round face haircuts medium

1. Medium Pastel Pink Bob

The standout feature of this hairstyle is its pink hue, complemented by an attractive angled bob. The style incorporates a voluminous side sweep to highlight the layered graduation and their razor-edged, jagged finishes. The beauty of straight, layered hair is exemplified in this look.

2. Wavy Hairstyle for Round Face

Haircuts for round faces benefit from vertical and diagonal lines, which are achieved with longer hair lengths. This particular style leans towards the longer side of medium-length cuts, making it an ideal option for those hesitant about cutting too much hair. It also helps in creating a more elongated facial appearance rather than a round one.

3. Medium Cut with Feathered Face-Framing Layers

This haircut features layers that frame the face and are styled forward, narrowing the round face and elongating the neck. Complementing the cut with long curtain bangs adds more charm. This haircut introduces the necessary sharpness to soften fuller facial features.

4. Two-Tone Wavy Bob

The transformative power of a good hairstyle is undeniable, and color plays a significant role in this transformation. The dye job in this style aids in elongating the face, eliminating the need for contouring makeup thanks to its exceptional quality.

5. Soft Medium Length Waves

For medium hairstyles suited to round faces, experimenting with different hair textures is encouraged. The ideal cuts are those that enhance the face while allowing the natural hair texture to shine through. A chin-length cut may cause waves to appear overly voluminous on the sides for round faces, but a longer cut ensures a flattering, confident look.

6. Straight Blonde Bob

Contrary to what some may believe, a bit of teasing in this stylish bob does not widen the appearance of a round face. Instead, it achieves an elongated look through root lifting, color gradient, and straight strands that frame the face, extending below the chin.

7. Shaggy Comb-Over Lob

This shoulder-length hairstyle, perfect for round faces, features a casual comb-over that touches the collarbone. Its playful, windblown texture and undefined parting give off an adventurous vibe, as if ready for a ride in a convertible. The combination of milk-chocolate color with bright blonde highlights adds a beachy feel, suitable even in colder months.

8. Long to Medium Hair Cut Makeover

Transitioning from long to medium hair can elevate style and draw attention. For a voluminous, textured look, opt for wispy bangs and shorter layers, adding a playful and cheeky demeanor to your overall appearance.

9. Blonde Bob with Wispy Bangs

A bob cut is particularly flattering for those with thin hair and round faces. The straight hair elegantly frames the face without overwhelming it. A natural-looking platinum blonde shade runs through the length of this super-straight bob, softened by a delicate, thin fringe, enhancing femininity.

10. Medium Wavy Hair with Honey Highlights

Medium-length cuts are particularly flattering for round faces, offering a slimming effect. Soft waves, feathered or sliced ends, and the addition of honey highlights can transform your style into an eye-catching look.

11. Messy Choppy Hairstyle for Longer Hair

For those exploring medium-length options for round faces, consider a choppy, textured style. The choppy angles and large waves give the illusion of longer hair, while the gradual balayage leading to bright blonde tips adds to the elongated effect.

12. Brown Bob with Subtle Lavender Face-Framing

Slightly shorter than shoulder length, this brown bob is anything but ordinary. The subtle lavender highlights in the angled front pieces and bangs draw attention to the eyes and smile, making it an excellent choice for highlighting facial features.

13. Blonde Medium Length Waves

To minimize the prominence of cheeks in a round face, opt for a hairstyle that shifts focus to another facial feature. Long, tousled waves narrow the cheeks and direct attention towards the lips.

14. Long Bob with Blunt Ends

This hairstyle, featuring blonde wavy hair parted in the middle, is an ideal choice for those with round faces. The crown is teased to make the face appear longer, and the loose curls balance the overall look. Choose feathery or blunt ends, or incorporate side bangs for variation.

15. Purple Bob

Ladies with round faces should consider trying a bob cut at least once. To replicate this style, request a medium-length angled bob from your hairstylist. For an added edge, consider a black to magenta ombre.

16. Cute Black Bob with Choppy Ends

Among our favorite haircuts for round faces is this jet-black bob with a sharp side part. The angled cut creates a single long wave that narrows and feminizes the lower part of the face, swooping in at the jawline.

17. Inverted Shaggy Brunette Bob

This shaggy, dark-brown bob features wispy, hidden waves that perfectly frame the face. The cut’s collarbone length, angled styling, stacked layers, and curvy side-swept bangs excellently complement and enhance facial features.

18. Deep Side Part Medium Haircut for a Round Face

Boost your charm and confidence with this medium haircut, perfect for any party or event. Embrace curling your locks and styling a deep side part for a look that covers chubby cheeks and accentuates your best facial features.

19. Medium Disheveled Hairstyle with Subtle Highlights

The disheveled lob is a timeless choice for medium hairstyles that flatter round faces. Its side-parted, uneven length, and tousled appearance complement fuller faces without being dull, enhanced by rusty copper babylights for added interest.

20. Gray Bob for a Round Face

Bangs can significantly alter the perception of a round face, reducing its width and bringing focus to the eyes. Opting for a trendy hair color can further elevate your favorite flattering cut.

21. Chic Red Medium Cut with Peek-a-Bangs

This haircut stands out as a highly flattering choice for those with round faces, offering a chic and versatile straight style. Add an element of mystery with trendy peek-a-bangs to this elegant look.

22. Brunette Hairstyle with Curtain Bangs

This wavy black haircut with curtain bangs is a top choice for medium-length styles suitable for round faces. The chunky layers curl softly around the face, emphasizing the cheekbones and eyes while covering fuller cheeks, creating a symmetrical and visually elongating effect.

23. Classy Layered Haircut for Brunettes

A soft layered haircut starting below the chin is highly effective for round faces, as demonstrated by Catherine Zeta-Jones. For added shine, slightly curl the ends with a round brush during blow-drying and apply a shine solution to your exquisite brunette locks.

24. Disheveled Wavy Hair with Highlights

Achieve a youthful, girlish look with this medium-length bob, enhanced by stylish blonde highlights for a bedhead effect. This low-maintenance hairstyle shines when scrunching and finger-combing are applied.

25. Blunt Cut Medium Haircut for Round Face

Bella Heathcote’s round face shape becomes an asset with this simple yet striking haircut featuring blunt ends and extra short diagonal bangs. The style is particularly effective in free-flowing looks with straight locks framing the face, benefiting from vertical and diagonal lines.

26. Medium-to-Long Wavy Layered Hairstyle

This long layered hairstyle extends beyond the shoulder, elongating the round face shape. The effortless center-part and white-blonde highlights beautifully frame the face, drawing attention to a captivating gaze. It’s a classic look worthy of a Hollywood icon.

27. Subtly Highlighted Shaggy Brunette Lob

The shaggy lob is a sleek choice for fine hair, emphasizing natural waves with choppy layers. A center part allows the curtain bangs to blend seamlessly into the length, enhancing the elongating effect of the hairstyle.

28. Delicate Shoulder-Grazing Shag

For a round face, a shag haircut offers a carefree, edgy look that stands out from overly neat styles. Shoulder-grazing loose waves provide an easy, scrunchable style for an everyday tousled appearance.

29. Cute Shaggy Lob for Round Faces

A shaggy lob with a slightly off-center part adds flair and style, featuring black waves with copper tips. This easy-to-maintain haircut is perfect for fine hair that needs a boost throughout the day, with layered waves adding volume.

30. Shaggy Chocolate Brown Combover Bob

This shoulder-length bob sharpens the features of a round face with its straight, finely chopped, and shaggy texture. The casual combover and slight waviness enhance your best features, providing a structured frame for the face.

31. Shaggy Shoulder-Length Bob with Side Bangs

Medium haircuts that balance the appearance of chubby faces benefit from textured layers and dramatic side-swept bangs. Tousled layers or messy waves in catchy blonde styles create an elongated silhouette.

32. Medium Length Wispy Hair

For those with thin hair and a round face, a sharp, edgy cut can counterbalance facial roundness. Uneven bangs complement the tousled appearance of this charming shag, adding edge and style.

33. Curly Bob

An angled bob at medium length is a versatile choice that complements all facial structures and works well with various hair textures. Ideal for those seeking a low-maintenance, natural curly look, this hairstyle is a must-remember.

34. Medium Wavy Hair with Babylights

Looking to elongate a round face? Schedule a visit to your stylist for this stunning layered cut that highlights your natural beauty. By blow-drying the layers outward, you can shift focus from fuller cheeks. Adding babylights enhances the depth and texture of your hair color.

35. Asymmetrical Bob

Have you considered the impact of changing your hair part? A simple adjustment can transform your appearance without the need for cuts, styling, or products. Opting for a deep side part can be an effortlessly chic choice for those with round faces.

36. Purple Balayage for Medium Length Hair

This balayage technique offers a dimensional look that makes the base color appear deeper than it is. With the hair framing your face and covering its sides, it lends a slimmer and more extended facial appearance.

37. Medium Textured Blonde Hairdo

Contrary to popular belief, simplicity can outshine complexity in haircuts for round faces. This shaggy, textured style proves just that, offering a flattering and striking look with its layers and natural ease.

38. Symmetric Bob with Point Cut Ends

Ginnifer Goodwin has showcased a variety of haircuts, transitioning beautifully from mid-length bobs to pixie styles. Her chin-length bob with pointed ends is particularly suited for those with fine hair and round faces, demonstrating her willingness to explore different looks.

39. Razored Shag Haircut with Straight Bangs

While straight horizontal bangs are typically advised against for round faces, Kara Tointon defies convention with her shaggy, razored cut and jagged bangs. This style proves to be a refreshing choice for her, reminding us that there are always exceptions to the rules. The cut’s silhouette, finish, and texture play pivotal roles in its appeal.

40. Shaggy Haircut with See-Through Bangs

For round faces, a medium-length hairstyle with bangs can be very flattering. The layered cut extends the face, while feathered bangs bring attention to the eyes. Achieve a wavy, tousled look with a curling iron to add dimension to a vibrant copper color.

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