Oval face haircuts

1. Choppy Long Bob

If you prefer a medium-length hairstyle, the long bob, or “lob,” is an excellent choice. This mid-length cut works well for those with thin hair, thanks to its choppy layers that add body to your strands. For an added touch of femininity, consider styling it with a sexy side sweep and experimenting with a soft ombre.

2. Wavy Medium-Length Hair

If you’re not ready for a super short haircut, you might want to consider a mid-length style with face-framing layers. This cut is incredibly versatile and complements all hair types and textures. You can enhance it with soft curls and blonde balayage to highlight your facial features.

3. Layered Lob for Oval Face

Growing out your short hair? The medium-length, loose wavy texture of the layered lob is perfect for oval faces. Achieving this look is as simple as applying a leave-in conditioner and blow-drying your damp hair using a round brush.

4. Short Messy Bob

This flattering chin-length bob is an excellent example of a messy hairstyle that adds an edgy flair to your overall style. The tousled texture highlights dimensional blonde tresses, bringing a flirty touch to your appearance.

5. Long Wavy Bronde Hair

Long hairstyles work beautifully with oval face shapes, especially when they feature natural waves. Parting the waves off-center adds interest to the style without making it look monotonous. Incorporating a few subtle layers provides visual appeal without going overboard.

6. Straight Cut for Oval Shaped Face

A blunt bob cut always complements an oval face shape. You can emphasize your sleek locks by adding copper highlights, giving your hairstyle an airy and vibrant look. Once you’ve tried such mid-length haircuts for oval faces, you may not want anything else for your locks.

7. Ruffled Pixie

The pixie haircut can be a bold choice for an oval face shape, but it’s truly worth it! The tousled pixie doesn’t overpower your face and makes a statement all on its own.

8. Wavy Hairstyle with Front Highlights

A long bob is undeniably one of the most flattering haircuts to try, especially when paired with loose, tousled waves and front highlights. A center part frames your face perfectly, while voluminous waves draw attention to your cheekbones.

9. Extra Long Curly Locks

If you have an oval face, you can afford extra volume all around. Those long, voluminous curls are truly stunning! Adding blonde highlights to your extra-long strands will leave everyone in awe of your posh look.

10. Chin-Length Bob

This side-parted chin-length cut suits most face shapes, particularly oval and round ones. Sweeping the bangs to the side accentuates your jawline, and adding dirty blonde balayage creates dimension in your hair color.

11. Bombshell Curls with Caramel Highlights

Want to bring out your inner femme fatale? Nothing makes you feel more like a woman than voluminous bombshell hair. Grab that big curling iron and get to work.

12. Ombre Hairstyle with Off-Center Parting

Thick wavy hairstyles with face-framing layers are perfect for enhancing long hair because you can create layers in various ways without sacrificing length. This haircut works wonders for oval-shaped faces by enhancing their natural beauty.

13. Mid-Length Cut with Curtain Fringe

With a layered bob like this, you can reduce the weight of your thick strands and highlight the eyes and cheekbones of your oval face. Extend the layers all the way down and add loose curls for a bouncy effect.

14. Bob with Deep Side Part

The beauty of this deep side part is its compatibility with long, medium, and short haircuts. With an oval face shape, the natural straight bob looks especially charming and girly!

15. Long Feathered Waves

We understand that short hair isn’t for everyone. Long hair allows for more styling options, whether up or down. In this style, feathered layering at the eye level creates a perfect harmony with an oval face.

16. Shiny Bob with Wavy Texture

With sleek, flattering haircuts like these for oval faces, you’ll look like a red carpet celebrity. The polished curls are perfect for a date night, but they can also be worn for any occasion since they’re easy to style with a curling iron and finishing spray.

17. Wavy Hair for Oval Face Shape

Curtain bangs work wonderfully for an oval face because they can be worn chic and sassy while framing your face or pinned out of the way during study or exercise. This medium cut is easy to manage, and the brown highlights add a touch of sophistication.

18. Long Flowy Style

The best hairstyles for oval faces frame your face without distracting from it, just like these charming long tresses. Use a large-barrel curling iron on the ends and run your fingers through them for a flowing finish.

19. Sexy Long Hairstyle with Layers

An oval face is perhaps the most versatile shape, making many haircuts potentially suitable. However, hairstylists often recommend paying attention to long haircuts. This long straight hair features soft, long layers, ensuring your hair remains full and vibrant. Blonde balayage adds extra volume.

20. Long Layered Hair for Oval Face

Imagine how stunning this shadow-rooted blonde cut with a middle part will look on you! Layers of different lengths create extra volume, making your hair appear thicker, while framed highlights draw attention to your face.

21. Medium-Length Cut for Fine Hair

Take a look at this sexy wavy bob cut! Natural waves are perfect for oval faces. Create this gorgeous hairstyle by applying a texturizing spray to wet hair.

22. Angled Bob with Middle Part

Asymmetrical hairstyles are easy to style and add a contemporary touch. With an oval face, this natural straight bob looks especially charming and girly!

23. Sleek Long Bob

A sleek bob is classic and feminine, just like an oval face shape. If you want to update your classic look, consider adding a silver hue and some asymmetry for a fresh and stylish appearance.

24. Asymmetrical Choppy Bob

The delicate side-parted crop looks entirely modern and flattering. The messy styling with disconnected choppy ends is perfect for casual wear, while you can try the trendy wet hair look for special occasions.

25. Wavy Bob

While a straight bob looks sharp and bold, its wavy counterpart adds softness and femininity to your look. Keep those waves loose and shaggy at the ends for a touch of casual elegance.

26. Face-Framing Layers

This medium-to-long haircut adds interest and chic flair to straight hair. Layers starting at the chin provide options for curling, flipping, or creating updos whenever you want to change things up.

27. Wavy Balayage

Balayage has been a popular trend lately, and it’s easy to see why. This medium haircut with soft, melting colors and waves may require some maintenance but is well worth the effort.

28. Choppy

Bob Cut Short cuts complement oval faces well, offering a contemporary and sharp look. Subtle texturing in this bob adds volume near the temples, achieving a fuller appearance. Minimal styling adds an edgy vibe.

29. Short Layered Cut

For short-to-medium hair, adding plenty of layers instantly lifts the face and gives your locks a thicker appearance. Ask your stylist to feather the tips for a softer finish, and style loosely with texturizing cream.

30. Loose Medium Waves

Medium-length cuts shouldn’t be underestimated, as they can be some of the best choices for oval faces. Notice how the side-swept bangs and wavy layers beautifully frame the face, offering a great haircut idea for both thin and thick hair.

31. Pixie Cut with Dramatic Side Part

Pixie cuts are ideal for highlighting your facial bone structure. Carefully placed pieces emphasize your cheekbones and jawline. A deep side part adds a touch of sophistication while drawing attention to your eyes.

32. Messy Bedhead Layers

For an effortless, wash-and-go look, opt for styles with layers at longer lengths. Let the shortest layers frame your face, stopping around the chin. The longer layers can remain disconnected for a carefree look, perfect for those non-styled moments.

33. Long Classic Cut

You can never go wrong with a timeless haircut. Complement your oval-shaped face with a long cut featuring barely noticeable layers. Style it with simple loose curls for a polished and versatile appearance suitable for any occasion.

34. Medium Length with Subtle Layers

The best hairstyles for oval faces emphasize movement. If you have thicker hair and prefer fewer layers, that’s perfectly fine. Create body and texture with a wavy finish.

35. Dramatic Side-Swept Bangs

Bangs make a statement with any cut. For added drama without committing to full bangs, consider a deep side part with brushed-over bangs. Blow-dry this section across the forehead for a sassy style, or pin it away when desired.

36. Textured Bob with Layers

Short hairstyles offer plenty of options for oval faces. One of the favorites is a choppy bob with numerous layers and light bangs. The added texture gives off a rock and roll vibe while maintaining a polished finish.

37. Medium Cut with Textured Bangs

Medium-length hair is often seen as a transitional phase, but it’s an opportunity to try new styles. Textured bangs add drama to your locks without compromising growth progress.

38. Layered Short Cut

Medium and short haircuts can be as versatile as long ones when you choose the right style. This layered bob looks great styled straight or with loose waves. Experiment with part placement for variety.

39. Medium Layered Cut

Thin hair benefits from strategic layer placement in medium haircuts. Notice the fullness on the sides of the face, creating a voluminous style that’s slightly messy and perfectly imperfect.

40. Shoulder Length Casual Hairstyle

Shoulder length is an excellent transitional point when going from long to short haircuts. It offers a cute style without the maintenance of shorter cuts. Opt for fewer layers that can be styled or left natural on busy mornings.

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