Halo Braid

Voluminous Halo Braid

Embrace a bohemian look with a voluminous halo braid worn loosely, creating the illusion of a natural halo. Tendrils framing the face and big loops add a touch of sweetness to this undone yet elegant updo.

Wrapping Fishtail Braid

Capture a bohemian vibe with this wrapping fishtail braid halo. Embrace the natural messiness, allowing tousled hair and flyaways to enhance the overall charm of this festival-ready hairstyle.

No-Pin Halo Style

Travel back to the early 2000s with a no-pin halo style reminiscent of the pink hair trend. Despite the no-pins technique, achieving this look is made simple with a helpful how-to video for a touch of nostalgia.

Double-Crown Updo

Elevate a three-strand updo by incorporating additional elements like extra braids or floral accents. Whether it’s for a wedding or a special event, this double-crown updo exudes sophistication and glamour.

Oversized Fishtail Braid

Break away from tight braids with an oversized fishtail halo that exudes an angelic charm. This prom-ready style showcases the versatility of a halo braid, proving that a larger weave can be equally enchanting.

Naturally Curly Braid

Embrace the milkmaid braid updo with a halo effect, ideal for black hair with curls. Patience, practice, and bobby pins are key to achieving this naturally curly braid or opting for a faux halo with an attached braid.

Royal Braid with Highlights

Feel like royalty with a royal braid updo adorned with highlights. Suitable for classy events like galas, black-tie gatherings, proms, or weddings, this hairstyle exudes elegance and regality.

Wide Crown with a Twist

Explore variations of the crown braid updo with a wide crown featuring a voluminous twist. The loosely woven halo braid creates a big crown, inviting a double take for a truly captivating appearance.

Wedding Braid Style

Opt for a simple yet classy wedding hairstyle with an inside-out French braid forming a dimensional weave. Particularly beautiful on balayage hair, this wedding braid style adds a touch of elegance to your special day.

Low Haloed Braid

For African American girls, the low haloed braid offers a protective hairstyle with a regal touch. Suitable for natural hair or as a weave hairstyle, this updo makes you feel like a queen.

Medieval Crown

Transport yourself to an era of ball gowns and horse-drawn carriages with a braided medieval crown. The elegant wrapping style, slightly undone finish, and soft babylights create a romantic look reminiscent of a bygone era.

Double Headband Braid with Flowers

Add a touch of glamour to tight, head-hugging braided headbands with flowers. Ideal for securing long hair on your head, this style combines elegance with practicality for a stunning look.

Messy Crown Braid Updo

Embrace a loose double-wrap braid for a boho bride or bridesmaid look. Tease your hair generously beforehand to achieve the necessary texture, creating a dynamic and romantic appearance.

Half-Up Half-Down Boho Style

Break the stereotype of halo braid hairstyles being solely updos with a half-halo braid. Incorporate extensions for ample volume on both the top and bottom, showcasing a beautiful half-up, half-down boho style.

Secured Wrapping Style

Achieve a clean, simple, and easy secured wrapping style suitable for shoulder-length hair. Thicker and more pronounced braids can be achieved with longer hair, offering a stylish yet straightforward appearance.

Angled Braid on Crimped Hair

Opt for a cute angled braid updo on crimped hair for a creative and fun asymmetrical style. Adding a twist to traditional symmetrical hairstyles, this angled braid is both playful and stylish.

Faux Halo Braid for Short Hair

Go for a faux braided halo for short hair, providing a put-together look. Fancy curved braids across the crown pair beautifully with a headband braid, creating intricate details for a stylish appearance.

Traditional Halo with Flowers

Embrace a garnished Dutch braid with wildflowers for an ultra ethereal and sweet updo. This organic hairstyle complements long fine hair, creating a natural and beautiful look.

Tight Braid Headband

Choose a no-frills braided style with a tightly woven Dutch look. Keep frizz at bay with hair spray, ensuring that every piece of hair looks well-placed for a neat and polished appearance.

Chunky Crown Braid

Achieve a glamorous yet effortlessly sexy chunky halo braid for various occasions. Gently tug on the sides of the braid to create a lacier effect and allow a few pieces to fall along the sides for a natural, casual look.

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