40 Must-Try Bangs for Round Faces for a Major Style Upgrade

Pearl Blonde Shag with Long Bangs

Embrace the hottest trend with long curtain bangs paired with a medium-length shaggy cut. This dreamy hairstyle leaves a fresh and stylish impression.

Long Platinum Shag with Bangs for Round Face

Layered Haircut with Face-Framing Bangs

Showcase glossy and healthy hair with straight, elegant, and shiny face-framing bangs. This hairstyle is simple yet sophisticated, highlighting the natural beauty of your hair.

Long Haircut with Front Layers and Bangs for Round Face

Straight Bangs for Medium Hair

Give thin, straight hair an instant style boost with easy straight fringe. Platinum hair in soft layers adds a chic touch, making it a must-try look for those with straight hair.

Straight Lob with Bangs for Round Face Shape

Cute Curly Bangs for Round Faces

Combine wispy bangs with both straight and curly hair textures. Keep curls loose at the top and more spiraled towards the ends for a cute, girly look that complements your round face.

Medium Curly Hair Round Face Bangs

Short Thick Bangs for Long Shaggy Haircut

Challenge the norm by cropping bangs short for a cool and creative look. This hipster-inspired style pairs well with long, wavy strands to visually elongate a round face.

Messy Wolf Cut with Short Bangs

Weightless Eye-Brow Skimming Bangs

Opt for wispy bangs over blunt ones to elongate and slim a round face. The eye-brow skimming length creates a weightless effect, enhancing the overall appearance.

Copper Layered Cut with Bangs for Round Face Shape

Arched Wispy Bangs and Wavy Locks

Achieve a Brooklyn cool-girl look with thick, wavy hair styled forward. The messy wispy bangs add to the edginess of the hairstyle, creating a stylish and carefree vibe.

Round Face Wispy Bangs for Round Face and Thick Hair Texture

Stylish Bangs with Vivid Color Blocking

Explore more possibilities with layered fringe featuring trendy color blocking. This style adds vibrancy and a modern touch to update your look.

Jet Black and Neon Block Colored Bangs Hairstyle

Long Hair with Framing Bangs with Highlights

Create depth in dark hair with highlighted effects that mimic sunlight catching strands. Long front layered hair with framing bangs contours the face, providing a chiseled visage.

Long Blowout Bangs for Round Face

Long Hair with Curtain Bangs

Divert attention from roundness with a gorgeous hairstyle featuring long layers and blonde highlights. The curtain bangs add a touch of elegance to the overall look.

Long Blonde Hairstyle with Bangs for Chubby Cheeks

Short Hair with Wavy Bangs

Add texture and movement to short hair with this cute and elegant short wavy cut featuring bangs. Suitable for both thick and thin hair types, it offers a stylish and sophisticated appearance.

Bob with Short Bangs

Opt for a creative look with a neck-length bob and baby bangs, creating one of the best short hairstyles for a round face. The thick short bangs lift the forehead and open up the face.

Choppy Bangs Hairstyle

Embrace movement and texture with choppy parted bangs. The uneven length helps balance the roundness of the face, creating a flattering and weightless effect.

Edgy Look for Women with Round Face

Have fun with a stylish wolf cut, vivid hair color, and cool messy bangs. This edgy look adds a fascinating and bold touch to your appearance.

Wavy Wispy Bang Hairstyle

Enhance the charm of a round face with curls and cute curly bangs. Subtle highlights provide extra interest points, making it one of the best haircuts for a round face with naturally curly hair.

Copper Shaggy Cut with Textured Bangs

Embrace layered textured bangs with a shaggy haircut, ideal for women with a round face. The combination may elongate the face and emphasize facial features.

Perfect Straight Bangs

Combine straight bangs with edgy waves for a versatile and modern look. The soft waves add lift and highlight the overall style.

Blowout Hairstyle with Side Swept Bangs

Achieve major volume and face contouring with a layered style, perfect for removing bulk from thick hair. The deep side part and swooping bangs add elegance to the blowout hairstyle.

Layered Cut with Long Curtain Bangs

Opt for long curtain bangs to complement a round face. This hairstyle provides a more chiseled visage, making it a safe and flattering option.

Side Bangs for a Full Face

Keep it cute with piecey side bangs, offering a light and adorable look. Curling the ends for ’90s Rachel cut vibes adds a touch of elegance.

Light Jagged Bangs

Add edge to styles with a layered, shaggy long bob featuring light and pointedly jagged bangs. This look is perfect for a youthful and fashionable appearance.

Cute Flowy Side Bangs

Embrace natural texture with cute flowy side bangs. The style is suitable for both formal and casual settings, offering a modern and edgy touch.

Accurately Trimmed Bangs

Opt for versatile bangs that can be worn straight or brushed to the side. Accurately trimmed bangs provide styling options, making them a practical choice for various looks.

Flirty Tousled Side Bangs

Achieve a bedhead appeal with flirty tousled side bangs. The mischievous pieces of hair add a sexy touch, while big barrel curls contribute to a cool-girl effect.

Smoky Long Bangs

Make a statement with long bangs in a smoky color palette. The multiple hues play beautifully with layers, and the long side bangs add glamour and mystery.

Copper Bombshell Bangs

Combine stellar color with an impressive cut for a gorgeous hairstyle. The Old Hollywood glamour styling and simple ponytail options make this look versatile and timeless.

Swept Back Layered Bangs

Infuse movement into your hair with layered bangs, perfect for those who love running fingers through their hair. The carefree essence of this style is enhanced by the sweeping bangs.

Long Side Feathered Bangs

Pay attention to little details to create a stunning hairstyle. Long side feathered bangs add a touch of glamour, especially when paired with cool sunglasses and red lips.

Candy Colored Asymmetrical Bangs

Play with pastel dip dye and crimpy waves for a fun and quirky personality. The candy-colored asymmetrical bangs complement ponytails and half-up half-down looks for a playful effect.

Pixie Style Short Bangs

Opt for super short, piecey asymmetrical bangs to make them the star of a pixie cut. Texturizing pomade becomes your best friend for styling super short bangs for round faces.

Sexy Long Bangs

Achieve a covetable long-hair look with soft waves and pretty layers. The middle-parted fringe tapering towards the back adds to the ultra-feminine and modern styling.

Best Bangs for Straight Hair

Perfect for girls with straight hair, this adorable hairstyle features caramel highlights that stand out when the hair is pulled forward. The delicate and straight bangs add to the overall charm.

Curled Side Bangs

Revitalize thick wavy hair with a short, asymmetrical cut. The texture can be shaped and perfected on the longer side, while keeping it smooth on the shorter side. Maroon color adds boldness to the haircut.

Striped Swoopy Bangs

Indulge in chocolate and caramel bangs for a warm and bright look. A swoop bang quickly slims the face for instant results, making it a stylish and trendy choice.

Arched Bangs

Take a risk with thick arched bangs for a round face, balancing the thickness with thick hair. Perfect for a young collegiate look, complemented by effortless waves achieved with a topknot bun.

Short and Sweet Rounded Bangs

Enliven short hair with a pastel dip dye and crimpy waves. Rounding out the bangs blends them with crimps and waves, making it a double dose of fun and quirky personality.

Light Messy Horizontal Bangs

Opt for side updos that work well in both formal and casual settings. Front bangs provide a modern and edgy look for young ladies, enhancing the overall appeal.

Thick Bangs for Full Hair

Embrace lots of layers for goddess-like, super thick hair. Layered and swoopy bangs work great with thick hair, making it weightless and stylish.

Minimalistic Side Bangs

Create depth in dark hair with a highlighted effect, adding dimension within thin bangs. The cool tones brighten black hair, providing a unique and modern look.

What Are the Best Bangs for Round Faces?

When it comes to finding the best bangs for face shapes, those with round faces may want to consider side-swept or curtain bangs to elongate and slim the face. These styles can help to create flattering angles and draw attention away from the width of the face, complementing round features beautifully.

Side Layered Bangs Grazed with Color

Achieve a glamorous and polished look for formal events with long loose curls and side-swept bangs. The style manages to be both glamorous and youthful, making it perfect for special occasions.

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