Tapered cut natural hair

1. Carefree Natural Spirals

When it comes to maintaining your unprocessed hair, a valuable tip to bear in mind is to occasionally allow it to be as it is. Overloading it with hair products or attempting to shape it into various forms can lead to lackluster results. Instead, consider using a small amount of molding pomade on your hair and shift your focus towards enhancing your facial features using elements like false eyelashes and highlighter.

2. Tapered Rainbow Hairdo

Embrace the essence of sunshine and positivity with a natural hair tapered cut that resembles a rainbow. Given the short length of your hair, it’s advisable not to incorporate too many colors. Stick to one or two complementary shades, such as caramel and burgundy.

3. Side Bang for Natural Curls

For a retro yet charming appearance, draw inspiration from the iconic late Prince’s “Purple Reign” hairstyle, featuring a long side bang and tapered nape. This classic hairstyle can be given a modern twist by adding ornate septum piercings and chunky hoop earrings.

4. Tapered Straw Set

Surprisingly, you can achieve extremely tight and thin curls in short styles using a simple household item you may already have – straws! These drinking utensils can be used to create an envy-inducing look when setting wet hair.

5. Natural Hair with Curves

If you possess a square or angular face, adding a touch of softness without loose layers and waves can be challenging. To mimic the wavy pattern of delicate curls, consider having your hairline cut into a curved shape. This framing technique directs attention to the fullest part of your cheeks.

6. Short Natural Burgundy Hairstyle

Instead of spending considerable money on hair relaxers and weaves, Black women can achieve a gorgeous and easy-to-maintain look with tapered natural hair. To infuse some vibrancy, consider coloring your hair with a soft burgundy hue.

7. A Bright Statement

Tapered hairstyles don’t have to be understated; in fact, they offer the advantage of going bold with vibrant, attention-grabbing colors. This not only makes dyeing affordable but also allows you to express yourself boldly. On your next salon visit, step outside the box and consider colors like bright orange, cool turquoise, or expressive hot pink.

8. Red Tipped Twist Out

If you’re interested in trying a taper haircut without going too extreme, you can flaunt a trendy twist-out style without going overboard. Curly-haired individuals can achieve a beautiful look by coloring just the tips of their strands. Start with a short taper to maximize the coil in your curls, and then apply temporary or permanent dye in your chosen hue.

9. Full Tapered Style

While many tapered hairstyles involve trimming the sides of the head, it’s not always the case. A tapered cut can provide that closely cropped signature style while still maintaining moderately full curls. Simply communicate to your stylist that you’d like to keep the sides on the conservative side.

10. Natural Cut with Bangs

For those seeking to soften their facial features while retaining styling options with short hair, a taper cut with long bangs and a crown section is worth considering. Allow the curly front sections to gently touch your forehead for a softer and more feminine twist on short hair.

11. Natural Hair Statement Style

Make a bold fashion statement with vibrant tiger orange locks paired with a tapered “teeny weeny afro” (TWA). This hairstyle not only allows your hair to flow freely but also protects it from the damage caused by daily styling routines. With this look, you can simply wake up, wash, and go!

12. Thick and Straight Tapered Hair

Even if your hair isn’t naturally curly or you prefer the appearance of relaxed tresses, you can still experiment with tapered natural hairstyles. Consider a sort of Mohawk style with cropped sides and tapered length toward the nape of the neck. Brush the top section of hair straight back and apply an all-day holding spray for a sleek finish.

13. Ombre Taper

Short hair doesn’t have to limit your hairstyling creativity. Add some excitement to your curly black hair with an ombre hair color. You can choose from shades like purple, blue, green, and red to give your hair a vibrant and dynamic appearance.

14. Cropped Cut for Natural Hair

There are numerous stylish options for women who prefer to wear their hair short. Tapered afros are not only chic but also easy to maintain. Embrace your natural curl and enhance it with a modern cut that still exudes femininity.

15. Mountain of Curls

Your tapered natural hair serves as a unique and beautiful statement piece. It not only showcases your incredible sense of style but also exhibits individuality, as no two tapers are alike when combined with natural curls.

16. Blonde Tapered Corkscrew Curls

If your curls are tight and petite, consider a cute cut that simplifies your morning routine and keeps your fashion sense on point. Adding a fun honey blonde color can brighten up hair that might otherwise feel dull.

17. Tapered Hair with Colored Coils

For those interested in a short tapered style without compromising on personal expression, check out this option tailored for corkscrew curls. Elevate your coils with a deep hue like burgundy, dark purple, or caramel brown.

18. Natural Descending Taper Style

A tapered natural haircut can vary in length, offering versatility. In this style, longer fluffy curls adorn the top, while shorter twisted coils frame the sides and back. The result is a beautiful, feminine style that descends gracefully in both length and texture.

19. Faded Sides

Enhance your tapered style with a side fade that is neatly aligned with your temples. This hairstyle is the epitome of easy wash-and-go styling, featuring a mini afro on top and cropped, barely-there sides.

20. Natural Curls of Gold

Afro hairstyles can embrace a variety of colors, and pretty much any hue can look stunning on black hair, offering endless possibilities. Consider trying a golden blonde shade to impart a luxurious sheen to your curls.

21. Tapered Color Block

Rather than dyeing your entire head, opt for one or two signature sections for a pop of color. This brightly colored accent can be strategically placed at the nape of your neck, on the side, or in your bangs. With tapered afro styles, creativity knows no bounds, and it’s all about expressing your unique style.

22. Long Loose Curls

The long hair taper is currently a popular choice among both women and men. It provides ample strands to curl and style in various flattering positions. Embrace large, natural curls without the need for sticky or crunchy styling products.

23. Teeny Tiny Ringlets

For those interested in an afro with a taper style, consider experimenting with an accent color and teeny tiny ringlets that are easy to manage and fun to wear. If your hair isn’t naturally tightly curled, you can achieve this look during your next salon visit.

24. Natural Wave

A wavy afro taper exudes a more subtle yet equally stylish appearance. This cut appears smart and professional, making it suitable for various settings, from the office to a night out on the town.

25. Leaving It Long and Natural

Embrace the beauty of your natural hair texture with just a touch of enhancement. Allow your hair to grow in its own direction and texture, and then taper the sides and back. Adding accent colors can give your style a relaxed and laid-back appeal.

26. Tapered Twist-Out

Twist-outs are an excellent styling option for natural hair. Simply wash, condition, and twist your hair in sections, letting them dry naturally. For shorter hair sections, twirl the strands around your finger to create defined coils.

27. Red Hot Natural Hair

Elevate your tapered natural hair to the next level with a vibrant pop of color, such as red. This choice not only adds visual interest but also allows you to complement your look with lipstick in a matching hue. To keep the focus on your hair, consider neutral clothing choices.

28. Tapered Shaved Designs

Shaved designs have long been a staple in men’s hairstyles, but women have embraced this trend with a feminine touch, as seen with floral petal designs. It’s a creative way to personalize your tapered haircut.

29. Soft Tapered Ombre

Having a tapered natural haircut doesn’t mean sacrificing length. By keeping a small section shaved and leaving the rest chin-length or longer, you have the flexibility to create various styles. You can blow-dry and part it down the middle for a bob or pull it up for a flirty and fun look.

30. Tapered Shape Up

For those with round faces who desire a short afro style, the key is to add sharp angles and structure to the face. A “shape-up,” which involves shaving a tapered edge around the hairline, achieves precisely that and complements curvier cheeks.

31. Golden Natural Curls

Curly hair looks best when it’s not weighed down by excessive hair products. To define your spirals, consult your stylist for soft highlights that add dimension and shape to your hairstyle.

32. Wide Tapered Mohawk

When choosing a tapered natural hairstyle, consider your face shape. If you have a wider or round face, opt for a broader Mohawk style that complements the high points of your cheekbones. Balance is key.

33. Tapered Flat-Top

Thick, coarse hair can be challenging to highlight, especially when it’s short. Rather than coloring fine sections throughout, create an ombre effect by applying color to only the crown of the haircut. A few shaved lines can also enhance the visual appeal.

34. Pixie Cut for Natural Hair

Flexi-rods are a valuable tool for African-American women with unprocessed hair, as they create sleek spirals without the need for heat. Simply wrap sections of wet hair at night and wake up to bouncy curls.

35. Bold Bordeaux Tapered Style

Finding a color that truly stands out on short tapered natural hair while maintaining sophistication can be challenging. By blending brown and red, you can achieve a deep wine hue that is both vibrant and rich.

36. Extra Short Tapered Cut

Many mature women appreciate the convenience and style of a low-maintenance, tapered look for their hair. With minimal effort and the addition of a flattering lipstick shade, this style allows you to look stylish and put-together effortlessly.

37. Short and Sweet Natural Hair

Let your natural beauty shine through with a haircut that eliminates distractions. Soft cropped curls and neatly styled baby hair draw attention to your bold eyebrows and beautiful eyes. This effortless look epitomizes the “wash and go” hairstyle.

38. Tapered Cut for Glasses

Typically, tapered hairstyles feature more length on the crown with shorter sides and back. However, you can also opt for a style that is slightly spiked at the front with an even length around, which complements eyeglasses beautifully.

39. Golden Brown Tapered Cut

Simple etched lines can transform a tapered natural hairstyle, giving it a modern and trendy appearance. When you’re ready for a change, you can let your hair grow out without much hassle.

40. Edgy Tapered Two-Tone Cut

If you’re someone with a bold and expressive personality, your tapered haircut should reflect that. Consider incorporating bright blonde highlights and intricate designs to make your tapered style stand out in a crowd.

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