Short Haircuts for Oval Faces

1. Short Bob Haircut for Oval Faces

An excellent short bob haircut enhances oval face shapes beautifully, giving the face added width through strategic cutting and styling. This cut’s adaptability means it can look great with or without bangs, catering to the natural versatility of the oval face.

2. Lived-In Short Hair with a Middle Part

This hairstyle is characterized by a casual, lived-in texture and a center parting, making it ideal for oval faces by promoting facial balance. The relaxed appearance and adaptability of this cut allow for various styling options to fit any occasion.

3. The Best Short Cut for Oval Faces Over 40

Ideal for oval-faced individuals, this short, sleek haircut exudes youthfulness and femininity, effectively enhancing volume and fullness in fine hair. Softly swept bangs highlight the eyes and cheekbones, making it a flattering choice for those over 40. Regular trims are advised to maintain the fresh look of this versatile cut, which benefits from products like Oribe’s Maximista Thickening Spray for volume and texture.

4. The Best Curly Hair for an Oval Face

A lip-length bob tailored for wavy hair introduces flexibility without the need for a defined part, allowing for dynamic styling. This low-maintenance, easy-to-style haircut is perfect for oval faces, achieving a striking look with minimal effort through the use of leave-in conditioners and sea salt sprays.

5. Short Wavy Hair for Oval Faced Women

Oval faces paired with wavy hair create a stunning and elegant style, especially with a neck-length bob and ombre coloring. This combination proves that simplicity can quickly transform into sophistication.

6. Short Pixie Bob for Straight Hair and Oval Faces

A grown-out or shaggy pixie cut offers versatility for oval faces, enabling styles that highlight facial features or embrace the trendy wet look. For those with thick hair, a razor cut adds softness and texture, emphasizing the ease of styling for oval shapes.

7. Cropped Cut for Long Oval Faces

Oval faces are perfectly complemented by various short hairstyles, such as spiky pixies or undercuts with side-swept bangs, which flatter longer facial proportions by adding strategic volume and texture.

8. Neck-Length Hair for Round Oval Faces

A wavy bob can accentuate the rounded characteristics of an oval face, with longer strands elongating the face for a harmonious, balanced appearance.

9. Medium Short Cut for an Oval Face

Medium short cuts with light waves are universally flattering for oval faces, creating an illusion of a slimmer face. This hairstyle is versatile, easily transitioning from day to night looks.

10. Short Inverted Bob for Thick Hair and Oval Faces

A textured, short A-line bob offers a polished or tousled look, achieved through slide-cutting and point-cutting techniques. This style is enhanced by natural waves, shaped by hand for a bespoke finish, emphasizing the ease of styling for oval faces.

11. Short Hair for Black Woman with an Oval Face

Black women with oval faces can explore a variety of hairstyles, benefiting from the versatility of their face shape and the beauty of their skin tone, allowing for endless style experimentation.

12. Short Haircut for Fine Hair and Oval Faces

A short haircut with 45° graduation offers volume and versatility, suitable for sleek or voluminous styles. The undercut and varied lengths cater to oval faces, emphasizing the adaptability of short cuts for fine hair.

13. Very Short Cut for Women Over 50 with an Oval Face

A feathered pixie with curtain bangs is an ideal choice for women over 50 with oval faces, offering a soft texture and framing the face beautifully. Products like Bumble and Bumble’s Thickening Spray enhance the hair’s body and style.

14. Super Short Cut for Plus Size Oval Faces

A modern pixie cut, crafted with barbering techniques, suits oval faces, requiring minimal styling. This androgynous and easy-to-manage haircut embodies simplicity and elegance, tailored to straight, fine, medium-density hair.

15. Short Pixie Cut

A layered short pixie cut adds dimension and height, making it a flattering option for oval faces. This style is characterized by its adaptability and ease of styling, suitable for adding an exciting twist to your look.

16. Sassy Haircut on Short Hair

A sassy pixie cut offers a dynamic and low-maintenance style for oval faces, with longer strands on top allowing for versatile styling. Easy manipulation is achieved with wax or cream-based products for a personalized look.

17. Jaw-Length Bob for Oval Faces

A jaw-length bob with layers enhances wavy textures, offering an easy-to-style and manage option for oval faces. This cut features an undercut for a more pronounced shape without creating harsh angles, ideal for showcasing natural hair texture.


Short Bob Cut with Bangs
A short bob with bangs presents a charming style for women with oval faces, inspired by modern French fashion. This cut is perfect for straight hair needing texture and volume, demonstrating the versatility of short hairstyles for oval shapes.

19. Short Blonde Hair

Short blonde hairstyles offer a sophisticated look with low maintenance, suitable for oval faces. The shadow-rooted blonde color and mid-part complement oval shapes, requiring regular trims to maintain the style.

20. Short Layered Haircut for Over 60

A short, layered “shattered bob” is a treasure for women over 60 with fine, straight hair and oval faces. This sassy, fine-textured cut is easy to style, proving the appeal of short haircuts for older women.

21. The Pompadour Short Cut

The pompadour short cut exudes confidence and allure, ideal for oval faces and petite features. This edgy style is maintained with matte paste, offering a bold, mohawk-inspired look that is versatile and fun to style.

22. Medium to Short Cut for Fat Oval Faces

For fuller oval faces, a medium to short cut with a side part enhances the face’s natural angles. This style, highlighted with a platinum blonde shade, offers a glamorous finish while flattering rounder face shapes.

23. Chin-Length Haircut For Thin Hair

A chin-length cut with a side part creates volume for thin hair, making it appear fuller. This style is especially flattering for round and oval faces, offering a balanced look that can subtly conceal facial symmetry.

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