Bangs for Face Shapes

1. Wispy Bangs

For those desiring a subtle change without a dramatic overhaul, opting for soft and straight wispy bangs is an excellent choice. This style particularly complements individuals with more angular features.

Wispy Bangs

2. Textured Bangs

In the past decade, choppy and textured bangs have gained popularity for their edgy and stylish appeal. Their versatility allows them to suit a wide range of hair types and cuts.

Textured Bangs

3. Side Swept Bangs

Depending on the cut or styling, side swept bangs can beautifully frame any face shape and effortlessly complement various hairstyles.

Side Swept Bangs

Bangs for a Round Face

If your face has a round shape characterized by a shortened length, wide cheekbones, and a rounded jawline, consider hairstyles that create the illusion of more structure. Explore the following options.

Feathered Bangs

Unlike straight bangs that accentuate roundness, feathered and side-swept bangs provide a framing effect, elongating facial features.

Feathered Bangs

Micro Bangs

Achieve the illusion of length with micro bangs, a perfect match for a pixie cut or for those seeking a unique look.

Micro Bangs

Thick Side Swept

Opt for a thick, layered bang cut at a perfect diagonal to lengthen facial features. Add highlights for added dimension.

Thick Side Swept

Texturized Fringe

Straight wispy bangs, especially when paired with loose layers, offer the desired structure without weighing down features or widening the appearance.

Texturized Fringe

Arched Blunt Bangs

Blunt bangs, when cut to follow the curve of the brows, provide the right amount of structure for a round face.

Arched Blunt Bangs

What Face Shapes Do Different Styles of Bangs Suit for Older Women?

For older women with heart-shaped or oval face shapes, stylish bangs for women can give a youthful appearance and soften their features. Round or square face shapes can benefit from side-swept or layered bangs to create a more balanced look. Consult with a hairstylist to find the best option for you.

Bangs for a Square Face

For those with a square-shaped face, characterized by a forehead, cheekbones, and jawline of equal width, soft looks are essential to avoid a harsh appearance. Consider the following styles.

9.Tousled Bangs

Opt for a rounded, feathered, and layered look to achieve a soft and feminine appearance.

Tousled Bangs

Choppy Bangs

Despite the conventional advice against shorter bangs for square faces, an angled, uneven cut with slight layering can add the right amount of length and lightness.

Choppy Bangs

Long Side Bangs This soft, sweeping look is ideal for balancing out angular features, especially for individuals with wavy hair or those who enjoy regular styling.

Bangs for a Heart Shaped Face With wider cheekbones and a tapered chin, a heart-shaped face benefits from hairstyles that provide balance. Consider the following options.

  1. Blunt and Wispy A long, sweet look with blunt and wispy bangs draws attention to fabulous cheekbones, especially when paired with a wavy layered cut.
  2. Tapered Bangs Opt for a tapered look to lengthen the face and bring focus to the eyes, and consider a pixie or lob cut for a complete change.
  3. Curtain Bangs Longer window bangs help widen a narrow chin while providing a balanced mix of softness and structure.

Bangs for a Small Forehead Contrary to common belief, those with a small forehead can still rock bangs with the right cut. Explore the following styles.

  1. Feathered Curtain Bangs Ideal for adding a little extra flair to wavy locks, this style complements various hair lengths.
  2. Short Bangs Short, blunt bangs are a perfect option for a small forehead, creating the illusion of length.
  3. Asymmetrical Fringe An asymmetrical cut over one eye creates the illusion of length, making it an excellent choice for those new to bangs.

Bangs for a Long Face For those with a long or oblong face, which is essentially an oval with lengthened features, any hairstyle works, but the following styles avoid a too linear appearance.

  1. Straight, Textured Bangs Perfect for wavy or curly hair, straight, textured bangs add an edgy flair while widening the face into a more oval shape.
  2. Long Blunt Bangs A classic blunt bang can camouflage a high forehead and add width to the overall appearance.
  3. Bardot Bangs Inspired by Brigitte Bardot, these full and side-swept bangs offer a stylish combination that can be adapted based on how they are parted.

Bangs for a High Forehead For those with a high forehead, the right statement bangs can be the perfect frame. Consider these options.

  1. Straight Blunt Bangs The classic straightened look is ideal, especially for those with chest-length hair or longer, and heavy bangs provide effective camouflage.
  2. A-Line Bangs A middle-part with A-line bangs allows the forehead to appear wider than high, achieving a true oval shape.
  3. Two-Tiered Bangs Blunt bangs framed by chin-length pieces on either side create a softer, more playful look.

Bangs for a Chubby Face No matter your shape or size, you can confidently rock bangs. Explore these options for those with rounder, fuller features.

  1. Razor-Cut Bangs A razor-cut style adds dimension and structure, making it suitable for rounder features when done by a professional hairdresser.
  2. Layered Fringe Long, feathered layers with a middle part create a slimming, elongated appearance, enhancing the overall look.
  3. Blunt, Heavy Bangs Bold, blunt bangs add structure and can be complemented with highlights or an ombre, especially when cut in an arch for a round face.

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