Plum hair color

1. Black Hair with Plum Highlights

Revitalize your brunette hair with the addition of highlights. Consider selecting one of the current trendy eggplant plum dyes to achieve a stylish and popular look. Plum highlights can beautifully accentuate darker hair and add a subtle touch of sophistication.

2. Blended Plum Highlights on Dark Mane

If you prefer a more understated approach, opt for a light plum hair color instead of deep wine shades. This choice not only imparts a youthful appearance but also infuses a hint of romance into your overall look.

3. Vivid Plum Ombre Hairstyle

For those who don’t want to commit to full plum hair, these light and fresh highlights offer the perfect compromise. The balance of plum highlights can enhance the beauty of your hair color. Try pairing it with an eye-catching hairstyle, such as a braided half-down style.

4. Glossy Plum Wine Tones

A deep dark plum hair color is captivating on its own, but when combined with reddish hues, it becomes even more intense and magnetic. Consider incorporating a burgundy shade that complements hair of any length and texture, from a short blunt bob to a long, wavy layered cut.

5. Glossy Burgundy Red Shades

Don’t be hesitant if you have a fair complexion; plum is a fantastic choice that complements lighter skin tones and creates a style that is simply irresistible.

6. Juicy Plummy Red Balayage

This versatile style can be adapted to your skin tone and personal preferences. Just ensure that the different shades of plum harmonize well, whether they are dark or light cool plum tones. You can also apply this plum hair color to black strands for a captivating look.

7. Electric Purple Plum Shade

This vibrant plum purple with bluish undertones is not for the faint of heart. To pull off this bold look, it’s best to have a cool-toned skin complexion. If this eye-catching color resonates with you, don’t hesitate to try out the purple hair dye and embrace the daring.

8. Chocolate Dark Plum Bob with a Fringe

Shorter hair can be a canvas for experimentation, and this plum brown hair color proves to be a successful choice. Whether you dye your entire mane in a single tone or opt for highlights, it will look fabulous either way.

9. Cool-Toned Plum Ribbons on Black Hair

This elegant take on plum relies on the cool undertones naturally present in black hair. Incorporate cooler plum highlights to achieve a sleek and attention-grabbing appearance. While black hair suits olive skin tones best, this style can also complement fair skin tones.

10. Brown Plum Balayage for Warm Toned Skin

Combining plum and brown may not be the most common choice, but it’s undeniably delightful. Choose warm plum tones to accentuate your complexion and add dimension to your brown base.

11. Alluring Black Cherry Plum Hairstyle

Enhance brown hair with cool plum tones for a captivating contrast. The seamless blend of rich plum and burgundy highlights will give your dark locks a flattering, shiny finish, creating a deep and multidimensional color.

12. Multi-Tone Plum Rose Gold Hair

Selecting from the myriad of mesmerizing plum hues can be a challenge, so why not mix a few of them together? For instance, light plum pairs ideally with golden pink and brown hues, resulting in a captivating plum burgundy hair color.

13. Sparkling Plum Bouncy Curls

It appears that this deep plum hair color complements darker skin tones effortlessly. Exuding elegance and allure, this shade will make you irresistible and capture everyone’s attention.

14. Rich Merlot Highlights for Thick Dark Hair

This shade of plum is truly spectacular. The addition of red tones warms up the classic plum hair color, infusing it with burgundy undertones. It complements both dark brown and black hair beautifully.

15. Natural Brown with Reddish Plum Hues

Subtle burgundy-red highlights are highly seductive on dark hair, introducing movement and enhancing their radiance. Additionally, this chocolate plum hair color will accentuate the beauty of hazel or blue eyes.

16. Multidimensional Plum Pink Hair

Achieving this fantastic raspberry plum hair color may require a visit to a professional colorist. Be prepared for the challenge of maintaining this hue over time, as it may fade, but with the right shampoo and conditioner, you can enjoy the results for an extended period.

17. Extra Long Wavy Hair in Plum Tones

Maintaining waist-length hair can be challenging, especially with dyed locks, but it doesn’t mean you can’t embrace rich plum hair colors. Using a toning shampoo, you can achieve this timeless plum shade that never goes out of fashion.

18. Gorgeous Smoky Plum Curls

Elegantly captivating, this ombre style suits women of all ages. To emphasize the texture and dimension of your colored hair, curl your chocolate plum locks and gently tousle them for a chic look.

19. Striking Raspberry Plum Locks

Plum hair harmonizes well with red, pink, blue, violet, and purple tones, so why not combine a couple of them in one hairstyle? The result will surely exceed your expectations, delivering a plum burgundy hair color worthy of admiration.

20. Dark Brown Plum Wavy Hair

This dark plum hair color is perfect if your hair is naturally brown. Infuse warm undertones of plum to refresh your color beautifully.

21. Classic Plum

The classic plum color complements everyone, but it shines best with blue or hazel eyes. Even warm-toned skin can pull off this style with finesse.

22. Deep Red Plum

For a striking contrast with fair skin, opt for a deep plum color with a hint of red. If you have green eyes, this shade will enhance your beauty.

23. Eggplant Plum

Add a unique twist to your fruit-inspired hair color with a delightful eggplant plum hue. This look combines both dark and light shades, with the dark base providing stability. It’s an excellent choice for fair skin with pink undertones.

24. Plum Ombre

Plum ombre hair offers a stunning way to introduce plum into your existing dark hair color. While achieving a subtle ombre can be challenging for blondes, brunettes can effortlessly pull off this dark plum brown hair when they visit the salon.

25. Rose Plum

Rose-toned hair is currently in vogue, but you can keep it in the plum family by retaining the purple undertones instead of red. This rose plum color is multidimensional and suits both dark and cool-toned skin. Hazel eyes are an ideal match, but truthfully, any eye color can rock this fresh rose plum.

26. Gray Plum

Stay on-trend with this light plum variation on gray. Dark eyes shine with gray plum hair, while warm-olive skin tones provide an excellent backdrop for this color.

27. Chocolate Plum

Plum has never appeared as subtle as it does in a chocolate tone. Elevate any rich brown hair with touches of lavender highlights. Chocolate plum works well with brown or green eyes.

28. Plum Balayage

Maintain a natural appearance while incorporating plum with a stunning balayage technique. Ideal for dark hair, especially black. If you have blue eyes, you’re sure to make a lasting impression. However, any combination of plum with your natural color can be created through a beautiful balayage. Collaborate with your stylist to achieve the perfect look.

29. Icy Plum

This frosty color is particularly fashionable at the moment. If you have pink undertones, you may want to avoid it, but for those without, icy plum is a fresh and trendy choice.

30. Fuchsia Plum

Similar to electric plum, a magenta or fuchsia hair color is not for the faint of heart. If you desire more pink in your plum and are unafraid to go bold, then magenta is the way to go! It’s perfect for warm skin tones and can make blue or hazel eyes stand out.

31. Fairy Plum

Fair-skinned individuals, take note: this gentle fairy plum color is ideal for you! A soft lilac shade is cooler rather than warm and complements pink skin tones beautifully. This hair color is also on-trend, thanks to the unicorn-inspired look that’s taking over Instagram!

32. Purple Plum

Trying true purple as a plum variation is a cool and vibrant choice. It’s fresh, glossy, and rich. Embrace change, as it helps us discover new aspects of ourselves.

33. Burgundy Plum

This beautiful burgundy plum hair color is subtle yet chic, making it a great option for both professionals and street style enthusiasts alike.

34. Galaxy Plum

Embrace your playful side with this fun galaxy plum violet color. Incorporating blue highlights and various plum tones adds a whimsical touch. Brown eyes pair exceptionally well with this look.

Can I Achieve a Plum Hair Color if I Currently Have Blonde Hair?

Yes, you can achieve a plum hair color if you currently have blonde hair. You can consult with a professional hairstylist to select the best shade of plum that will complement your gorgeous blonde hair ideas. It’s possible to transition from blonde to a stunning plum hue with the right expertise.

35. Plum Roots

Consider a unique twist on plum by coloring just your roots. The contrast is especially striking on blondes. Plum roots can complement any skin tone as long as you follow the rule of complementing colors.

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