wavy bob hairstyles

1. Shoulder-Length Spiraled Bob

While formerly considered a faux pas, combining curly styling with straight bangs can work beautifully with shorter hairstyles. This approach helps blend various layers, and having straight pieces framing the face can be particularly flattering, especially for those looking to slim chubby cheeks.

Long Wavy Bob With Bangs

2. Neck-Length Razored Wavy Bob

Embrace the modern wavy bob with midshaft bends. This elegant hairstyle features light brown hair with ash blonde highlights throughout, and a center part that gracefully frames the face. It exudes femininity with a touch of sporty chic thanks to its choppy ends.

Choppy Wavy Bob With Midshaft Bents

3. Wavy Choppy Ash Brown Bob

There’s a delightful, girlish charm in the soft waves of a short choppy bob. The ashy brown angled cut offers freshness and ease, imparting a sense of fullness and volume to your hair. This style is an excellent choice for those with thinner or occasionally flat hair.

Choppy Cool Brown Balayage Bob

4. Light Lob with Large Messy Waves

Are you up for flaunting a long wavy bob? This gorgeous, free-flowing blonde bob extends to the shoulders. It’s effortless to style – simply braid it comfortably before bedtime, and in the morning, let those braids loose for a naturally beachy look.

Tousled Wavy Blonde Lob

5. Messy Wavy Brown Lob

Dark, smoldering, and shoulder-length – this bob defies convention and radiates modernity. The natural brown base, complemented by rusty-red tones, evokes the exotic allure within confident women. Not to mention, the messy long waves are effortless to style and maintain.

Chocolate And Caramel Balayage With Black Roots

6. Angled Bob with Beach Waves

Consider an inverted, angled bob to accentuate your beachy waves. Dark roots add depth and volume to the various shades of blonde, while long, bright white pieces in the front beautifully highlight your face. A side part showcases the layers and texture to perfection.

Angled Wavy Blonde Bob

7. Autumn-Ready Stacked Scrunched Wavy Bob

Short, sassy, and layered – this inverted bob boasts plenty of texture and a sophisticated silhouette. The tousled top and stacked back make styling and upkeep a breeze, while the chin-length locks offer a feminine framing effect for the face.

Layered Stacked Wavy Bob

8. Rounded and Feathered Bob Haircut

For a rounded, short wavy bob that transitions seamlessly between the office and leisure, opt for a feathered and textured bob cut. This style, just below the jawline, features chunky layers that suit most face shapes. The unique strawberry blonde color draws attention whether you’re coming or going.

Medium Wavy Caramel Blonde Bob

9. Feminine Peek-a-Boo Bob

Whether you’re feeling sultry and mysterious or shy and unassuming, a longer tousled bob keeps the guesswork alive. Embrace a sense of ultra-femininity with wavy blonde hair strategically falling over one eye, offering an element of intrigue.

Asymmetrical Bronde Messy Bob

10. Blunt Wavy Blonde Bob

Thin hair? No problem! A blunt bob haircut is the answer to creating the illusion of thicker locks. This blonde bob is incredibly low-maintenance. If you have naturally wavy hair, simply air dry it and add a texturizing spray for that carefree vibe.

Blunt Bronde Bob for Fine Hair

11. Straight-Cut Lob with Textured Ends and Waves

If you’re aiming for a youthful and fashion-forward bob, a textured shoulder-length lob could be your best choice. Experiment with a mix of cool and warm-toned highlights for a contemporary and visually captivating style.

12. Long Blonde Wavy Bob Haircut

Achieve the spotlight with a long blonde wavy bob. Create a middle part and add a few soft waves that elegantly frame your face. Voila! You’ve got a relaxed yet voguish look.

13. One-Length Beachy Textured Bob

Inject some movement into your bob to transform it from classic to wild. Wavy layered hair is a hot trend, and adding darker roots and super blonde balayage creates a cool, voguish appearance. Achieve the beachy feel with textured, tousled strands.

14. Loosely Curled and Tousled Lob

Perfect for those who enjoy the outdoors and an active lifestyle, the loose curls from midshaft to ends of this tousled lob look spectacular when they flow freely and graze the collarbone. With long, deep chocolate brown waves and a classic center part, you can easily tie it into a flouncy ponytail for exercise or hiking adventures.

15. Tousled Blonde Bob with Layers

Achieve your luxurious best with this pale blonde wavy bob. This hairstyle creates a cute graduated effect enhanced by untamed beachy waves. The shoulder-length bob is modern, flattering, and effortless to style, particularly when you curl the top layers with a flat iron.

16. Chin-Length Frizzy Wavy Bob Crop

Rock your hair in an all-one-length textured bob and showcase your fun-loving beach-blonde waves to the world. The razored ends and tousled top with bangs add lift and texture to flat, fine hair. Dark roots and blonde balayage highlights contribute to a youthful, summer-ready look.

17. Loosely Curled Bronze Balayage Bob

If your life is a whirlwind of professional and social commitments, you’ll adore how a lightly curled balayage bob seamlessly fits into your busy schedule. By day, it exudes sleek sophistication suitable for corporate environments, and by night, the copper-bronze streaks infuse a playful charm perfect for cocktails with co-workers.

18. Long-Layered Bob with Caramel Ribbons

This wavy bob aligns with the latest trends and is effortlessly stylish. Shoulder-length wavy locks are exceptionally appealing, and balayage, with its blended dark caramel highlights, adds a gorgeous, natural allure while helping the waves cascade seductively. Perfect for romantic dates or girls’ night out.

19. Delicately Waved Short Blonde Bob

Embrace the 1940s glamour with a short wavy bob haircut. The jaw-length waves with a touch of blonde bombshell chic offer simplicity with a dose of style that suits everyone.

20. Uneven Piece-y Wavy Bob

Blonde and sassy-tastic, this bob is designed for women who want to make a statement. Full and voluminous, with highlights shimmering throughout the choppy layers, it’s ideal for dancing the night away at your favorite club. The uneven ends that meet at the neck provide a unique and unexpected twist.

21. Casual-Chic Medium Messy Bob

Medium wavy bob haircuts infused with a summer vibe and highlights beg for natural, flowing, and disheveled styling. The above-the-shoulder length cut with textured ends exudes a carefree, light feel – casual chic for everyday life and a fun, wavy style.

22. Angled Choppy Bob with Jagged Edges

Embrace the best of both worlds with this bob. Short, textured locks transition into longer, bright blonde waves that gracefully touch the collarbone. An angled choppy bob is perfect for those who love to stand out, and despite its jagged and uneven ends, it’s anything but ordinary.

23. Ash Blonde Wavy Lob for Fine Hair

For those with fine hair that tends to lay flat, enhance it with a piece-y, textured lob. Customize your parting, and finger-comb to reveal natural waves or use a straightener for quick bents. The lob is the ideal medium haircut for those transitioning from a short style to longer locks.

24. Long Wavy Copper Blonde Bob

A wavy lob allows your medium-length waves to cascade gracefully over your shoulders. The bright copper blonde balayage imparts a sun-kissed, shiny, and healthy glow. The slightly lighter curly tendrils in the front rejuvenate your complexion.

25. Black Curly Messy Bob with Bangs

For those with thick, curly hair, this full and sassy face-framing short wavy bob is an excellent choice. The squared silhouette at chin length imparts a slimmer, more youthful appearance to the cheeks.

26. Combover Haircut for Thick Wavy Hair

If you’re blessed with thick, voluminous hair, a chin-length wavy bob can be transformative. Ask your stylist to lightly texture the ends for an airy feel. Long overgrown bangs help shape the hairdo and add volume where it’s needed.

27. Natural Looking Bob

Sometimes, sticking with the classics is the best choice when styling your long wavy bob. Natural colors that complement each other work well for various events, effortlessly transitioning from day to night without requiring any changes.

28. Chic Windblown Short Bob

This wavy layered strawberry candy bob boasts incredible volume thanks to its cut. The soft layered pieces are styled in a playful whirlwind motion, with each strand moving and curling, revealing its unique personality. The lightweight, short, sexy hairstyle stands out, especially with its warm, light-reflecting color.

29. Short Choppy Bob with Dimensional Waves

Whether you work in a corporate setting or an art gallery, a chocolate and golden blonde choppy bob will make you the center of attention. The stacked dimensional waves maintain a chic, sophisticated edge.

30. Long Disconnected Wavy Bob

Wintry blonde waves with thin golden highlights give this cute disconnected bob a delightful beachy vibe. While it can be conveniently tied into an updo, we recommend showcasing the textured waves and jagged ends rather than hiding them in a standard ponytail. What a waste!

31. Wavy Bob with Bangs

This variation of the classic bob cut is slightly longer, making it flattering for round or heart-shaped faces. For added framing, consider incorporating bangs. Full bangs create a bold, opaque effect, while Korean bangs offer a lighter, breezier option that falls between your lashes and eyebrows.

32. Bouncy Tousled Curls

For a cute and feminine look, tighter curls add more movement and volume to this chin-length bob. It’s an excellent way to make your hair appear fuller and livelier. Apply a thermal protection spray to damp hair before styling to maintain its healthy appearance.

33. Bob with Large Dimensional Curls

Soda-can-sized curls evoke a retro-style reminiscent of Hollywood starlets from the 1940s. With the contemporary twist of balayage, combining a chocolate-brown base with strawberry blonde hues, you’ll feel like you’re walking the red carpet, even during a supermarket run.

34. Choppy Wavy Angled Bob for Fine Hair

If you struggle to add life to your flat, fine hair, this chocolate and golden blonde choppy bob might be your salvation. Flip your head upside-down, scrunch the hair with some light hold styling mousse, and enjoy weightless and voluminous locks all day long. The bronde tones add volume and lift to combat flatness.

35. Wavy Layered Bob with Flicks

Medium length, rounded silhouette, and layers make this bob flattering for thick hair. If your hair naturally has a slight curl, you’ll achieve those lovely flicks without any extra effort. Otherwise, use a large-barrel curling iron to shape the ends.

36. Cute Coffee-Colored Bob

Dark hair exudes a special kind of sexiness – it looks healthier and reflects shine beautifully. But it can appear too dense with a wavy bob. Lighter highlights add dimension and break up the density, making it look lighter and more manageable.

37. Sexy Black Bob

Not everyone’s hair is naturally wavy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve sexy tousled waves with a curling iron. The key is to quickly wrap hair in alternating directions starting from the middle of each strand to avoid spiral curls.

38. Dark Brown Bob Cut with Highlights

A mix of dark blonde highlights on a textured wavy bob defines lush strands and adds a touch of glamour to your overall look. It’s a chic, manageable hairstyle that ensures you look your best every day.

39. Soft Chin Length Bob

This lovely short bob features feathery layers throughout the ends, creating a casual, relaxed look. It’s an easy and straightforward take on a classic wavy bob hairstyle that requires minimal upkeep for maximum effect. A few cute curves, and you’re ready to go.

40. Ash Blonde Spirals

Customize your wavy bob with expertly tailored color that complements your skin tone. This beautiful balayage pairs perfectly with a slightly tanned complexion, as the ash hues create a striking contrast without adding any redness.

41. Layered Lob with Balayage

This long wavy bob is incredibly charming, beckoning you to run your fingers through those angled caramel strands. The shaggy wavy texture adds depth and interest, making it much more captivating than your average hairstyle. The beautiful caramel waves gleam with shine and stand out brilliantly against the deep brown base. It’s a wavy, angled lob that’s simply irresistible!

42. Side-Swept Bob for Fine Hair

The wavy bob is the trend of the year, offering a textured cut perfect for adding volume and softening sharp facial features. The front angle creates fullness, while the deep side part provides a slimming effect for round cheeks.

43. Pastel Colored Bob

To make your long wavy bob truly stand out, sometimes all you need is a touch of color. This unique mix of maroon, mauve, and rose gold, known as red violet, is sure to turn heads and make a statement.

44. Wavy Half-Braided Bob

Looking to spice up your messy bob? A simple half-up side braid can add an intriguing accent to your casual style. It’s a fun, asymmetric twist that only takes a few extra minutes in your styling routine.

45. Shimmery Highlights in Wavy Bob

If you desire a hairstyle that exudes effortless ease and nonchalance, here’s a prime example. Wavy angled layers strike the perfect balance between weight and volume. Loose, soft curls offer a delightful texture, and the lovely golden balayage elevates them to absolute perfection.

46. Short Wavy Bob with Side Bangs

For those seeking to add thickness to fine hair strands, go for the shortest stacked bob version with feathered streaks, subtle highlights, and style light, messy waves.

47. Shaggy Wavy Bob

With thick strands, a blunt cut can feel heavy in a medium-length hairstyle. To alleviate this, incorporate light, razored layers around the ends for added airiness and movement. Achieve the piece-y separation with styling wax or sea salt spray.

48. Medium Bob with Wavy Texture

This bob features subtle angling, maintaining nearly the same length in the front and back. The textured disconnected ends and gentle waves add to its charm, making it a versatile choice.

49. Copper Wavy Lob with Highlights

Radiate elegance and style with this wavy lob, featuring rich copper tones on the textured top layers. Lightly layered locks encourage the waves, while jagged ends offer a modern, edgy touch. It’s a versatile choice for both everyday wear and special occasions.

50. Toffee Ombre Bob

For those with a low-key style, this look is perfect. The messier it gets, the better it looks, so embrace those bedhead waves. Plus, ombre coloring allows you to incorporate color without the need for frequent touch-ups.

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