33 Must-Try Curly Hairstyles Updo That Will Rule 2024

1: Tucked Grecian Curls

Ideal for a formal occasion, this Grecian upstyle is particularly advantageous for those with naturally curly or wavy hair, offering a sophisticated daily appearance with minimal effort. For individuals looking to manage second-day frizz elegantly, pinning up your hair offers an attractive solution. This particular updo was crafted on perfectly straight hair using a triple barrel waver and enhanced with my preferred KMS hair products for a stunning finish.

Tucked Grecian Curls Updo

2: Stunning Updo for Curls

This eye-catching updo is particularly suited for individuals with long hair and natural curls. It is recommended to style it to achieve voluminous, lively curls, which add a dramatic and dynamic touch to the overall look.

Stunning Updo for Curls and women with longer hair

3: Face-Framing Updo with Curly Bangs

Among the varied styles for curly updos, consider this charming option that features curly bangs to elegantly frame the face. This hairstyle elegantly divides the curls, arranging them partially up and partially down, with the fringe and sides near the ears left loose, and the back neatly pinned in an exquisite design.

Face Framing Updo with Curly Bangs P

4: Cute Curly Updo with Tendrils

This adorable curly updo with playful tendrils can be effortlessly achieved with your natural curls. Begin by enhancing your curls with a diffuser, using a gel or volume booster for added definition. Create a ponytail at the top of your head using your hands, avoiding brushes or combs to preserve the natural shape of your waves. Secure the hairstyle with a few pins and finalize with a spray to ensure it holds.

Cute Curly Updo with Tendrils for girls attending a formal event

5: Two-Toned Puff Curl Updo

This puff curl updo showcases the depth and vibrancy of two-toned hair colors, making it a striking choice for those with abundant natural curls. Curls can also be crafted with a small iron if necessary. To add sheen and depth during styling, a high-quality shine spray is recommended.

Hawaiian Two Toned Puff Curl Updo

6: Curls ‘N Sheen

Featuring glamorous curls and highlights, this hairstyle will be a favorite among you and your friends. It is particularly flattering for women with oval, heart, round, and square face shapes who have thick, naturally wavy, or curly hair. For styling, Bed Head Foxy Curls Mousse is suggested to condition and soften hair while preserving its shape.

Glamorous Curly Updo

7: Curly Low Bun Textured Twist

Opt for this versatile style, whether for a formal occasion or a casual outing, embracing the natural texture of your hair. Ensure you use a reliable hairspray to tame any flyaways and choose elastics and bobby pins that blend with your hair color. This style effectively keeps hair away from the face while providing a secure, yet playful look that reflects your personality.

Curly low bun textured twist updo

8: Enhanced

Elevate your natural curls with this simple yet stunning updo, suitable for any occasion. Whether it’s a romantic date night or a leisurely beach stroll, this hairstyle is an excellent choice.

Enhanced curly updos

9: Romantic Curly Low Updo

Opt for this elegant romantic low updo to fully embrace your natural curls with sophistication. Its versatility allows for modifications to suit a bohemian vibe or a more structured look by adjusting the tightness or leaving a few tendrils loose. It’s an ideal style for those wishing to highlight their curls on a special occasion, ensuring the hairstyle remains intact throughout the event.

Romantic Curly Low Updo

10: Stunning Curly Braided Bun

This feminine bun updo achieves its charm through the creation of soft, wispy curls that add significant depth and volume, elegantly gathered into a substantial low bun.

Stunning curly braided bun

11: Curly Low Braided Updo

For an easy yet chic way to gather your curly tresses, braids offer an elegant solution. This curly hairstyle can be tailored to appear as formal, casual, or bohemian as desired.

Curly Low Braided Updo

12: Beautiful Curly French Twist

Crafted by hair stylist Stephanie, this French twist updo features a rich texture that is particularly flattering for medium-length hair. The style creates the illusion of length and lightness simultaneously.

Beautiful Curly French Twist

13: High Bun Updo

This updo represents an ideal blend of elegance and ease, making the curls stand out while being incredibly comfortable to wear. The key to achieving this look is to maintain the curls’ shape over time, which is facilitated by securing the hair up. This style is suitable for both full and thin hair types, as it creates the illusion of volume.

High Bun

14: Twisted Buns

This style features a voluminous braided chignon with expanded twists, perfectly suited for a bride seeking a clean and elegant updo with delightful details. The use of Kenra Airgrip spray adds texture and helps manage frizz, creating a beautiful, low chignon by expanding and securing twisted sections.

Twisted Buns

15: High Ponytail

This effortlessly chic, voluminous textured ponytail strikes a perfect balance between an upstyle and a downstyle, showcasing length while keeping the hair away from the face. It exudes a romantic, carefree, and feminine vibe, offering flexibility and ease of maintenance. Texture powder, sea salt sprays, and dry shampoo can be used instead of hairspray to maintain a light, airy feel. Curly updos like this are ideal for those who prefer a more relaxed and unstructured look.

High Ponytail

16: Loose Curly Updo

An elegantly casual updo designed for women with natural curls, ideal for upscale events without the need for straightening. It’s a wonderful choice for women who have curly hair and are looking for a distinguished yet natural-looking hairstyle for formal occasions. Even those with straight hair can adopt this style by creating curls and adding texture to achieve a gentler, more enchanting appearance.

loose curly updo with accessories

17: Prom Worthy Pinned Curls

This style embodies a dreamy, easy-going aesthetic that belies the complexity involved in its creation. Pinning curls meticulously is essential to achieve a delicate cascading effect. Given the unique characteristics of each individual’s hair and head shape, the approach that succeeds for one might not for another. It’s recommended to arrive at the salon with hair that hasn’t been washed recently; actually, the more days you can go without washing, the better, using dry shampoo as needed. This preparation makes styling easier. Curly hair might be straightened first to tame frizz before curling for a smoother, more refined style. This updo is a favorite for its texture and simplicity, making it a popular choice for proms and weddings, adding a touch of personality compared to more traditional sleek hairstyles.

Picture of a fancy yet formal curly updo

18: Effortless Curly Half Updo

This hairstyle is all about ease and adaptability, looking complex without requiring much effort. It’s perfect for both casual and more formal embellishments like jewels or small flowers. Starting with well-defined curls is key, suitable for medium to thick, curly or wavy hair types. It works well with either fresh or day-old curls, and for those with slightly wavy hair, enhancing some strands with a curling tool can be beneficial. After creating a ponytail with the top section of your hair and leaving some strands loose for later adjustment, the look is completed with a gentle touch-up of these strands and a light hairspray application to maintain a natural feel.

Effortless Curly Half Updo

19: Textured Curly Chignon

A voluminous and effortless style that represents the current trend for softer, more relaxed updos. Suitable for any hair texture, this look is particularly striking on naturally curly hair. A gloss serum is used to polish the hair before it’s styled into a textured chignon, showcasing the beauty of simplicity and texture in styling.

Textured Curly Chignon

20: Soft & Organic Natural Curls

Emphasizing the beauty of natural curls, this style is perfect for a wedding setting, showcasing soft, organic curls. Prepping involves washing or conditioning the hair, followed by applying a curl cream or light gel to minimize frizz. The curls are then defined by twisting small sections, allowing them to dry thoroughly before styling.

Soft Organic hairstyle

21: Tousled and Elegant Updo

A beautifully messy updo that exudes a bohemian charm, allowing the natural curls to shine. Starting with freshly washed hair treated with specific products to enhance curls and volume, this style is ideal for achieving a voluminous look with minimal effort. Spiral or corkscrew pins are recommended for securing the style, which is finished with a hairspray to manage flyaways.

Tousled and Elegant Updo

22: Romantic Chic Updo with Curls

An intricate-looking updo that combines elegance with a touch of romance through its tousled texture and front curls. Suitable for medium-length hair with a 2C or 3A curl type, this style embraces a bit of frizz for a more natural and effortless look, perfect for those who prefer a low-maintenance but stylish hairstyle.

Romantic Chic Updo hairstyle

23: Effortless & Natural

Described as effortless and natural, this style is ideal for those with inherent hair texture, although it can be adapted for naturally straight hair with some preparation. This look celebrates curls in their most fun and wild form, encouraging those with curly hair to embrace their natural texture.

Effortless Natural hairstyle

24: Soft Updo for Tight Curls

A polished yet authentic updo suitable for weddings or special events, emphasizing the softness of tight curls. A small curling iron is used to refine the natural curls, followed by a specific hair care regimen to achieve a look that enhances the natural beauty of curly hair without compromising its authenticity.

Soft Updo for Tight Curls

25: Relaxed and Textured Messy Updo

A versatile, textured updo that can be adorned with various accessories for different occasions. Created mainly with the client’s natural curls and specific products to define and add texture, this style is meant to look effortlessly put together, suitable for both formal and casual events.

Relaxed and Textured Messy Updo

26: Soft & Timeless Updo

A gentle, romantic updo that showcases natural curls in a timeless fashion, ideal for weddings or graduations. This style benefits from the texture of upstyled hair, adding a layer of softness and elegance, enhanced by creative use of hair accessories like a vine for added beauty.

Soft Timeless hairstyle

27: Romantically Braided Curly Updo

A curly updo that combines elegance with softness, making it an ideal choice for romantic occasions. The use of light oil and hairspray ensures the curls remain in place without appearing stiff, offering a shiny, well-defined finish that complements the overall soft and elegant aesthetic.

Romantically Braided Curly Updo

28: Curly Top Knot

An eye-catching, high knot that incorporates soft curls around the face, adding a flirtatious flair and a frame to the visage.

Curly Top Knot

29: Messy Bun

A simple yet striking tousled hairstyle that celebrates natural beauty, ideal for those unafraid to showcase their innate allure.

Messy Bun

30: Subtle Side Curls

Featuring softly defined curls, this hairstyle is enhanced by a two-toned blonde color and is complemented by a hydrating light hairspray for nourishment and protection, suitable for various hair types and face shapes.

Subtle Side Curls Updo

31: Braid Bun

An elegant low bun updo crafted from loose braids, epitomizing a goddess-like aesthetic, making it one of the most charming formal hairstyles for curly hair.

Braid Bun

32: Curly French Twist

A chic upstyle that leverages the natural texture and definition of curly hair, offering a stunning look that can be further beautified with accessories.

Curly French Twist

33 Sweet ‘N Simple

A seemingly intricate style that is actually about straightforward weaving and pinning, showcasing the ease with which a sophisticated look can be achieved.

Sweet Simple Curly Updo

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