35 Stunning Fall Hair Colors to Completely Transform Your Look This Autumn 2024

1. Chocolate Brown Highlights

Experience a subtle twist on the classic highlights over dark hair with the trend of the year—brown tones. Achieve the appearance of hair glazed with milk chocolate, a perfect recommendation for brunettes with naturally dark hair.

Medium Brown Highlights for Dark Hair

2. Delicious Chocolate

The allure of chocolate color lies in its natural look and stunning definition it lends to your features. Enhance the warmth with golden blonde face-framing highlights, presenting an elegant fall hair color idea for brunettes.

Brown Hair with Face Framing Highlights

3. Bronze Hair

Embrace the desired fall hair color of bronze, filled with glowing golden tones. Accentuate the style with lighter cinnamon tones near the face, providing a reason to admire both the colorist and the salon.

Bronze Hair Shades for Fall

4. Warm Brown Balayage

For brunettes seeking a change without going blonde, opt for warm brown balayage. Explore trendy fall hair colors with a mix of chocolate brown and chestnut tones.

Subtle Brown Balayage

5. Black Hair Balayage

In contrast to vibrant spring and summer experiments, fall calls for calmer, natural shades. Elevate your look with a new tint or subtle balayage, staying gorgeous and on-trend for Fall 2024.

Subtle Blonde Balayage on Black Hair

6. Creamy Blonde with Cool Highlights

Discover a captivating pick from the fall hair colors of 2024 with a highlighted composition. Ideal for longer hair, let cold platinum and gray highlights shine through for a stunning effect.

Dirty Blonde with Highlights and Shadow Roots

7. Mahogany and Copper Balayage

Step into the world of warm hair colors with mahogany and copper balayage. Choose a flattering reddish-brown base and enhance it with auburn, light copper, golden, or strawberry blonde highlights.

Mahogany Fall Fair Color

8. Honey and Caramel Hair Color

Add a touch of sophistication with face-framing highlights. The golden blonde shade enhances warm skin tones, offering a fancy yet delicate element to your appearance.

Golden Blonde Face Framing Highlights for Brunettes

9. Ash Brown

Upgrade your natural color with cool-toned ash brown, one of the most intriguing fall hair colors. Consult your stylist for the right color combination to achieve this refined shade.

Mushroom Hair Color

10. Mocha Brown Hair Color

Explore the splendid mocha brown, a darker shade from the chocolatey browns family. Suitable for both warm and cool skin tones, it’s an interesting choice for the fall and winter season.

Warm Dark Brown Shade

11. Curly Chocolate into Caramel Ombre

Experience a beautiful blend ranging from dark chocolate roots to golden brown tips. Ideal for those with naturally dark hair, it avoids the grown-out roots problem.

12. Dark Brown

Embrace a deep, rich dark chestnut brown as the ideal one-process color for Fall 2024, perfect for brunettes not planning a radical hair color change.

13. Strawberry Blonde

Opt for a smart blend of cinnamon and strawberry blonde hues, a perfect choice for brunettes transitioning to a lighter fall hair color.

14. Copper Tones for Thick Brown Tresses

Celebrate the fall season with the timeless copper color. Whether with bright copper hues or subtle brownish ginger tones, it’s a versatile choice to add warmth to dark strands.

15. Multidimensional Brunette Locks

Add richness to your dark mane with a subtle brown balayage, bringing a fall-like mood. Ensure the chosen hues blend well together for a harmonious effect.

16. Two-Tone Loose Waves

Experience the perennial popularity of brown and blonde blends. Whether on wavy or straight hair, the combination looks gorgeous, with loose curls emphasizing the sun-kissed shades.

17. Burgundy

Declare your allegiance to fall with rich violet-red tones, instantly stepping up your style for Fall 2024.

18. Cinnamon Ribbons on Brown Hair

Opt for fabulous and heartwarming cinnamon red fall hair colors. Request the ribbon balayage technique for added dimension to naturally dark hair and a radiant skin appearance.

19. Dark Brown with Caramel Highlights

Impeccable long dark brown locks with caramel highlights complement every skin tone, making it an excellent choice for Fall.

20. Dimensional Auburn

Give ombre a modern twist with lighter tones towards the bottom and around the face, exemplified by the dark red dipped in apple cider hair color.

21. Mysterious Copper Curls

Embrace the lighter shades of red with the fall’s choice of copper. When styled messy and curly, the hue perfectly aligns with the autumn setting.

22. Ash Blonde Babylights on Brunette Hair

Lighten your locks without damage using the ombre balayage technique. Opt for ashy blonde hues to complement cool skin tones.

23. Honey Blonde Hair with Dark Roots

Enhance your appearance with light brown and caramel hues, especially flattering for olive skin tones. Blended highlights add volume and fullness to your tresses.

24. Dark Brown Hair with Toffee Teasylights

Irresistibly beautiful dimensional wavy locks with toffee highlights. Elevate your style with added depth and movement, complementing the dark roots.

25. Copper Blonde Curls

Achieve a nice copper blonde resembling warm caramel, perfect for those with green or blue eyes. Add dimension with darker melted roots and trendy e-girl streaks.

26. Cool-Toned Platinum Blonde

Exude sophistication with cool-toned blonde featuring darkened roots and platinum ends. A captivating choice for Fall 2024.

27. Dishwater Blonde with Highlights

Opt for a low-maintenance dishwater blonde color refreshed with streaks of light blonde and platinum for added vibrancy.

28. Bronde

Blend natural brown hair with dimensional blonde highlights, offering a great option for brunettes transitioning to blonde. Melted roots ensure a low-maintenance look.

29. Medium Brown and Warm Blonde Balayage

Choose a strawberry blonde hair color for the fall season, with face-framing highlights to enhance the fullness of long, thick waves.

30. Golden Blonde

While blonde remains a versatile choice, dark and golden blonde shades take center stage among fall hair colors.

31. Subtle Ash Brown and Blonde Highlights

Add a touch of spice to your natural brown locks with subtle front blonde highlights, framing your face beautifully for a reminiscence of pleasant summer days.

32. Brunette Hair with Blonde Money Pieces

Infuse bright blonde tones into rich espresso brown hair for a romantic look. Consider cool-toned highlights for fair or neutral skin tones and warm blonde for olive or tanned skin.

33. Dark Red Hair

Embrace the rising demand for dark red tones in the fall season. Experiment with copper or caramel highlights to enhance the base shade.

34. Copper Red

Choose the lush copper red, a sassy shade that never goes out of fashion, making a bold statement in Fall.

Can Dark Brown Hair Colors Also Be Suitable for Fall?

Yes, dark brown hair color variations can be perfect for the fall season. The rich, warm tones complement the changing colors of nature and create a cozy, autumnal vibe. Whether it’s a deep chocolate brown or a caramel-infused hue, dark brown hair colors are a great choice for the fall.

35. Muted Red Fall Color

Explore the beauty of red shades mixed with copper and reddish tones, creating a stunning multidimensional look perfect for the fall season.

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