40 Captivating Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair for an Unforgettable Look

1. Layered and Gathered Bridal Hairstyle

A cascade of curls perfectly complements a bridal gown, making this opulent side arrangement unsuitable for a simple outdoor celebration. This sophisticated hairstyle demands an equally elaborate dress, so feel free to embrace extravagance.

side curly wedding hairstyle for long hair

2. Messy High Bun

Embrace the beauty of disarray with this artfully disheveled updo, featuring twisted strands pulled into a relaxed, curly bun atop the head. Soft strands framing the face add a touch of romance to the ensemble.

voluminous bridal updo for long hair

3. Loose and Lovely Curls

Your wedding day is the perfect occasion to wear your hair down in a stunning display of glamour. Opt for a charming style with gently flowing curls, enhanced by an elegant headpiece. Use a large-barrel curling iron for voluminous, natural-looking waves.

long loose wedding hairstyle

4. The Regal Bridal Top Bun

Adorn your crown with a hairstyle befitting royalty, featuring a voluminous, intricately twisted bun at the crown of your head. This statement-making style calls for nothing less than a regal setting.

messy beehive wedding updo with tiara P

5. Half-Updo with a Braided Headband

Indulge in the opulence of wedding day hairstyles with a luxuriously curled half-updo that gently falls to one side. A braided headband adds a formal touch, perfectly complementing the style with intertwined plaits.

half up curly side wedding hairstyle for long hair

6. Swirled Wavy Half Up Style

The elegance of wedding hairstyles for long hair varies with the bride’s preference and gown style, yet this elegant twist of curls and waves adorned with hair accessories stands out for its sophistication. Ideal for long hair that extends past the shoulders, this style showcases beautifully curled and draped locks.

Bridal Messy Wavy Half Updo

7. Wedding Half Up Ringlets

Rather than securing all your hair, showcase your lengthy tresses with flowing ringlets and a deep side part. Use a curling wand of small to medium size for the curls, and pin a section of hair just above the ear, finishing with an exquisite hairpiece for a touch of elegance.

Long Curly Wedding Half Updo

8. Piled Up Formal Hairstyle

For hair that struggles to maintain length over time, consider an updo that compacts your hair into a voluminous arrangement of curls, ensuring a polished look rather than an unkempt one. This updo is particularly suited for hot weather or when wearing a traditional veil or elaborate headpiece.

Curly Wedding Updo With Tiara And Veil

9. Graduated Wedding Downdo

Among the array of bridal hairstyles for long hair, the most enchanting often feature long, soft curls. Achieve a sophisticated look with a voluminous bouffant and long, draped bangs or layers that frame the face, culminating in a stunning cascade of glossy curls.

Bridal Long Curly Ponytail With A Bouffant

10. Curly Low Bun

Transform your lengthy bridal hair into a low bun filled with intricate twists and curls, expertly styled for maximum allure. Embellish with delicate baby’s breath or a sparkling hair clip for the perfect finishing touch.

Wedding Low Loopy Bun For Long Hair

11. Curly Half Updo for Brides

Introducing ombre or balayage highlights brings a contemporary flair to a timeless look. For hair extending beyond the shoulders, this style allows you to flaunt your color transition with soft, flowing curls.

Long Curly Half Updo For Brides

12. Bridal Mermaid Waves

For brides with long, healthy hair, achieving a simple yet elegant wavy hairstyle is straightforward. Thick, extra-long hair benefits from mermaid waves complemented by a stylish hair piece and voluminous side bangs.

Wedding Long Wavy Hairstyle

13. Braided Crown with Hairband

This hairstyle draws inspiration from the romantic era, featuring loose curls and a braided crown encircling a modest bouffant. A jeweled hairband secures and adds a sparkling touch to this dark-haired beauty.

Bridal Curly Bouffant Half Updo

14. Large Hair Accessories

Enhance your wedding day appearance with bold hair accessories. Whether it’s a large side clip, a hat, or a short veil, a distinctive adornment brings a whimsical flair to your bridal look.

Curly Messy Updo With A Side Braid

15. Updo with Side Tendrils

Wedding hairstyles for long hair can be simple yet elegant, as demonstrated by this messy chignon adorned with softly curled side tendrils. This style benefits from a natural, effortless approach, allowing for a few loose curls to frame the face.

Low Wedding Updo With A Brown

16. Side Part Hollywood Waves

Achieve the pinnacle of wedding hair elegance with Hollywood waves, creating sleek, defined curls section by section and setting them with hairspray for a glamorous finish.

Very Long Old Hollywood Waves

17. Flower Crown Alternative

For a sweet, seasonal wedding hairstyle, opt for a crown made of durable flowers like baby’s breath and roses, offering a simple yet adorable look that lasts all day.

Simple Wedding Downdo With A Flower Crown

18. Loose Wedding Downdo

Incorporate a modern twist into your wedding style with oversized, loose braids, ideal for long, medium to thick hair. Embellish with fresh flowers or jewels for a formal appearance.

Loose Wedding Half Updo

19. Big Country Hair

Embrace the Southern tradition of voluminous, curly wedding hair for a look full of glamour and style, enhanced by a side sweep and optional bangs for added volume.

Half Up Curly Ponytail For Wedding

20. Sweet and Simple Ringlets

Achieve a sleek, polished wedding hairstyle with anti-frizz serum, curling your hair into neat ringlets and securing them with bobby pins. Decorate the pinned area with flowers or ribbon for a refined finish.

Curly Wedding Half Updo With Flowers P

21. Straightforward and Simple Wedding Bun

When simplicity is key, a low chignon offers a timeless wedding hairstyle, elegantly complemented by a veil for a look that remains classic and sophisticated.

Low Wedding Bun With A Veil

22. Curly Wedding Ponytail

This curly hairstyle is versatile, enhancing the beauty of different hair types with a cascade of twists. Embellish with flowers, a tiara, or a traditional veil for a personalized touch.

Bridal Curly Downdo

23. Extra Long Half Up Pony

Showcase your long hair with this effortless, textured half ponytail, capturing your unique style. Secure the upper section in a high pony, allowing the rest to cascade freely.

Half Up Ponytail for Long Wavy Hair

24. Mega Long Waves

For a dramatic wedding hairstyle, opt for this voluminous half-up look with flowing curls, where volume is key to its stunning impact.

Wedding Wavy Half Updo P

25. Strongly Secured Ringlet Chignon

This style showcases black hair in stiff, meticulously arranged pin curls, forming a neatly tucked chignon. Finish with a striking hair accessory and complement with statement jewelry.

Black Formal Wedding Updo

26. Braid and Low Chignon

Craft a gorgeous braided headband that wraps around to a tendril-filled bun at the nape, creating a memorable bohemian bridal look.

curly wedding updo with a dutch braid for long hair P

27. Fancy Free Messy Side Updo

Opt for a relaxed yet refined hairstyle with a cluster of loosely pinned curls, creating a slightly tousled look that’s perfect for your walk down the aisle.

side updo for brides P

28. Curled Formal Updo

Choose curly, structured chignons for a classic bridal look, carefully arranging each curl to conceal pins and using strong hairspray for lasting hold.

low curly updo with flowers P

29. Full and Fancy Chignon

Chignons remain a wedding favorite, with a voluminous bun serving as an ideal hairstyle for brides seeking elegance and sophistication. Enhance with a sparkling barrette for a cohesive look.

curly wedding updo with a bouffant for thick hair

30. Sexy Updo with Framing Locks

This elaborate updo, featuring a large, messy bun, highlights the neckline and back, perfectly complementing strapless dresses. Leave thick locks in front for a natural, beautifying effect.

Voluminous High Bun for Bride P

31. Graceful Bridal Wavy Style

Opt for a modern take on Old Hollywood waves for a long-haired bridal look that’s both elegant and captivating. Accessorize with delicate hair combs for an added touch of grace.

Wedding Hair Loose Waves

32. Tucked-Up Updo

Embrace your inner princess with a majestic updo, showcasing one of the most elegant wedding hairstyles for long hair. Crown your look with a tiara for the ultimate royal touch.

loose wedding updo with tiara P

33. Braided Side Bun

Combine the charm of braids and twists with a low bun, intertwining elements at the base for a ready-to-wed look that’s both chic and bohemian.

low bun bridal updo with a braid P

34. Flawless Low Ponytail

For brides aiming for glamour, a sleek ponytail offers an effortlessly chic look, transforming straight hair into a memorable bridal style.

Bridal Low Pony with Softt Waves

35. Tucked-In Low Updo

A low chignon adorned with delicate baby’s breath and tucked in at the nape presents a charming choice for brides, crowned with a floral halo for a whimsical flair.

sleek chignon updo for long hair

36. Crown Braid and Beach Waves

Ideal for beach weddings, this half-down style with a braided crown and flowing curls embodies a romantic bohemian aesthetic, perfect for a seaside ceremony.

Beach Wedding Half Up Hairstyle P

37. Gatsby-Inspired Retro Updo

Embrace the elegance of the 1920s with a retro updo suitable for any wedding dress style, offering a timeless nod to vintage glamour.

vintage wedding updo for long hair P

38. Half-Up Glamorous Curls

Bridal hairstyles that balance between up and down allow you to flaunt the luxurious glamour of long, curled locks and a radiant look.

Wedding Half Ponytail Long Locks

39. Sophisticated Low Bun

The beauty of elegant bridal updos lies in their simplicity, with added fringe locks framing the face for a touch of sophistication.

Classy Bridal Bun and Veil

Can Brunette Balayage Hairstyles be Adapted for a Wedding Look with Long Hair?

Yes, brunette balayage hairstyles can absolutely be adapted for a wedding look with long hair. The subtle and natural dimension created by balayage can add an elegant touch to any bridal hairstyle. Browse through some brunette balayage masterpieces to see how this trend can be effortlessly incorporated into wedding hairdos.

40. Modern Bridal Hairstyle

Embrace your hair’s natural texture with loose waves, a stunning choice requiring no additional adornments, though silver cuffs can add a contemporary edge.

Playful Bridal Style Beachy Waves

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