24 Stunning Medium Length Haircuts That Are All the Rage for 2024

1: Center Parted with Internal Layering

Introducing internal layers to a center-parted hairstyle can lighten its overall weight while avoiding an excessively layered appearance. To enhance the gloss, finish with a high-quality shine spray.

Medium to Long Center Parted Hair with Internal Layering

2: Jet Black Choppy Fine Hair

For those with jet black, fine hair, adding choppy layers can create a fuller and more dynamic look without compromising the natural thickness of the hair.

Jet Black Medium Long Choppy Fine Hair

3: Trendy Mid-Length Platinum Blonde

The latest trend in medium-length hairstyles is a platinum blonde look, featuring iced and bleached hues. Adding blunt-ended layers increases texture and volume, making it suitable for straight hair types.

Mid Length Platinum Blondes

4: Medium-Long Middle Part Hair with Wispy Layers

A medium to long hairstyle with a middle part and delicate, wispy layers offers a versatile look that works well with both straight and wavy hair textures.

Medium Long Middle Part Hair with Butterfly Wispy Layers for Diamond Face Shapes

5: Modern Blunt Beach Waves

A mid-length blunt cut with beach waves is universally flattering, providing a simple yet sophisticated look. This style adds the illusion of thicker and healthier hair for various face shapes.

Modern Blunt Beach Waves for Medium to Long Hair

6: Choppy Shag with Effortless Texture

The choppy shag hairstyle, perfect for medium-length hair with a natural straight to wavy texture, embodies an effortlessly textured look. It can be styled with additional waves or smoothed out as desired.

Medium to Long Choppy Shag with Effortless Texture

7: Light Brown Straight Hairstyle

Enhancing light brown hair with face-framing layers and textured ends can elevate the overall appearance. For a wavy style, applying a volumizing mousse before blow-drying and using a 1.5-inch curling iron can achieve the desired look.

Chic Medium to Long Light Brown Straight Hairstyle

8: Stylish Brunette Shag with No Bangs

A contemporary shag haircut is ideal for thick hair that requires movement. Styling with a flat iron to create subtle bends and finishing with a texture spray can keep the look modern and trendy.

Stylish Medium to Long Brunette Shag with No Bangs

9: Blonde Balayage on Medium-to-Long Wavy Hair

Blonde balayage adds dimension to medium to long wavy hair, creating a visually appealing look. The warm blonde highlights are both soft and fashionable.

Blonde Balayage on Medium to Long Wavy Hair

10: Medium-Length Cute Cut with Bangs

A medium-long hairstyle with a slight wave and a prominent fringe offers an easy-to-maintain styling option that is currently popular and flattering for various face shapes.

medium length cute cut with bangs

11: Gorgeous Medium Long Cut for Thick Hair

A center part in medium to long thick hair can create a visually stunning curtain effect, offering an easy and fashionable way to manage volume and highlight dimensional waves.

Medium long haircut for thick hair

12: Trendy Medium to Long Lob with Side Bangs

Opt for a medium to long lob with a shadow root and babylights, complemented by a razor cut for a popular lived-in look. A long, side-swept bang can help balance the face within medium-length styles.

Trendy medium to long Lob with Side Bangs

13: Sassy Medium to Long Straight Hair

A sleek medium to long hairstyle can be easily transformed with the addition of bouncy waves, offering a versatile look for both casual and more styled occasions.

Sassy medium to long straight hair

14: Simple Medium Long Feathered Layers

Choosing a medium to long layered haircut can help manage thick, dense hair by reducing bulk. This straightforward style is compatible with any natural hair color and texture.

Simple medium long feathered layers

15: Messy Medium-Length Layered Cut for Fine Hair

Applying short to medium layers in medium long thin hair can achieve a textured yet delicate look, ideal for adding volume and a dynamic quality to the hairstyle.

Messy medium length layered cut for fine hair

16: Before and After Medium Long Haircuts

A medium to long hairstyle can easily transition from a sleek and polished look to one with added texture and playfulness using a texture spray, suitable for a range of face shapes and hair textures.

before and after medium long haircuts

17: Edgy Modern Medium Long Shag Cut

This medium-long shag cut offers a modern twist on the traditional 70s rocker shag, perfect for those seeking an effortlessly cool aesthetic. It combines a bit of sweetness with an edgy vibe, making a distinctive statement.

edgy modern medium long shag cut

18: Amazing Shoulder-Length to Long Blunt Cut

An easily maintained medium to long blunt cut that gracefully grows out, this style is perfect for those seeking a chic yet low-maintenance look, featuring an undone, textured appearance.

Amazing Shoulder Length to long Blunt Cut

19: Perfect Mid-Length Cut for Thin Hair

A medium-long shag cut with a defined shape offers a timeless and easy-to-maintain style, ideal for those with a fast-paced lifestyle and in search of a straightforward, flattering look.

perfect mid length cut for thin hair

20: Beachy Wavy Hair for Women with Medium Long Hair

This style emphasizes effortless, lived-in hair, with a collarbone-length lob that is internally texturized and layered to boost volume and movement, accommodating a variety of hair textures.

beachy wavy hair for women with medium long hair

21: Lovely Long Layers on Medium-Length Hair

An approachable medium-long shag cut that frames the face and draws attention to soft features, blending bombshell allure with an edge of sophistication, suitable for those experimenting with medium-length styles.

lovely long layers on medium length hair

22: Trendsetting Medium to Long Ombre Hair

Medium to long ombre hair caters to those who prefer a low-maintenance style, offering a versatile foundation for minimal styling and a thicker, healthier hair appearance.

Trendsetting medium to long ombre hair

23: Casual Medium-to-Long Shag with a Side Part

A medium-to-long shag with a side part and feathered layers revives flat hair, adding fullness and depth for a vibrant, textured look.

Casual medium to long shag with a side part

24: Long to Medium Shaggy Cut with Full Curtain Bangs

For an on-trend look, consider a long to medium shaggy cut with full curtain bangs that beautifully accentuate the cheekbones and create volume, ideal for thick hair by alleviating weight while preserving length.

long to medium shaggy cut with full curtain bangs

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