarse, wavy hair.

Golden Brown Balayage for Long Hair

8. Long Hair with Ash Blonde Balayage

Modernize long dark brown hair with lavender-tinted ash blonde face-framing highlights. A side part and a sweeping peek-a-boo bang draw attention to the chin and lips, emphasizing the lower part of the face.

Subtle Ash Brown Balayage

9. Wavy Dark Brown and Blonde Balayage Hairstyle

Rich brown base color with soft blonde balayage frames a narrow face beautifully. Waves cascade around the shoulders, creating a sporty and trendy look that can take years off your appearance.

Caramel Bronde Balayage Hair

10. Honey Bronde Waves

Delicate honey-bronde tendrils curl along the face and neck, with overgrown bangs that reach below the chin, creating a narrowing effect. This versatile hairstyle showcases super-long locks.

Soft Caramel Balayage Long Hair

11. Tousled Medium Bronde Bob

Face-framing balayage and side-parted bangs that graze the chin enhance the texture of this straight hair bob. Light blonde highlights add depth to this tousled and pretty look.

12. Long Wavy Walnut Brown Tresses

Walnut brown highlights on brunette hair frame the face symmetrically. Waves tumble down the shoulders, brightening the complexion and enhancing the eyes. Choppy, textured ends give the hairstyle a casual and relaxed vibe.

13. Brown Lob with Partial Highlights for Straight Hair

Thick and bouncy hair flatters universally. A shoulder-length lob, slightly shorter in the back, adorned with a hint of blonde highlights, enhances your individual style.

14. Straight Hair with Ash Blonde Balayage

Super-straight hair naturally commands attention. Bright blonde highlights around the face draw focus to your facial features and lovely smile.

15. Top-Knot for Brown Hair with Toffee Highlights

A playful topknot with face-framing tendrils adds fun and fashion to long brown hair. Thick toffee-tinted waves and a loosely-wound bun provide just the right amount of height and body.

16. Sleek Ash Bronde Hair

Ash bronde tendrils, long choppy layers, and an off-center part frame and define your facial features. Sleek waves at the jawline enhance the contours of your face.

17. Angled Black Brown Lob with Caramel Highlights

Boldly angled haircuts often draw attention away from the face. Strong highlights around the face ensure your beautiful features are not lost behind the hairstyle.

18. Messy Waves with Creamy Blonde Highlights

Strategically placed highlighting foils create a natural distribution of lightened pieces, emphasizing the face. Long, carefree waves exude luxury and femininity.

19. Beachy Blonde Rock and Roll

This shaggy tomboy haircut gives the impression of being ready to break into a guitar solo. It features a middle part and pretty bleached highlights. The choppy locks gracefully curl around the face and neck.

Can Face Framing Highlights Work for Dark Brown Hair?

Yes, face framing highlights can absolutely work for trendy dark brown hair highlights. Adding lighter shades around the face can create dimension and depth, enhancing the natural beauty of dark brown hair. Consult with a professional to determine the best placement and shade for a flattering result.

20. Brown Barbie-Style Hair

Subtle face-framing highlights on dark hair transform straight, brown strands. Thin ash brown streaks revitalize the hair, outlining the face as they extend to the lower half of the hair.

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