30 Must-Try Blonde Curly Hairstyles for a Fresh Update

Long Curly Blonde Hair with Shadow Root

Long, loose curls with a shadow root create a feminine and sexy look. The dark roots add dimension and volume, making this hairstyle a head-turner.

Caramel Blonde Curly Hair with Natural Root

Curly Blonde Bob

Embrace a glamorous and playful look with a curly blonde bob. The voluminous, bouncy texture adds a touch of sophistication to this iconic hairstyle.

Chin Length Curly Bob Dyed Blonde

Warm Blonde Curls

Enhance natural texture by adding layers and opting for warm blonde color. The result is fantastic volume that allows your curls to shine through.

Medium Length Blonde Curly Hair

Natural Curls with Blonde Highlights

Springy curls paired with blonde highlights create an awesome look. The combination may require multiple sessions but results in a vibrant and textured appearance.

Ash Blonde Highlights on Tight Curls

Light Blonde Color on Coily Hair

Transform coily hair with a light blonde color, adding definition and volume. Manage root touch-ups by keeping the roots dark to extend the time between lightening sessions.

Mid Length Coily Hair with Light Blonde Babylights

Curly Bob with Platinum Blonde Highlights

Opt for an elegant look with platinum blonde highlights on a curly bob. Maintain the vibrancy of platinum strands with purple shampoo for a chic appearance.

Ash Blonde Short Curly Bob

Honey Blonde Curly Hair

Choose honey blonde for perm curls, creating a major change in your appearance. The warm hue adds volume and movement, making your curls even more captivating.

Warm Blonde Long Curly Hairstyle

Curly Bob with Bangs

A playful and bold choice, a blonde curly bob with bangs combines timeless charm with flirty energy. The curly texture injects volume, while bangs frame the face for a youthful vibe.

Blonde Bob with Defined Curls and Curly Bangs

Pastel Violet Blonde Curls

Explore unique hues with pastel violet blonde on short shaggy curls. The combination of tight coils and pastel color creates a gorgeous and distinctive look.

Short Rounded Twistout Hairstyle with Blonde Highlights

Super Voluminous Curly Hair

Spice up natural blonde color with a full head of vivid highlights, combining various shades for depth. Lightest shades on face-framing strands enhance eye-catching effects.

Dark Blonde Loose Curls with Framing Highlights

Caramel Blonde Hair with Deep Side Part

Dazzle with caramel blonde on natural brown skin tones. The deep side part adds sophistication, creating a perfect combination to catch attention.

Champaign Blonde Bablylights on Longe Coily Hair

Shoulder Length Honey Blonde Hair

Defined curls on shoulder-length hair are a timeless classic. Whether achieved with a curling iron or perm, apply curl-defining products for a polished look.

Honey Blonde Curly Hairstyle with Soft Ombre

Messy Blonde Curls

Short, messy blonde curls with dazzling texture and color create an excellent option for older women seeking an elegant and youthful appearance.

Women Over with Short Blonde Curly Hair

Curly Blonde Faux Hawk

Take the faux hawk to a new level by dyeing coily hair blonde. This edgy version of curly blonde hair ensures you won’t go unnoticed.

Undercut Platinum Blonde Pixie with Natural Root for Black Girls

Mid-Length Blonde Curly Hair

Blonde curly hair looks great on medium-length locks. Layers and highlights enhance natural curls, making them more defined and bouncy.

Tight Honey Blonde Curls with Shadow Root

Curly Blonde Lob

Enjoy the best of both worlds with a long curly bob. Combining volume and low maintenance, loose curls in blonde hues add allure to the hairstyle.

Long Wavy Bob with Blonde Babylights

Caramel Blonde Curly Hair

Elevate natural curls with a warm caramel blonde hue. The distinctive color adds vibrancy, complementing warm skin tones.

Cool Shade of Blonde for Olive Skin and Curly Hair

Side Swept Curly Hairstyle

Embrace honey blonde soft curls for a voluminous appearance. Swept to one side, the hairstyle appears even more lush and captivating.

Long Natural Hair Dyed Warm Blonde

Ash Blonde Curly Hair with Dark Roots

Transform frizzy curls into an asset with ash blonde curls and dark roots. Layering, deep nourishment, and proper products contribute to a stunning look.

Long Layered Platinum Blonde Curl with Black Roots

Short Curly Blonde Hair

Channel 70s hairstyles with a vibrant curly blonde mullet. Choose a blonde shade that suits your skin tone and eye color for a retro yet stylish appearance.

White Blonde Curly Pixie Mullet

Curly Blonde Hair with Center Parting

Bouncy curls with a warm honey blonde shade add cuteness, while a center parting enhances the overall charm. Achieve this look with a curling iron or a perm.

Blonde Balayage on Medium Curly Hair

Curly Hair with Champagne Blonde Highlights

Freshen up naturally curly hair with blonde highlights. Light blonde tones add shine and make eyes pop, offering an alternative to full hair dye.

Dimensional Blonde Highlights on Long Natural Hair

Honey Blonde Curls

Make a statement with a head full of honey blonde curls. Dark roots contribute to easier maintenance and extend the time between salon appointments.

Puffy Honey Blonde Bob

Blonde Strands on Dark Curly Hair

Opt for blonde highlights instead of full hair dye for a remarkable effect. Combine various blonde shades with layers for defined and voluminous curls.

Subtle Blonde Highlights on Coily Hair

Curly Blonde Pixie

Cut away frizz with a short curly blonde pixie. The style looks cute and highlights facial features for a refreshing and low-maintenance appearance.

Short Curly Ash Blonde Pixie

Golden Blonde Curly Hair

Achieve a princess vibe with shiny golden strands on a dirty blonde base. The combination looks natural and enhances the beauty of long curls.

Long Type Curl with Blonde Highlights and Lowlights

Butterscotch Blonde Curly Hair

Add butterscotch blonde highlights to loose curls for a unique touch. Shorter cuts, like a bob, can make blonde curls appear more voluminous.

Curly Blonde Shag with Short Curly Bangs

Ultra Short Platinum Blonde Curls

Make a bold statement with ultra-short platinum blonde curls. An undercut and hair design add extra flair to this chic and attention-grabbing look.

Platinum Blonde TWA with Undercut Design

Curly Blonde Shag

Opt for a curly blonde shag for a short and mind-blowing appearance. Let natural hair structure thrive with this low-maintenance yet stunning choice.

Long Unlayered Curly Hair with Cool Blonde Shade

Can Lavender Hair Inspirations also Work for Blonde Curly Hairstyles?

Lavender hair inspirations can definitely work for blonde curly hairstyles. The soft pastel tones of lavender can complement the natural lightness of blonde curls, creating a beautiful and unique look. Whether it’s subtle lavender highlights or a full lavender hair color, the possibilities are endless for blonde curly hair.

Very Long Curly Blonde Hair

Embrace stunning very long curly blonde hair for a mesmerizing look. The length allows versatility with bun or ponytail options for different occasions.

Long Unlayered Curly Hair with Cool Blonde Shade

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