Senegalese Twists

1. Twisted Half-Up Do

This hairstyle elegantly exposes the face while adding a unique touch. It stands out as a simple yet striking choice for the woman on the go or anyone seeking a beautiful, low-maintenance look.

2. High Bun, Shaved Sides

Adorned with medium-sized Senegalese twists highlighted with hints of gold, this style demands attention. It features a lofty bun atop intricately shaved sides, catering to the daring woman. Notice the subtle burgundy accents that introduce a pop of color to the base.

3. Mohawk Braid

Originally a sign of defiance, the Mohawk has become a classic among African American women’s hairstyles. The incorporation of shaved sides elevates its boldness, while a twisted braid lends a playful twist, creating a look that’s both audacious and feminine.

4. Swept Up Twists

This unique style keeps your lengthy tresses away from your face in a distinctive manner. To achieve it, sweep all your hair to one side in a dramatic swoop and secure it at the back.

5. Thick Donut Bun

Ideal for those who prefer to keep their twists neatly tucked away or are looking for an effortlessly chic updo, this voluminous bun sits proudly on the crown and is especially suited for medium to large Senegalese twists.

6. The Hi-Bun Bow

This hairstyle features a lofty bun that elegantly cascades into a bow, offering a whimsical addition to any busy woman’s hair collection. It is particularly flattering for medium to large twists and provides a sophisticated yet straightforward look.

7. Easy Side Part Twists Look

For a carefree yet stylish hairstyle, simply toss your hair to one side. The deep side part complements Senegalese twists perfectly, making it an ideal everyday choice that can be varied for special occasions.

8. Long Auburn Ropes

Colored twists offer a fantastic way to experiment with hair color without compromising hair health. Select hues that complement your skin tone and eye color for a harmonious look.

9. Big Twists with Highlights

Embrace the elegance of thick rope twists enhanced with light highlights for a distinctive appearance. Opt for caramel or sand highlights to beautifully contrast with black hair, rather than opting for bright blonde.

10. Senegalese Knot Updo

This sophisticated updo stands out with its sculptural elegance, making it a stunning choice for formal wear or casual chic looks. Rope twists lend themselves to creating impactful, voluminous buns.

11. Gorgeous Micro Twists

Micro braids offer a low-maintenance hairstyle option. Initially, it’s best to leave them loose to allow your scalp to adjust, but they can also be styled into a simple, low half-up pony shortly after installation.

12. Back Braided Bun

Featuring elongated twists, this hairstyle elevates the classic bun with a relaxed, twisted or braided design. It’s a quick and impressive style perfect for a romantic evening.

13. Senegalese Twists Mohawk

For those seeking a standout hairstyle, consider a Mohawk adorned with Senegalese twists. This bold choice allows for versatility, whether letting the hair cascade to one side or styling it into a bun or high ponytail.

14. High Half Ponytail Twists

Show off your Senegalese twists with a high half ponytail, incorporating colored accent twists for a modern, urban edge. A cool-toned blonde can add a fresh twist to this look.

15. Senegalese Sock Bun

Easily create stunning buns with rope twists, which hold styles well and add texture to the classic sock bun. For a relaxed look, skip the ponytail step and form the bun directly, securing it with a single ponytail holder.

16. Honey Brown Twists

For a subtle change, consider small to medium twists in a soft, warm brown. This shade, with its reddish undertones, offers a natural yet brightened look that’s easy on the eyes.

17. Pretty Senegalese Pony

Rope twists make for an enviably voluminous ponytail. Position your ponytail high for a flattering silhouette, and leave the ends untwisted for a softer appearance.

18. Curled Senegalese Twists

Opt for small twists to avoid uneven ends and maintain uniform thickness throughout. Adding a cute back headband by tying a few twists at the temples can enhance this charming style.

19. Side Swept Senegalese Look

Achieve a majestic look by parting your hair down the middle, then stylishly sweeping it across in alternating sections. The length and weight of the twists ensure the style holds beautifully.

20. Senegalese Twists Formal Updo

Medium-sized Senegalese twists are ideal for creating elegant updos, balancing ease of styling

with the ability to hold intricate designs, making them perfect for special occasions.

21. Bold Bright Braids

Protective hairstyles like these allow for adventurous color changes without damaging your natural hair. Shades of red are especially flattering on darker skin tones, offering a temporary yet striking color commitment.

22. Two Tone Twists with Top Knot

The timeless appeal of top knots is enhanced by Senegalese twists, especially when incorporating highlights into a half-up bun, adding a stylish dimension to the overall look.

23. Jumbo Senegalese with Side Parting

For those ready to embrace larger-than-life twists, jumbo Senegalese twists offer a quick styling option and the opportunity to experiment with bold colors. Adjusting the side parting can further tailor the look to your facial features.

24. Micro Braids with Undone Ends

While time-consuming, the end result of micro braids is a flattering, manageable hairstyle worth the effort. The small sections require patience to install but offer a refined look.

25. Practical Coils with Curled Ends

Senegalese twists reveal their versatility with styles like the half ponytail, perfect for a casual day out or showcasing statement earrings.

26. Trendy Short Senegalese

The trend for short hair is captured perfectly in these chic, bob-length Senegalese twists. Their clean, precise cut can be enhanced with decorative metal cuffs for an extra touch of glamour.

27. Medium Senegalese Twists with Cuffs

Medium Senegalese twists offer a sleek, timeless look, easily maintained for a salon-fresh appearance daily, especially when styled with straighter hair types like Kanekalon.

28. Long Curly Hairstyle

Revitalize straight Senegalese twists with curls created using flexi rods for a damage-free style. This technique results in lively, bouncy curls after a night’s rest.

29. Stylish Senegalese Updo

This updo stands out for its elegance and simplicity, featuring a large bun that’s easy to achieve with twists, secured with bobby pins for a stunning effect.

30. Smooth Braids with Side Parting

With proper care, including regular moisturizing with oil-based products like Jamaican Black Castor Oil, rope braids can look fresh for up to 8 weeks, maintaining scalp health and style longevity.

31. Half Up Half Down Braids

Opting for medium-length Senegalese twists can give afro-textured hair the break it needs while still allowing for growth and protection. The versatility of these twists means endless styling possibilities, from top knots and ponytails to twists and braids, ensuring you’ll never tire of your look.

32. Bright Two-Tone Rope Braids

Embrace the allure of two-toned hair with waist-length blonde strands accented with vibrant blue, creating a striking look. This style is perfect for those desiring length without the fuss of daily high-maintenance care. Enjoy a simplified morning routine without the need for constant brushing and blow-drying.

33. Half Ponytail with Beads

Elevate your hair game with a dynamic half-up, half-down style that makes managing long hair a breeze. Enhance the ponytail by camouflaging the band with rope strands and adding small beads or cuffs for a touch of glamour.

34. Low Slung Half Up Style

This low-effort Senegalese twist hairstyle is highly desirable, featuring twists that taper from thick roots to thin ends. The varying thickness creates an appealing look, especially in updos. For daily wear, a simple half ponytail strikes the perfect balance between professionalism and leisure.

35. Bun with Undercut

Dare to be bold with an undercut, offering a dramatic change. For a more conservative approach, a nape undercut allows for versatility, hidden under long hair or showcased with updos. The all-around undercut suits those with confidence, allowing for unique custom designs that complement your facial structure.

36. Extra Long Senegalese with Side Parting

For those with busy schedules, a protective hairstyle like this ensures your hair remains stunning and lengthy, while also shielding your natural locks from daily styling stress.

37. Large Rope Braids with Head Scarf

Enhance your Senegalese twists with the addition of head scarves or silk wraps, particularly flattering for African American women. Fashion your scarf into an eye-catching knot for an extra style boost.

38. Big Senegalese with Accent Color

Stand out with large Senegalese twists featuring blue accents, ideal for those unafraid to make a statement. Blue shades offer a flattering contrast against black hair, especially when applied along the parting for an enhanced effect.

39. Crochet Senegalese Twists with Bun

For a quick and stylish option, crochet hairstyles with pre-twisted extensions offer a full, thick appearance without the time-consuming installation process. Introduce contrasting colors for an added dimension.

40. Colorful Ombre Plaits

Consider these eye-catching ombre Senegalese twists for a personalized flair. Start with natural hair tones at the root, gradually introducing bold colors towards the ends for a subtly striking look.

41. Plaited Half Up Style

Showcasing your colorful twists in a half-up style turns them into a visual masterpiece, making it a must-try for anyone with vibrant twists.

42. Intricate Pony

Creating an appealing hairstyle with your twists doesn’t require a salon visit. Simply gather twists from both sides of your head into a half updo, then tie the remaining twists into a voluminous ponytail, utilizing the twists themselves instead of hair elastics for a unique touch.

43. Senegalese High Pony

The Senegalese twist offers a distinct flair compared to box braids, especially with added color. Consider burgundy or red to complement dark skin tones beautifully, along with unique shaved designs for an extra edge.

44. Blonde Half Up Twists

Medium-sized Senegalese twists provide a balance between ease of installation and gentleness on natural hair. The half-up style is versatile, suitable for both casual and formal looks.

45. Tied Twist Updo

Senegalese twists serve as a fantastic foundation for various updos. For a sophisticated event, opt for a tied updo, starting with a ponytail and tying a knot, concealing the ends for an elegant finish.

46. Senegalese Twists with Crown

Mastering the crown style with Senegalese twists adds a go-to option for both special occasions and daily wear. Begin on one side, twisting hair under and incorporating new sections, then secure with the opposite side to complete the crown.

47. Twists with Brown Accents

Introducing warm brown streaks to your Senegalese twists can inject personality into your look while protecting your natural hair. This subtle accent color is a great alternative for those exploring color without fully committing to blonde.

48. Senegalese Half up Top Knot

Top knots, particularly half up styles, are trending, reminiscent of 90s pop icons. The ample volume of rope twists makes for perfect buns, offering a fresh favorite look.

  1. Senegalese Twists with Shaved Sides For those embracing a bold style, consider shaved sides paired with black and caramel-toned Senegalese twists. Layering colors adds a dynamic rocker edge to the look.

50. Blue Braids for Days

This dramatic indigo blue style, featuring an asymmetrical top knot and simple braids, is for the boldly confident woman. Thin twists with Kanekalon hair achieve this textured appearance.

51. Chunky Purple Rain Twists

A quick and easy style, this half-up, half-down look features a back flip-knot with vibrant purple twists, offering a stylish solution for those short on time. The thick twists create volume while tapering at the ends for ease of management.

52. Thin Highlighted Twists

For a lightweight option, select thin rope twists with added color for impact. Style options include a low bun for a refined look or letting them hang freely for a playful, dynamic appearance.

53. Jet Black Ropes with Kinky Ends

Add golden highlights to your black twists for a luxurious look, enhanced by curling the ends. This versatile style works beautifully both in a downdo and ponytail, offering elegance and flair.

54. Easy Pull Back

A simple, effortless Senegalese twist style that exudes low-maintenance chic. Opt for medium twists for an easy-to-manage half-ponytail or a full pony for a straightforward, polished look.

55. Double Knot

The double knot style features two buns atop flowing rope twists, offering a unique twist on the classic bun. This style is reminiscent of a Mohawk and provides a standout look, especially if extended to the nape.

56. The Sleek Pony

For a fuss-free hairstyle, the sleek pony is your go-to, easily personalized with colored bands or unique accents for a customized appearance.

57. Sexy Red Slick-Back

Embrace the boldness of red with a full head of colored Senegalese twists, making a modern statement with a central colored section. Opt for red to convey passion and drama, or choose any color to stand out.

58. Low Half Updo

This laid-back half-up, half-down style utilizes loosely tied Senegalese twists for a relaxed look, suitable for family gatherings or casual outings.

59. Croshet Ombre Twists

Incorporate ombre tresses into your Senegalese twists for a unique, stylish update. Choose from rich, contrasting colors or smooth transitions to enhance your hairstyle’s appeal.

60. Goldie Locks Rocks

Imagine a Senegalese twist style adorned with a golden coil, offering a magical touch for any eye-catching event. Ideal for small to medium twists, this look is sure to turn heads.

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