50 Next-Level Perm Looks for Effortlessly Chic Curls

1. Dynamic Irregular Perm Waves

Experience the allure of curls that defy regularity and symmetry. Curly hair’s charm lies in its ever-changing nature, ensuring each styling session results in a unique look. A perm imparts permanent waves, embracing the irregularity of curls and offering the opportunity for a fresh hairstyle every day.

Voluminous Wavy Permed Hair

2. Shoulder-Length Medium Perm Curls

Embrace the modern twist on traditional perm hairstyles with lively shoulder-length curls. These curls, free of frizz and enhanced by subtle highlights, contribute to a healthy mane. The result is a voluminous and textured appearance, redefining the classic perm with a contemporary touch.

Shoulder Length Brown Perm Hair With Highlights

3. Over 40 Perm Lob for Gray Hair

Elevate your style with loose curls that gracefully complement most women. The voluminous curls delicately frame the face and neck, providing a flattering disguise for age-related imperfections. A side part and peek-a-boo bangs add an excellent touch to this sophisticated look.

Gray Perm Lob With Loose Curls

4. Medium Perm Hair with Highlights

Discover versatile curl patterns for medium-length hair, allowing you the flexibility of tight or loose curls without overwhelming your face. To avoid a childish look, pin back curly bangs and showcase your face, striking the perfect balance between style and maturity.

shoulder length perm hair

5. Permed Bob

Embrace volume and texture fearlessly in short perm hairstyles. Layers throughout the cut prevent an overly curly or poodle-like appearance, ensuring a contemporary and stylish outcome for your perm.

perm for medium thick hair

6. Spiral Perm Style for Fine Hair

Modernize your look with a wearable perm, styled with a deep side part. This not only softens your features but also imparts the illusion of a thinner face. Opt for a spiral perm to achieve classic, curly tresses with a contemporary flair.

Medium Chocolate Perm Hairstyle

7. Beachy Blonde Waves

Channel your inner boho beach babe with long blonde waves. This wavy perm offers a low-maintenance, natural-looking hairstyle full of volume and personality. Incorporating layers throughout helps manage the hairstyle’s volume, preventing it from becoming overly voluminous.

Long Brown Blonde Perm Hair

8. Off-Center Curly Highlighted Hairstyle

Explore different perm options beyond super kinky ringlets. Opt for a wavy perm at shoulder length, parting your hair slightly off-center to allow loose curls to fall effortlessly and frame your face.

Wavy Perm For Medium Hair

9. Perm Bob with Large Curls

Embrace short hair with large, sassy curls in a slightly messy chin-length bob. The shapely tendrils add an edge to this feminine hairstyle, providing a perfect balance between playfulness and sophistication.

Short Hair Perm With Big Curl

10. The Traditional Perm 2.0

Witness the evolution of perms as women showcase new ways to rock them. Skinny curls add volume, depth, and body to shoulder-length hair. Bangs in front enhance a radiant effect, accentuating the entire face with bright blonde curls.

medium blonde perm hairstyle

11. Long Blonde Balayage Shag with Perm Waves

Fulfill your dream of natural-looking permanent waves with the beach wave perm. Perms for long hair exude shaggy, 1970s vibes, complemented by a bright blonde balayage. Embrace your natural roots for an authentic touch.

12. Highlighted Perm Bob Haircut

Experience the versatility and appeal of perm hairstyles, as demonstrated by this curly perm with bouncy curls and textured top. Blonde highlights break up dark roots, adding depth and allowing the spirals to stand out.

13. Black Layered Perm Waves

Transform ordinary straight hair with the excitement of wavy perms. These voluminous, shiny locks can be parted on the side or in the middle, offering versatility. The length allows for playful ponytails or loose curly updos.

14. Large Loose Perm Curls

Embrace classic visions with big, loose permed styles, featuring large bouncy curls. Spiral perms, while bold, can be tamed by running fingers lightly through the locks to create a more natural appearance.

15. Shoulder-Length Ash Blonde Perm Hairstyle

Enhance natural volume in short hair with a perm. Tight curls are in demand, and finding the right length is crucial, anticipating about half an inch of shrinkage. This shoulder-length ash blonde perm provides a chic solution.

16. Medium Layered Curls with Bangs

Create cute shaggy ringlets with a medium perm, extending down to the clavicle. Golden blonde highlights define each tendril, while curly bangs frame the face, offering a delightful look for medium layered hair.

17. Silver Fox Perm

Make a bold statement with silver hair and mountains of giant curls. This perm, achieved with larger rods, results in stunning, voluminous curls that elegantly cascade around the head.

18. Shrinking Curls

Perfect for medium hair, spiraled curls start loose and tighten towards the ends. Subtle blonde highlights add depth, creating the illusion of abundant hair. Embrace the volume without sacrificing manageability.

19. Beautiful Perm Lob for Gray Hair

Achieve a youthful appearance with gorgeous gray permed hair. A white combover frames the face, adding flattering height. Lowlights provide natural color variation, contributing to a sense of fullness and depth.

20. Loose Wave Perm

Instantly add volume to thin hair with beach wave perms and spirals. Bouncy curls offer a casual and effortless look, ideal for those seeking a laid-back appearance. Opt for layers to minimize the poofiness.

21. Short Bob with Body-Boosting Curls

Modernize the classic bob with waved and tousled curls. A body perm provides natural root lift, eliminating the need for additional styling. Keep the layers simple to let the curls deliver all the desired volume.

22. Bob with Thin Roots-to-Ends Perm Curls

Opt for thin, abundant curls for voluminous yet subtle results. Achieve this low-maintenance style with a diffuser attachment or a perm, catering to those who prefer an effortless look.

23. Long Dark Wavy Hairstyle with Highlights

Add texture and volume to naturally fine hair with a body wave perm. Opt for looser, wider curls to maintain length and bounce. The black curly hairstyle radiates health and shine.

24. Tousled Wavy Perm Bob

A lob haircut serves as an excellent base for a perm, whether straight or loose curls. This perm enhances the classic cropped style with natural root lift, requiring minimal additional styling.

25. Long Layered Perm Hairstyle

Revitalize long wavy hair with a light perm, enhancing natural curl patterns without sacrificing length. Bronze highlights add shimmer, providing a luxurious and voluminous appearance.

26. Asymmetrical Messy Perm Bob

Celebrate thick, unruly hair with a wild curly perm, creating an asymmetrical and messy bob. Ash brown color, accentuated by white-blonde highlights, adds a captivating touch to each loopy curl.

27. Side-Parted Lob with Tousled Curls

Embrace carefree style with a messy curly perm, side-parted to let curls fall into a sassy peek-a-boo effect. Imperfect curls contribute to the charm of this low-maintenance yet stylish look.

28. Natural Looking Mid Perm Hair

Capture a more natural appearance with this perm, offering defined locks with minimal frizziness. Ideal for fans of naturally curly hair, this style is easy to manage and

complements all face shapes.

29. Gray Perm Bob with Blonde Highlights

Experience a modern twist on perms for gray hair, opting for textured loose waves over tight curls. Blonde highlights add dimension without the unwanted stiffness of traditional perms.

30. Blonde Perm Hair with Thin Defined Curls

Celebrate the natural texture and definition of your hair with small, thin curls. This perm calms frizz, allowing your hair’s texture to shine through. The result is a wet hair look without the need for water.

31. Short Curly Perm

Elevate short styles with cute, large curls, carefully chosen to avoid a wiry or immature appearance. Incorporate layers, especially around the nape of the neck, to provide definition and style.

32. Bob with Thin Perm Curls

Opt for thin, abundant curls in a low-maintenance style. Dry your perm with a diffuser attachment for a sassy wash-and-go look, embracing the simplicity and beauty of well-defined curls.

33. Short Messy Perm Bob with Side Bangs

Effortlessly cute, a short bob gets a touch of elegance with a messy curly perm. Embrace beautiful perm hair that suits all hair types and lengths, effortlessly combining style and simplicity.

34. Wavy Perm with Deep Side Part

Experience a stunning makeover with a side-parted bob featuring a natural curl pattern. The permed hair and mahogany color revive fine, porous hair, creating a visually appealing style with minimal length reduction.

35. Curly Perm Pixie Bob

Pair a traditional perm with blonde highlights or balayage for a chic look. Exercise caution with bleached short permed hairstyles to avoid potential damage. Consult your hairstylist for a beautiful curly pixie bob that preserves hair health.

36. Short Rounded Perm Bob

Elevate thin hair with spirals starting at the roots, creating a voluminous neck-length bob. Defined ringlets add a touch of glamour, ensuring a stylish and contemporary appearance.

37. Spiral Perm Hairstyle with Bangs

Highlight hair texture with classy, flattering perm curls, showcasing an ideal style for thin tresses. Curly bangs complement the overall look, demonstrating the versatility of curly hairstyles.

38. Medium Cut with Tousled Perm Curls

For medium hair, opt for a loose wave perm to maintain manageability. This style enhances daily manageability, providing natural-looking tousled curls for a chic and effortless appearance.

39. Copper Wavy Hair with Blunt Ends

Add gloss and dimension to copper locks with a modern perm and golden copper hue. Replace traditional styling with a wave perm for easy creation of loose waves and added volume and shine to your lob.

40. Medium Shaggy Perm with Bangs

Effortlessly blend modern disheveled curls with a medium shaggy perm, featuring long side bangs that seamlessly flow into the overall hairstyle. A style suitable for various hair types.

41. Short Partial Perm Hairstyle

Define locks with a naturally wavy hair texture enhanced by a half-length perm. This relaxed yet stylish and elegant look showcases the versatility of perm hairstyles.

42. Loose Curls for Straight Hair

Avoid extremes by opting for loose, natural-looking waves for straight hair. This style adds texture and body without the need for sea salt spray, delivering perfect beach waves effortlessly.

43. Short Red Stacked Perm Bob

Achieve gorgeous and natural-looking curls with red highlights, creating a perfect hair idea for thick hair. Embrace the voluminous, textured outcome for a stylish and contemporary appearance.

44. Medium Bronde Curly Hairstyle

Experience the popularity of tight curls among those with thicker textures. A perm controls hair texture, providing manageable ringlets. Opt for blonde highlights to enhance color and showcase roots.

45. Perm Waves for Long Hair

Indulge in curls with a specific S-shape, adding texture to your long hair. This perm style, complemented by black hair with chocolate balayage, showcases the dimension of your color.

46. Spirals on Spirals

Explore the delicacy of soft spiral curls, offering a natural and touchable impression. The spirals provide a delicate, textured appearance, inviting admiration and inquiries.

47. Shoulder-Length Perm

Revitalize fine, shoulder-length hair with a light, wavy perm. Introduce layers to avoid excess weight at the bottom, keeping the look current and providing an ideal solution for thinning hair.

48. Acid Perms

Opt for a less harmful option with acid perms for medium hair. Achieve loose, S-shaped waves with reduced damage compared to alkaline perms, catering to those new to the perm procedure.

49. Soft Ombre Perm

Celebrate the desirability of plain curls with a natural and versatile look. Allow the curls to float around the bottom for added volume without overwhelming the overall appearance.

50. Short Soft Permed Bob

Embrace modern disheveled curls with soft and subtle ringlets. Achieve a soft, low-maintenance style that complements a bob, offering a perfect balance of sophistication and ease.

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