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 shaggy bob with bangs

30 Stylish Shaggy Bob Hairstyles with Bangs for 2025 | Trendy bob Haircuts 

1. Blonde Shaggy Bob with Choppy Layers

Enhance the dimension of your blonde hair with choppy layers. Opt for a shaggy bob hairstyle to bring movement and volume to your locks. Consider adding curtain bangs as a face-framing accent to create the illusion of a slimmer face.

2. Layered Shag Cut with Blunt Bangs

While shaggy haircuts typically feature razored layers, this girly and sexy shaggy style stands out. Pro tip: Micro bangs can instantly elevate your look and give the appearance of fuller, thicker locks.

3. Short Edgy Cut with Shaggy Texture

Embrace the modern version of the classic shaggy bob with this eye-catching style. Choppy bangs and razored layers add sassiness and airiness, providing texture and dimension to thick hair.

4. Pretty Shaggy Bob for Curly Hair

Boost the body of your hair with layered curly haircuts. Shoulder-length layers elongate and beautifully frame the face, complemented by cute curly bangs for a stunning and voluminous hairstyle.

5. Long Shaggy Bob Hairstyle

Textured shaggy hairstyles exude sexiness on brunette hair. Enjoy the versatility and low maintenance of the shaggy bob. For added volume, tousle the crown while styling your hair.

6. Chic Blonde Shaggy Pixie

Flaunt your style with this trendy shaggy bob pixie, a standout hairstyle in 2024. Emphasize layer texture with mesmerizing blonde highlights, adding brightness to your fresh and chic shaggy look.

7. Sassy Shaggy Bob for Brunettes

Layering is key for voluminous and textured hair. Achieve a beach wave look on dark brown tresses by applying sea salt spray, adding movement and volume to your shaggy bob.

8. Shaggy Platinum Blonde Pixie Bob

Make a bold style statement with this chic shaggy pixie. Shaggy layers and a small feathered fringe soften facial features, creating a feminine and romantic vibe for this attention-grabbing short cut.

9. Shaggy Brunette Hairdo

Add layers to your bob for an effortlessly imperfect look. Opt for jagged ends and a slightly lighter hue for added texture. Style your new bob tousled or with loose waves for a casual yet chic appearance.

10. Cute Mini Shaggy Bob

Perfect for thick hair and a square face shape, this adorable shaggy French bob offers a versatile style. With texturizing spray, even those with thinner hair can enjoy the charm of this mini shaggy bob.

11. Brunette Bob with Disconnected Ends

Enhance your look with a side part that brings asymmetry to choppy layers. This styling choice frames the face and adds movement, making the disconnected ends of this brunette bob stand out.

12. Caramel Blonde Shaggy Bob

A versatile shaggy bob with wispy bangs suits any age, face shape, and hair type. Choppy layers bring texture and movement, enhancing the appeal of this caramel blonde hairstyle.

13. Blonde Shaggy Bob

Well-blended highlights and strategically placed layers define a good shaggy bob. For fine hair, boost locks with a texturizing spray to achieve a fuller and more dynamic look.

14. Short Bob with Temple Undercut

Add an unexpected twist to the common short bob with a small undercut section. The buzzed temple blends seamlessly with the playful bob, creating a unique and edgy appearance.

15. Shaggy ‘Do with Ombre Ends

Elevate your shaggy hair with slightly lighter ends, especially beneficial for those with thinner locks. Use a curling iron to accentuate movement in your layers, creating a more voluminous ‘do.

16. Mid-Length Shaggy Bob

Suitable for different hair types, this warm purple lob showcases the versatility of shaggy bob hairstyles. Embrace the layers to let your natural curls take the spotlight, regardless of whether your hair is straight, wavy, or curly.

17. Disconnected Shag for Fine Hair

Fine-haired ladies can achieve volume with a layered shaggy bob. Opt for disconnected layers and short arched bangs to create the illusion of thicker and fuller hair.

18. Dark Copper Hair with Wispy Layers and Bangs

A shoulder-length shaggy style with chic copper balayage is perfect for adding lightness to straight hair. Long curtain bangs complement the look, creating an edgy and trendy appearance.

19. Shaggy Mullet for Diamond Face Shape

Showcase your unique personality with a stylish brown shaggy bob featuring jagged bangs and delicate blonde highlights. Enhance your hair texture with curls or texturizing spray for added flair.

20. Shaggy Bob for Curly Locks

Ideal for curly-haired women, this short shaggy bob can also be achieved by curling straight strands. Create texture and movement for a playful and carefree look.

21. Layered Shaggy Bob with Bangs

Keep it simple yet trendy with this short blonde shag featuring black roots. Varied lengths of shaggy layers create soft waves, bringing feminine vibes to your shoulder-length hair.

22. Short Black Bob with Copper Balayage

Make thick hair more lightweight with a layered bob, adding a touch of bright copper highlights for enhanced shagginess. The contrast with the dark brown base creates a captivating look.

23. Chic Voluminous Look for Short Hair

Timeless and suitable for all ages, this beautiful shaggy bob offers a chic and voluminous appearance. Experiment with this stylish haircut for various occasions.

24. Brown Shaggy Cut with Jagged Fringe

Shoulder-length shaggy haircuts are easy to style and maintain, making them versatile for any outfit. Choppy bangs add a cute touch to this effortless and adorable shaggy bob.

25. Messy Short Bob with Shaggy Layers

Impress with a chin-length shaggy bob featuring messy layers. Subtle blonde highlights add texture and volume to create a playful and effortlessly chic look.

26. Dark Brown Dream Bob

This shoulder-length shaggy bob, a fabulous version, frames the face dramatically with longer bangs. Teasing around the top adds volume, while the disconnected ends create a carelessly chic appearance.

27. Shaggy Layered Cut With Bangs

Explore a longer shaggy style with bangs for added interest. This two-toned look is perfect for various occasions, offering chic versatility without the need for tiresome styling.

28. Side-Parted Copper Shag Hairstyle

Infuse mystery into your look with side-swept bangs in this captivating shaggy bob haircut. Highlight your vibrant ginger hue with strategic highlights and lowlights for an eye-catching finish.

29. Angel Wings Shaggy Style

Embrace the return of Farrah Fawcett’s beautiful hair with these feathered and highlighted angel wings. The subtle ashy tones add nuance to this gorgeous, timeless look.

30. Not Your Grandma’s Silver Top

Soft and touchable, this layered wavy bob in silver is a hot choice for the young and fashionable. Embrace the beauty of silver hair, now recognized and celebrated worldwide.

31. Medium Shaggy Bob with Wispy Ends

Soften thin hair with shaggy layers, creating a charming and unquestionably lovely appearance. Tousled styling and subtle balayage highlights add body and texture to this medium shaggy bob.

32. Brown Blonde Textured Bob

Add movement to a one-length style with strategically placed layers. Start with a few layers and gradually add more for a textured look that complements your overall style.

33. Chestnut Brown Medium-Length Style

Luxurious chestnut waves in a shoulder-length shaggy cut offer freedom of motion. Complete your look with a sweeping side bang for a stylish and sophisticated appearance.

34. Medium Brown Tousled Bob

Incredible shades and shaggy layers enhance the natural texture of this medium brown tousled bob. Achieve a carelessly disconnected look that exudes laid-back sophistication.

Can I Achieve a Shaggy Bob Hairstyle with Bangs with Short Hair?

Yes, you can achieve a stylish short hair bangs with a shaggy bob hairstyle. Adding bangs to a short hair bob can create a trendy and chic look. The shaggy texture adds volume and movement to the hairstyle, giving it a stylish and modern touch.

35. Two Toned Burgundy Shaggy Bob

Express your creative side with a medium-length burgundy bob featuring jagged, shaggy layers. Disperse the color throughout for a unique and vibrant appearance that embraces your natural waves.

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