Blunt Bob with Bangs

1. Modern Short Blunt Bob with Bangs

Blunt cuts are universally flattering, and Hiro Ochi’s modern short blunt bob is perfect for those with short, thin hair. Elevate your mane’s volume by teasing the back slightly, achieving a boost of fullness and body.

Chin Length Dark Bob with Rounded Shape

2. Blonde Bob with Curtain Bangs

Natalie McKell, from Dwell Salon & Suites, crafts a timeless and versatile hairstyle by combining the elegance of a blunt-cut bob with curtain bangs. This pairing effortlessly complements various outfits and settings, showcasing impeccable style.

A Line Blonde Bob with Long Feathered Bangs

3. Short French Bob with a Full Fringe

Briana Cisneros of Renegade Royals expresses her love for micro bobs with this chic hairstyle. Pay attention to the precise details: the cutting line of the bangs kissing the top of the eyebrow and the bob’s perimeter line pointing straight to the lip line. It’s a detail worth adoring!

Ear Length French Bob with Blunt Bangs

4. Blunt Lob with Bottleneck Bangs

Let Sal Salcedo from NOVA ARTS SALON enhance your fine hair’s natural beauty with a beautiful style. A one-length blunt cut, complemented by bottleneck bangs and blonde balayage, creates a head-turning look. Tousle your locks for added texture and fix the result with a texture spray.

Shoulder Length Bottleneck Bob Style

5. Bob with Bangs and Face Framing Layers

Embrace a remarkably chic and sophisticated aura with this French girl bob vibe. Ideal for ladies with diamond and square face shapes, this style exudes effortless elegance that’s perfect for any occasion.

Bob with Face Framing Layers and Wispy Bangs

6. Shoulder-Length Bob with Bangs

Dougllas Dias from The Art Salon presents an awe-inspiring hairstyle. The blonde blunt cut provides a clean and polished appearance, while long curtain bangs frame the face beautifully, adding sophistication and versatility for any event.

Blunt Lob with Soft Butterfly Bangs

7. Blunt Lob with Long Thin Bangs

Achieve perfection from every angle with this long bob. Trendy see-through bangs and shiny silver hair color complement the smooth strands, resulting in a head-turning style that showcases meticulous precision.

Light Gray Straight Lob with Eye Skimming Thin Bangs

8. Neck Length Blunt Cut with Bangs

Charles Junior Louw challenges the fear of copper tones, presenting a gorgeous blunt hairstyle. Opt for a trendy bob with bangs and enhance it with a deep copper hue for a stylish look without compromising your strands.

Short Blunt bob with Side Swept Bangs

9. A-Line Bob with Short Blunt Bangs

Giorgio Barazzutti creates an adorable A-line silhouette, featuring angled short haircuts longer in the front and shorter in the back. Short bangs open up the forehead, making the style eye-catching and perfect for a stylish appearance.

Sleek Blunt bob with Baby Bangs

10. Side-Swept Blunt Bob

Jasmere Waller from Studio Lush combines refined simplicity, side-swept bangs, and a root fade to add a unique dimension to this hairstyle. Embrace a posh and charming look that exudes both elegance and individuality for every step you take!

Blunt Blonde Bob Hairstyle for Black Women

11. Sleek Lob with Blunt Baby Bangs

Liao Weizhi showcases the transformative power of a blunt fringe in this sleek lob. A simple change can instantly refresh your entire look, turning a classic blunt bob into an eye-catching hairstyle.

12. Neck-Length Blunt Bob with Bangs

The soft blunt cut, popular among women of all ages, exudes femininity, professionalism, and flirtatiousness. With clean lines and a softly rounded shape, this bob offers a polished and put-together look.

13. Volumizing Bob with Long Wispy Bangs

Sheridan Holyoak from AVE Salon introduces captivating texture to this bob, embracing the trend of perfectly imperfect style. The result is a voluminous and textured haircut without traditional layering, perfect for today’s trendiest cuts.

14. Short Bob with Soft Bangs

Elizabeth Rexroat from Bomane Salon presents a highly appreciated short blunt bob. Falling perfectly at the jawline, it creates a crisp and well-defined bottom, adding an edgy yet cute overall appearance softened with thin bangs.

15. Long Straight Bob with Bangs

Transform a seemingly boring cut into a mesmerizing style with sleek hair for a polished look and playful vibes from bangs. Whether parted or not, this long straight bob with bangs adds a touch of sophistication to any appearance.

16. Chin Length Blonde Hair with Bangs

Andi June from Inlay Salon combines clean lines with balayage in a delightful blonde blunt cut bob with curtain bangs. This captivating look suits any season, making blondes stand out with a catchy and attention-grabbing style.

17. Messy Bob with Wispy Bangs

Embrace the popularity of messy bob hairstyles with textured bangs, exuding an effortless and carefree vibe. This modern and trendy look adds a touch of relaxed charm to any appearance.

18. Blunt Bob with Side Bangs

Kierras Taylor from Chic Shades Hair Atelier welcomes the spring and blonde bob season with a catchy blonde bob with side bangs. Blonde-haired ladies can confidently draw attention, making this look suitable for any time of the year.

19. Blunt Bob for Thin Straight Hair

Emma from Haarsalon Emauel Robeck offers a stunning choice for ladies with thin hair. A blunt-cut bob with soft curtain bangs, blended babylights, and subtle money streaks enhances the naturally straight hairstyle for added dimension.

20. One Length Bob with Wavy Styling

Morgan Middleberg from J. Morgan Salon Company showcases the mesmerizing combination of light waves and a bright copper shade in this one-length bob. Effortlessly mimic shaggy layers with a few strokes of a curling iron for a textured and stylish look.

21. Full Blunt Cut Bangs

Amy Perry from Sagittarius Salon and Spa creates a striking statement with a sleek blunt cut and full blunt bangs. Achieve a cute haircut by consulting with a trusted stylist to determine the bangs’ length that complements your face shape.

22. Dark Bob with Textured Bangs

Rolanda Ejlli from KEN NYN showcases the beauty of a blunt wavy bob with fringe, framing the face and accentuating facial features. The combination of a stunning red shade and micro bangs gives off chic Parisian vibes for a truly striking look.

23. Ash Blonde Blunt Bob with Bangs

Rolanda Ejlli from KEN NYN proves the versatility of a blunt bob with this impressive ash blonde haircut. Style it sleek and straight for a polished look or opt for soft waves to achieve a relaxed and effortless vibe.

24. Vibrant French Bob with Baby Bangs

Embrace a stunning combination of a vivid red shade and a blunt bob cut, creating a truly eye-catching look. The bright hair color adds radiance and modernity, while micro bangs contribute chic Parisian vibes.

25. Smooth Blunt Bob for Fine Hair

Bashar Ammar from CHALK SALON showcases the beauty of a same-length cut for those with finer hair. This simple yet stylish look adds significant volume and fullness, especially when paired with delicate wispy bangs.

26. Angled Blunt Bob with Bangs

Add a touch of asymmetry and modernity to your appearance with this A-line blunt cut bob by incorporating longer lengths in the front.

Achieve a fresh and updated look with this contemporary hairstyle.

27. Short Bob with Feathered Bangs

Ely from Butterflyloft Salon presents a cute and charming blunt cut, bringing alluring French vibes to your appearance. Wispy bangs and ends flipped using a round brush elevate your overall look, adding a touch of whimsy to your short hair.

28. Blunt Cut with Long Curtain Bangs

Women everywhere are embracing the blunt bob trend, tailored to suit any hair type. Whether for the office, a special event, or a casual outing, a catchy blonde blunt bob with curtain bangs ensures you always look stunning.

29. Stylish Chin-Length Bob with Bangs

A captivating blunt bob with bangs becomes even more attention-grabbing with the right hair color. Choose a classic warm blonde or, for porcelain skin tones, opt for a brighter red shade like this light copper tone.

Can Bangs Be Paired with Different Bob Hairstyles?

Yes, bangs can absolutely be paired with a stylish shaggy bob hairstyle with bangs. Whether you have a short, long, or asymmetrical bob, adding bangs can completely change the look and give it a fresh, trendy vibe. Experiment with different lengths and textures to find the perfect combination.

30. Short Curly Bob with Bangs

Paula Barbarosa from Retrô Hair presents a romantic vibe with this short curly bob. Blending a blunt cut with curly hair textures enhances the allure of the bob with bangs, creating an effortlessly captivating look.

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