50 Must-Try Short Haircuts for Thick Hair for a Modern Edge

1. Gorgeous Wispy Pixie Cut

If you admire softer and more delicate layers, consider a wispy cut similar to this one. It will introduce gradual length variations and create a flowing frame around your face.

Wavy Brunette Pixie with Fringe

2. Feathered Stacked Bob

This stunning feathered hairstyle should inspire you to go for a hair transformation. It effortlessly blends glamour and casual style.

Short Choppy Purple Brown Bob Hairstyle

3. Long Feathered Pixie

We have a strong affection for this feathered cut! It exudes ultra-femininity and is remarkably flattering.

Short Feathered Haircut with Bangs for Thick Hair

4. Messy Long Pixie

Pixie cuts for thick hair can strike a balance between cheekiness and elegance. The messy elongated variation suits both wild nights out and peaceful family gatherings. Achieve this look by blow-drying your hair and applying mousse to define the strands, followed by curling with a flat iron.

Long Pixie for Thick Hair

5. Feathered Bob with Lifted Crown

Ladies with short, thick hair can embrace volume as their best ally. This bob with a lifted crown and feathered strands serves as an excellent way to manage unruly hair.

Short Feathered Haircut for Thick Hair

6. Tousled Pixie with Swoopy Bangs

A modern nod to the roaring 20s, this pixie looks especially captivating when paired with statement earrings. If you choose shorter cuts like this one, be prepared to spend approximately 20 minutes styling your hair each morning.

Modern Feathered Pixie with Bangs

7. Fringed Stacked Hairstyle for Thick Hair

Bid farewell to thickness without sacrificing elegance. Layers combined with lengthy fringes gracefully drape over the face, delivering chic style. This short haircut for thick hair lightens the load and accentuates your jawline and neck.

Thick Hair Stacked Pixie Bob

8. Two-Tone Choppy Crop

This choppy short hairstyle for thick hair features a textured haircut that imparts a lighter, carefree feel to your locks.

Choppy Haircut for Short Thick Hair

9. Choppy Pixie-Bob Haircut

Short bob haircuts are incredibly easy to style, requiring only the right styling product. A bob cut could be precisely what your thick hair needs to maintain control. A choppy short hairstyle like this one infuses movement into your hair while reducing styling stress.

Choppy Short Haircut for Thick Hair

10. A-Line Bob with Balayage

To elevate the beauty of bobs for thick hair, consider adding balayage highlights. This hairstyle frames your face beautifully and doesn’t demand layers to achieve volume.

A Line Bob for Thick Hair

11. Cute Choppy Pixie

The pixie cut remains an enduring favorite among short, thick hairstyles. Opt for choppy layers and side bangs to inject a fresh twist into this iconic haircut. Whether you’re blonde, brunette, or red-haired, this style is a guaranteed showstopper!

12. Short Thick Hair with Sassy Undercut

This edgy cut combines a neat perimeter with piece-y bangs and extra choppiness in the front, emphasizing the density of the hair around the crown while maintaining closely cut temples and nape.

13. Choppy Pixie Cut

This edgier version of the pixie exudes adorability, with well-blended blonde highlights that add an extra layer of charm.

14. Undercut Pixie Bob

The pixie bob shape does wonders for thick hair. Infuse a twist into this style by curling the long bangs outward and creating a shaggy transition into the rest of the hair layers.

15. Long, Layered Pixie

Struggling to find a flattering short hairstyle for a long face? Pixies are the answer! We adore this long pixie with layers, complemented by smoky brown hair color.

16. Playful Pink Tones

Pink hair has become a prominent trend in the world of hairstyles, and it looks fantastic on short, thick hair.

17. Mushroom Brown Bob

Mushroom brown hair is another hot color trend. Highlights work wonders to add dimension and intrigue to this hairstyle.

18. Short Stacked Bob

A classic choice among short hairstyles for thick hair, this bob exudes elegance and grace. Make the most of your voluminous mane without feeling overwhelmed.

19. Short Bob with Sliced Layers

This style is a blend of various elements that collectively make thick hair look even more glorious. Razor-cut choppy layers, highlights, and a side part come together for a beautiful result.

20. Thick Hair Pixie

Yes, pixie cuts can work wonderfully for thick hair! Ensure the chosen haircut is textured and layered to prevent bulkiness.

21. Voluminous Short Cut

Few short haircuts for thick hair appear as polished as this one. When expertly cut, this style always maintains a runway-ready appearance. Consider a silver or platinum blonde hair color for a pure and flawless feel.

22. Tousled Feathered Crop

If you’re tired of conventional short hairstyles for thick hair, this shaggy cut is sure to captivate you. A deep part, tousled layers, and uncombed bangs create the perfect short shag.

23. Layered Pixie with Long Bangs

A layered pixie works wonders for thick, coarse hair. Sweeping the layered hair to the side provides a flattering shape and adds a touch of funkiness to your look.

24. Thick Short Hair with Jagged Ends

Minimal layers with razored ends at the back give this short, thick hair a refined, classy flair. Textured layers eliminate the heavy, tent-like appearance of a traditional bob.

25. Very Short Bob for Thick Hair

Can’t decide between a regular bob and a pixie? Opt for this classy style. Learn how to style short, thick hair to match your desired aesthetic.

26. Short Bob with Undercut

Embrace your tomboyish side without reservation! Enhance and showcase it with an ultra-short undercut bob, a cheeky yet graceful styling choice.

27. Modern Soft Feathered Mullet

This style with tousled layers is far from your typical mullet; it’s a fashion statement inspired by the 80s. It replaces the edgy lines of the classic version with a softer, contemporary shape.

28. Stacked Bob with Airy Highlights

When choosing short haircuts for thick hair, consider your hair’s texture. Straight strands may lack movement and feel bulky, but this can be easily remedied with some well-placed highlights.

29. Charming Bob for Wavy Thick Hair

Here’s another gorgeous variation of the stacked bob, this time on a darker, one-tone hair color. It’s one of the most sought-after short haircuts for thick hair, and that’s no surprise.

30. Thick Hair Pixie Hairstyle with Bangs

If you’re a fan of bangs, don’t hesitate to incorporate them into your short hairstyles for thick hair. Curtain bangs and wispy bangs look stunning in short pixies and bob hairstyles.

31. Side-Parted Pixie-Bob

Long, thick hair is undeniably beautiful, but some women opt for the big chop to achieve a low-maintenance look. Thick hair short haircuts like this blunt bob require minimal upkeep.

32. Stacked Feathered Bob

Your stylist can employ angles and layers to give your bobbed hair a modern twist. Angling your thick hair towards the front reduces bulkiness.

33. Side-Parted Bixie

with Elongated Temples
This clever adaptation of a bixie cut suits both your hair type and face shape. It breaks the roundness with a choppy fringe, while the lifted crown and longer side pieces create elongation.

34. Grown-Out Pixie in Mushroom Brown

Short haircuts with layering can work in two directions: they relieve your locks of excess weight, creating lift at the roots, and prevent your style from appearing boxy by adding some shape.

35. Textured Bob with Copper Highlights

Why not add a touch of sophistication to your short, thick, dark hair with a few copper highlights? They draw attention softly, without screaming for it.

36. Short Tapered Hairstyle

Diverge from a standard pixie and incorporate layers and highlights to elevate your short, thick hair. This approach adds more movement and sophistication to your cut, with a tapered back for added lift.

37. Long Straight Pixie

The pixie cut reigns supreme among short layered haircuts! Suitable for all ages and face shapes with the right adjustments, it’s the ultimate hairstyle for those seeking to reduce styling time.

38. Voluminous Bob with Side Bangs

While choppy cuts may demand advanced styling skills, this elegant bob, enhanced with layers around the ends, promises low maintenance. You’ll need to handle at least a round brush and dryer.

39. Cool Silver

The gray hair trend continues to earn praise and remains popular worldwide. This stunning silver pixie offers everything you could desire from short hair!

40. Sleek Bob with Dimensional Balayage

Razor-cut ends create a sleek and sophisticated vibe that’s on-trend. A fantastic choice for those with long, thick hair looking for a change.

41. Icy Blonde Cut for Thick Hair

Seeking something out of the ordinary? Here’s an option for those ready for a significant chop! The undercut is a unique detail that accelerates styling, as the long spiky layers contrast beautifully against it.

42. Polished Crop with Piece-y Texture

This stylish pixie catches the eye with its impeccable shape and neat feel, all while exuding plenty of texture due to the thinned-out pieces on the crown.

43. Short Shag with Side Bangs

Shags’ rebellious nature makes them the most hassle-free choice among short, thick hair styles, especially if your mane lacks wave.

44. Choppy Short Haircut for Thick Hair

Blunt ends and choppy layers work wonders in making your thick, coarse hair appear thinner. A side part angles the layers and introduces movement.

45. Effortless Pixie with Long Top Strands

Taming short hairstyles for thick hair can be challenging, but longer top tresses offer better manageability and styling options.

46. Highlighted Stacked Bob

Thick, straight hair looks fantastic in a stacked bob. Add subtle highlights for a perfect blend of elegance and style.

47. Wedge Hairstyle

Wedge hairstyles feature shorter backs that gradually lengthen toward the front, offering a lovely, low-maintenance option. If you’re seeking an easier way to manage thick, frizzy, wavy hair, this hairstyle is your best choice!

48. Graduated Thick Hair Bob

Stacking your bob in the back alleviates the weight of your hair. Short stacked layers at the nape of your neck provide a lighter feel to your thick hair bob.

49. Long Pixie with Face Framing

This pixie maintains longer lengths all around, with soft bangs cascading into side tresses that elegantly frame the face.

50. Cute Wavy Bob

Last but not least, here’s another version of the trendy angled cut with layers in the back. Ideal for wavy hair, it can also work on straight hair with the help of a good curler.

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