60 Versatile Haircuts for Women with Thick Wavy Hair

1. Medium Length Spiral Curls

Many individuals would invest significantly to acquire curls akin to these. Leverage your existing hair length for an advantage. Waist-skimming lengths are unnecessary for showcasing curls in their best light. With a shoulder-length style, embrace your natural wavy texture to radiate charm!

Mid Length Curly Layered Haircut

2. Shoulder-Length Wavy Blonde Style

Regardless of your wavy hair length, whether short, medium, or long, texture and dimension are pivotal for an Instagram-worthy appearance. Darker roots and interspersed highlights create depth, while waves, even the slightly frizzy ones, contribute to the desired textural effect.

Medium Choppy Cut For Wavy Hair

3. Mid-Length Layered Hairstyle with Tousled Waves

Medium-length strands offer versatility in styling, providing ample length for curls, braids, and more. Utilize a large curling wand to create big waves effortlessly, achieving a casual and everyday look.

Medium Wavy Bronde Balayage Hairstyle

4. Razored Lob with Messy Waves

A medium-length lob provides numerous styling opportunities. For a quick and effortless hairstyle, scrunch your long wavy hair with a product to enhance texture and fullness. The razored ends contribute to a relaxed and feathery appearance.

Razored Cut For Long Wavy Hair

5. Medium Layered Hairstyle for Thick Wavy Hair

An ideal haircut for thick hair involves incorporating dimension. Lowlights combined with highlights break up the hair color, preventing it from appearing flat. Layers and loose waves further enhance these effects, creating a visually appealing style.

Shoulder Length Wavy Layered Hairstyle

6. Shoulder-Length Brunette Lob

Exuding gorgeous shine, subtle balayage, and tousled waves, this shoulder-length lob is adorned with loosely curled disconnected pieces, creating a positively radiant look. Consider finishing with a bit of shine serum for an added boost.

Medium Wavy Hairstyle For Thick Hair

7. Longer Cut with Medium Wavy Layers

For those who love long hair but desire the movement of shorter strands, opt for a longer cut with medium layers. This imparts lift to your hair without significantly reducing its length or volume.

Ash Blonde Wavy Hairstyle With Blue Black Root

8. Black Hairstyle with Cinnamon Brown Highlights

Long wavy hairstyles are mesmerizing, and a sleek balayage enhances the movement of your back-skimming locks. This easy-vibe style is versatile for any day of the week.

Long Layered U Cut For Thick Hair

9. Wavy Choppy Bronde Balayage Bob

To make wavy hair stand out, try the three Bs: bronde, balayage, and bob. Bronde is currently in trend, and the balayage technique ensures a seamless blend. A bob cut eliminates dead ends, showcasing the best aspects of your hair.

Wavy Inverted Bob With Blonde Highlights

10. Choppy Shaggy Honey Bronde Bob

Thick wavy hair, when cut into a bob with choppy layers, exudes cuteness. A touch of texturizing spray enhances the natural waves, resulting in an effortless yet chic appearance.

Shaggy Brown Bob With Bleached Highlights

11. Tousled Inverted Wavy Lob

The inverted lob, especially for thick curly hair, frames the face with waves that drop down to chest length. Vary the cut’s angle based on your desired bob shape, and define the waves with a suitable product to prevent frizz.

12. Lob with Long Wavy Layers

For a long bob, balance it with piecey layers to avoid excessive fluffiness. Request layers that remove weight without compromising length, creating a stylish and manageable look.

13. Messy Chopped Lob with Highlights

Popular for wavy hair, layered cuts with dark roots and honey highlights add volume and frame the face attractively. Perfect for those transitioning from a lob to longer hair.

14. Chin-Length Wavy Brunette Bob

For those with thick curly hair, the bob accentuates natural texture without the need for heat styling. Apply a curl-defining product to enhance your curls effortlessly.

15. Cinnamon Brown Shaggy Bob

Textured haircuts with a trendy color, like the deep cinnamon brown in this shaggy bob, are eye-catching. The messy bob with a sporty vibe grazes the shoulders, combining effortlessness with chic allure.

16. Brown Bob with Platinum Blonde Balayage

Celebrate thick curly hair with a high-contrast balayage that adds depth and dimension. The fuller the locks, the more dynamic and dimensional the hairstyle appears.

17. Long Layered Haircut for Wavy Hair

Opt for long haircuts to weigh down and reduce frizziness in thick wavy hair. This wavy haircut with internal layers and dirty blonde balayage serves as inspiration for taming thick locks.

18. Chocolate Brown Bob with Honey Blonde Highlight

This appetizing bob combines chocolate and honey highlights with super-loose waves. Piecey layers add an airy quality, perfect for achieving volume with fine tresses.

19. Mid-Length Side-Parted Brunette Shag

Layered cuts specifically enhance natural texture in thick wavy hair. A side part and chin-length side bangs contribute to a face-framing shape.

20. Shaggy Disconnected Dark Brown Bob

Shaggy tresses exude a cool and stylish vibe. This effortless style looks chic with natural hair color or various coloring techniques.

21. Choppy Wavy Shoulder-Length Shag

A medium-length shag, parted in the center and tousled for natural waves, looks wonderful. Wispy tendrils frame the face, and subtle gray highlights are on-trend.

22. Stacked Wavy Bob for Thick Hair

A stacked bob showcases thick strands, emphasizing their body and volume. Subtle highlights contribute to the overall effect.

23. Medium Bob Shag with Long Side Bangs

For super-thick hair without natural waves, a bob with shaggy layers adds movement. Use sea salt spray to emphasize texture and achieve a bedhead chic look.

24. Edgy Angled Wavy Black Bob

An angled bob adds an extra edge to long wavy hair. Vary the cut’s angle for a high-low drama, keeping face-framing strands longer for a distinctive look.

25. Shaggy Wavy Lob with Contouring

Parting a shaggy, wavy lob in the center and adding face-framing blonde highlights enhances the beachy vibe. Choppy, sliced ends complement free-flowing wavy hairstyles.

26. Medium Wavy Black Cut with Chocolate Highlights

Perfect the shape of your thick, wavy locks and play with color. Chocolate brown highlights add warmth to black hair, transforming the overall look.

27. Shaggy Wavy Black Bob

Naturally wavy hair is ideal for a framed look. Cutting strands around the face to curve inward adds sweetness to an edgy and unkempt style.

28. Wavy Angled Bob with Chopped Ends

A nice, thick angled bob doesn’t require a lot of length to make a statement. Use a flat iron to create loose waves if some strands are too short for traditional curls.

29. Thick Wavy Shag for Long Hair

Shaggy hairstyles for thick wavy hair are cool and stylish, removing bulk and making the haircut more lightweight.

30. Medium Rounded Wavy Cut

Great hairstyles for thick curly hair often feature rounded edges.

This charming wavy haircut with internal layers and dirty blonde balayage serves as inspiration.

31. Inverted Thick Wavy Brown Bob

Inverted lob hairstyles for wavy hair are popular. Long pieces in the front allow wavy tendrils to hang, while short layers in the back add volume.

32. Long Choppy Bob

A long A-line bob on wavy hair is beautiful. Choppy ends and irregular waves create a natural spontaneous look.

33. Medium-Length Soft Wavy Bob

Neat platinum waves with soft curves cover twisted bangs. A romantic shoulder-length hairstyle with a feminine texture.

34. Stacked Bob With Light Wave

Distinct texture and jagged outlines create a soft feminine style. Bold pale blonde highlights add a superb dimensional effect.

35. Medium Wavy Hairstyle Makeover

Transition from bulky thick wavy hair to a shorter layered cut with bangs. Use curl cream for a defined look and added volume.

36. Angled Brown Lob with Caramel Highlights

Balanced haircuts for thick wavy hair incorporate strategic layers to avoid excessive volume. An angled cut enhances texture and bounciness.

37. Tousled Choppy Hair

Well-placed layers and a striking shape are key for thick hair. A choppy angled lob offers versatility, allowing you to experiment with different looks.

38. Medium Choppy Ash Brown Balayage Hair

A medium length maximizes hair length while minimizing daily maintenance. Natural waves, paired with a soft ombre, add chic-factor to the cut.

39. Dimensional Curly Bob with Bangs

Lowlights and highlights create depth in wavy hairstyles. The more dimensional the cut, the more defined the waves appear.

40. Messy Shoulder-Length Hair with Highlights

Hairstyles for wavy hair highlight texture and movement. A few highlights can make your tresses stand out while maintaining a cute and natural look.

41. Medium Blonde Shag

Versatile haircuts for wavy hair can be achieved with a classic shaggy hairdo. Effortless waves create a polished coif, while blonde highlights channel SoCal vibes.

42. Messy Shaggy Shoulder-Grazing Bob

A beachy cinnamon balayage enhances the messy waves, creating a natural and impactful style.

43. Bouncy Curls

Bouncy curls are universally flattering, providing a feminine appeal for various face shapes.

44. Short Curly Bob With A Messy Touch

A sassy short curly bob exudes a feminine yet playful vibe, ideal for an effortlessly chic look.

45. Lightweight Waves

This tender hairstyle suits young and romantic girls, offering ease of styling and an excellent look with adorable lightweight waves.

46. Short Wavy Bob with Subtle Highlights

A low-maintenance bob cut with wavy layers creates texture and volume. Delicate babylights complement stunning beachy waves.

47. Angled Bob Cut on Long Thick Wavy Hair

A short cut is an everyday style that’s easy to maintain. Tousled choppy layers add texture, creating a sleek and voluminous look.

48. Black to Purple Ombre Bob

Clever haircuts for thick wavy hair allow loose styling without feeling overwhelmed. A shoulder-length bob with purple ombre pieces adds vibrancy.

49. Brown Shag with Subtle Highlights

A long cut with V-shaped layers and subtle highlights showcases the natural beauty of thick hair.

50. Voluminous Long Wavy Layered Hairstyle

Dreamy long, bouncy waves require thick and voluminous hair. Large sections curled with a wand and finished with dry shampoo create a voluminous and textured look.

51. Angled Burgundy Lob with Tousled Waves

Shoulder-length hair appears thicker with defined waves and tousled styling. The angled cut enhances texture and bounciness.

52. Chestnut Brown Wavy Textured Bob

Warm up your look with chestnut and honey brown highlights in a chic wavy cut. The contrast of colors adds dimension, especially for thick hair.

53. Short Textured Auburn Bob

Short layers at the back of a textured bob lift natural waves without creating excessive volume. Bright auburn locks maintain a sleek look.

54. Black Messy Bob with Cinnamon Balayage

Spice up a messy bob with a cinnamon balayage. Wispy layers and a dynamic dye job add movement to the style.

55. Thick Defined Gray Waves

Structured and defined curls in a silvery gray hairdo evoke a retro vibe with a modern twist.

56. Long Brunette U-Cut with Caramel Balayage

Shaping hair with a rounded edge removes extra weight. A U-cut with caramel balayage brightens up the hair without excessive bleaching.

57. Graduated Angled Bob

Accurate edges and a graphic shape define this bob, blurring the strictness of a classic angled bob with undone texture.

58. Long Choppy Burgundy Brown Cut

Simple hairstyles for wavy hair often involve layers that complement natural movement. The result is a stylish and manageable look.

59. Chocolate Brown Inverted Bob with Jagged Ends

Leaving out the ends while curling prevents a too-formal look. Jagged ends ensure future waves are effortless and cool.

60. Cute Wavy Bob with Bangs

This wispy wavy bob with playful bangs showcases an artistic personality. Use a suitable hair product to maintain this fun and creative effect throughout the day.

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