Short hairstyles for women over 60

1. Piece-y Short Gray Style with Undercut

Achieving a flattering short haircut involves careful layering and shaping. Women with round faces may discover that adding a bit of height at the crown can be easily accomplished with an undercut and choppy layers on top.

2. Medium Chestnut Bob with Windswept Fringe

As we age, wrinkles become more noticeable. A tousled or slightly messy hairstyle can effectively divert attention from wrinkles and imperfections in the skin. This short, layered, disheveled bob serves as a great example.

3. Pixie Bob with Silver Ringlets 60+

Ringlets are charming and playful! While having naturally curly hair is a blessing, this style can be achieved with the right product and a curling iron, regardless of your hair’s natural texture.

4. Textured Gray Pixie with Sideburns

Short haircuts for women over 60 often feature long sideburns and a tapered nape. A pixie cut with a straight hair texture looks sleek and sophisticated when parted in the middle and complemented with piece-y bangs that frame the face. Adding plenty of choppy, tousled layers on top provides an extra sporty touch.

5. Short Layered Haircut with Highlights

The rounded shape of this cut, along with the delicate bangs, softens the overall look and reveals the incredible texture of the hair. The addition of beautiful golden blonde highlights to this short style truly makes it stunning!

6. Wavy Bob with Lowlights

Wavy hair is timeless and suitable for all ages. It works well with various hair types and face shapes. Achieve cute, laid-back texture by curling the locks slightly with a curling iron or a round brush to enjoy your new style.

7. Gray Pixie Bob for Older Women

Subtle layers and long bangs in this pixie cut for older women add volume and make it easy to style. This ‘do perfectly frames the eyes and highlights the cheekbones.

8. Short Feathered Hairstyle for Older Women

For women in their 60s who prefer their hair off their shoulders and neck, a short pixie-bob is the way to go. The tousled white locks are light and feathery, concealing any thinning areas or showing scalp. The light piece-y bangs draw attention to the eyes.

9. Short Bob

A shadow root with balayage can be a great choice as your hair naturally loses its color. Women with short hair over 60 can appear youthful and fresh every day. To add a cooler effect, incorporate some pale mauve or blue highlights.

10. Voluminous Tapered Sliced Blonde Pixie

Short blonde pixies are fabulous for women over 60 who desire easy-to-manage hairstyles. The side part allows textured pieces to build volume on top, and the forward-swept baby bangs cover forehead wrinkles. Pairing this style with oversized eyeglasses gives it an edgy, urban vibe.

11. Short Silver Feathered Bob for Seniors

Instead of concealing your natural gray hair, flaunt it proudly. Opt for this feathered, short hairstyle to introduce textured angles to your look and showcase your willingness to experiment with your haircut.

12. Short Shaggy Salt-and-Pepper Bob

Short hairstyles for women over 60 can exude youthfulness and a fun-loving spirit. A shaggy bob with piece-y layers is an excellent choice. Embrace your salt and pepper hair with a tomboyish cut.

13. Short Stacked Bob with Side Swept Bangs

The stacked bob’s distinctive feature is the extra volume at the back and the sharp angle at the very back, providing a visual lift to the hairstyle. This style ideally suits older women over 60 with naturally straight hair.

14. Well-Defined Curls

Short curly hair combined with a bob haircut is a winning combination. It’s one of the best short hairstyles for women over 60 who have natural curls or a perm. For an impressive effect, define your curls with a hair foam.

15. Pixie with Feathered Layers

Don’t hesitate to try a feathered pixie cut as you explore hairstyles for gray hair. This cut’s crown section offers flattering height, adding dimension, while the lower section keeps things lightweight.

16. Short Layered Bob

Have you ever witnessed how this classic layered bob works wonders for women over 60? Your fine, straight hair can appear more airy, voluminous, and thicker with this cut.

17. Neck-Length Layered Bob

Observe how well these side bangs complement the haircut. Style your damp hair with a volumizing spray or simply blow-dry it with a round brush to add lift to this straight layered bob.

18. Neck-Length Flowy Bob for Over 60

Gray hair may reveal your true age, but not in this case. With such a modern cut, your fine hair will radiate, whether you enhance it with caramel highlights or not.

19. Layered Bob for Thick Hair

Notice how effortlessly these silver locks cascade. Now, envision how quickly you can style it. It’s an ideal match for those seeking to give their thick hair a lighter, airier texture.

20. Curly Crop for Natural Gray Hair

Curly-haired older women over 60 often face challenges when styling their long locks, as coily hair becomes more porous with age. However, cutting your strands shorter makes it easier to define your beautiful natural curls.

21. Very Short Gray Hair

Very short haircuts for women over 60 can be styled with a feminine or more androgynous flair. Hair that stands upright or is slicked back exudes bold vibes, while soft natural texture carries a more feminine aura.

22. Gorgeous Textured Pixie for Thin Hair

Being 60 years old is just a number when you have a stunning haircut with textured layers and wispy see-through bangs. Style your new feminine pixie with a texturizing product to accentuate the layers.

23. Short Razored Layers

If you’re contemplating the best hair color to cover up your grays, opt for a warm blonde shade. It softens and complements your trendy razored cut, working well for any skin tone.

24. Voluminous Platinum Blonde Pixie

Who says women over 60 can’t be stylish and elegant? Imagine how fabulous this short haircut will look on you! It’s guaranteed to turn heads.

25. Wavy Bob for Women Over 60

This styling technique adds body to flat hair, which is especially important for ladies over 60. The relaxed, loose curls also make the bob appear voluminous and airy compared to a standard straight bob.

26. Classic Pixie with Bangs

This beautifully layered cut is designed to give thin hair more structure and volume. With such a stylish pixie hairstyle, you’ll undoubtedly appear younger than your age.

27. Short Gray Undercut Hairstyle

The undercut pixie can infuse a touch of ‘rock’ into your everyday look. If you’re a fan of short haircuts, you’ll certainly adore this cut, which can be styled within minutes.

28. Pastel Pink Pix

ie with Undercut Check out this fantastic pixie, one of the most popular short haircuts for women over 60. Both the cut and color are incredibly soft and eye-catching, harmoniously complementing each other.

29. Short Combed Back Bob

Not all older women are interested in experimenting with hair color; some prefer to leave their natural locks untouched. If this sounds like you, a short hairstyle can lend your strands a lighter appearance. A side part adds volume to your straight hair.

30. Voluminous Hairstyle with Light Straight Fringe

Highlights have the power to refresh any hairstyle. The short bob with a chocolate base and neutral blonde highlights exudes class and fun simultaneously. Pairing this hair color and cut with a professional blowout creates an elegant, polished style.

31. Long Layered Ash Blonde Pixie

This haircut is suitable for any woman, regardless of her face shape. Long pixies rank among the best short haircuts for women over 60. Add layers to your hair, keep the back tapered, and let the top hair and bangs remain longer, colored in your favorite shade.

32. Super Short Pixie

Gray hair can be a challenge for women over 60. One of the best aspects of this hairstyle is that you don’t even need to dye your hair to make it look fantastic. Around this age, hair may thin out, but opting for a short pixie cut ensures it looks amazing every day.

33. Croppy Haircut

To enhance your gray hair, mix it with a metallic hue like silver or platinum. If your hair is predominantly white by now, opt for a short inverted bob and use purple shampoo to maintain its pure white hue.

34. Neat Jaw-Length Bob

Modern hairstyles can make you appear younger and more elegant. Consider a precise bob haircut with feathered swoopy bangs. Choose a dark blonde hair color and incorporate subtle highlights to achieve a refined look.

35. Golden Blonde Long Feathered Pixie

Older women can appear younger by wearing their hair in choppy feathered pixies. The long side pieces create a visually tighter jawline, while the tousled layers on top exude a sexy appeal. Metallic golden blonde highlights over an ash blonde base add brightness and shine to the overall look.

36. Jaw-Length Bob with Short Layers

Women aged 60 and older can shave years off their appearance with a slightly inverted, jaw-length bob featuring dark roots and blonde highlights. The short, spiky layers sprout from the top and blend with the long side pieces that cover the ears, creating a well-structured, rejuvenating look. Short hair for women over 60 has never been sexier!

37. Medium Bob with Layers

Women who wear glasses can opt for a bob haircut with highlights and plenty of layers. Feathered bangs blend seamlessly into the layers, making this one of the best hairstyles for women over 60.

38. Angled Pixie Bob

Indeed, the best short haircuts for women over 60 include pixies and bobs. Choose a natural-looking color that flatters you and add some highlights for extra dimension. Keep the nape of your neck simple and trim it short.

39. Very Short Choppy Pixie

Short hairstyles for women with fine hair over 60 are popular due to their easy maintenance. There’s no need for weekly appointments; it’s a wash-and-wear style. Short choppy pixies are an excellent choice for 60-year-old women with thinning hair, as they offer plenty of texture on top. This cut dries quickly and works well with straight or wavy hair.

40. Classic Stacked Bob Haircut

Short hairstyles for women over 60, like stacked bobs, can make you look refreshed every day. Experiment with highlights and different styling finishes to vary your looks and prevent boredom with your short hair.

41. 60+ Tapered Pixie with Voluminous Top

Women over 60 look fabulous with plenty of volume and texture on top. The beige blonde color complements most skin tones, while the backswept feathered layers add volume where needed. We adore the exaggerated rounded silhouette and dramatic tapered nape.

42. Rooty Golden Blonde Layered Pouf

Women with thick hair often request razored layers from their stylists. This technique helps reduce excess density, making the hair more manageable.

43. Classy Blonde Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

The classic short bob is always a top choice among short haircuts for women over 60. Side-swept bangs with a deep part give this timeless haircut a modern twist. It’s an ideal option for women with fine, thin hair, as it requires some layering.

44. Wispy Extended Crop with Metallic Balayage

A contemporary take on the pixie cut involves well-blended tapering and a deep side bang. A silver and golden balayage adds dimension to your tresses.

45. Textured Pixie Haircut for Older Women over 60

Short hairstyles for older women over 60 often include layers, but the level of layering varies. Those with fine hair may find that textured haircuts don’t quite suit them due to the need for density maintenance. However, for women with thick hair, a feathered cut like the one in the photo works perfectly.

46. Lip-Length Bob with Bronze Balayage

Balayage is a fantastic, low-maintenance color option for many ladies. It helps achieve a beautiful custom color that blends seamlessly with your natural gray.

47. Stark White Layered Crop

Short hairstyles for women over 60 look exquisite in noble shades like bright silver and white. It may be your natural hair color, enhanced and brightened by a purple shampoo.

48. Classic Layered Dark Blonde Bob for Over 60

With gray hair, you have two options: embrace and enhance it or tone it down to a dark blonde/light brown hue. This dirty blonde shade complements a variety of hairstyles for women over 60.

49. Stylish Layered Bob

A bob haircut is the perfect choice if you want an effortless look that requires minimal maintenance. Opt for a wheat blonde hair color and add sweeping bangs to one side. Keep your roots slightly darker for a stunning effect.

50. Pixie with Shorter Sides

Short hairstyles for fine hair are ideal for women over 60. A platinum gray hair color can effectively divert attention from thinning hair and fading natural color. The short pixie helps you look younger and requires minimal morning maintenance.

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