60 Unique Short Wavy Hair Styles for a Personalized Look

1. Shaggy Curly Brunette Bob

Embrace the current trend of short-to-medium cuts with a Shaggy Curly Brunette Bob. Long, shaggy tendrils parted in the center provide a fantastic way to showcase your natural, wavy hair. Effortlessly flaunt a summer-ready look with tousled chocolate brown curls that exude a laid-back charm.

Short To Medium Cut for Natural Wavy Hair

2. Curly Pixie with V-Cut Nape

Break the norm for natural curly-haired individuals with a Curly Pixie featuring a V-Cut Nape. Maintain hydrated, frizz-free strands by using water-based leave-in products and sealing with a dry serum enriched with argan, coconut, or macadamia oil.

Brown Curly Pixie Hairstyle

3. Sexy Tousled Wavy Bob for Brunettes

Opt for a timeless tousled beach wave combined with a short bob in the Sexy Tousled Wavy Bob for Brunettes. This iconic trend for short curly hair, paired with a tapered wand for added definition, gives your hair a voluminous, bouncy appearance that’s effortlessly chic.

Rounded Messy Curly Bob

4. Jaw-Length Curly Messy Bob

Define round and oval faces with a Jaw-Length Curly Messy Bob. The inherent voluminous nature of tight curls effortlessly adds height and width, eliminating the need for extra products or manipulation.

Voluminous Short Curly Bob

5. Messy Curly Pixie Hairstyle

Explore the beauty of longer pixie cuts for curly hair with the Messy Curly Pixie Hairstyle. Cut cute side bangs to enhance the flow of thick, curly locks, providing a chic and manageable style without annoying frizz.

Long Black Pixie With Messy Curls

6. Voluminous Short Curly Bob

Elevate your naturally curly hair with a Voluminous Short Curly Bob. Part your thick, wide curls to the side or in the middle, creating a rounded shape that complements petite women. Subtle highlights add depth to your luscious curls.

Short Bob For Naturally Curly Hair

7. Nape-Length Curly Balayage Bob

Highlight the natural texture of curly hair with a Nape-Length Curly Balayage Bob. Showcase color variation effortlessly with balayage, where highlights seamlessly intertwine with the darker base, creating a textured and vibrant look.

Brown Curly Bob With Highlights

8. Brown Curly Hair with Highlights

Revive the 1980s throwback hairstyle with Brown Curly Hair with Highlights. Ideal for those blessed with natural curls, this short, thick wavy style can be easily managed with quality hair products or a low-maintenance perm.

Short Curly Brunette Bob

9. Cute Pixie with Curly Bangs

Opt for sophistication in short haircuts for curly hair with the Cute Pixie featuring Curly Bangs. Shape thin tresses into a chic style, achieving thick and healthy natural waves. The pixie cut, coupled with long, side-swept curly bangs, adds a special feminine touch.

Short Haircut With Bangs For Curly Hair

10. Curly Pixie with Shaved Nape

Combat humidity and temperature fluctuations with the Curly Pixie featuring a Shaved Nape. This short, curly pixie with sideburns and extra height offers a snazzy and unexpected detail, ensuring a stylish and practical choice for curly-haired women.

Pixie For Women With Curly Hair

11. Short Bob with Whipped Curls and Babylights

Accentuate each individual ringlet with a Short Bob featuring Whipped Curls and Babylights. Light highlighting and a touch of sea-salt spray enhance texture, creating an intriguing and visually appealing hairstyle.

12. Angled Brunette Bob with Messy Curls

Experiment with layers and angles in the Angled Brunette Bob with Messy Curls. This hairstyle complements naturally curly hair, keeping wild curls in check while maintaining a stylish and controlled appearance.

13. Jaw-length Curly Brown Bob with Highlights

Achieve a fantastic look with a well-shaped Jaw-Length Curly Brown Bob. Thick and thin curly hair benefits from the dimensional effect of subtle copper highlights, adding shine and eye-catching appeal.

14. Lob-to-Bob Transformation

Transform an outgrown bob into a versatile short, wavy hairstyle with the Lob-to-Bob Transformation. By removing damaged ends, curly hair springs back to life, creating a subtly inverted shape and combover bangs for a touch of sexiness.

15. Jaw-Length Curly Brown Bob

Embrace a classic, easy-to-style haircut with the Jaw-Length Curly Brown Bob. Layered ringlets and a side part control volume, while a strategically placed tiny barrette keeps long bangs out of your eyes.

16. Wavy Sassy Bob

Showcase modern cuts and salon dye jobs with the Wavy Sassy Bob. Elegant highlights and lowlights create a swirl-like pattern, while the angled cut elongates towards the front, framing the face in a chic and fashionable manner.

17. Soft Brown and Caramel Wavy Bob

Explore the versatility of short wavy hair with the Soft Brown and Caramel Wavy Bob. Relaxed waves in a bob cut paired with caramel highlights accentuate curls and bring vibrancy to the overall look.

18. Short Curly Hairstyle with Long Face-Framing Pieces

Merge wildness with accuracy in the Short Curly Hairstyle featuring Long Face-Framing Pieces. Natural brown curls gain brightness with copper highlights, and elongated sideburns add a unique detail to make the hairstyle one-of-a-kind.

19. Black Curly Inverted Bob for Thick Hair

Add an elegant yet spunky vibe to your look with the Black Curly Inverted Bob. The angled cut, subtly lifting the nape section, creates a geometric shape softened by curls, resulting in a feminine and classy short wavy hairstyle.

20. Dark-Blonde Short Curly Hairstyle

Embrace in-between shades with the Dark-Blonde Short Curly Hairstyle. Pairing bronde hair with bangs and “wet” styling for wavy hair delivers a head-turning effect that suits various occasions.

21. Inverted Bob for Black Curly Hair

Opt for a classic choice with the Inverted Bob for Black Curly Hair. The jaw-length cut, subtly angled and parted on the side, combined with long, bouncy side bangs, adds a sassy flair to your overall look.

22. Simple Short Hairstyle with Scrunched Curls

Enjoy a laid-back and easy-to-style cut with the Simple Short Hairstyle featuring Scrunched Curls. Air-dry your hair and use a special air-dry product to achieve a cute, naturally tousled look for your ringlets.

23. Black Tapered Pixie for Wavy Hair

Tame thick, hard-to-manage hair with the Black Tapered Pixie for Wavy Hair. The short, tapered pixie with voluminous top, closely cropped nape, and outgrown bangs celebrates the volume and unruly nature of wavy hair.

24. Nape-Length Blonde Curly Bob

Experience the dimension and definition of blonde curls with the Nape-Length Blonde Curly Bob. Maintain hair health by deep conditioning weekly to counter the signs of damage.

25. Short Bob with Long Edgy Layers

Infuse a touch of personality with the Short Bob featuring Long Edgy Layers. Opt for a blunt, close cut along the neck line and highlight the mass of gorgeously highlighted ringlets, creating a modern and low-maintenance look.

26. Bouncy Curly Black Bob

Achieve a vibrant and lively look with bouncy curls that signify well-moisturized and pampered locks. To recreate this short curly hairstyle, scrunch in a lightweight leave-in conditioner with aloe vera or glycerin while your hair is still damp. Finish by lightly diffusing with a blow-dryer on low heat for a playful and polished finish.

27. Curly Rusty Red Lob

Embrace the natural growth of your wavy, curly hair with a center-parted inverted lob. Allow your curls to flourish while maintaining an overall defined shape. The inverted angle brings a sense of freedom and confidence, capturing the essence of carefree and curly-haired beauty.

28. Soft Curly Inverted Bob for Shorter Hair

Create a feminine and gentle look with subtle caramel highlights cascading over a chocolate-brown base. Paired with soft curls, this hairstyle exudes a delicate charm. Achieve a beach-ready vibe by spritzing a salt spray and tousling your curls with your fingers.

29. Golden-Brown Thick Curly Bob

Managing and styling thick curly hair can be challenging, but this naturally curly haircut, created with thinning shears, enhances manageability. The aesthetic appeal of this look, both in pictures and real life, is heightened with golden-brown tones and subtle highlights for added vibrancy.

30. Casual Scrunched Hairstyle for Short Curly Hair

Embrace laid-back elegance with a short, curly haircut that requires minimal styling effort. Ideal for those on the go, this cut allows you to air-dry your hair and achieve a cute, naturally scrunched look. Use a designated air-dry product, scrunch your ringlets into shape, and you’re ready to roll!

31. Scrunched Curly Brunette Bob Hairstyle

Revive the ‘wet-hair’ look with a modern twist by hydrating your ringlets and scrunching with a medium-hold gel. This results in a messy yet polished hairstyle that captures the essence of effortless chic.

32. Short Black Hairstyle with Tousled Curls

Turn frizzy hair into a wearable and chic style without appearing disheveled. Work with dry hair to maintain strand-by-strand separation, achieving a fashionable look that is both versatile and trendy.

33. Pretty Curly Brown Pixie Bob

For active women with short, curly hair, opt for a convenient and pretty look that blends elements of a pixie and a bob. The style caters to an active lifestyle, providing a chic and low-maintenance solution for those on the move.

34. Short Messy Curly Hairstyle

Defy expectations by choosing a cropped style for super short curly hair. Select a short bob that allows your natural curls to fall loosely in a messy yet controlled manner, proving that curly hair can be both daring and stylish.

35. Curly Dark Chocolate Brown Pixie

Explore the allure of a short pixie cut that keeps the tomboyish silhouette feminine with long bangs and face-framing tendrils. The short, layered haircut adapts seamlessly to various hair types, showcasing the unruly beauty of curls.

36. Curly Combover Bob

Elevate your natural curls with a light brown bob featuring blonde highlights for a healthy and shiny look. The combover style is an excellent choice for those with full faces, adding necessary height on top while achieving a balanced and chic appearance.

37. Edgy Brunette Bob with Glossy Waves

Infuse dynamism into your bob with dynamic layers and razored ends, creating an edgy yet refined look. Opt for a dramatic dark brown or almost black color to enhance the punk vibe. Consider a hair gloss treatment for enviable shine and a touch of glamour.

38. Metallic Blonde Jaw-Length Bob

Transform thin hair to appear thicker with a wedge bob featuring tousled, sassy waves. The jaw-length cut imparts a youthful appearance, while bright blonde color with slightly darker roots creates the illusion of voluminous curls. Embrace a chic and contemporary style that exudes confidence.

39. Short Shattered Curly Bob

Embrace the dramatic Hollywood flair of a shattered short bob in a dark color. This style is perfect for those with naturally wavy hair who appreciate the spontaneous and ever-changing nature of the look. Revel in the uniqueness that comes with each wash and style.

40. Nape-Length Brown Bob with Messy Curls

Short curly hairstyles inherently boast volume, and this messy hairstyle takes full advantage of it. Incorporate a neatly trimmed nape to structure the tousled curls above, adding an element of order to the spontaneous beauty of your curly locks.

41. Side-Parted Wavy Curly Bob

Elevate thin chestnut brown hair by adding subtle light brown highlights for a lively touch. Let your natural, wavy textures shine in an inverted style by scrunching your wet hair with curl cream. Achieve a carefree, tousled look while air-drying.

42. Short Curly Brown Bob

Fun and femininity blend seamlessly in this short bob, perfect for curly hair. Covering a large forehead and adding fullness on the sides, this style is an excellent choice for those with a long or triangular face shape. Embrace the eye-catching charm of this playful bob.

43. Undercut for Curly Hair

Infuse a touch of Tinker Bell magic into your style with an undercut, striking a balance between playful and alluring. Subtle highlights enhance the look, keeping your thick wavy hair stylishly controlled and defined. Embrace the unexpected and stand out with this snazzy choice.

44. Stacked Curly Bob

Experience glamour effortlessly with a curly bob that requires minimal effort. Flaunt your unique hair color, such as red, by incorporating brightening highlights or a henna wash. Let your fiery locks steal the spotlight in this stacked bob that oozes sophistication.

45. Curly Q Haircut

Capture the essence of girlhood with a revived hairstyle featuring gorgeous curls. This grown-up version of curly Qs showcases curls throughout, including sideburns and the neckline. Celebrate the playful and carefree spirit of your natural curls in this enchanting style.

46. Curly Black Tapered Pixie

Navigate the balance between boyish charm and delicate femininity with a short tapered cut softened by soft waves. Long earrings add elegance, emphasizing the neckline and chest while maintaining a touch of masculinity. Revel in the versatile beauty of this uniquely crafted haircut.

47. Shorter Black Messy Hairstyle

Personalize your short curly haircut with customized layers, length, and color for a distinctive look. Opt for a more layered cut for a messier appearance, or choose fewer layers for a polished and womanly finish. Embrace the natural spontaneity of your curls with a style that reflects your individuality.

48. Naturally Curly Beauty

Celebrate the fun, low-maintenance, and chic nature of short haircuts for curly hair. Whether your curls are natural or achieved with modern styling tools, embrace the beauty of curls. Use a strong hold spray that allows your hair to retain its soft and beautiful appearance, showcasing the vibrant charm of your natural texture.

49. Nape Length Wavy Ash Brown Bob

Radiate romance with a soft nape-length bob adorned with wavy layers and bangs. Enhance the overall look with an ashy brown color, and add subtle lighter brown highlights for increased vibrancy. Achieve a natural and effortlessly enchanting appearance with this wavy hairstyle.

50. Short Bob for Curly Hair

Curly girls can confidently rock a bob, exuding modernity with a trendy hair color and dimensional highlights. A blunt, close cut along the neck line, paired with gorgeously highlighted ringlets, creates a winning look that effortlessly updates your short style.

51. Angelic Blonde Balayage Bob with Curls

Achieve a halo-like effect with a super short bob featuring stacked layers, thick bangs, and blond balayage highlights. This hairstyle captures an ethereal and angelic quality, combining chicness with a touch of heavenly elegance.

52. The Short and Long of It

Explore the versatility of short hairstyles for curly hair by incorporating length variation. This style showcases an underneath layer cut close for a straight appearance, while longer curls on top flow freely, providing a dynamic and visually appealing contrast.

53. Curly Golden Brown Pixie

Celebrate tight ringlets with a tidy and clean short style. The tapered curly cut, accentuated by subtle highlights, maintains a neat nape while allowing the curls to shine. Ensure frizz-free curls with a quality spray or styling cream to keep your curls controlled and defined.

54. Tousled Wavy Bronde Bob

Short curly hairstyles don’t always require perfect styling. Apply texturizing spray to wet locks and scrunch for a tousled look that is effortless and fast to achieve. Revel in the relaxed and carefree vibe of this hairstyle that exudes an easygoing charm.

55. Soft Curly Tapered Pixie

Understanding your hair’s texture is key to finding the perfect cut, and a textured, tapered pixie cut is ideal for thick yet fine hair. Enhance the look with subtle highlights, adding dimension to your curls. Embrace the soft and feminine allure of this short curly hairstyle.

56. Black Wet Curly Bob with Subtle Highlights

Challenge the notion that the wet, mermaid style is reserved for long locks by rocking it with a short bob. Layer in babylights to accentuate your ringlets, and embrace the versatility of dark brown shades, whether damp or dry. Achieve a captivating and stylish look for any occasion.

57. Cute Curly Bob

Experience the ease of styling and the charming allure of natural spirals with a short curly bob. Keep the front slightly longer, allowing for volume on top, making this style effortlessly chic and easy to pull off.

58. Side-Parted Messy Bob for Wavy Hair

Embrace the natural spontaneity of curly or wavy hair with a side-parted messy bob. Deeply part your hair to the side, letting your waves fall messily and exuding an effortlessly chic appearance.

59. Curly Brunette Bob with Bangs

Natural curls bring an effortless flair that can be challenging to achieve in curled styles for straight hair. Rather than straightening your bob, encourage the curls by defining them with a styling

product of your choice—whether mousse, cream, or foam.

60. Natural Textured Curly Hairstyle

Have fun and embrace the easy styling of short curly hair. Allow your natural curls to fall where they wish and address any frizz with a texturizing or detangling spray. Achieve vibrant and enviable curls with minimal effort, showcasing the natural beauty of your hair.

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