50 Breathtaking Half Updos to Transform Your Everyday Style into Glam

1. Pretty Mermaid-Esque Updo

Attention all devoted fans of The Little Mermaid: achieving a hairstyle that rivals Ariel’s is entirely within reach. This delightful option exudes a relaxed, summery vibe while also serving as an elegant finishing touch to either a little black dress or a business-ready ensemble.

Formal Wavy Bouffant Half Updo

2. Half Up with Loose Lace Braid

Move over French and boxer braids! The spotlight now belongs to the loose lace braid, the perfect highlight for your half up half down hairstyle. This choice exudes femininity, and your locks will adopt a gentle wave once you unravel the intricate plait. While suitable for all hair colors, adding highlights can make this style particularly striking.

Half Updo With A Chunky Waterfall Braid

3. Twisted Half Up

In the spirit of the Beatles’ 1963 hit “Twist and Shout,” embrace the coiled charm of this half up half down style. If braiding isn’t your forte, consider this option as a simple yet effective way to add flair to an otherwise basic silhouette.

Half Updo With A Crown Twist

4. Half Down with Crown Braid

Bid farewell to ordinary vertical braids! Opt for a more intricate style by wrapping a flat, lacy braid around your head. This creative approach keeps stray strands away from your face and effortlessly transitions from casual to formal occasions.

Wavy Half Updo With Crown Braid

5. Braid Variations

The quest for braided hairstyles that don’t feel overly juvenile ends here. This playful option combines thick, thin, and medium braids into a memorable style that stays securely in place, leaving you feeling delightful.

braided half updo for thick straight hair

6. Wild Waves

Simplify your half up half down look with wild waves that don’t require an instructional manual. Curl your hair with an iron or hot rollers, gather a few crown locks, secure with hairpins, and you’re ready to conquer the day.

curly half updo with a bouffant for long hair

7. Royal-Approved Half Up

For those who dreamt of princess-worthy hair as children, your wish is granted. This refined silhouette, perfect for long locks, showcases smooth curls that enhance the natural highlights in your hair.

Curly Half Down Formal Bouffant Hairstyle

8. Anti-Basic Half Down

If you prefer a traditional half down style but crave a touch of drama, try this alternative. From the front, it appears as a polished coif, but the textured bun at the back adds a subtle punch. Create a small ponytail, twist the end, wrap it loosely, and secure for this distinct look.

Half Up Flower Bun Hairstyle

9. (Not-So) Lazy Half Up

Appear effortlessly chic with a mix of half up style and a messy bun. This versatile look is suitable for both lounging around the house and a night out with friends. A spritz of texturizing spray adds a chic touch of bed head.

Half Updo With Knotted Braid

10. Easy Boho Half Up

Elevate the classic half updo with a touch of boho flair. Join two small waterfall braids at the back of your head, adding a dainty element with loose bouncy curls at the ends of your long locks.

Half Updo With Side Waterfall Braids

11. Luscious Braided Half Up Hair

For those seeking prom-worthy hairstyles, consider a style with volume and drama. Whimsical curls and a half up braid combine to create a look with different textures and lengths, proving that neat and hair-to-hair updos aren’t the only glamorous options.

12. Messy Braids and Waves

Half up half down hairstyles serve as an excellent canvas to express your personality. This silvery mane, adorned with a braid like a halo, showcases the artistic combination of messy braids and waves.

13. Chunky Braid Balayage

Just when you thought balayage couldn’t be more enchanting, this half up hair proves otherwise. The chunky braid beautifully blends blonde hues, creating a mesmerizing effect. Whimsical curls and blunt ends complete the look with a clean finish.

14. Half Down with Fishtail Braid

Embrace the impact of loose fishtail braids with their minimalist style. Straight, platinum highlights cascading from the updo enhance the mesmerizing effect of this coif.

15. Voluminous Bouffant Half-Updo

For long hair, opt for chic half-up hairstyles as an alternative to full updos for formal occasions. This fancy half-updo is easy to maintain and equally stylish, ensuring your back-skimming locks shine without being fully tucked away.

16. Fishtail Braid and Bob

Add texture to straight tresses with fishtail braids, creating a headband-like effect when pulled back. This modern style is perfect for busy days, keeping flyaways at bay.

17. Half Up and Off Centered

Give your half-up hairdo a quirky finish by wearing it to the side with a bow or a piece of cute fabric. This geek-chic style complements side-swept bangs and oversized glasses, providing a simple yet effective way to change up your look.

18. Fancy French and Fishtail Braids

Get creative with your half updos by mixing regular braids with fishtails. Playing with proportions, this hairstyle is a work of art that upgrades your locks with loose curls for added allure.

19. Perfectly Sweet Half Up Bow

Achieve a sweet girly style without the need for jumbo fabric bows. A simple hair bow paired with curls creates a charming choice for semi-formal occasions.

20. Adorable Blonde Half Updo

For significant events, opt for luscious ringlets and a partial updo. The whimsical twisted bun contrasts beautifully with golden blonde tresses, adding a sheen to the strands.

21. Not-So-Messy Half Up Hairdo

With cute ringlets and shoulder-skimming length, this half up half down hair strikes a perfect balance between sweet style and sophistication. Ideal for bridesmaids or gala attendees, this style allows your dress to take center stage while still showcasing stunning hair.

22. Lovely Loose Braids

Frame loose curls with even looser braids to achieve a perfect ladylike look. Roll the ends of your braids and pin them up to create a textured bun. This style works wonderfully with straight hair, as the kink-free tresses effortlessly drape to create a beautiful effect.

23. Half Down Locks with Chunky Crown Braid

Infuse texture into flat locks with a super-chunky half-up braid. Achievable at home, simply fan out the pieces of the plait after completion to give the illusion of thickness to your tresses.

24. Floral-Embellished Brunette

When sporting a half up half down hairstyle, there are endless ways to enhance the look beyond whimsical braids. Loose twists are a good start, but adorning the coif with a floral hairpiece turns your tresses into a romantic masterpiece.

25. Easy and Creative Half Up Knot

On busy mornings, achieving a flawless appearance can be challenging. However, with a top quarter of your hair pulled back into a messy knot, you can radiate effortless style without revealing the time invested in your appearance.

26. Straight Half Down Hairstyle

Transform straight strands into an eye-catching style by incorporating braids. Bring two fishtails together at the back of your head and secure them for a modern, long-lasting look suitable for any hair texture.

27. Ethereal Gray Tresses

Long hair may be gorgeous, but managing it on the go can be tricky. Opt for a partial updo that elevates your look beyond a basic ponytail. Combine braids with a loosened twist pinned across the back of your head to enhance the beauty of your lush locks.

28. Voluminous Caramel Hairstyle

Boost hair volume with a perfectly teased half up coif. Use a thin braid as a barrette, holding a waterfall of chic layers and providing a unique finish to this hairstyle. Let your long, caramel-tinted locks flow freely, showcasing a more noteworthy hairdo.

29. Wavy Blonde Balayage

Simple yet stunning, these wavy tresses are versatile enough for a festival or semi-formal event. The loose twists complement the natural allure of the coif, while the blonde ends add a sun-kissed finish.

30. Curly Half Down Tresses

Enhance the fun factor of your hair with voluminous curls. Back-skimming bouncy curls ensure that this soft chocolate-and-caramel mane is ready for a memorable night out. Half up half down hairstyles offer a polished alternative to free-falling curls.

31. Spiraled Updo

While the half updo is perfect for everyday wear, it can also shine at formal events. A mix of a spiral twist and a French braid creates an elegant style, particularly stunning when paired with a luxurious evening gown.

32. Knotty Half Updo for Long Hair

Embrace sophisticated kinks with a knotty half updo. This option features a lazy ponytail with loose knots along the ends, providing an edgy touch, especially on longer locks.

33. Street Style-Approved Half Updo

A top knot is a trendy, low-maintenance hairstyle, and when combined with silky half up half down hair, it exudes a cool-girl vibe. The quick inside-out braid adds an extra element of style, making it a perfect match for a casual T-shirt and jeans ensemble.

34. Plait Perfect Half Up

For those with a penchant for braids, this option is tailor-made. While the transition from the twist to the tightly woven fishtail may pose a challenge, the result is likely to garner plenty of Instagram likes. Straightening your hair beforehand ensures a polished finish to this intricate hairstyle.

35. Sleek and Sophisticated Updo

While big hair has its appeal, this half modern, half girly updo offers a stylish alternative. Embrace curls and a slimmer silhouette for a look that is both modern and chic.

36. Half Up for Curly Girls

Display your boldness with a head full of bouncy curls. To avoid excessive volume, leave your curled locks in spirals flowing down your back. Balance the volume with a bouffant, and if blessed with natural curls, add some hairspray before tying your hair half up half down.

37. Medium Hair in Half Updo

Curly cues take center stage with this springy style, providing a charming touch to a blouse and flirty skirt combination. This playful coif is especially suited for those with shoulder-length hair.

38. Braided Half Updo for Straight Hair

For those with pin-straight hair that struggles to hold a curl, explore the world of zesty half up half down hairstyles. This style introduces a cute twist to your favorite fuss-free look, creating a half hair crown with two French braids on each side of your head.

39. One Updo That Defies Gravity

Elevate your half up beauty by giving your locks root volume, perfect for nighttime allure. Add a frosted headband for maximum glamorous impact.

40. Unconventionally Curly Half Down

Break free from the confines of a simple half up ponytail with this unconventional option. Pin back two side strands of your hair to create a polished look, and for an extra touch, incorporate large ringlets to elevate the sophistication.

41. No Nonsense Nautical

Transform straight hair into a special occasion masterpiece with a half up half down hairstyle. Whether you’re among bridesmaids or simply adorning sea-inspired hairpins, this look ensures you’re the prettiest in the crowd.

42. Long Accessories

Get inventive with a stunning accessory that matches the length of your hair. Accentuate this style with a beaded wrapped hair scarf, securing it in place with a loose, romantic French braid.

43. Short Options

Short locks need not limit your options for pretty half up hairstyles. Regardless of hair length, almost anyone can pull off a half up style, making it a versatile choice for various hair textures and lengths.

44. Renaissance Beauty

Embrace the romantic and timeless allure of this style, suitable for long hair and adaptable to any era. This half updo remains a favorite for those who appreciate intricate styles.

45. Thick Braids and Curls

Explore unique wedding hair with a thick mane adorned with tendrils and a side braid resembling a crown. This style is equally suitable for prom, homecoming, or any elegant occasion.

46. Intricate Styles

This half up half down hairstyle is a true showstopper, combining twists, braids, and gatherings for an impressive look. Best suited for medium hair, a little texture is essential to pull off this intricate arrangement.

47. Romantic Braid Crown

For an effortlessly beautiful look, secure the upper section of your hair into a thick crown braid along the back, just above the ear line. Add embellishments as inspiration strikes, with curly hair complementing the style beautifully.

48. Multi-Braided Beauty

Unleash your creativity with braids, fashioning your hair into a cute, one-of-a-kind style. This look is a personal expression that showcases your uniqueness with plenty of braids.

49. Double Waterfall

Long to medium-length hair

looks enchanting with this double waterfall braid. For a youthful or mischievous touch, add flowers to cascade down the center braid. Versatile enough for different ages and hair textures, this style is sure to impress.

50. Coifed with Flowers

Softly curled hair, flowing down the back, offers a lovely look for young women. Step out of your daily messy hairstyle routine and embrace something more formal when the occasion calls for it.

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