Hairstyles for Natural Hair

1. Updo with Flat Twists

Certain protective hairstyles such as box braids and oversized cornrows may exert tension on your edges and weigh down your strands, which is contrary to your hair’s well-being. To counter this issue, consider opting for flat twists. They yield the same results while being lighter and more comfortable to wear.

2. Classic Braids

For shorter, free-hanging protective hairstyles, bob-length multiple braids throughout your hair are an excellent choice. What’s truly appealing about braids is their longevity and the minimal effort required to maintain them.

3. Upswept Updo with Twisted Layered Bangs

The shorter, layered twists offer a stunning and contemporary example of easy-to-maintain protective hairstyles. The front section can double as stylish bangs framing your face, introducing a charming asymmetrical element to your updo. Meanwhile, the back showcases an elegant upswept style that adds both height and sophistication.

4. Headband Flat Twist Updo

Create a side part in your long or short hair and fashion the front sections into a Bohemian braid, exuding ultra-feminine vibes. This hairstyle can be quickly accomplished at home with no specialized tools required, making it a convenient option for effortlessly transitioning into a protective style and reversing it whenever needed.

5. Flat Twisted Updo

The versatility of flat twists knows no bounds; your imagination is the sole limiting factor when it comes to crafting a flat twisted hairstyle. As is often the case with flat twists, this updo is characterized by elegance and can be achieved on hair of nearly any length.

6. Pineapple Updo

A pineapple updo involves gathering your hair at the front of your head, serving not only as a stylish choice but also as a way to preserve your curls and twist-outs while sleeping without flattening your style.

7. Twisted Protective Style

Ladies with short natural hair often grapple with post-wash shrinkage, which can make their hair appear even shorter. Consequently, many updos may not be feasible. If you desire to incorporate texture and flair, consider individual twists or braids as an alternative.

8. Side-Parted Two Chunky Twists

Two lengthy twist braids offer an excellent solution for safeguarding medium-length natural hair from the potentially damaging effects of heat and sunlight. These braids are inherently feminine and appealing, with no need for extravagant colors or accessories.

9. Criss Crossed Cornrows

Cornrows, like flat twists, are champions of hairstyle versatility. This cornrow style is particularly ideal if you seek a fresh take on braids for the summer season. The braids, extending to the lower back, convey a relaxed and beachy vibe. However, be gentle with your edges during installation.

10. Twisted Chignon from Flat Twists

While this isn’t the easiest hairstyle to recreate at home, an experienced braider can replicate it for you. Once it’s completed, you’ll discover that it demands minimal maintenance and can be worn with delight for an extended period. If flat twists aren’t your preference, they can be effortlessly substituted with cornrows.

11. Chic Natural Mohawk Updo

Preserve your natural curls by forming a series of buns stacked atop your head in a Mohawk-like arrangement. Buns serve as a popular protective hairstyle for black women due to their simplicity, elegance, and suitability for shorter hair.

12. Medium Layered Twists

Adorning your hair with medium layered twists provides a swift and straightforward means of safeguarding your hair’s growth as it transitions from a shorter length. These twists assume the desired direction, gracefully cascading onto your shoulders and upper back.

13. Side Part Updo for Natural Hair

A low bun is a classic and easily achieved look for various occasions. To enhance its elegance, consider incorporating a face-framing roll. This particular style is perfect for events such as work presentations, lunch meetings, or evening gatherings.

14. Asymmetrical Halo Braid with Highlights

Are you in search of a braided hairstyle that’s not only visually pleasing but also quick and effortless to create? Opt for a diagonally parted, chunky asymmetrical braid. The addition of bright bronze highlights adds a tantalizing touch, elevating the overall appeal.

15. Chunky Mohawk Braid for Natural Hair

A single, voluminous Mohawk braid leaves a significant impression. By plumping it up, you create a striking and bold look. The contrast between the chunky central section and the slender braid tip generates a captivating effect. This style is perfect for natural hair that requires comfort and easy management.

16. Twists and Cornrows Updo

Even short hair can be braided into curvy cornrows to achieve a modern and enticing protective style for natural hair. The loose twists on top introduce extra height and a touch of femininity, while their ends form playful bangs, adding a playful dimension.

17. Natural Bun Updo with a Side Twist

A generously sized bun serves as a splendid way to showcase your long, natural hair, particularly when seeking a feminine and easily attainable style at home. A delicate, golden-cuffed twist winds around the bun, creating a crown-like effect that frames the face elegantly. Soft sideburn curls contribute to a charming, princess-like appeal.

18. Elegant Flat Twisted Chignon

This flat twisted chignon exudes a summery wedding ambiance. Whether you’re a natural hair bride, a bridesmaid, or a wedding guest, this flat twisted chignon should undoubtedly be among your top choices for hairstyles.

19. Crown Twist Braid with Chignon

The crown twist braid paired with a chignon represents a unique, cost-effective option for 4c black hair that exudes elegance and sophistication. Suited for medium-length hair, it can be worn at the office or as a wedding hairstyle.

20. Feminine Center-Parted Braided Updo

Showcase your forehead and smooth skin with a braided updo that deviates slightly from traditional protective hairstyles. Two chunky braids are divided in the middle and wrapped around the head, resulting in a feminine silhouette that complements natural hair or extensions beautifully.

21. Short Natural Twist Updo

Having short hair doesn’t limit your styling options. Bigger twists enable you to create a textured updo, even when your hair is too short for a ponytail or bun. Consider adding ombre or surface highlights to introduce visual intrigue and dimension to your lush natural hair.

22. Side Swept Flat Twisted Bun

Another style that highlights the versatility of flat twists, this hairstyle offers a fresh take on the classic bun. Suitable for various occasions, from staying at home to embarking on a vacation, it’s an excellent choice for keeping your hair protected and off your neck and back, especially during sweltering summer months.

23. Side Twist Protective Style

Quick natural hairstyles prove to be a blessing on busy mornings when your hair is still damp and time is limited. The showcased style can be achieved with simple two-strand twists or even a Dutch roll if time is scarce.

24. Protective Hairstyle with Braids and Curls

Braid or twist your hair close to the scalp, starting from the nape and moving upward. Repeat this process in small sections throughout your head, completing the look with a head full of delightful ringlets. The charming burst of curls at the top takes center stage, while the braids enhance visual interest from the sides and back.

25. Sleek Natural Hair Braid Style

Protective hairstyles for natural hair often entail a fusion of various elements. In this instance, a braid, bun, and carefully positioned hair parts on the scalp collaborate to yield a splendid final result.

26. Elegant Flat Twists Updo for Shorter Natural Hair

If you lack the time for cornrows, consider flat twists to ensure the protection of your naturally short hair. These tightly wound twists, combined with a side part, deliver a classy and quaint appearance.

27. Asymmetrical Updo with Chunky Twist Braids

One of the classiest protective hairstyles for thick locks, the asymmetrical updo features chunky braids that gracefully envelop the head, transforming a simple flat twist technique into an elegant masterpiece.

28. Cornrow Updo With Mini Twist Bangs

Updos with bangs never go out of style, and mini twists offer a low-maintenance alternative. You can leave them to hang freely or pin them over for a sleek, side-swept bang effect. Styling twisted bangs into a pompadour is another chic option.

29. Mini Cornrows and Fluffy Two Strand Twists

Combining cornrows with two-strand twists adds texture and visual appeal to a hairstyle. Twists contribute softness, which braids alone do not provide, making them ideal for styles featuring bangs like this one.

30. Nape-To-Forehead Braided Updo for Natural Hair

The nape-to-forehead braided updo represents an uncomplicated natural hairstyle suitable for individuals with shorter locks. It keeps your hair neatly out of the way while appearing funky and fresh.

31. Two Knotted Braids with Symmetrical Cornrows

This style, rich in cultural heritage, emanates a cool bohemian vibe. Two knotted braids serve as striking focal points, and when paired with beaded cornrows, they create a carefree, hippie-inspired look perfect for sunny days.

32. Tiny Cornrows with Lush Twisted Bun

One of the finest natural hairstyles involves protecting the hair from the scalp to the ends. Tiny front-to-back cornrows merging into chunky twisted braids provide a blend of beauty and protection.

33. Cute Protective Flat Twisted Updo

The clean lines of these flat twists are both cute and attention-grabbing. Arranged in an organized geometric pattern, these angled sections on dark brown hair create a practical protective hairstyle that flatters most women. The delicate laid edges introduce a sweet, feminine touch.

34. Thin Black Fulani Braids

For a celebrity-inspired look that safeguards your natural hair, consider Fulani braids, as seen here in jet black. The straightforward center part, accentuated by a single braid down the middle, delivers simplicity, elegance, and undeniable style.

35. Shoulder Length Ultra Violet Faux Locs

Faux locs, achieved by twisting or braiding your natural hair and then wrapping additional hair around the resulting braid or twist, represent a temporary protective style. Vibrant and youthful, faux locs truly shine when they feature colorful accents. Ultra Violet faux locs on medium-length natural hair offer a chic and fashionable example.

36. Formal Chignon with Asymmetrical Twists

Designed for a polished and sophisticated appearance, the chignon with asymmetrical twists proves perfect for formal or dressy occasions. Comprising various elements, this hairstyle ensures you stand out for all the right reasons.

37. Inverted Flat Twist Updo with Curly Top

While protective styles for natural hair may require additional time for completion, this one is undoubtedly worth the effort. The upward and forward-bent twists create an enticing curly top, ideal for those seeking a hairstyle with added height.

38. Braids and Flat Twists Updo for Short Hair

Combining simple flat twists with French braids, this short hairstyle serves as a favored protective option for delicate and damaged hair shafts, providing a cute updo that highlights your natural texture even in a braided form.

39. Upswept Updo with Side Twists

“Come on baby, let’s do the TWIST!” While Chubby Checker might not have had a twisted hairstyle in mind when he sang that iconic song, this fantastic twisted hairstyle could certainly become your signature look. Twisting the twists into a fabulous updo exudes a sense of fun and freshness – we’re gonna twisty twisty twisty!

40. Curly Mohawk Hairstyle with Flat Twists

For an alternative to traditional braid-based protective hairstyles, consider coiling your locks into small flat twists and leaving them loose at the ends. The irregular curved pattern adds a captivating allure, while the flowing caramel curls exude femininity.

41. Jumbo Twists to Low Buns Updo

A fun and expressive look for young women, this protective hairstyle features jumbo twists effortlessly transitioning into quirky low buns. You can customize the number of twists with your hairdresser; sometimes, less is more with this style.

42. Neat Twisted Updo for Natural Hair

Featuring a diagonal side part and uncomplicated lines, this twisted style complements short natural hair perfectly. The two side twists are quick to install and remove, making this a low-key and understated choice for hair styling.

43. Side-Parted Twisted Bob

A chin-length bob with peek-a-boo bangs offers a simple yet classic protective style. The deep side part and layered twists infuse depth and visual intrigue, while the sections directed behind one ear add a charming asymmetrical touch. No need for unconventional colors or jewelry – this protective hairdo speaks for itself in an elegant and self-sufficient manner.

44. Pretty Twist Braids for Natural Hair

One of the most charming and feminine natural hair hairstyles involves parting your hair horizontally, diagonally, or down the middle and crafting two chunky twist braids. This youthful and easy-to-create option proves highly appealing for casual wear.

45. Flat Twists and a Big Low Bun

Exuding an exotic Nubian vibe, this dramatic cornrow style not only captivates with its aesthetics but also ensures optimal protection. Featuring a striking center part and flat twists converging into a massive bun at the nape, this style epitomizes both protection and allure.

46. Formal Updo with Side Braids

The neatly braided, angled sections in this side-parted updo exude formality and grace, making it a splendid choice for special occasions such as weddings or holiday parties. Your natural hair remains safeguarded within the braids and low chignon bun, resulting in a dainty, feminine hairstyle you’ll adore.

47. Sleek Shiny Double Crown Braid

Embrace the elegance of not one, but two thick matching braids encircling your head like a regal crown. Part your hair neatly down the center and skillfully braid it, bestowing a protective touch that allows your locks to rejuvenate and regain their health within a brief span.

48. Sealed with a Twist

Achieve a youthful and vibrant appearance by smoothing out your natural hair and crafting a twist that gracefully sweeps toward the nape of your neck. Secure it with a low bun, and you’re all set! This versatile hairstyle complements women of all ages with effortless charm.

49. Multi-Size Bun

While buns have been a classic choice, infuse a fresh vibe by combining large and small braids. Entrust your stylist to weave your hair into a ponytail, offering you the flexibility to wear it as a chic coil.

50. Natural Flat Twist Style

Flat twists, resembling cornrows but quicker and easier to execute, stand out as a popular choice among protective styles. Ideal for those seeking a lasting updo without professional help, this look is a must-try.

51. Mixed Textures for Short Styles

Elevate your short hairdo by merging two distinct textures. Front-facing cornrows coupled with twisted strands at the back effortlessly add visual intrigue, all without the need for heat or additional accessories.

52. Asymmetrical Protective Braided Updo

Individual braids can sometimes be bulky and lead to edge strain, but a clever alternative to box braids is opting for asymmetrical cornrows. These culminate into a side ponytail or a charming side bun, reducing the weight and potential discomfort.

53. Adorable Loosely Twisted Updo for Naturalistas

Quick and stylish natural hairstyles can be elusive, but the loosely twisted updo effortlessly combines a crisp and fashion-forward look. Ideal for those naturalistas seeking a quick yet protective braided hairstyle.

54. Nape-to-Forehead Braided Updo

Celebrate the splendor of long, thick natural hair with this creative and swift protective hairstyle. Subtle burgundy highlights accentuate the pompadour-style top, while the long side sections gracefully elongate the face, infusing an extra dose of femininity.

55. Asymmetrical Twist Braid to Side Bun Updo

Exuding elegance and sophistication, this DIY 4c natural hairstyle is among the finest. Complement it with statement earrings for a dazzling yet smart casual appearance.

56. Flat Twist Updo with Soft Twisted Bangs

A versatile contender for a signature look, this style combines simplicity and elegance with soft, face-framing bangs suitable for daily wear, work, or formal occasions. Experiment by pulling the flat twists forward for added protection or explore different looks with this adaptable style.

57. Asymmetrical Updo with Chunky Twists

While this style demands precision and some flat twisting expertise, it’s not beyond the realm of possibility for home execution. Achieve a sophisticated and protective look with precise parting and well-crafted flat twists.

58. Box Braided Bob with Side Cornrows

Admire the charm of medium-sized box braids adding weight to a bob while side cornrows introduce an extra layer of visual intrigue to an otherwise simple style. The subtle burgundy braids elevate the overall look, exuding movement and excitement.

59. Low Chunky Bun with Twist Braid

For everyday occasions, opt for an effortless yet chic protective style. Create a feed-in twist braid starting from the side part and gather the remaining hair into a low bun at the nape of your neck. The result is an elegant and undeniably stylish appearance.

60. Flat Twisted Updo and Bangs

In the realm of cornrows and flat twists, the artful parting plays a pivotal role in the overall style. This flat twisted updo allows for creative yet straightforward parting, resulting in an interesting and captivating look that’s as enjoyable to wear as it is to behold.

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