40 Chic Peek a Boo Highlights for a Subtle Yet Striking Look

Purple Highlights for Blondes

Enhance your platinum blonde hair with subtle purple peekaboo highlights. Delicately dispersed throughout your hair, these thin highlights strike the perfect balance between day and night, offering a playful yet elegant look.

blonde bob with purple peek a boo highlights

Chunky Electric Blue Highlights

Infuse an edge into your hairstyle with chunky electric blue peekaboo highlights. This bold choice adds a unique touch, bringing out your inner mermaid and ensuring you stand out with confidence.

black hair with blue peek a boo highlights

Blonde Highlights for Redheads

Embrace the best of both worlds by adding blonde peekaboo highlights to your fiery red hair. This daring look not only lets you play with contrasting hues but also aligns with the e-girl hair trend, allowing you to enjoy the best of both hair colors.

copper red hair with blonde peek a boo highlights

Two-Toned Layered Hair

Ready for a bold change? Introduce purple peekaboo highlights to the bottom layer of your hair, showcasing your fun and choppy layers. This daring look will undoubtedly draw compliments for its unique and playful appeal.

medium blonde layered hairstyle with lavender peek a boo highlights

Peeking Lowlights for Fair Hair

Elevate your fair hair with a touch of sass by incorporating lowlights throughout your layers. This bold move creates a whole new, badass version of you while seamlessly blending with your natural color.

ash blonde hair with black lowlights

Blonde Peekaboo Highlights

Maintain your dark hair while enjoying the fun of being a blonde with peekaboo highlights. The key lies in strategic foil placement, starting the color around the middle of the head to achieve the perfect peekaboo effect.

Black Hair With Blonde Highlights

Purple Peekaboo Bob

Dive into the trend of intense hair colors with purple peekaboo highlights. This creative choice allows you to experiment without fully committing to a bold color change, especially when paired with a stylish shaggy bob.

Two Tone Blonde And Lavender Bob

Rainbow Peekaboo Highlights

Make a bold statement with rainbow peekaboo highlights, showcasing intense varying shades. The peekaboo technique tones down the overall dramatic style, offering a playful and eye-catching flair to any cut or color.

Brown Hair With Multi Colored Highlights

Dark Hair with Magenta Highlights

Indulge in the “chocolate and cherry” allure by adding magenta peekaboo highlights to your dark hair. This delicious combination transforms intense dark brown into a more playful and vibrant style.

Black Bob With Burgundy Peek A Boo Highlights

Purple Lowlights with Silver Hair

Elevate your chic silver hair by introducing pastel purple peekaboo lowlights. The touch of purple tips adds an eye-catching flair to this elegant and sophisticated style.

Gray Hair With Pastel Purple Highlights

Peacock Feather Peekaboo Highlights

Embrace a one-of-a-kind statement piece with peacock feather-inspired peekaboo highlights. Whether opting for a gradual ombre or tapered design, let your creativity shine through with this unique and inspired look.

Hidden Pastel Peekaboo Highlights

Keep your quirky side under wraps or expose it with hidden pastel peekaboo highlights. The choice between a seamless blend with lighter hair or a bold contrast with dark hair allows for a personalized and liberating style.

Pink Hair with Blue Lowlights

Transform your classic cut into an edgy and unique style with a peekaboo hair color of your choice. Whether you have a thin texture or not, the addition of blue peekaboo highlights complements most shades, offering a playful twist.

Peekaboo Panel Highlights

Opt for a panel technique that creates a waterfall-like look to the color. This peekaboo style allows for creativity as the colors may appear different depending on your daily styling. Collaborate with your stylist to choose a color combination that pops against your base color.

Chic Bob with Peekaboo Color

Elevate your bob haircut with a chic color combination like platinum with peekaboo rose gold. This unexpected duo transforms your style from ordinary to runway-ready, ensuring you stand out with sophistication.

Chocolate and Caramel Peekaboo Hair

Combine chocolate and caramel hues for a swirled blend in your hair. The subtle contrast from peekaboo highlights adds dimension to the style, especially when finished with curls to showcase the colors.

Barely There Purple Highlights

Achieve a subtle metallic sheen with thin, strategically spaced purple highlights on dark hair. This unique approach to peekaboo highlights ensures a sophisticated and subdued pop of color.

Just the Tips Peekaboo Highlights

Accentuate layered styles with peekaboo highlights to showcase different lengths. Pink and purple highlights in this case draw attention to the bottom layers, adding thickness and flair to the hair.

Auburn Hair with Blonde Highlights

Set off your gorgeous auburn color with blonde peekaboo highlights. The contrast between the lighter shade shimmering through the top and becoming more pronounced at the bottom creates a bold statement, even with a basic cut.

Blonde with Red Peekaboo Hair

Transform a seemingly safe hairstyle into a dramatic choice with a bold red panel exposed underneath. Whether hidden or proudly displayed, this peekaboo look adds an unexpected twist to your style.

Chunky Blue Peekaboo Highlights

Opt for chunky highlights for a less natural vibe, especially with a cool color like tiffany blue. Enhance the playful contrast by using a bright shade against dark hair, creating a vibrant and eye-catching appearance.

Thin Purple Peekaboo Highlights

Choose wispy, thin purple highlights for a more subdued approach to peekaboo hair. Adjust the intensity to your base color for a low-contrast dye job that adds a touch of color without being too attention-grabbing.

Short Blonde Hair with Lowlights

Experiment with various shades of high- or lowlights on blonde hair. Lighter colors provide a playful or ethereal feel, while darker shades, like deep pink peekaboo lowlights, create a more moody and contrasting style.

Brown Bob with Red Highlights

Flatter deep brown and black hair with maroon red highlights. Accentuate the middle layers of the hair to create a sandwich effect, adding movement and dimension to your style.

Subtle Rose Gold Peekaboo Highlights

Keep it trendy with subtle rose gold peekaboo highlights. The lower placement draws attention to the ends of the hair, creating the illusion of longer and fuller locks. Opt for a low contrast to maintain a natural flow.

Subtle Purple Highlights

Add a splash of color while maintaining a tame look with thin and subtle purple peekaboo highlights. Achieve the perfect balance for a touch of fun without overwhelming your overall style.

Multi-Colored Plait

Showcase your new highlights with an intricate braided hairstyle. Not only does it look gorgeous, but it also beautifully displays the colors of your peekaboo highlights.

Canary Yellow Highlights

Stand out with canary yellow highlights on caramel-colored or light brown hair. This exciting choice ensures you become the boldest blonde at any gathering, adding a playful and vibrant element to your look.

Multi-Colored Highlights

Outdo everyone in the hairstyle game by adding a mixture of different colored peekaboo highlights. Whether black, blue, and red, this approach allows you to express your individuality with a dynamic and eye-catching style.

Subtle Highlights for Brunettes

Experience the subtlety of peekaboo highlights done right. Add a peek of blonde to make your curls pop, proving that simplicity doesn’t mean boring, especially when it comes to your hair.

Feathered Pixie with Bold Strands

Elevate your short hair with a feathered pixie style featuring bold strands of peekaboo highlights. This boss look adds an extra layer of boldness to your sassy short haircut.

Pink Peek-a-Boo Fringe

Frame your face with a touch of pink peekaboo highlights in the front, making your blue or grey eyes pop. This pretty-in-pink look adds a bangin’ element to your overall style.

Strawberry Blonde Style

Lighten up your copper red hair with a streak of strawberry blonde. Highlight this unique choice by pulling the colored pieces back in a half updo, creating an elegant, classy, and stunning appearance.

Black Peek a Boo Lowlights

Embrace the stunning contrast of dark red hair with slick, shiny black peekaboo lowlights. This fierce combination ensures you command attention with a mane that exudes confidence.

Burgundy Highlights for Blonde Hair

Heat things up with wine red peekaboo highlights at the ends of your bottom layers. The contrasting hue complements blonde hair, offering a wild and vibrant look. Add light blonde tones for an even more dynamic appearance.

Pink Highlights on Dark Hair

Create an eye-catching contrast by incorporating bright pink highlights on dark hair. Choose your favorite saturated hue for a party on top, business on the bottom look, making an updated statement with a classic style.

A Streak of Purple

Spice things up with a single patch of purple highlights, creating a daring and appealing look. This concentrated burst of color adds a playful touch to your overall style.

Pink Enchantment on Blonde Locks

Personalize your brown blonde hair by including a bright and unnatural hue like flamingo pink. This adds an enchanting touch to the most popular hair color, ensuring your look stands out from the crowd.

Thin Black and Purple Highlights

Channel your inner rock star with thin black and purple highlights dispersed throughout your hair. This easy and original look introduces a splash of color that peeks out to make a bold statement.

What are the Benefits of Peek a Boo Highlights Compared to Silver Highlights for Hair?

Peek a boo highlights add a touch of dimension and contrast to your hair, while the silver highlights hairstyles illuminating hair with a cool, icy tone. Peek a boo highlights offer a subtle, versatile look, while silver highlights make a bold, modern statement. Both options can enhance your hairstyle in different ways.

Classy Golden Peek a Boo Highlights

Maintain a classy appearance with warm, caramel peekaboo highlights on dark hair. This smart choice mixes things up, proving that brunettes can have just as much fun as blondes with their locks.

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